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  1. Cruddy Mondays

    Guys, you still don't get it...
  2. The best thing is they really filmed it with real aircraft, real airbases... a whole lot of propaganda..but lot of nice equipment. I would also recommend watching Soviet war movies from 70-80's. Although they are hard to find. Mostly they also filmed it on real airbases, ships etc... Even with the whole bunch of propaganda can be a nice reference for modelers, etc.. 'Toward the unknown' - also good.
  3. If necessary I'm reinstalling in such order... SF2 - SF2I - SF2ex1 - SF2V - SF2E - SF2ex2 - SF2NA then DLCs..and 2013 patch.
  4. Anyone have information on adapter suspended on BRU rack that carries two LAU-128 launchers on outboard external pylons.
  5. Cruddy Mondays

    cruddy because of Crud? Or generally cruddy ...
  6. have you read manuals..or at least check game settings?
  7. Since there is a Delta wing mirage topic...We can have a Phantom topic too - just because it is cooler than deltas... Rules: - Phantom on Fridays only. - so no Phantoms on other days than Friday. One picture per user and only on Fridays. Let's bring the best of aviation in one picture. Sorry for strict rules but Spook deserves it. - no discussions, asking, quoting, chatting, etc. there are other places to talk. - no for what if skins, rogues, mercenaries, pirates, etc... - ok for phantoms that never were...produced, prototypes, etc... Eventually if one of the Administrators will visit this place please clean up inappropriate jabbering. Thanks in advance. If this topic is inappropriate please close.
  8. This is really strange. I downloaded those files also time ago to check if everything is fine and no single issue. (winrar 5.41) Also, haven't heard similar reports. I could re-upload file..but I don't think it will change anything - because I will upload exactly same files...so not sure what to clean up.

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