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  1. Hi Stratos,

    The issue started with finding out that the filenames of my addons were used by Rotton and Mr.Jelly, so I inquired in the previous thread why that was and pointed out possible cross contamination between files and addons with the same name which can potentially harm people's computers. Rotton immediately jumped in to accuse me of poisoning the atmosphere but I was merely inquiring as to why this happened and wether people realised the risk.

    Having done more research I found direct links to EAWPRO and an EAWPRO theatre in Mr. Jelly's mediafire account, which are exact and full copies of my work. I confronted Mr. Jelly with the fact that I need to host my own work in order to keep my website and online group going and that his actions were killing their existence and that it's his actions which are actually poisoning the atmosphere. It does not only threaten my group's existence but it ruins my life and love for modding as well and I told him to stop hosting my work.

    Subsequently Mr. Jelly showed pictures of EAWPRO in action in his game which was obviously another sledgehammer in my face and a show of utter contempt and tried to proof that his actions are legitimate because EAWPRO has no filemanager. I told him that I didn't think that such made it legitimate at all and told him again to remove my wok and the dowload links I'd found. Mr. jelly then went on that my pictures were unrelated to the subject, so I tested the links and found he had already removed them yesterday but hadn't said so. I went into Mediafire to check his downloads and found that the EAWPRO theatre was still there and wrote my last post.
    I'm sorry but I'm fighting for survival trying to keep going with what I used to love doing, but I'm not allowed to. Everything I've tried is met with actions which are meant to push me over the edge, destroy me, my website and addons and I'm tired of it. People who take ownership of my work without conscent is a step too far and slapping me in the face with it is undigestable. With Mr. Jelly using my work to atract online pilots, my group doesn't stand a chance. Their only chance is my creation.

    I'm done with my work for EAW, as I feared there's no way I can do what I love in peace and I see no other way out then giving up. Mr. Jelly may have removed EAWPRO from his website but it won't be for long and he'll be waiting for every release I make. He shall not get more then he already has taken and I'll keep whatever I already created for myself and my online group.

    I am most sorry to admit defeat, I believed I had a chance to fullfill my dream to create something important but I have nothing more to offer. I'm also very sorry for the community after showing so many beautifull objects and keeping them informed of progress. Survival of the fittest, right? Can't beat the all consuming Filemanager named UAW or OAW which works with everything, even EAWPRO.

    I'd appreciate it if you give me a verdict through a PM instead of having me chew on the gloating of the other parties that they finally got their way. As promised I will leave on my own achord and not return. Don't bother showing me the door, I know where it is and I've gone through many, I realise the fight has followed me inhere and I could no longer restrain myself in fear of what's been happening over the past 5 years since Mr. Jelly acquired our unreleased version of EAWPRO by signing up with the Launchpad for one day under the assumed name of Hector.

    Don't feel bad about it, I already knew it would come to this and I'll be back in SimHQ in a week where the two subforums were actually realised and neither group are allowed to discuss eachother's work, so perhaps there's still a little chance for me, but the real problem will not go away inspite of that. Wish your forum had gone ahead with it too, then none of this might have happened but EAWPRO would have been assimilated regardless. I wish you good luck with your EAW forum and hope it will still have some sort of a goal. I'll keep an eye on it! Thanks for your hospitality, sorry I couldn't give you more in return.



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