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  1. If he goes on holiday for 5 days then you have to wait that long I guess
  2. Nothing has been released yet regarding that...........that was based on this from Thirdwire: Direct X 11 and Direct X 11.1 are the versions needed to run on Win 7 AFAIK and they go back 9 - 11 years now so I can see why he mentioned DX12
  3. Email support@thirdwire.com and they will sort it out........do you have anything bought under old email addresses?
  4. The only version of Strike Fighters officially supported for Windows 10 will be released after May 2020: Some people might have SF Project 1 running on Win 10 - however if something breaks the game there is little you can do................ so in the long run best to get the newer version that is supported on Windows 10...............that is the best advice I can give you.
  5. Technically Strike Fighters Project 1 and the rest of the first series were for Windows XP (and some earlier versions of Windows only) and are NOT SUPPORTED on Win 7 or later. What version of Windows do you run now? - the easiest thing would probably be to buy a version supported on your OS - I have never tried that version on Win 10 myself.
  6. MBs Album

  7. Falcon 4.0

  8. I guess you get the Win 10 version free as well if you get this but have asked the question to TW
  9. For a limited time only! This edition will be only available until Feb 29, 2020. Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition is a collection of the entire Strike Fighters 2 series (over $400+ value!) including 5 games, 2 expansion packs, and 29 DLCs all in one single, easy-to-install package! The package inlude: • Strike Fighters 2 • Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam • Strike Fighters 2 Europe • Strike Fighters 2 Israel • Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic • Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 1 • Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 2 • All 29 Strike Fighters 2 DLCs You can get this Complete Edition for free if you've already purchased all the products listed above! Get Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition for FREE! You can also get a 50% discount if you've already purchased 5 Strike Fighters 2 games! Get Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition discount! https://store.thirdwire.com/project_sf2_complete.htm
  10. It is basically SF3 guys....just no where near as good as you dreamed........but feel free to prove me wrong TK.
  11. I can't fault Thirdwire here considering the money and time he has to invest in this. He is a one man business so I would hope that he is paid something for that work The Kickstarter (or whatever) for this was no where near but he is still giving it away to those very few that wanted it to go on. To make SF2 a viable ongoing business stream from now it needs some very visible major changes of which I doubt we will see.
  12. There are no suitable images provided - that is my menu screen.

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