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  2. 100% Deuce and a half

    Crammed in a bit more detail. Hope it's a reasonable likeness, :) VonBeerhofen
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  4. Tuskegee Airman Captain Roscoe Brown

    Such a great idea to honor an important ace who fought against Nazism and racism at the same time. Thank you for sharing, mate!
  5. Yes...if engineers make games... I've implemented an OSG file loader plugin for the SF2 3D model file format (*.lod). So the SF2 3D models can be directly loaded into FlighGear. I'm still not sure if I should make the LOD loader plugin open source. I myself wouldn't mind, but I don't know what the game developer and the 3D modders would think about it. In the past (Sep 2007) the game developer himself wrote in a forum post after he was asked about documentation about the LOD format: "...although we didn't publish LOD format, we also don't stop people form reverse engineering it either ;) Its not encrpyted or anything, so its fairly straight forward to figure out..." Unfortunately later LOD format versions contain some obfuscation, so maybe his opinion has changed? I also think the 3D modders consider the (non published) LOD format as a kind of intellectual property protection. But keeping it closed source would mean it can not be officially distributed/supported by FlightGear and it would only work with FlighGear versions/platforms for which I compile/release the binary (e.g. Windows). If I understand correctly, only hit notifications are transmitted, but no bullet or missile positions? Does that mean, that no tracers or missiles from other aircraft are visible? Is damage calculated by the "receiver" or "sender"? Do you have a link or pointer to the "automated enemy" code and the Python AI system? Thank you for the clarification.
  6. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    I don't have a clear answer to that. If the US troops are obliged to return fire for their own safety, I guess they'll do it. That's not war technically. What's happening is so despicable. A so called NATO ally (Turkey) is fighting against those who I still consider our friends, who are the enemy of our enemy ISIS. There are even reports that Turkey forces are transporting ISIS terrorists away from their cells, in their military vehicles across the border. What's even more f*cked up is that Turkey is leaning to Russia as a NATO member, and this should not happen but we're allowing it; Turkey is fighting Kurds and now the Syrians too, but Assad's Syria and Turkey are both allies to Russia, something's not right. We're allowing Turkey to do such a massacre for the sole reason that its location is strategic for NATO; what's the point if they're buying weapons from Russia already? It's already out of NATO, practically. Above, an image of my country's shameful past, Italy 1938. Below, Turkey 2019. My apologies if I have been too political. If admins feel it's appropriate to move this to The Arena, do so. It's just how I feel in regards to this situation; pretty sad, nothing more to add.
  7. Hello! We continue our movement toward the release of Battle of Bodenplatte, but even near the finish line we still find opportunities to improve the entire project. This time we found a way to implement a significant optimization to part of the graphics engine that is responsible for displaying the clouds. In addition to a significant increase in FPS on existing cloud settings, this allowed us to add an additional setting for the cloud quality called "Extreme". This option is named so because it combines somewhat increased performance with a significant reduction of the “boiling” clouds effect which appears when looking sideways from the direction of movement. We have also significantly increased the clarity of cloud shapes and boundaries. Our clouds always looked nice on the high settings, but with the addition of this new option their visual quality and realism has significantly increased. However, it is better to see an example: Work on the Tank Crew project is still in full swing, and new additions can be expected in the coming months. First, at the end of October, the project acquires its main gameplay component- two Scripted Campaigns based on historical events of the Battle of Prokhorovka. Second, our next update will include new command functionality for the tank and tank the platoon commander. Third, before the end of the year, we expect our partners from DigitalForms to complete two new armored vehicles - the Soviet self-propelled artillery SU-122 and the German medium tank Panzerkampfwagen V "Panther". The 3-dimensional model of the Panther exterior is in a high degree of readiness whereas the SU-122 has already been completed and work is underway on texturing the interior and creating its crew animations: You can discuss the news in this thread
  8. Out of curiosity, given that Turkish troops and aircraft have targeted US troops multiple times in Northern Syria and blocked off ground routes out of their AO, how exactly can the US, specifically, the US military, respond to this? Are they even able to respond, or do they just have to take this on the chin and GTFO of Dodge asap...?
  9. Why must you insist on carrying...

