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  1. The idea came to me while seeing Wrench's work on TMF Thunderstreak Thunder Thursday, same rules as usual : - You can post on Thursday your local time zone only. - Your pics can feature any aircraft which name contains Thunder (Thunderbolt, Thunderchief, Thunderflash, Thunderstreak ..), in the care of any real world or fantasy nation or aggressor group or mercenary. - If other aircraft happen to be in the frame, that's fine. As long as the "Thunder ..." is the primary subject. - As many posts as you want each Thursday, and you can have multiple pictures in each post 😁 Edit : of course, because Thursday is the day of Jupiter, lightnings are ok too
  2. An account of a combat between a F104 and a Chinese J-6 over Viet Nam The story is nice to read, but this part is very interesting: F102 to be used as "mini awacs" (or rather Air Traffic control) !
  3. SF2 CF-100 MK-4B NATO

    Cool new plane
  4. Sorry, I really wanted to post a F4 screenshot, but crusader's F1EQ was jealous But I could make a F4 screenshot anyway !
  5. I will try next time I play Anyway, some pictures from sas site:
  6. The info you give us are very sparse : What is your install ? What is your config ? What are your options ?
  7. Eritrea/Ethiopia Terrain for SF2

    Sorry, I don't have such kind of problems, maybe you casn ask on the forum ("get support" button)
  8. Hi I just tested the last version of Il2-BAT : WAW https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/board,264.0.html It has greatly improved. Of course, not up to the level of WOFF, but they have artillery spotting better than WOFF. But anyway, it makes me want to retry WOFF :)
  9. Interview with an Su-15 pilot

    Great article. I understand now why it is not so easy to shoot down a Su-15 in SF2 :)

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