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  1. 10 June 2022 Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends, This week we released DCS to Open Beta with many new enhancements and fixes that can be viewed in the full change log. Most notably, we are pleased to announce that DCS: South Atlantic map is now available. To provide time to adequately test, the South Atlantic Assets Pack will be delivered in an upcoming Open Beta update. The South Atlantic map encompasses parts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern oceans. Covering southern Argentina and Chile, the map also includes a recreation of the Falkland/Malvinas Islands. We are also pleased to provide you with a free updated external model of the CVN-74 John C. Stennis. This is an initial step in improving the free Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. Thank you for your passion and support. Yours sincerely, Eagle Dynamics DCS: South Atlantic Available now in Open Beta The RAZBAM Terrain Development Team is proud to present the South Atlantic map that is a beautiful and majestic combination of Argentina, Chile, and the Falkland/Malvinas Islands. The topography of the region includes the beautifully rugged mountains of Chile, the vast and colorful Patagonian plains of Argentina, and the windswept islands of West and East Falklands/Malvinas. Covering an area of 3.1 million square kilometres, the team’s goal has been to give the DCS community the opportunity to develop missions that reflect the scale and complexity of modern-day operations in this scenic region. When developing this map, the team was proactive in listening to the DCS community regarding both scale and requirements of modern-day military operations. This provides the best possible experience and leverages land-class textures drawn from aerial and satellite photography. Development of the South Atlantic map will continue, and the team is now moving their focus from the Falkland/Malvinas Islands to mainland Argentina and Chile. They will flesh out the rural areas of the map to provide a more authentic and lived-in look. This will include adding additional buildings, infrastructure, and tidying up vector data (like mountains). Our community's input pushed for the inclusion of mainland and the team dedicated to make it even better. Moving forward, additional airfields will be added throughout the map to provide a diversified area of Naval and Fighter operations. The goal is to include all airfields at a high quality level. More villages, settlements, and road infrastructure improvements will be added across the various regions. The following items will also be further improved during the early access period: Visible tiling around some airfields and at certain view angles. Some angular sea cliffs Forest tiling from some view angles The DCS: South Atlantic map has undertaken a new strategy for generating terrain. Whereas all other DCS maps rely heavily on art-created ground textures combined with satellite textures, the South Atlantic map relies mostly on satellite textures. While this results in a more realistic looking map at medium to high altitudes, ground textures may appear less defined at low altitude. The team is committed to further improving the low-altitude terrain textures. CVN-74 Stennis Free Update We have updated the 3D exterior model of the CVN-74 John C. Stennis aircraft carrier, and are pleased to announce that this update is completely free to all of you. We eagerly await your feedback. Thank you again for your passion and support, Yours sincerely,
  2. The amount of speed you lose when pulling Gs will depend on things including: Current weight. Current Attitude. Current Altitude. Gs being pulled. Current Speed. Throttle position. Current weapons loadout.
  3. Top Gun 2022

    Saw it today and yes very good overall I thought. Have downloaded the free MSFS2020 TopGun Maverick add on so am sorted!
  4. The skin looks okay on that considering I only made it for single seater models. Has the right inlet size - although another externally recognisable feature is the WAR HUD but probably not needed.
  5. Not aware of any difference regarding weapon stations to the single seat version a country may use. One load out chart to cover both usually.
  6. Falcon BMS 4.36 Released

    You can leave 4.35 in place and install 4.36 to a different folder - the launcher will point to 4.36 by default though. I only did it to check some things in 4.35 before deleting it.
