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  1. Here are a few from the various terrain mods out there. I don't take credit for making them, but thanks to those that did. Trees.zip
  2. Hi there, Anybody who has 3ds max out there that wants to try and convert this for use in SF2 is welcome to. I don't have it myself, too pricey for me. Thanks, Hurc V100_Armoured_Patrol_Car_(for_3D_Studio_Max).zip
  3. Thanks for the Christmas present! I got them to work just fine as long as they were in the main terrain folder, they didnt show if left in each indivual sub folder. Check out the 84S object, its size in-game seems more like a Mk83 1000lb when compared side by side with the 84L object ? Hurc
  4. Soulfreak is on the right path, but you will need the full install as well as the patch above. The mods shown above are actually ones created by Piecemeal I believe. I wish somebody would create the LKW big trucks, that's a Unimog in camo.
  5. http://www.brahmand.com/news/Raytheon-to-develop-AESA-radar-for-F-15C-aircraft/5737/1/24.html Seems its part of the AESA radar upgrade from what I see on this website. Hurc
  6. Yes Soulfreak, Faked bases is how I got different type a/c to generate as parked, but its got a catch. If your terrain has multiple friendly bases spaced around the map it will populate those as well as your main base, but doesn't populate the fake base that's sitting at the same spot as your main base. Nellis only works because ALL of the players bases are at the same spot as Nellis (one real base and several fake). My tests with the DS mod had either game generated a/c at the main base parking spots or the fake base parking spots, but never both at the same time. Maybe somebody else has found a way to do it. Of course we can always just have more statics made by the 3d modders, ;)
  7. It has been on the back burner cause I got distracted with a Korean War Airbase Mod when all the new KAW planes were being made available. I do plan to release it eventually.
  8. I had to get my Korean Era CVs from the A-Team site, the one in the KAW Misc is a Zuhio mod. The A-team has the CVE-105, USS Commencement Bay Class as well as the CV-14 or CVA-34 Essex Straight deck class.
  9. Does anyone know what .ini you can edit to control default fleet ship positions ? In my Korea mod I tend to just get 1 or 2 escorts for the CV.
  10. I think these will great against those Super High Priority Targets such as this ?
  11. Then there is the Couscous Cafe - opening soon at an Iraqi Air Base near you! Thanks to Ace888 for the updated Mirage 2000s And who doesn't like a target rich environment :)
  12. My Tomcats are showing up in the LargeParking spots, maybe its their wingspan ? So on my merged installs I can see Tomcats as well as F-15s or Cargo types and F-15s etc, but never 3 types yet (Nellis excluded) Hurc

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