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SF2 F-111E Aardvarks USAF/E RAF Upper Heyford 20th TFW. The 55th, 77th and 79th TFS Version 14

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About This File

SF2 F-111E Aardvarks USAF/E RAF Upper Heyford 20th TFW. The 55th, 77th and 79th TFS!
By Viper with INIs by Fanatic Modder


This mod was intended as an update to FastCargo's Super Vark Package (See link below), but it can be a standalone mod if you just want the USAF F-111s included in this pack. If you want to install both packs, FastCargo's pack must be installed first as that is the older pack.

You can get FastCargo's pack here...



What's included in this mod pack?

* F-111E Aardvarks from USAF/E RAF Upper Heyford 20th TFW. The 55th, 77th and 79th TFS!




I recommend that you back up your mod folder (or just the Effects, \Objects\Aircraft\F-111E, and \Objects\Decals\F-111E folders). I just make a copy the mod folder, try the mod, if I like it, I delete the backup. If I don't, I delete the new/updated mod folder and rename the old backup/copy back to the original names to reset to my original setup.

* To install, simply unzip and copy the contents of the "To_Mod_Folder" folder (the uncompressed "Effects and Objects" folders only) to your StrikeFighter2 mod folder and Overwrite.

My StrikeFighter2 mod on Win97 64-bit was..(yours may be different)...

C:\Users\<your_id>\Saved Games\Thirdwire\StrikeFighter2 Europe\

Note: You should be able to install this mod into any SF2 series, it doesn't have to be StrikeFighter2 Europe.

* To remove, simply delete the active "Effects and Objects" folders and replace with the back up copies you made prior to the install.


Add F111 SoundList

Lastly, Read the "Add F111 SoundList.txt" readme file on updating your your "Flight\SoundList.ini" file with the custiom F-111 sound files included in this pack.


Thats it - Enjoy!

Please report any bugs or issues via the "Support Topic" link...



If you're interested in some of the mods I referenced/used in my mod (can't say it's mine really, my contribution?)...here they are! Excellent mods all!

* FastCargo's Super Vark package 2.4 (SF2)


* Slick Cowboy's F-111_improvedskinpack 2.0 (SF2)


* Dave's EF-111A Version 2.0 (SF1)


* LeL's F-111 TAC Pack (SF1)


* Spinners [Fictional] General Dynamics F-111A 'Early TAC' Version 1


* Hi Ho Silver - The Afterburner Mod v.1 (SF1/SF2)


* Florian - "AmokFloo" - Western Style Pilot Models (SF1/SF2)


F-111D Additions! Ravenclaw for the weapon models. dtmdragon the avionics, cockpit repaint, loadout.ini, what if AIM-7G, data.ini overhaul and repackaging with the updated skins. FANATIC MODDER and LeL helped with the data/loadout.ini information and testing.


Thank you all for your contributions!!

What's New in Version Version 14


SF2 F-111E Aardvarks USAF/E RAF Upper Heyford 20th TFW. The 55th, 77th and 79th TFS
* Version 14 - 03/03/2018
1) Updated Hangar and Loading screens to 1920x1080 formats
2) If you just want the screens, you just need the "1920x1080 Screens.7z" file. But you will have to install them yourself.
* Version 13 - 08/06/2016
1) Corrected F-111 Years of Service.
2) Cleaned up some decals.
* Version 12 - 06/25/2016
1) Tweaked exhaust emitter.
2) Tweaked tail decals.
* Version 11 - 06/15/2016
1) Dtmdragon's AN/ALQ-94 and AN/ALQ-137 Internal ECM is now standard for this mod pack.
2) Corrected flight model for correct speeds and drag.
3) New custom sound added.
* Version 10 - 10/28/2015
1) Refreshed F-111A skins to version 10 quality. Cleaned up and ehanced the details.
2) Added "Combat Lancer Leader" Jet with Red, white and blue leader stripes.
* Version 9.5 - 10/25/2015
1) Refreshed EF-111A, F-111A, F-111E and F-111F skins. Cleaned up and ehanced the details.
2) Fixed Airbrakes to be more effective for better landings.
* Version 7 - 08/26/2015
1) Updated Pave Tack
2) Upgraded cockpit Radar Screen.
3) Added LeL's Fantastic fix to remove the WSO's radar hood!!! Thanks LeL!!!!
* Version 6 - 07/13/2015
1) Updated some INI files and cleaned up some duplicates.
2) Corrected the sound section.
* Version 5 - 06/26/2015
1) New improved F-111 skins! I took the best parts of Slick Cowboy, Lel, Dave's F-111 skins and recomposited them. Then I rebuilt/upgraded the resulting skin from the pitot tube to the exhaust nozzles! I detailed, corrected and tweaked the skins to be the best it can be on CombatACE! These skins were only possible because of the excellent modders who came before me. For that, Thank you Cowboy, Lel, FastCargo and Dave!!!
2) New improved "Wing", "Squadron" and "Tail Numbers"! I created new hi-rez color decals of the "Stars and Stripes", "Wing" and "Squadron" emblems. The new high rez decals looks much better and gives the planes a more colorful "Glory Days" vibe. The original black stencil decals are still included, but I renamed them and use them for the Desert Storm Aardvark skins (also in this mod).
3) New improved pilots! I replaced the default pilots with Florian's excellent LOD and reskinned the pilots. They look awesome, I've not seen one better! There a load of custom helmets for the pilots, to choose a different helmet, go to the pilot folder in Objects > Pilots > * folder and pick the one you like better and rename it to Pilotgear1.bmp.
4) Fanatic Modder researched the F-111s and contributed the INI files for the pack. FM research the heck out of the F-111 and the INIs are awesome!
5) New Hangar and Loading Screens...

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