  7. the latest iteration of the Tommo Inc Falcon 4.0 total conversion modification - Benchmark Sims 4.36 - is available for you to enjoy as of RIGHT NOW! BMS 4.36 requires a legit installation of a Falcon 4.0 (all older and newer versions are accepted alike, i.e. Microprose, Hasbro, GOG, Steam, Retroism). The check is performed both at setup time and every time you start BMS. If no valid installation is found, BMS will exit with a corresponding error message. For those of you who are new to Falcon and still need a legacy Falcon 4.0 license, you’re lucky, as there are various season sales going on. Retroism GOG Note that this is NOT an exhaustive list of where to buy Falcon 4.0, it’s just a list of retailers known to me (best effort) that offer sales/discounts, for your convenience. The list will not be updated. This mod may not be used for any commercial purposes. Any such use may constitute a violation of the intellectual property of Tommo Inc and the non-commercial Terms and Conditions under which Benchmark Sims make this mod available to you. NOTES: 4.36 is not an update to the former 4.35, but a new independent base installation 4.36 can co-exist with 4.35 on the same machine — The build number string in the Falcon UI will read “4.36.0 (x64) Build 26181” for the base installation A big THANK YOU to everyone in the BMS development team and to the gents from TOMMO INC who made this release possible! Now download and enjoy! Falcon BMS 4.36 is now available to download from https://www.falcon-bms.com/downloads/ Trailer By Br3No ==========Disclaimer========== Video contains some visual and sound effects that are not included in the official 4.36 release. (e.g. Tacview overlay, some blur effects) ==========Info========== The following features and improvements of 4.36 are presented in the video: 0:25 - Weather (Implemented shower Clouds) 0:38 - Ext. Lights (Fully implemented Ext. Lights) 0:52 - Airfields (New & Improved AirPorts) 1:04 - AAR (Basket Refueling & AAR Code Improvements) 1:19 - Skins (New & Updated Skins) 1:34 - Night Lighting (Light Polution & Reflections) 1:47 - AI (Enhanced Artificial Intelligence) 1:57 - Graphics (Improved Visual Effects) 2:08 - AI COMMS (New Commands Menu) 2:08 - TGT Assignment (Multiple Target Assignment) 2:13 - JHMCS (Improved HMCS Functionality) 2:13 - Avionics (Enhanced Avionics) 2:20 - A-A (Revised ARH Guidance) 2:20 - A-G (Improved CCRP Mode) 2:34 - JTAC And there is a lot more to discover by your own ==========Discords/Websides========== DISCORD - https://discord.gg/KQNHQBz WEBSIDE - https://www.falcon-bms.com REDDIT - https://www.reddit.com/r/falconbms/ YOUTUBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnyVS5IhXmUShjl8nTQ85rw ==========Soundtrack========== INFRACTION - HERO 3D Changelog New / updated ============= - New details and fixes for all new airbases: RKNN - RJOI - RKJJ - RKJK - RKPK - RKPS - RKSM - RKSO - RKSW - RKTI - RKTN - RKTY - ZKTS – ZKUJ. - New static assets for KTO - New / updated ground units 3D assets (M901 ITV, 61-K Gun, M60A3, Skyguard Radar, MDK-2M, M117, BL-755, AS-34, M88A2, Gwanggaeto CLS, M109, - New / updated plane skins or 3D models (Mirage F1, MQ-9 Reaper, Ka-52, F-4, F-16, A-50, Su-35, CH-53, B-52G, B-52H, OH-58D, U-2, J-20, Yak-38, C-17, F-104, WD-1, MV-22, IL-76/78, Jaguar A) - New pylons and elements (LM-39, RPL-35 and RPL-201, R Su-35SK Hard AA, RPL-35-AA tank) - New weapons (AGM-65E, AGM-65L, PL-15, YL-12, YL-14, AS-30L) - F-16 Cockpits light panels updated for new light code - New external lights added to compatible planes - New Basket air refueling models and pods Fixed ============= - Cockpit fixes (M2000 all variants, AV-8B, F-18) - F-16 Cockpits misc. updates (all variants) Removed ============= - Old plane cockpits removed (F-22, F-14) Data Changelog Campaign / Tactical Engagement ============================== - Validac.dat removed to be replaced by XML file (InvalidAcTypes.XML -> List of non-available plane types) - TvT campaign refactored - station+ils.dat updated - Updated ATC sounds for some airbases (some airbases pronunciations have changed to match real life) -- Choongwon AB => Jungwon AB (RKTI) -- Chongju AB => Cheongju AB (RKTU) -- Kangnung AB => Gangneung AB (RKNN) -- Kimhae Airport => Gimhae Intl Airport (RKPK) -- Kimpo Airport => Gimpo Intl Airport (RKSS) -- Kunsan Airbase => Gunsan Airbase (RKJK) -- Kwangju AB => Gwangju AB (RKJJ) -- Nachodka AB => Uglovoye AB -- Taegu AB => Daegu AB (RKTN) -- Sachon AB => Sacheon AB (RKPS) -- Yechon AB => Yecheon AB (RKTY) -- Wonsan AB => Kalma Airport (ZKWS) -- Pyongtaek AB => Pyongtaek AAF (RKSG) - Named "A-511 Camp Humphreys" in Jeppesen and DOD. -- Shenyang Airbase => Shenyang