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  1. The German Air Force will get 45 Hornets. 30 F-18D and 15 Growler as a replacement for our Tornados
  2. Maybe this will help 21e escadrille du 21 RABN du 01/01/1932 au 01/10/1932 21e escadrille du GB III/21 du 01/10/1932 au 01/07/1933 (21 EB) 21e escadrille du GCN du 01/07/1933 au 01/10/1933 (11 EB) 3e escadrille du GC II/41 du 01/10/1933 au 01/04/1937 (41 EM) 5e escadrille du GC III/1 du 01/04/1937 au 01/01/1939 (1 EC) 1e escadrille du GCN I/13 du 01/01/1939 au 01/01/1940 Escadrille EACN 1/13 du 01/01/1940 au 12/11/1942 Escadrille ECN 1/71 du 10/10/1958 au 31/08/1962 2ème section de l'escadron de tir 1/200 Lubéron du 03/11/1977 au 01/09/1998 2ème escadrille de l'EH 5/67 Alpilles du 16/02/2015 à aujourd'hui Found on https://www.traditions-air.fr/unit/escadrille/escadrilledivers1.htm clicking on traditions VB-135
  3. As far as i know the RCAF in Germany had sqaudrons on qra ops with 2 a/c each. The 'Q' aircraft could be launched with an armed US nuclear weapon ( B57 bomb 5-20 kilotons; B28 bomb 70-350 kt; B43 bomb 1 Mt)within 15 minutes of receiving the 'go' order. This arrangement was called the NATO Quick Reaction Alert Force. Missions were targeted at troop concentrations, airfields, bridges, assembly and choke points and other tactical targets in order to slow the massive tank formations of the Red Army as they poured into the Fulda Gap and on towards the Rhine River. Mission profile depending on used device
  4. First time i looked into DCS. Just started to download it. Does any body know who´s music that is? Outstanding video.
  5. JetPit

  6. Installed it yesterday. Great thing, but i tried the F-102 of 32nd FIS and the weapons didnt work. Installation according to the read-me. Fresh installed and patched WOE.
  7. Hi, maybe this helps: http://what-when-how.com/military-weapons/sensors-and-electronic-warfare-military-weapons/
  8. Hi all, does the tail fin housing of the RAF FGR 2 only contain a passive homing device or is it an active ecm pod? I tried Google but wasn´t lucky. Maybe someone has the answer. Thanks in advance eccmo
  9. Thanks a lot, Mike. That´s what i was looking for.
  10. Never seen such a fine picture of the Douglas C-133 Cargomaster .
  11. Thank you all for the replies. But i got me an old XP PC and now everthing is working fine.
  12. I have the same problem with WIN 10. I had to change my PC. WOV ist running wihtout a Problem. WOE and SF1 are nor working. So, what to do?
  13. Hello folks, i am thinking about my first "self-made" campaign. It will be an cold war scenario for WOE / SF1. I am looking for an F-102 Delta Dagger. Does anybody hav an idea where to find one? Thanks. eccmo
  14. Thank You MK2

    Thanks a lot. And allways watch your six.....
  15. What exactly is BVR?

    Hello out there, BVR originally means Beyond Visual Range. So the Target is out of visual range but known or identified as "hostile". The missile (nomaly an AIM-7, Skyflash, AMRAAM or Phonix) is fired against that target to get a good kill.......
  16. Nun auch in Deutsch

    Habs gerade erst gelesen und sge mal so Hallo in die Runde

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