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  1. Petlyakov Pe-11 'Fastfin' - 3rd Aviation Squadron, 73rd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment., Soviet Air Force, 1946
  2. Try an aircraft with canards that are correct and compare the two FM's.
  3. Curtiss-Wright F14C-3 - VF3, US Navy, 1942
  4. Gloster Meteor F.8 - 26th Fighter Wing, Republic of China Air Force, 1953
  5. Armstrong-Whitworth Atlas C.1 - No.47 Squadron, RAF Transport Command, 1963
  6. Gloster Meteor RF-73C - 45th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, USAF, Korea, 1951
  7. North American F-100C Super Sabre - Combat Commanders School, Pakistan Air Force, 1971
  8. Avia S-199 - No.1 Fighter Squadron, Irish Air Corps, 1949
  9. Hawker Siddeley A-11A Buccaneer - VMA-231, United States Marine Corps, 1971
  10. McDonnell Douglas F/A-19C - VMFA-333 'Shamrocks', United States Marine Corps, 1991
  11. McDonnell F-4B(UK) - 893 Naval Air Squadron, Royal Navy, 1966

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