Beiling Airbase -- Sunch'on Airbase => Sunchon Airbase (ZKSC) - ATC file fixes - Added and fixed multiple training missions - Camo.cfg removed to be directly managed in cam / tac files - New airbases in Japan/South Korea (Hiroshima, Incheon, Iwami, Muan, Tsushima, Yangyang) - New terrain textures layers - Fixed ZSU 23-4 ring in PPT.ini - New PPT.ini entries - Objectives names now saved in TE or campaign file (wch / idx files in campaign folder) - Updated KTO weather maps (for 31 days instead of 17) - Campaigns triggers fixed for: Win, Loose, Timeout, Stalemate - Updated UI map Assets ============= - New sounds for external elements (Chaff/Flare, AB, Gear, Wind, …) - New cockpit callbacks (key file updated) - Fixes for many ground and sea units radars and symbols - Fixes on AG missiles and bombs data - Database cleanup to free up slots - HAD/HAS complete rework (symbols) - Fixed WASP landings - Many Planes loadouts corrected / adjusted - Some flight models fixed / added (F1-CT, MQ-9, Su-35, Rafale C, F-104, MV-22, F-4, Jaguar A) - Many missiles and weapons FM files updated - New Afterburner detent click in cockpit (set g_bAfterburnerDetentClick) Art / Effects ============== - New system (MFD + HUD) font - Fixed Heat blur effect - Improved burning effect - Improved BLU-107 effects Code Changelog General ======== - Performance improvements - Multiple stability fixes - Multiple code « races » fixed (freeze and crash) - Multiple BMS editor fixes and improvements - Adding in avionic editor new MMC features - Added capacity for more DX keys per device (g_nButtonsPerDevice : from 32 to 128) - Customization of rotary switches: -- g_nIntuitiveSwitches 1 invert the switches norm for the left cockpit panel , which means for left panel , left click down , right up ; and right panel left up , right down... -- g_nIntuitiveSwitches 2 allows to invert totally that NORM for switches g_nInvertRotaries 1 . -- Allow inversion of the norm for all rotaries which becomes then Left click anticlock-wise, right click clockwise -- Default is g_nInvertRotaries 0, g_nIntuitiveSwitches 0 - Adding a factor named g_f3DPitButtonDetectFactor to make the cockpit mouse anchoring a little more tunable to help when screen res is high and/or head trackers are set on higher rates etc. - Change in g_bNoAiForHumanControlledSqd behavior For human controlled squadron: AI is now able to spawn, taxi and take off, however, they will abort and land immediately if no player has taken a seat after takeoff. if a player is leaving an aircraft, AI will take over and bring back the aircraft to base (force RTB) and will not engage. - Multiplayer Fog of war: (g_bFogOfWarSave) If Set to 1, a client can save only the units of his team or allied, and the enemy spotted units - ACMI improved (compilation vastly improved and size limit removed in UI) - Tanker remains hosted on HOST instead of being handed over to clients during refuel in MP - Added a “Falcon BMS User.cfg” that will supersede “Falcon BMS.cfg” parameters - MP connectivity: (client can now specify a different port IPv4:port or IPv6:port for both BMS and IVC – BMS Host will need to set: g_nServerPort) - g_CalibrationHg setting is now MP transferred. - IVC updated (now supports 96 clients and UHF / VHF offset to right or left possible) - RTT Remote update for optimizations - New OFM ground handling code - Possible to change loadout in UI if flights already in 3D (fix) - Increased MP data block size transfer Game Engine ============== - Multiple Campaign engine fixes - Ground units behavior changes (more aggressive in offensive posture) - Improvements to naval operations - Improvement in ground unit self-defense towards missiles - Multiple MP packages / flights creation and deletion issues fixed - Added pilot “G Training” model for pilots (TE and campaign but disabled in dogfight - g_bEnableGtraining) - Multiples ATC fixes (loops and crashes) - ATC improvements for traffic handling - ATC weather information improvements (Text to speech) - Prevent AI waste of missiles on dead targets - JTAC Implementation (See docs for more information) - Improved Airport traffic flow management - Improved flight ATO generation in campaigns - Fix CTD when exiting from 3D, if user does try to fly a helicopter. - Flight disaggregation / reaggregation “bubbles” are now dynamic to adapt to long range missiles AI Behavior ============== - Fix AI unable to employ Harm efficiently - AI now evaluates clear avenue of fire before shooting - Major Air AI improvements: -- Combat Comms -- Target Selection routines -- WVR engagements -- Incoming missiles detection fix -- Separation routines -- Fuel Management routines -- AG mission defensive