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Look what I found...

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while going through my Sabre archives, I stumbled across this. I'd completely forgotten Zur had sent me this (along with his incomplete F6F Hellcat), ages ago. Meaning, he sent me the MAX files for these birds. I know there's several people (well more than I few I'm guessing) that would like to see the last Sabre in their Hangars

It needs skinning, FM work, animations (possibly) straightened out. Maybe even world center reset (as the view in game is shifted forward). But the control surfaces have been cut and animated, landing gear & flaps work (oddly, not listed when seen in the LOD Viewer!!!). 

So, is there any 3d Guru that might be able to finish this off? I can handle most of the other stuff (skins and FM can't be too hard, if the FM is based off the F-86F)

Only fully capable interested parties need apply!

Let's see if we can't bring this one home!





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I'd have to reinstall MAX, which I haven't bothered to do after the HD crash in December, and subsequent rebuild (since i never learned to use it!!). I'd also have to find the disc where MAX is stored!!! May take a bit.

I do know I sent it to Raven, when he was still around, for finishing, final skinning, and so forth. But that was 3-4 years ago. I remember looking at it IN MAX, the wing fold, canopy opens, hook and gear to their things. The base "body" was a -5, and Raven was going to cut the aft windows to also make the -3.

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Wish I could help - Don't have the skills...................Been wishing for this member of the Sabre family for a LOOOOOOOOONG time. Hope she makes it to the battle! :clapping:

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All it takes is some 3d guy to have a look at the MAX file I have. (but I'm not very hopefull ... that file may NOT be as complete as the in-game version shown. I just don't know enough about MAX to really "see" what the model is doing.

BTW, here's a MAX screen shot of the Hellcat. You can see it's a -5 without the rear window.


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