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B-2A Spirit (Version 0.90)

B-2A (Beta) by FastCargo.


********************** Version 0.90 ***********************


SF2 Version for Jul 2013 Patch.


Original model from tf3dm - 3dregenerator

Modifications to import into TW sims by FastCargo

Textures and most decals by FastCargo

Cockpit, ModPilot, and Aces II seat from B-1B Redux Package by Dels, et al

Included weapons from The Ordinance Shop II by 331KillerBee and FastCargo

Hanger and Loadout screens credited to the respective individuals

Thanks to ST0RM for high res photos allowing me to complete the area around the cockpit

Templates for all textures and decals included

Any errors are mine...



Aircraft include:


B-2A - All 21 tail numbers are included in the Block 30 paint scheme (operational).





This release is a beta, and as such, is somewhat incomplete. The cockpit is from the B-1B.


A new weapon has been included, the GBU-57 Massive Ordinance Penetrator (MOP). Big boom...but only one per bay. JASSMs have been slightly modded to have more realistic flight performance. The weapon bay loads have been built to realistically hold the proper number and types of weapons the real B-2A could carry.


The FM has been tweaked to allow the player and AI to fly with reasonable accuracy. There are still a few bugs...mainly the AI likes to be nose down during the approach and landing. Also, there can be weapon bay visual errors when the AI is dropping weapons (ie the bay doors may not open). The weapon bay errors are limitations in the code that can't be fixed...it has to do with more than one weapon station using the same bay door animation slot. We are still working to squash the remaining issues...and one day we will have a proper cockpit for this machine.


Have fun...report any crippling bugs (except trying to use it in SFP1/WOV/WOE/WOI...you're on your own) in the release thread at CA.




07 Jul 14


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Strike Fighters was crying for such aircraft. Thank you very much for this, FastCargo. Let's hope someday someone creates a proper cockpit for it.

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I know you had been working on it for a while....Thank you. Getting my stealth on now....we could get all "Broken Arrow" up in here....mythical B-3....Travolta in a flight suit, fictional patches. Yeah.

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Great! But, i have a problem, i cant open the bomb bay doors, anyone can help me?

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You need the thirdwire cat extractor , search the knowledge base for more details,  I'll try to aend you the link when I get home tomorrow night.

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it's in the MissionData001.cat

extract and place the lst in the /Flight folder in your mods folder. If you ain't got one, create it (the /Flight folder that is)

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