routines -- Sync Bingo settings with leader -- AI ground Attack total rewrite (tactic for every weapon and Hi / Low profiles for at-tack) -- Clear avenue of fire (make sure that no friendlies are in the way) - Fix AI Jettison AG too soon when engaged by a missile. - Fix AI REJOIN behavior while in the tanker queue - Improve AI rejoin speed management UI ====== - New Comms in game menu panel (new design, can be moved around and placed anywhere on screen) - New windowed radio subtitles: Enable by setting config file variable g_bWindowedRadioSubtitles to 1. - Allocate different targets on flight plan to flight members in recon screen - TACAN tooltip now displayed in 2D map - Save TACAN info for flights to the campaign/TE files. - Team passwords in MP. Rendering Engine ==================== - Multiple fixes of rendering engine and 3D assets handling - Light pollution implementation - Fog completely reworked for better effect and rendering - Global Improvement for weather code - Clouds now cast rain (Shower cumulus) - Fixed LOD computation in POOR or INCLEMENT weathers - Better sky lighting color transition - ICP and MFD buttons press logic reworked - Light strobe effect on clouds - New aircraft burn effects - New “TOP GUN” internal view layout - Pre-tinted HUD (set g_bHudViewCanopyTint 0) - Smart scaling reworked - New IR shaders for better units on terrain IR visibility Systems ========= - LGB, JDAM, WCMD bombs reworked for better trajectory compute - Bomber attack bays open / close shared in MP - TFR Fix and improvements - Anti-skid / Breaking logic reworked - Fix for wind effects to weapons and computation - New external plane lights code (support for strobe, formation, tail, A/R refuel trap) - Drogue / Basket Air Refuel support (KC-10, KDC-10, KC-135R, KC-135E, C-160R, IL-78) - New MFD time format to 000:00 - RWR reworked for better display accuracy - FLCS improvements - Anti-Ice improvements - Open VHF frequency from 30 000 Mhz to 61 000 Mhz - UHF intra-flight implementation - Changed Caution Light behavior - For F-16, after landing only fully open the speed brake if the nose is down - Hung store implementation: For weapons with time to pickle, if the pickle is un-pressed before the release, there is a 30% chance the weapon will be stuck. HANG stores will be displayed afterward if another release is attempted. - Reduce RWR range accuracy for missile detected - Store-Jettison Page: -- S-J upgrade is now acting as a main master mode, configurable via DTC. -- S-J cannot be access in DGF/MRM overrides but SJ selection is memorized and displays when cancel DGF/MRM override -- S-J cannot be access during BIT test -- S-J cannot be access in WOW or Right Main Landing Gear Down and locked unless GND JETT is selected - New DECLUTTER for FCR AA and FCR AG (Fix all MFD pages for the "DCLT" Labeling) - EM Environment upgrade: -- AI ability to employ correct radar AA mode depending on tactical situation: RWS / TWS / TWS soft lock / RWS SAM / RWS / STT -- Fix RWR bug that was always considering AI AA radar and missile radars scan and azi-muth wide opened -- fix <M> spot received on the RWR of non-targeted aircraft despite Missile being active and tracking. -- Be aware an AI STTing will likely no longer appear in the RWR unless actively target-ed. -- Fix missing <M> rwr spike in some situations -- Fix a bug where AI was reacting to HPRF instead of MPRF - HMCS upgraded (A/G operations, RWR symbology, alignment procedure) - Complete rework of gunsights modes - AG radar improvement and fixes (MFD rendering, Radar scan reworked) - GM and SEA Radar improvement (displays static objects but moving vehicle as well) - VIP and VRP mode rework Weapons ========= - AGM-88 reworked (New DED Tables, added DTC page, improved HUD, battery time) - AGM-65L implemented (Early implementation of Laser guided mavericks) - AAA rework (ammunition time of flight, accuracy) - Maverick multiples fixes and improvements - AA Missiles logic and homing radar logic completely reworked for better realism (Fox3) Change log https://www.falcon-bms.com/changelogs/falcon-bms-4-36-changelog/
