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  1. Mirage F1EDA

    Excellent and outstanding work as always Ludo. You are a great artist when it comes to creating Mirage F-1 mods. Of course, I do love the Mirage F-1, even do my favorite has always been the bare metal Mirage IIIC from the '60s I just call her the Brigitte Bardot of the Mirage family... Photo shows Mordechai Hod – Israeli General, himself also being a Pilot seen here leaving the cockpit of a Mirage IIIC in the Sinai during 1968 Credits: Moshe Marlin Levin /Meitar Collection / National Library of Israel / The Pritzker Family National Photography Collection / Israel State Archives / CC BY 4.0
  2. Mirage F1 CT Standard T2

    Thanks a lot. Don't know how you guys do all those great mods but they are simply outstanding as usual even though my favourite is the Mirage IIIC, (brings back memories from the 60s & '70s love the F-1s of course too, all same DASSAULT family...
  3. Mirage F1CT standard T1

    Simply love it top work as always Ludo.
  4. WTR End of Summer Update

    Damn it ! Now that's what I call a Vietnam Map. It looks so real simply some outstanding work and that MiG looks so well-aged love the Thuds lined up next to each other at the Airport simply love it...Any chance of knowing when will that update be released? Thanks for any info on that topic it's very much appreciated.
  5. Kfir C.7 & Kfir C.7 (89)

    Was able to fix it on my own just erased the [refuelProbe] section and exchanged the [Pilot] section PilotModelName=IAF_F16 with PilotModelName=MODusaf and no hitting his head on the canopy glass anymore.
  6. Kfir C.7 & Kfir C.7 (89)

    Thanks great I really liked that Kfir C.7 & Kfir C.7 (89) v0.9 mode a lot. But I think there are two errors please see the enclosed PrintScreen Errors are marked. First one: I have a second pilot sitting on the middle tank. Second one: The helmet of the Pilot is touching the top of the canopy glass. Below my Data.ini Crew section, I haven't changed anything. Thanks for any help on that. // Crew --------------------------------------------------------- [Pilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=IAF_F16 //PilotModelName=f-16801 //PilotModelName=MODusaf SetCockpitPosition=TRUE Position=0.00,4.23,0.53 //SeatModelName=MK10L SeatModelName=Mk10A SeatPosition=0.00,4.21,0.42 MinExtentPosition=-0.37, 3.90,-0.47 MaxExtentPosition= 0.37, 4.94, 0.68 CanopyNodeName=canopy_frame_rear CanopyAnimationID=7 [Canopy] SystemType=ANIMATION InputName=ANIMATION_1 DeploymentMethod=MANUAL MaxDeploySpeed=40 AnimationTime=6.0 AnimationID=7 [refuelProbe] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=10KFIR Position=0.0,0.0,0.0 CanopyNodeName= SeatID=2 [MiragePit] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=FakePilot Position=0.0,0.0,0.0 SeatModelName=c7KfirMod SeatPosition=0.0,0,0.0 DetachWhenDestroyed=TRUE CanopyNodeName= SeatID=2
  7. Thanks a lot MigBuster you made my day i was faceing the same Problem now its solved...
  8. Mirage F1CE (1985-1998)

    Damn it, Ludo has done it again and pulled out another Mirage -F1 version out of his treasure chest, thanks a lot for another great Mirage mode.. Closing my eyes and imagine what if that had been a Mirage IIIC...
  9. Mirage F1CH Early

    Simply outstanding, so thanks Ludo for another great Mirage F-1 mod It's very much appreciated...
  10. Mirage IIIB/IIIBE PACK

    After downloading and installing that beautiful Mirage IIIB mod i am missing parts of the Cockpit i was meeting the Requirements: DLC Mirage IIIO. It does not show up complete, most of it remains dark see the copy screen. Not really sure what's wrong since I met the Requirements like installing the DLC Mirage IIIO. Thanks for any help on that, it's very much appreciated....
  11. I read the following! Looks like a burn through on one of the convergent or divergent segments. NOT a good thing, a lot of stuff get fried!
  12. As some members already mention befor you have to start each modul for instance like, StrikeFighters2 Israel, StrikeFighters2 Vietnam and so on once so that it can created the so called mod folder its been called the mod folder even you cant find a folder which is named explicit by the name (Mod) looking at the directory tree (see image). Just copy the downloaded content into the matching modul which you want it to be makes no senes copying a Eurofighter into the /StrikeFighters2 Vietnam/ folder stick to the right year, era and country of origin. But then each one of course is free to copy what ever one feels like.Just my two cents. BTW: Gespeicherte Spiele / means / Saved Games
  13. Damn it ! The F-8 Crusader “The Last of the Gunfighters” one of the most beautiful Warbirds in American Aviation History. The F-8 Crusader Once Scared a Vietnamese MiG Pilot Into Ejecting Before a Dogfight. The image shows: RF-8G Crusader of VFP-63 is launched from USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), in 1973. The RF-8G is the reconnaissance version of the famous F-8 “Crusader,” the last U.S. Navy jet fighter who’s primary armament consisted of cannons rather than missiles. With its powerful afterburning J-57 engine, the F-8 is the first supersonic Navy fighter. On July 16, 1957, then Major John Glenn, USMC, who later became the first man to orbit the Earth, completed the first supersonic transcontinental flight averaging 732.5 mph flying an earlier model, the RF-8A. During the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1963, the RF-8A, provided vital photographs regarding Soviet missile emplacements. The aircraft on display is 1 of 73 RF-8G models upgraded in 1965
  14. ODS Warbirds: Tornado Fmk.3 ODS30 Squadrons

