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  1. Holy cow Volker! Really great work (as always) Any chance for an Aspide A2A missle For the later AMI F-104S versions?
  2. F-104S fresh out of my paintshop.
  3. Varyag Aircraft Carrier

    NO, Ramps don´t work in SF2.
  4. Had something similar too, a few month ago. It only helped to assign all controls new.
  5. Latest VSN F-104 mod version released. Includes now the NF-104. Video featuring repaints by me.
  6. BAC JetProvost T5a Skins

    Great work Pete! I really like these! But some tips. You could better use JPG textures, saves a lot of (disc) space. You could make use of decals, so more numbers are selectable in game.
  7. https://www.airhistory.net/photo/248220/6629 🤷🏻‍♂️ Btw, it is an RF-104G! Scramble also says that the later RF-104s that came in late 80s from Germany (Navy) had 4 digit numbers.
  8. Looks like this is the older FS9 version. So the paintkits on Alphasim freeware section should fit (mirroring some textures I guess).
  9. I have 2 different paintkits. One for the early (FS9) one and one for the late (FSX) one,,,, Don´t know wich is used....
  10. I have to check at home if i´ve got the paintkit for the FSX version. The paintkit for the earlier version is available at the Virtavia freeware side, but in a low resolution.
  11. Wasn´t the T-34C original the Alphasim one? Then there will be templates available....
  12. I use an X56 Rhino. Works outstanding for me.

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