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  1. Great work Paulo - TY
  2. North American F-86H Sabre - No.14 Squadron, Royal New Zealand Air Force, 1966
  3. North American F-86H Sabre - No.2 Squadron, Belgian Air Force, 1961 Skin Credit: Pappychksix
  4. Dassault-Breguet Étendard FRS.1 - 806 Naval Air Squadron, Royal Navy, 1968 Skin Credit: Paulopanz
  5. Hey spinners,do you still have nay of your RN and RAF skins for the Vigilante kicking  around ? would love to nab them for my British Vigilante project...

    1. Spinners



      Only my most recent 'S1' (attached but without the LOD's to reduce the file size).

      I lost a lot of stuff when I took a long break of 18-months a few years ago, beforehand carefully backing up everything to an expensive external drive that refused to work when I needed it most!! I was quoted £2k to recover the lost data so that was a non-starter. I'm taking another break at the moment but don't plan on it being permanent.

      Good luck with whatever your doing to one of my all-time favourites.







  6. Luftstreitkräfte MiG-23 'Fishstick-A' Great work Logan4!
  7. Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-8A and M

    Fantastic! Thank you and thank you for the templates too!
  8. Aeritalia G.91Y - No.42 squadron, Belgian Air Force, 1972
  9. MiG-23-11 Flogger Prototype

    Awesome. Flying this in 1968 I took out four F-4E's.
  10. Just checking in to say thank you for this mod and also to say that Photo Number 6 is possibly the greatest ever SF screenshot! Stunning!
  11. Mikoyan MiG-29A 'Fulcrum' - Mongolian Air Force, 1999

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