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  1. Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.13

    Nicely done.
  2. But as long as it is in ini file...it will appear. In case of a predefined model, it will be uncomfortable to use an airfield in other maps/time periods etc etc. .. but it is just my five cents.
  3. Since no one noticed that something is wrong with F.4 on the pic above... Current correct one.
  4. Those F/A-18 in airbase view is from 'airbase'model or game flight line? I think it is not necessary to put aircraft models on airbase. The game will load flight line aircraft by itself. BTW check KillerBee upload...some ground flighline objects are there, so you will know what was done before.
  5. Hi yakarov79  I downloaded your "MT-LB MT-LBu vehicles and wonder if I could up load a working 9P149?  I have never uploaded anything before and would be my first.  Attached is some in game photo's.




  6. Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.12

    Nicely done. Keep them coming!
  7. seriously? Thought it could be torpedo bomber with an internal bay
  8. Over the Kuril Islands. still flying there.
  9. F-101B VooDoo. SF.2 2019 Redux.

    Thank you all. Makes me want to go with A and C also. Long live century series. !
  10. That would be marvelous. That would be also hot. As for me - no new year resolution. Hoping I can finish some projects that i've started long ago. Because I'm starting a new one (any time - all the time). Century series fever now. Hope you can get some helo and multiengine stuff...
  11. Gloster Armageddon - seriously I was bored....I'm not much What if guy...

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