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Version 1.3 posted, read the changelog.


I strongly suggest you keep the 1.2 version backed up in case you don't like certain aspects of changes introduced in 1.3 (specular effect you might find too excessive)


Super Mystere B2 cockpit


To install unpack to your Super Mystere folder, overwrite when asked


have fun

What's New in Version 1.3


  • current version 1.3
  • -new redone from scratch windscreen to match the external model better; with new more "ellegantly modelled" shape of the glass pieces and windscreen texure file,
  • -thus reposition of the windscreen-attached indicators and plates,
  • -new stronger specular effect on the cockpit mesh materials,
  • -added slipball indicator into the bottom front part of the gunsight in place of what is originally reticle wingspan scale (I think),
  • -welcome back smaller 50 MILS reticle,70 was too big,
  • -added mesh to distance indicator so you can actually read the scale better,
  • -smoothing adjusted on several parts
  • -in general some more attention and modelling work to the front area of the cockpit
  • version 1.2
  • -again, fixed that damn LIMITES D'UTILISATION typo, hope it's ok for Jeanba
  • -fixed joystick pivot point, should move correctly now
  • -added working waypoint distance indicator (as least I think that it is it)
  • -removed some duplicated texture copies in the cockpit folder
  • updated to version 1.1
  • -corrected typo
  • -added side levers for flaps extending, canopy pressurisation and release
  • -added airbrake indicator light on main panel
  • -moved and smoothed the canopy glass to reduce possibility of glass mesh culling artifacts

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