  8. By Br3No ==========Disclaimer========== Video contains some visual and sound effects that are not included in the official 4.36 release. (e.g. Tacview overlay, some blur effects) ==========Info========== The following features and improvements of 4.36 are presented in the video: 0:25 - Weather (Implemented shower Clouds) 0:38 - Ext. Lights (Fully implemented Ext. Lights) 0:52 - Airfields (New & Improved AirPorts) 1:04 - AAR (Basket Refueling & AAR Code Improvements) 1:19 - Skins (New & Updated Skins) 1:34 - Night Lighting (Light Polution & Reflections) 1:47 - AI (Enhanced Artificial Intelligence) 1:57 - Graphics (Improved Visual Effects) 2:08 - AI COMMS (New Commands Menu) 2:08 - TGT Assignment (Multiple Target Assignment) 2:13 - JHMCS (Improved HMCS Functionality) 2:13 - Avionics (Enhanced Avionics) 2:20 - A-A (Revised ARH Guidance) 2:20 - A-G (Improved CCRP Mode) 2:34 - JTAC And there is a lot more to discover by your own ==========Discords/Websides========== DISCORD - https://discord.gg/KQNHQBz WEBSIDE - https://www.falcon-bms.com REDDIT - https://www.reddit.com/r/falconbms/ YOUTUBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnyVS5IhXmUShjl8nTQ85rw ==========Soundtrack========== INFRACTION - HERO
  9. First suggest you take the mods out and add them back one at a time - to narrow down what is causing it. Yes it will take some time.
  10. The CH stuff works fine with SF2 in Win 10 and 11 Been so many years since I moved from 7 I don't remember - I may have just remapped the CH stuff in Game from fresh - doesn't take long. I may have had to run as admin to get the controls to stick.
  11. F-35 is the only choice really - they need something for the next 40 years and yes I know drones but the Lightning 1 was also seen by some as the last manned fighter back in the 1950s The F-35 has won every comp so far because it is on a different planet and wins on: Cost partly due to large economies of scale Capability to cost ratio Worldwide logistics setup Growth potential Interoperability with NATO countries and Allies Capability (5 Gen sensor fusion etc) Regarding Old fashioned metrics - no point comparing with things like the Super Hornet because the F-35A is clearly better at the slow speed high alpha stuff and the F-35A is still 9G at full fuel and M1.6 with an actual combat loadout. The Gripen Es main competitor on the export market is really the F-16V...................and quite frankly neither of these are cheap to procure compared to the F-35 despite them being the low end. Here are some bits from the Switzerland evaluation: Fighter aircraft: F-35A offers highest overall benefit at lowest cost by far All the candidates met the requirements set for the evaluation. For both the fighter aircraft and the longer-range GBAD system, the candidate promising the highest benefit was also the one priced the lowest. In the case of the fighter aircraft, this candidate is the F-35A. With 336 points, it showed the highest overall benefit and was the clear winner with a lead of 95 points or more over the other candidates. This aircraft scored best in three of the four main criteria evaluated: • In terms of effectiveness, the F-35A achieved the best result because it has a marked technological advantage over the other candidates: it includes entirely new, extremely powerful and comprehensively networked systems for protecting and monitoring airspace. The F-35A is able to ensure information superiority; this means pilots benefit from a higher situational awareness in all task areas when compared with the other candidates. This is especially true for day-to-day air policing. What is more, the F-35A is the only aircraft that has been designed from the ground up to be especially difficult for other weapons systems to detect. The resulting high survivability is a great advantage for the Swiss Air Force. In addition, because the F-35A is comparatively easy to operate and is able to provide information superiority, it requires less training and has a better ratio of flight to simulator hours. Because of this, the F-35A requires about 20% fewer flight hours than other candidates, and about 50% fewer take-offs and landings than the Air Force’s current jet aircraft, which the F-35A will be replacing. Finally, it can be assumed that as the newest of the weapons systems evaluated, the F-35A will be able to sustain its technological lead well into the future. Given the planned service life of 30 years, this is a major advantage over the other candidates. • In terms of product support, the F-35A achieved the highest rating because of its efficient operation and maintenance, modern training design, and the high security of supply throughout its service life. This is attributable in part to the F-35A being manufactured in the highest numbers and it being the aircraft most commonly used by air forces in Europe. • The F-35A was also the best performer in terms of cooperation, offering extensive opportunities for operational collaboration and broad access to data and technical resources. • In direct offset, the F-35A did not achieve the best result at the time the bid was made. The offset obligation of 60% of the order must be fulfilled in full no later than four years after receipt of the final delivery. As