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  1. A youtuber gets a chance to visit a US Submarine. I like this guys channel and with this video I thought some of you here might like to see his tour on a submarine.
  2. Shadow in the Cloud

    First that's cool that you were in a B-17 Second I was thinking that myself. Boy that sure is a lot of room in that thing. Do ball turrets open up like that? I think they wouldn't unless they needed to. Other than it looks like a solid entertaining movie I'll have to pass on. I don't like scary stuff.
  3. Ah I see I was getting ahead of myself then. I've seen the amazing work people did for game like GTA V which aren't modder friendly at all. It had me wondering what scripts could be written for SF2 and what those limitations could be. Not reverse engineering of course but to be able to try something neat like how WOFF changed things with MCFS...but not that much.
  4. Will do. And this is so true it's never too late to start learning. Of all the languages you use. Which is your preferred language and why?
  5. @Wrench That bad huh? Here I am about to jot down another language to learn and I'm seeing a definition from Wookieepedia. You got me, sir, well played. lol.
  6. What language is SF2 written in? I'm learning how to code and came across this site Free Code Camp which teaches all sorts of languages for free. For some reason coding is making more sense to me than High School English. I'm excited to finally be learning it too. So much so much so I'm learning as many languages as I can. I'm taking a Unity Engine online class to learn how to use the Unity Gaming engine (I'll learn how to use the Unreal Engine) and I came across a few other engines that use C++ and C# (which I know a little bit about). There's so many things I'd like to do and now I can do them (or get close enough).
  7. Situation is bad, video games wise

    @Nesher @Capitaine Vengeur @Wrench Epic is doing a free game every day until Christmas it looks like. So the free game is City Skylines however you get a $10.00 off coupon. Star Wars Squadrons is on sale for $23.99 ...
  8. Situation is bad, video games wise

    @Nesher @Wrench Epic Game Launcher is your friend. New free games every week. Sometimes you get some really good ones for free. For instance I got Assassin Creed for free. I got Watchdogs 1 and 2 for free. Farming Simulator 19 (I have a crop duster mod in there so I can get the flying going in a relaxing game :D) Troy was given away fore free there too along with Borderlands 2. I mean the games are old but I don't care because they're free and bug free as well. Elite Dangerous was the free game there a couple of weeks ago I think.
  9. RIP Chuck Yeager

    Article From the Guardian Hearing the news of his death this morning was a shock. I mean get that he lived a long life but still it was a shock to see the news. Allow me to share with you a couple of fond memories. Back in '96 I got a chance to fly for the first time with the EAA's Young Eagle program of which hew as an honorary member. That program really fueled my love for aviation. Sadly I never went to college and flew in the air force; however, my love of aviation has never diminished. Even got a chance to interview him; however, I never published his interview here because he didn't time to answer a lot of the questions and most of the questions could be answered by reading his book. But I do remember when his answer to one question though about what he felt when he broke the sound barrier and his reply was "A sense of accomplishment". I have some pics of that certificate I got back in '96. I flew that small plane for all 10 seconds :) went down, went up, turned left, turned right, a total of 10 inches in either direction lol. The pilot said "you sure that's all you wanted to do?" Me: "yup I'm good".
  10. The future of Air Traffic control

    This is pretty awesome. For a second I thought it was a video game. I heard this job was really stressful and I think this system would be greatly beneficial.
  11. USMC Entrance Exam

    Saw this on Imgur had to share it here. I'm not military but I do enjoy how all the branches don't pull punches when making fun of each other.
  12. It's not that hard mkay

    https://i.imgur.com/YPlRSt4.mp4 Ah dang this video is too funny y'all. YPlRSt4.mp4
  13. F-22 Raptor Quick Aircraft Facts

    The F-22 Raptor was developed to counter a growing threat during the cold war. However as hostilities subsided the need for this aircraft went away according to some. To others there's still a great need for this aircraft. Moving beyond the drama and focusing on the facts, the F-22 Raptor isn't something to scoff at and we'll quickly explain this aircraft history in this presentation.
  14. Show of Hands! Who Would Fly/Ride This?

    I'd like to think that soon after they took off, someone happily mowed that patch of grass. It looks to me they like to keep their field looking good.

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