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EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon "BETA" Pack

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EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon "BETA" Pack

SF2 - EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon "BETA" Pack


This aircraft is tested on Fully Merged SF2E/I/NA/V on July 2013 patch.


The aircraft is to be use under the COMBATACE rules "ONLY"




First, I want to thank Bongodriever for his "superb" re-work of his EF-2000 for SF2.
Despite being a "Beta" it is an exceptional aircraft. Lets hope he will finish the work someday?
Also, without his work... we would of all have to wait for another talented individual to make this aircraft.
Thank you very much Craig.


I want to take this opportunity to dedicate this Aircraft to the following individuals:


"Spinners" - I want to thank you for helping me to get started in becoming a Modder at Combatace.
Even though time have past, I have not forgotten about your kindness, support, and patience in teaching me the basics.


I also want to thank... "Fastcargo" "Wrench" and "Sundowner" for their early support as well.


Of course, since the early days to the present. I had the pleasure of being helped by so many other great and talented
people... You know who you are... Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and many other things...


Now, since this is a BETA... Pretty much all deficiencies are well known. So do not make uncessary post or comments if you find an issue.


Please take the time to read the "knowledge base section for SF2" to install this aircraft, as well as, to answer many questions you might have?


Yes, the knowledge base section has wealth of information that answers most of your concerns or issues. Make the effort to learn it, DO NOT BE LAZY.


Also, make the effort to use the search function for your concerns or issues. You will be surprised that many of topic issues have already been discussed.


Lastly, the file is BIG... I did do my due diligence to make sure all is correct. But like anything in life, there is a chance that I might have miss something or made an error?
Feel free to make the post if you find something that is not correct?




This file contain all of the air wings and squadrons from all of the current EF-2000 user and soon to be user of the EF-2000.


Instead of listing them (which is very long), look at the files and you will know who they are...


With the exception of the RAF 43(F) Sqn and the 2(AC) Special markings, all of the squadrons are current or were in existence.


- 43(F) squadron was suppose to be the next Typhoon squadron this year, but that was changed when 2(AC) squadron was selected instead.
- 2(AC) special marking was something I just added.


Note #1: Until Ravenclaw finish the KEPD-350, the GAF and the Eda will not show a stand-off weapon under the loadout for "strike".
I use the KEPD_350 as a reminder for future changes on the loadout.


Note #2: ONly RAF is using the swing-Role for the EF-2000. Most other nations are using the EF-2000 for Air Defense only, but are starting to use the ground attach capability.
So, the loadout is not the most accurate for the various ground roles. You can change it to what ever you like.


Note #3: Pirate cam will appear when you use the AA mode. With targeting pod loaded, you have to select the AG mode to use the targeting pod cam.




All work are done by me with the exception of the credits given to the people below:




Bongodriver - Aircraft/Seat/.LODs and most of the .INIs (with tweaks by me)
ChrisBV - Pilots (I slightly modified the skin)
Florian/JAT - Pilot
Ravenclaw - Weapons (I modified one of the weapon to make the GBU-48B)
FastCargo - Fakepilot
Eagle114th - Wingtip vortex (I modified both the skakey/straight vortex effects, also can use both at the same time)
Spillone104 - Engine sounds


If I have forgotten anyone for their work, my apologies, and your work is being recognized and credited.


Thank you for reading.


I hope you will enjoy flying this aircraft.






August 09, 2015




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Very good! Superb! Many thanks for this new Typhoon!!!

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Excellent, this is one of my favourite mods for SF2. I strongly ecourage you to repack it with .jpg textures, it will save a lot of space. Anyway, congratulations for the add-on.

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thank for this ,awesome work , this mod is superb , all that said i have a problem that i cant find an answer for , when going against the EF-2000 ,i cant lock them ,i see them in radar but i cant lock them (even when im using the EF-2000) so BVR is out of the question,also when they fire aim-120 C-5 at me i dont receive rwr warning , it is me installing it wrong ? ,is this normal ,please answer ,and still ,awesome work.

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Not sure what the cause it?  It works good with my installed...  I had issues before where I was unable to lock or fire a BVR on a target, but I believe it is the game and not the install?  Because after rebooting the issue went away?


As for firing at a friendly, did you use the Y key to lock on your blue force?  Again, I do not know what the issue is?  I am able to kill my blue force...


The RWR warning should work, it is in your Cockpit folder under the RWR folder with the RWR.LST.  You might want to go to each of the aircraft avionic.ini and scroll down until you reach [RWR], on the last line... try to change the RWR.lst to RWR. LST, it should not make a difference but at this point anything is possible?


Again, I find it, at times, it is not the file but the game itself on the computer; plus it is a BETA and there is a chance I have missed something as stated on my readme.



I need to do an update when time permits...

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Thank you for your amazing work!

Just a question though, will you be releasing a template for this plane?

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