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Hi folks,any of you guys know why my created serial number decals keep coming out with this "bleed" effect ?? ( I have followed FLOGGER23 's guide ). My squadron badge decals have no such issues.


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what airplane? Stock or 3rd Party???

if the alpha layer is good, the problem might be the aircraft meshes themselves (as has been stated and addressed a LOT of the last 15 years).

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Is your decal square and do you have at least 10 pixels of space around the serial number?

Does the decal work in another location on the aircraft?

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Additional question.
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Looks like you do not have enough space from the Serial to the edges of the file.

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Yup, consequence of another of TK's little tricks, the pixels on the border of a decals are duplicated along the axis on the whole mesh, so you have to leave clean space around your decals.

On the other hand, when doing solid stripes it allows you to have extremely compact decals, or have them adapt to the shape of your mesh if the design allows it (think of having a stripe above a tail number, you need the decal to be only as wide as the number, the stripe just needs to be at the right height and to reach the borders of the decals, once in the right position the stripe will get duplicated left and right till the end of the mesh).

Weirdly enough, while it seems intentional to have coded it like this, I have no memory of stock decal exploiting that behaviour.

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Technical explanation:
TK uses for decal texturing the "clamp to edge" (or rather its DirectX equivalent) texture wrapping mode. For more info see: https://open.gl/textures

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