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The 10 worst Royal Navy Aircraft

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The Brits seem to have some real beauties. The Curtiss was a tragedy and Curtiss needed to find someone to offload them on. Can you imagine how deep the pitchman had to dig for that sale? LOL


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I like this rating and author's extraordinary argumentation... for Swordfish for example.

Interesting thing.

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    • By Tarnish
      An 809 NAS Buccaneer dropping four 1000lb GP bombs with Mk117 retarded tail units fitted.
    • By Tarnish
      An 809 NAS Buccaneer dropping four 1000lb GP bombs with Mk117 retarded tail units fitted.
    • By Skyviper
      So I saw a couple of videos of F-22s starting up. They sound weird but they're quick with it.
    • By Kaiser1

      View File F-15E Strike Eagle_Radar AESA_SFP1 Y SFG
      F-15E Strike Eagle by Kaiser1
      Versión del F-15 adaptado a cazabombardero todo tiempo, cuando entró en servicio en la USAF, los F-15E fueron dotados de un radar AN/APG 70 del tipo multimodo (impulsos Doppler+banda X), después de servir en varios escenarios de combate, la USAF pidió una modernización en su aviónica a Boeing, el cual junto con Raytheon, remplazaron los APG 70 por radares tipo AESA de barrido electrónico activo, los AN/APG 82 V1, que contaban con varias cualidades superiores que sus antecesores.
      Esta versión del F-15E esta desarrollada sobre la base de la versión F-15E Strike Eagle V1.3 de Dave con permisos otorgados, intentando mejorar la aviónica de los F-15E y dotarlos de una cabina propia y correspondiente.
      El F-15E proporciona las siguiente mejoras:
      3 pantallas MFD con la información necesaria para el piloto virtual. Versión de radar lo mas fiel al AN/APG 82 V1. Identificador IFF (Amigo-Enemigo), en la pantalla del radar los enemigos aparecen de color AMARILLO y los amigos de color AZUL (solo en modo TWS-Track While Scan). El APG 82 tiene una ventana de escaneo de 120° y un rango de alcance de 160. Versatilidad de armamento tanto aire-aire como aire-superficie. Muestreo de rangos para misiles AA de radar activo y semiactivo.

      En fase de pruebas de combate consiguió victorias contra J10A y MiG-35 Fulcrum F.
      Agradecimientos a Dave y el equipo de trabajo del F-15E V1.3, a CombatACE, al grupo Strike Fighters Series y sus modeladores.
      Version of the F-15 adapted to fighter bomber all time when he entered service in the USAF, the F-15E was fitted with an AN / APG 70 radar multimode type (pulse Doppler + band X), after serving in various scenarios combat, the USAF ordered a modernization in its avionics to Boeing, which together with Raytheon, replaced the APG 70 radar AESA type of active electronic scanning, the AN / APG 82 V1, which had several superior qualities than their predecessors.
      This version of the F-15E is developed on the basis of the version F-15E Strike Eagle V1.3 Dave, trying to improve the avionics of the F-15E and provide them with a corresponding own cabin.
      The F-15E provides the following improvements:
      3 screens MFD with the information necessary for the virtual pilot. Radar version as faithful to the AN / APG 82 V1. ID IFF (Friend or Foe), on the radar screen enemies appear yellow and friends of BLUE (TWS-only mode Track While Scan). The APG 82 has a scanning window of 120 ° and a range of range of 160. Versatility both arms air-air and air-to-surface. Sampling AA missile ranges for active and semi-active radar.

      In combat test phase got victories against J10A and MiG-35 Fulcrum F.
      Thanks to Dave and the team of F-15E V1.3, to combatace, the group Strike Fighters Series and modelers.
      Submitter Kaiser1 Submitted 08/26/2016 Category F-15 Eagle  
    • By cocas

      View File Strike Fighters 2 SeaStorm FAS.1
      SeaStorm FAS.1
      this his based on my the Hawker Siddeley Hs.1202-9 fighter uploaded some years ago
      back story
      in the late in 1970´s the Royal airforce started studis to replace the aging Fleet of Phantoms in 1977 the HS-1202-9 proposal was declared winner
      1980 frist operational Squadron was in service and UK under the name Storm FGR.1
      at the same the Royal Navy also want to replace its old Phantoms fleet it to reduce pilot work load the navy ask for two seat version the SeaStorm FAS1 wend operational in late 1981

      Model and skin Cocas
      FM based on stock F-16 netz
      cockpit pilot and seats by Ravenclaw_007 many thanks Volker
      decals by Sinners and Wrench and serials are stock
      all needed weapons are on gunnys pack
      install instruciones
      unrar to your desktop after just drop in to your mod folder check KB at CA for details
      templets included.
      Submitter cocas Submitted 05/28/2016 Category What If Hangar  

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