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  1. How I wish we could get a updated Su-25!!
  2. The GAZ 69 will be a very cool addition.
  3. Veltro, have you added the hardpoints for FT, rockets and gunpods? any other variant planned? winglets, different nose...
  4. Not available I think. But there are others that know better than me.
  5. Pepelevs favourite Fitter

    Very nice history, thanks for sharing.
  6. AFAIK AI pilots does not suffer from blackouts or problems with non powered ailerons.
  7. So, is really possible? Never mixed with gungroup before.
  8. Thansk for trying it guys, at least I have a pretty decent A Viper for opening shots of DS.
  9. Yeah, just tried, it's worth the effort, thanks. BTW Is possible to have separate GPU and 20mm entries? So I can shoot one without shooting the other?
  10. Can you try to add weathering? Here's a layer for that. !!! Weathering Layer.psd
  11. Nice video you posted there guys, will really love to see this plane coming up.

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