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  1. I'm interested in your templates Soulfreak, if you care to share them.
  2. Lockheed RF-104G Starfighter

  3. Give me a bit of time to look through my files. Seems I did a template of this plane a few years back.
  4. Great job. Thanks for taking the hit for us.
  5. I've felt this way about many planes over the years. First I don't care much for the planes but when I begin flying them I learn a new respect and admiration for them. Currently for me it's the MiG-15. I didn't hate the plane over the years, just didn't pay much attention to it except to know it was at first the foil for the F-86 Sabre in Korea. I have MiG-15s in SF1, SF2, CFS2, FSX/MSF 2004, and IL2. I love flying this little bird. I drool over the DCS MiG-15 and F-86. Might get them, but wish there was a full Korean Air War install for DCS. Recently I repainted Pasko's old SF1 MiG-15 and even with the repainted modified A-4B cockpit simulating the MiG-15 cockpit, I still enjoy flying this old plane. Always some new plane to get to know and enjoy.
  6. I like both. Depends on the mission and how I try to accomplish it. Usually selecting through the loadout menu is enough for me as I don't fly many special missions. But also nice to have best of both worlds. Having a variable preset option in the dropdown menu would be nice.
  7. I appreciate any help you guys can give. Prefer not to be redundant if possible. If you've already done it, no sense in me re-doing it.
  8. Are you saying you've added the pylons to the B-52s for the underwing bombs? If so, are they available? No sense in my being redundant.
  9. After reading the Osprey campaign series on Rolling Thunder, Linebacker and Linebacker II I though I would set up the Vietnam BUFFs to carry the Linebacker II ordnance. A few years back I discovered gbreuder's SF1 Vietnam B-52 mods that allowed the Big Belly mod and the underwing mers and bombs. Took me the better part of the day to reposition bombs and mers to get the Linebacker II setup. But I only loaded the F model that way. Unfortunately the game doesn't allow an easy, correct transition of B-52 bomb loads throughout the three major Vietnam air campaigns, but if I can wrap my head around it I might get something useable and close to reality like different sets of B-52 for each campaign. Of course the gbreuder mods are for SF1. Might need to readjust bomb positions for SF2. (Thought this issue came up a year or two back for SF2. But my memory is short term, mostly now. Why even though I've read all this, can't remember most of it.)
  10. I recall reading something like this. Were the AGM-28 pylons withdrawn during bombing in Vietnam?
  11. Hence, also my confusion. Think I'll pick a course that you've helped strengthen and stick to it. In my scenarios (until proven otherwise), the D & F models carried underwing bombs.
  12. Thanks, again. I think you answered both questions.

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