    I personally dont like the idea of a SF2 merged installation so i Don't know if that has a influence. Do you have a merged SF2 installation ? I have installed all the SF2 modules in separate directories like! Saved Games/ThirdWire/StrikeFighters2/StrikeFighters2 Europe/ and so on. Or maybe try to re-download the file then reinstall it. Thats all i can suggest from my site.
  15. ODS Warbirds: Tornado Fmk.3 ODS30 Squadrons

    My Loadout Screen and the Data.ini of the TORNADO F3 look fine see the pictures...
  16. ODS Warbirds: Tornado Fmk.3 ODS30 Squadrons

    Many thanks for the detailed information on the grey Tornados didn't know that very interesting. I always just saw pictures of Desert Pink Camoulflage applied on the Tornados and Jaguars.
  17. ODS Warbirds: Tornado Fmk.3 ODS30 Squadrons

    Thanks loved those Tornado mods. Always thougt the Tornados had only the Desert Pink Camoulflage applied pls see the pics as the Jaguars too but it seems they their also grey Camouflage applied to the Tornados what reason so ever.
  18. Mirage F1BK-2

    Thanks a lot Ludo for a other great outstanding and breathtaking Mirage F-1 mode... A dream come true would be to see a updated Mirage IIIC bare metal version for SF2 that would be really great.
  19. also, did the Israelis put kill markings on during the wars? That's a good question (daddyairplanes) which i can't really answer 100% but i assume it must have been looking at the Photo which shows Brig - General Mordechai Hod foto taken on the June 10th 1967 whit an Air Kill. I guess during the 60ths and 70ths it was an act of being proud of showing the enemy kills in defending one's homeland which is understandable. Maybe it was also an act to scare off the enemy just assuming. Please correct me if i am wrong i read that the USAF marked their kills like Air Ace Col. Robin Olds flying the F-4C Phantom with a red star and this was during the Vietnam war and not during being off duty. Since i read that Baron Manfred von Richthofen WW1 Ace 82kills was asked by his supreme command to paint the planes of his fighter Squadron also kown as Flying Cirus useing camelfalouge. Richthofen replyed no the enemy should see when we attack we dont have to hide. Ok the cirumstances where different being WW1 but i think the basic idea behind is scare off your enemy and be pround of your kills. Fotos from L: to R: Brig - General Mordechai Hod, Brig - General Giora Even-Epstein "Hawkeye," with his Mirage IIIC and in his F-16 finally 17 Air Kills.During his eventful visit to the US in 1998, Brig - General Giora Even-Epstein "Hawkeye," meeting the Blue Angels beside one of the teams F/A -18 Hornets after watching their home-base air show demonstration. (IAF) Duke took me on a visit to TOPGUN and I got to meet with the pilots there. The meeting was planned to last just 30 minuntes, but I ended up sitting with them for three hours. They peppered me with questions about my dogfights....
  20. Who may ever is so kind to shine some light on this topic. Since i did not succeed using the search function i am gonna place my request over here. Is there a way to edit the Air Victory Kills Decals i know that under LOADOUT (Individual Markings) there are Numbers for instance like 259 ******** and Stars, the Stars which stand for Air Victory Kills. My Question: Is there a way to edit those kills that they can be placed on any aircraft? Any help is much appreciated.
  21. Thanks for shining some light on the topic. To clarify! Maybe one has to also consider in which context the use of bold letters was used. It was not by any means my intention to appear rude it was thought to express and underline my very thanks to the guys who answered on the spot.
  22. Thanks for the info about the kill markings. And i didn't knew about not using any bold lettering since it's an option available to use in the menubar. Just curious but shouldn't it, in this case, be disabled to prevent any further use of it like members running into it not knowing about it?
  23. I can imagine how much research must have gone into this project getting all those historical facts together...
  24. What should i say Guys your simply great thanks a lot for the prompt feedback it's very much appreciated gonna try it out soon as time permits.
  25. Wow ! ! ! Your reply was as fast as Mach 2 Thanks a lot gonna try it out soon as time permits...

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