    From what I've read (and seen on Youtube firearm-specific channels), The SVD was not specifically designed to be a sniper rifle (although they later referred to it as one). Rather, it was meant to be a "support rifle for designated marksmen." Read what you will into that statement. Now, using quote, "high-grade" ammunition, it was supposed to be capable of 1.04 MOA (maximum) at 100 meters. I would suspect that with proper match ammo, it would yield sub-MOA groups at that range. It's maximum effective range was reported to be 1300 meters.
  10. To answer this first I need to break down the aircraft development tasks 1. Create 3d model in the right format (.ac) This can take anything from a few seconds to many hours depending on the original format, the conversion tools and the modelling package being used. Generally Blender -> AC3d works best, 3ds max often needs to go through another format (e.g. DAE, .OBJ) 2. Create animation XMLs Initially this is going to take a while; however once familiar with FlightGear's property tree it is a lot easier. Also we have the ability to use 3d objects (two-vertex lines) as animation axis which removes the need for coordinate entry; complex cockpits take longer 3. Create Flight Model Using Aeromatic++ it is possible to get a flying model in a matter of a few minutes. A complex aero model using real data (wind tunnel, flight) or CFD data (OpenVSP, OpenFoam) can take months. 4. Avionics (Radar, Displays etc) The most time consuming aspect of developing in FG are the avionics and cockpit displays (CRT). OPRF has modules that can be integrated into aircraft to help. 5. Integrate with combat Bombable is OK but really you need to look at the OPRF aircraft (F-14, F-15, F-16, Mirage-2000) (http://opredflag.com/forum_threads/2412191) as these have the armaments, damage code and radar. Viggen is probably the most complete example. However given that SF2 aircraft are standard I'd recommend looking at writing some sort of importer / converter / loader that will do most of the work. Expect to invest a fair amount of time on 2, 4, 5 in the above list - unless there is an importer or some sort of conversion tool. Looking at the aero notes[1] if you have these coefficients it should be relatively easy to put together a JSBSim model - as that's what JSBSim is designed for; it's fortunate that SF2 uses the 'standard' way of doing things. Making an importer is the best way of converting SF2 models to FlightGear. The way that OPRF aircraft work is to do all of the combat simulation within the aircraft model; with the hit notifications being transmitted over the multiplayer system OPRF aircraft must have radar simulation that has correct ranges and can't see through terrain; accurate weapons simulation, damage modelling. Most of this is implemented in FlightGear's Nasal scripting language. Damage works over MP and currently uses the MP text chat to inflict damage. AAA/Flak could be simulated using the same system - but what we don't have (yet) in the OPRF is much in the way of missions or automated enemies - but this area is under development. The automat aircraft opponents are reasonable and work is ongoing. Remember that OPRF was originally about enabling dogfights between people, then we had organised events - and now we're moving towards more AI and hopefully one day we'll have missions and even campaigns. The development is slow - but because it's all opensource we can pretty much do anything that we have the time to implement. There is a python AI system under development that integrates with the Multiplay and provides targets and will provide opponents. Bombable is an alternative way of giving and receiving damage, but it also provides AI opponents; however it isn't as fully featured as OPRF. ---------------------- [1] Although some of what you refer to as derivatives are in fact just coefficients; the real derivatives are those that are due to the output from the aero model (p,q,r, alphadot, betadot) I've highlighted the derivates in green
  11. I believe there is a patch to this install, ODS_ Patch_1.rar. Don't know if that will fix your problem, though. As Gatling20 said the InstantAction.ini and Options.ini need to have the same player plane and that plane needs to be in your Aircraft folder. Also, check ALL the planes in the InstantAction.ini file to make sure you have ALL those planes in your Aircraft folder. Sorry I can't remember if I changed my InstantAction.ini when I installed ODS. I'm under the impression it came working.
  12. Tuskegee Airman Captain Roscoe Brown

