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F-5E Early Versions Pack 1.0

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About This File

F-5E For Strike Fighters 2

"Early versions pack"


Version History:

v.1.0: First public release. Early versions without later refinements like RWR.




This addon can thank its release to the work of two talented individuals, FastCargo and BPao. FastCargo created the F-5F two seaters and BPao was the man behind the original Mirage Factory F-5E model. I was fortunate enough to get permission to work on these source models, with the goals of marrying the F-5E front section to the F-5F engine and wings which were quite a lot more detailed. It was supposed to be a quick project.


One year later:

I have completely reworked the F-5E nose, added a lot of stuff on the original fuselage and detailed both original templates to have higher detail textures. Meanwhile Sophocles graciously allowed me to use his superb F-5A cockpit as a basis to build my F-5E cockpit, in which I have also used parts based on FastCargos unfinished T-38 cockpit.


Included is two versions of the earlier production F-5E: a basic version dubbed '72 and an export specific version with a larger vertical stabilizator and spine antenna. This version is dubbed '74L (L for large vertical stablizator).


Happy flying!


Mats "Centurion" Liljeroos



SF2 standard external model

2048^2 textures with normal maps

Realistic cockpit with avionics courtesy of Crusader

FM from original MirageFactory F-5E which flies really good.



USAF Agressor

USN Agressor







South Korea

Saudi Arabia


South Vietnam

North Vietnam (captured from VNAF)







Bpao and Mirage Factory crew: Orginal F-5E model and templates

FastCargo for original F-5F model

EricJ and pappychecksix for original F-5F templates and textures

Sophocles for his superb cockpit work. Every switch is a work of art.

Crusader for his ini file magic, really makes the cockpit and plane come alive.

Paulo for his mammoth decaling work which he allowed me to use. and even helped me by reworking some of it.

Me for cobbling all this together (=texturing and modeling work)

The rest of the Combat Ace community. Without you guys I would never have bothered to make it this far.



Extract into mod folder of choice.


This by and large replaces the old F-5E by TMF, so you can go ahead and delete the F-5E aircraft folder if you have it installed.



The _74L version references the _72 versions cockpit folder, so if you aim to use the 74L standalone in some installation, copy the cockpit folder and F-5E_72_cockpit.ini file from the _72 folder to the _74L folder. Overwrite.



Stay tuned for more Tigers!


This falls under the Combatace Freeware License Agreement.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • V.1.0: Initial public release

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On 22/07/2018 at 9:18 PM, wazalo68 said:

WHERE???? F-5E For Strike Fighters 2 "LAST versions pack"


Project aborted?

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