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Strike Fighters 2 Screenshots Thread

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Southeast Asia, 1968

Outbound from USS Shangra-La, VA-152 Scooters head to work


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back home, back to testing


BTW, anyone out the in CA land have a CONFIRMED pic of JSTARS ops over Bosnia? gotta educated guess, but prefer pics

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evidently, you've not met Mr Sundowner. if we aint got it and it attracts his attention, you'll be seein it soon

mandatory screenie (or why should the Navy have all the fun)


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Got a new computer last week, to replace my very old XP machine. Still sorting through mods and deciding whether to transfer installs over to the new computer or start building them from scratch again. Of course the first flight had to be over the stock Iceland terrain, which I'm finally able to enjoy, about 5 years after the rest of you guys!





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1950's USN Carrier Air Wing 'Sunday Punch' v USN Carrier fleet (war gaming)

12 x AD-4 Skyraider  -  (Ship) Strike

12 x F4U-4 Corsair  -  (Ship) Strike

12 x F4U-4B Corsair  -  (Ship) SEAD

12 x F9F-2 Panther  -  (Ship) SEAD

12 x F9F-2 Panther  -  Escort


1 x Essex (1950)  class Aircraft Carrier (Long hull)

1 x Atlanta Class Cruiser

4 x Fletcher Class Destroyer

4 x Allen M. Sumner class Destroyer

12 x F9F-2 Panther  -  Intercept

12 x F9F-2 Panther  -  CAP



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