    Too bad we don't have a good Italian WWII map for a Tuskegee Airmen campaign.
  13. View File Tuskegee Airman Captain Roscoe Brown Tuskegee Airman Captain Roscoe Brown, 100th FS, 322nd FG. Captain Roscoe Brown, new pilot in tribute to the Brave and most excellent Black Pilots of the "Tuskegee" airmen squadrons.... its him as he looks here in pic below...Brave man...a Hero fighting on two fronts The Germans and Racism. Submitter russouk2004 Submitted 10/14/2019 Category Pilot Mods  
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Tuskegee Airman Captain Roscoe Brown, 100th FS, 322nd FG. Captain Roscoe Brown, new pilot in tribute to the Brave and most excellent Black Pilots of the "Tuskegee" airmen squadrons.... its him as he looks here in pic below...Brave man...a Hero fighting on two fronts The Germans and Racism.
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  16. Captain Roscoe Brown, new pilot in tribute to the Brave and most excellent Black Pilots of the "Tuskegee" airmen squadrons.... not his plane as I dont have it yet,closest I can zoom....but its him as he looks here in pic below...Brave man...a Hero fighting on two fronts The Germans and Racism. put in for download after this
  17. they are the same, but what are the extra files i need foir this i installed the oct 2008 patch and the 3 ODS setup exes - what else do i need to apply>?
  18. Check that the aircraft type for Instant Action is the same in both InstantAction.INI and in Options.INI. A mismatch causes a certain CTD, every time you select Instant Action. In InstantAction.INI in your Flight folder, you should have [AircraftMission001] AircraftType=F-15A (or whatever aircraft you want to fly) And in Options.INI, in your main folder, under the [InstantAction] heading, you must have exactly the same aircraft: [InstantAction] AircraftType=F-15A .
  19. Su-17M2 cockpit

    Your picture shows the cockpit equipped with ASP-17 type sight, Sirena-3 type RWR, old-type weapon controls and the Nav Computer control.. Not all visible clearly... The 17M2/ 22 was the first Fitter with ASP-17 and with Doppler + Nav Computer The cockpit area on the upper end of the panel doesnt match the later M3/M4 layout/shape So yes, I'd say the pic shows a Su-17M2 / Su-22 cockpit. For the color, Sukhoi Fitters seem to have a often used config of grey cockpit with black panel, here is a example of a Su-20 Fighting_Fitter on Twitter EDIT: ok.. seems to be your T-bird account ... :)
  20. Pixelations and paint

    Try this out vice burning up all of my space :)
  21. FW-187A Falke squadron is flying close escort mission during Battle of Britain. While an other Falke squadron is flying "freie Jagd" to sweep Spitfires away.
  22. F-31A mod from 2010 ... model and cockpit etc are all by Dels. https://combatace.com/files/file/10496-rockwellmbb-f-31a-mustang-ii-version-10-for-sf2/ The HUD is "missing" several symbols (all tga file stuff) because the game has got new effects in a later update (2011-2012 or so) which require a new material section in the avionics ini file. To fix the original avionics ini, find the [HUD] section and add this line HUDMaterial=HUDMaterial and then below the [HUD] section the new HUDMaterial section: [HUDMaterial] EffectShaderName=fltHUD.fx DepthBufferCheck=FALSE DepthBufferWrite=FALSE RenderedInOrder=FALSE AlphaTestEnabled=TRUE CullMode=NO_CULL LightEnabled=FALSE UseLightLevel=FALSE SpecularEnabled=FALSE EmissiveEnabled=FALSE FogEnabled=FALSE AmbientColor=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 DiffuseColor=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 ZBufferOffset=0 PriorityLevel=1 BlendOp=BLEND_SRC_ALPHA NumTextureStages=1 TextureStage[01].TextureName= TextureStage[01].MipMap=FALSE TextureStage[01].FilterEnabled=TRUE TextureStage[01].StageColorOp=TEXTURE_MODULATE_DIFFUSE TextureStage[01].StageAlphaOp=TEXTURE_MODULATE_DIFFUSE Save.
  23. I-15bis (I-152) fought in China - a slightly different modification of the aircraft. They had a different engine (with a NACA hood) and a “normal” upper wing (not in the seagull shape).
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