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Strike Fighters 2 Screenshots Thread

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On 3/19/2020 at 10:28 PM, JSF_Aggie said:

Sequoia National Park





Outstanding - Talk about a BUMP in immersion factor!...........Well done!

Mandatory Pic:


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I took some rest as my joystick was broken, but I am back now:


Turkish F104 intercepting Greek F4Es:








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strahi, those flares look different (not bad different, just different). reminds me of a bit about Sidewinders basically being cued to defeat western flare, but Russian flares still defeat them cause they do it different. even worked against AIM-9X over Syria

anyhow, mandatory screenie



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PD: Does anybody have an B707 /KC-135 template? I need one to make Colombian and Venezuelan tankers Thanks!

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An ugly payload


droped somewhere over the Pampa


makes kaboom


Okay, its far away from precision. But cheap and simple.


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A more realistic payload for the L-410UVP-T (east german designation for a sub version of the UVP)


"Hopp! Hopp! Hopp! And go!!!"


And here they come!


To be honest. You must be mad to jump out of an airplane without need, only with a thin sheet of silk between yourself and the happy hunting grounds.

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Ill knock up a Strikemaster style pylon set on weekend...got plenty of time....lol

Will upload it as a StrikeMaster LOD if someone wants to make up Files for it..

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21 years ago on March 27, 1999

A formation of 4 F-117As is about to take off for another strike mission near Belgrade... That night escort jammers EA-6B were grounded due to bad weather...


So the Nighthawks had to rely exclusively on their stealth characteristics... 


F-117As were basically following the very same routes... The 3rd Battalion of the 250th Air Defense Missile Brigade managed to acquire and track the "Vega-31"...



At about 8:15 pm local time, with a range of about 8 miles 2 V-601P missiles were launched...


The first one passed very close but didn't detonate... and the second gets very close...


The second missile detonates causing significant damage to the aircraft and causing it to tumble out of control...


The aircraft crushed near the village of Budanovci...

The shotdown of "Vega-31" was the first and only verified combat kill of a stelath aircraft and interestingly that kill was achieved with outdated 60s era surface to air missiles.




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After some tunings, the Attila79 campaign is a good occasion to fly centurion's F5E:






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