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  1. Almost never played WW2 in Sf2, I use Il2 to get my regular dosis, there is a tileset that always impressed me in EAW, and tought it will fit perfectly in Europe.
  2. Mi-24 book written by me

    My child dream is to fly the Hind as well, but being in Spain was specially hard. At least sims made the dream a bit closer.
  3. And we lose the TOD files in the process?
  4. One question, is easy to convert EAW tilesets to Sf2?
  5. Today is Phantom Phriday, but I cannot post what if Phantom pics on that threat, so I will post it here so I can keep with my personal challenge. SAAF Phantoms, 1983.
  6. Mi-24 book written by me

    I own mine already, worth the price, is a real nice book, well written and with a excellent format and quality.
  7. Matt Pontowski doing BRRRRRTTT In South Africa...
  8. Protectors of the french empire in Africa...
  9. I want to say thanbks for all the models you're building. Really apreciatted.
  10. Now that's cool! In the Alouette III I use, AngelP added a pilot activated gunner, so it is possible to fire those MG's!
  11. US Army aviation acronym?

    Thanks a bunch for the accelerated test!!
  12. How many toilet paper do you want in order to develop a TOD editor?

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