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  1. You sure need to keep the Scooters speed up and avoid a slow turning fight! I think so although my (limited) understanding of the campaign engine is victory is related to ground units moving onto strategic nodes? That being said given if you do achieve air supremacy with the destruction on the enemy squadrons in just a few missions then technically you have achieved victory. And maybe had VA-34 actively engaged Cuban aircraft in real life that would have been the outcome.... VA-34 were on the USS Essex at the time to prove the concept of the A-4 as a fighter/ interceptor on small ASW Carriers so one assumes air-to-air combat in the scooter was the focus of the Squadron at the time.
  2. Yes that is the question! Lots of work lol. Chaff launcher would have to be built into ship lod, activated in the data.ini as a gun or missile launcher. Newly designed firing and gun/ missile effects that look like chaff....
  3. Actually if the incoming missiles are SF2NA 'cruise missiles' then a special chaff gun that fired at it and potentially shoot it down would be replicating the visual effect and spoofing effect of shipboard chaff launchers...
  4. It wouldn't spoof the missile but it could be added for the visual effect maybe? Chaff clouds were used by Royal Navy ships in the Falklands whenever they suspected an Exocet attack. Maybe a special gun turret with unique chaff effects when it fires?....
  5. Nice, I wanted to find a suitable British style cockpit from a twin engined jet to have the right amount of engine gauges etc. The ring and dot gunsight reticle is from a picture of a functioning Mk 3 bomber turret gunsight. The Interdictor Canberras used the Mk 3 N turret/ pilot (medium bomber) reflector gunsight. At some point it was modified for the Canberra to be "adjustable to aim rockets".
  6. Gloster Javelin FAW9 cockpit by Sundowner and Veltro2k with a few changes to create a more suitable (IMHO) cockpit for the Interdictor variants of the Canberra. B(I).8 and B(I).12 etc
  7. I'm having problems with the Blue campaigns ending early after just a few missions with "all strategic objectives met" Yet the first time I few it as the A-4B it lasted a 'normal' amount of time... Any suggestions?
  8. Turns out I based my markings for VA-34 on their CVA-60 1961-62 Mediterranean cruise on the USS Saratoga but during their detachment to the USS Essex for the 'Bay of Pigs' Operation their aircraft still wore the markings (including the Carrier name) of their 1960-61 CVA-60 Med cruise on Saratoga. I have updated accordingly and included a 'Red' Cuban FAR Campaign flying the T-33 or Sea Fury. I also forgot to credit Nyghtfall for his tireless work on the Scooters including the templates I used. StrikeFighters2 BOP OTC addon BETA 2.0.7z
  9. VA-34 'Blue Blasters' A-4B 1960-1961: 'Bay of Pigs' April 1961: 1961-1962:
  10. I have used the 'KnownAce[xx]' feature in the campaign data.ini to use the names and ranks of the actual pilots from the Operation: The Cuban FAR pilots who scored air-to-air victories in real life. The actual CO, XO and Ops Officer of VA-34. The CIA/ ANG pilots who flew for the Cuban Rebels.
  11. Sorry guys mistakes in both the B-26B and C. Please them delete both completely and redownload the Beta for the fixed versions. If you just override the old ones without deleting you will still have problems.
  12. Bay of Pigs (small) campaign addon for Operation Tainted Cigar for SF2.... Beta released here:
  13. I am releasing this as a BETA for you guys to try out and give feed back on. You WILL need OTC for SF2 installed and you WILL need SF2NA as part of your base game installation. StrikeFighters2 BOP OTC addon BETA.7z TO INSTALL: Unpack the files and out into your 'StrikeFighters2 OTC' mods folder. You MUST overide when prompted!!! It will not affect the OTC campaigns and objects in anyway. The aim of this addon to fly as the A-4B Skyhawk in the air-to-air role as planned if Kennedy hadn't massively reduced the planned air support by the Navy at the last minute. But you can also fly in the ground support role as a Rebel/ CIA B-26B "During Bay of Pigs VA-34 A-4B Skyhaks from the USS Essex flew a CAP/ escort mission with the intention of protecting the Rebal A-26 Invaders but due to a timing cock up were an hour late and missed engaging the Cuban T-33A fighters. They also flew multiple reconnaissance flights over the invasion beach throughout the incident. Due to President Kennedy insisting that there be no proof of US involvement the Skyhawks had their USN markings painted over. This was one of the first VSF Skyhawk detachments and the A-4B could not carry the AIM-9 at this point so Skyhawks operating over Cuba just had two wing drop tanks plus thier 20mm cannons." Credit goes to eburger68 and the team who made OTC: Wrench for the T-33 WhiteBoySamurai for the long hull Essex I turned into the LPH-4 Timmy, Bobrock, Hgbn and Wrench for the A-26
  14. These are the USAF F-4E by Ravenclaw_007 and his team The RNZAF skins/ variants are a mod of mine I have never released

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