far as fleet size is concerned, for all four candidates a fleet of 36 aircraft would be large enough to cover Switzerland’s airspace protection needs over the longer term in a prolonged situation of heightened tensions. The Air Force must be able to ensure that Swiss airspace cannot be used by foreign parties in a military conflict. F-35A to cost around CHF 2 billion less than competitors In addition to the benefits, the F-35A also achieved by far the best result in terms of costs. Both procurement and operation costs are the lowest for this aircraft. At the time the bids were made in February 2021, the procurement costs amounted to CHF 5.068 billion – well under the financial cap of CHF 6 billion set by voters. Even when accounting for inflation up to the time of payment, procurement costs will remain below the credit limit. The F-35A also has the lowest operating costs of all of the candidates evaluated. The total costs of the F-35A (i.e. procurement plus operating costs) amounts to approximately CHF 15.5 billion over 30 years. This is around CHF 2 billion less than the second-lowest bidder. https://www.admin.ch/gov/en/start/documentation/media-releases.msg-id-84275.html
  12. Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends, The latest DCS Open Beta is now available, and we are excited to announce DCS: AH-64D as the ultimate addition to your hangar. This iconic aircraft served in decades of operations and lives on forever as a legend. Watch the launch trailer now. DCS: AH-64D is one of the most complex projects we have undertaken, and it has pushed our team to new heights. The Early Access features are now complete and we thank you, our faithful community, for your patience and support. We look forward to your feedback and comments with great eagerness. Thank you. Thank you for your passion and support. Yours sincerely, Eagle Dynamics Team AH-64D Out Now Early Access The legendary AH-64D has flown into Early Access and we are already overwhelmed with the response from the community. Thank you to those of you who have made this dream come true and to all the pre-release sales we received. The trust you have bestowed on us is extraordinary and we recognise and admire all of you who supported us during these 6 months. We hope that you won’t be disappointed. Thank you! The AH-64D is a revolutionary development in the history of war. The flying tank is designed to withstand massive impacts and inflict serious damage. It can operate during the day or night and even in all weather conditions. Please check out the launch trailer. AH-64D Early Access Development Report At Early Access release, the AH-64D includes a rich feature set that will allow almost endless gameplay. This includes near-complete external and cockpit art and animations, including new pilot models. Most of the avionics systems are fully operational such as; the Tactical Situation Display (TSD), the Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System (IHADSS) and numerous Multi-Purpose Display (MPD) pages. Early Access sensors and weapons include the Targeting Acquisition and Designation Sight (TADS), Pilot Night Vision Sensor (PNVS), night vision goggles, laser-guided AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, Hydra 2.75” unguided rockets and the M230 Chain Gun. Flying the AH-64D is made easy with its advanced flight control system. Online multi-crew is available at Early Access and single pilot or gunner operation is truly special thanks to our advanced ‘George’ AI. In the coming months following Early Access release, the Fire Control Radar (FCR), radar-guided Hellfire missiles, datalink between flight members, and more will be made available. AH-64D Pricing Early Access Early Access Program DCS: AH-64D Now available Download › DCS: AH-64D Pricing Policy The AH-64D is available in Early Access and will soon be in Free to Play for you to enjoy for 14 days to test fly before you buy. Also, do not forget to take advantage of the Early Access 20% discount on DCS: AH-64D. We are truly looking towards your initial comments. Thank you again for your patience, passion and support, Yours sincerely, Eagle Dynamics Team
  13. Win11 opinion: General usage AND SF2

    First thing I did was move the bottom Start menu to the left where it is supposed to be.
  14. Ghost of Kyiv

    Currently nothing more than another typical propaganda war story as it stands. Note - this thread like the others will have a very limited lifetime unless people start to question and check what they are reading (from both sides).
  15. Flight sim survey 2021 shows Female participation has gone up to 1%.

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