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  1. That's the first thing I've noticed when I installed SF2. It's very annoying and , somehow anticipating the disaster, I made first a backup of my third party planes for SF2 and made separate installs for SF2 series. I
  2. Today the project has gathered all the data it needs to be a quality product. In other words, my dream, to make and offer to the COMBATEACE community an aircraft, is gaining momentum. I will try to keep you updated how the work is going. I hope I still have your support.
  3. I am sorry you took it thatway. I meant no disrespect. I learned a lot from your teachings and always used your guidings, so why would I do that? On contraire, I am grateful. Maybe, as I said once, my English is not that good and sometimes I am missunderstood. I just stated the facts I saw and heard, I spoke my mind, without any passion or innuendo. I still think that being sincere, telling what you think can't do any harm to anyone. I can't post pictures here, website it keeps telling me that I have only 61,44Kb for posting, I don't have a clue why I keep getting this message (the same when I try to attach photos to an email here on website). By the way have you seen my pictures sent ? If you say it's all wrong that person say, how do you explain the anomaly ? In pictures one can see clearly that WITHOUT alphachannel it looks awful, is not readable. WITH alpha channel it looks as it should. So how can you tell that there is no difference ? You think I am making this up ? Try for yourself and you will see it looks exactly like in my pictures. And it can't be this time the drivers. If it would be the drivers, it would look awful with or without alphachannel. There is a layer on all the SF1 game's screen WHERE a writing menu exists , that is the most reasonable explanation for the graphic anomaly (the text is not readable without alphachannel implemented). So bottom line, I really don't understand why you keep saying that it wont matter, in SF1 text menus, if you have alpha channel or not. I hope you will have patience and time to check what I am telling you and not to smack me around. PS - At that time I had the last driver installed. Second and a proof that there was no driver issue is this: when I was changing the bitmap with the one with alpha channel, the mouse graphic anomaly disappeared, so it can't be that. If you choose NOT to believe me, that is another thing, but I remind you that I might be a novice in SF1/SF2 comparing with you, but in pc hardware I am not an idiot at all, I have 25 years of experience, so I really know what I am talking about. If you challenge MY expertise, please bring proof, otherwise all you say in this matter is nothing but an insult and I don't deserve this.
  4. It could be these, too (I forgot to add) - weapons you see in LOADOUT.INI must match the NAMES and the NUMBERS for the stations with the ones from the wings/fuselage /etc - If it's about fuel tanks you wanna add, pay attention to their NAMES! Some of them appear to be very similar, but the game engin reads them as UNIQUE. Ex Tank_1500L_Supersonic vs Tank_1500LSupersonic. Their names have to match exactly the ones written for in the LOADOUT.ini file (check the loadout.ini file also to be sure the name is exactly the same). If you have asymetric fule tanks check also if the other tank model is present into your weapon folder (weapon's page in weapons editor it will tell you if it's asymetric or not). Sometimes it can happen even for similar wepons so pay attention. - maybe in your wing hardpoint declaration there are limits to WEIGHT, LENGTH and DIAMETER. Most of the time this could be the cause (it's a good idea to compare what restrictions you have on each wing you want to see that weapon added with the weapon page in the weapon editor and compare both figures, maybe they are not the same. Ex maybe on your wing it says WEIGHTLIMIT=500 KG, but in weapon editor, to the very weapon you want to add, it says WEIGHTLIMIT=510 KG. if that is the case change one of them to match) - IF you don't have the weapon model in your weapon pack, even if everything it's alright in syntax and set, it won't appear on your wing or it would be invisible (I don't remember which one is it) - if you added new hardpoints to your wings (you wanted to make it carry extra loads) and they ARE NOT declared to the respective wings/fuselage sections (left/right), they will also won't appear (the game engine read every line in data.ini). Take a look: [LeftWing] .................................................................. SystemName[001]=AIM9StationL SystemName[002]=AIM9StationLowerL SystemName[003]=AIM7StationL SystemName[004]=AIM54StationL SystemName[005]=LeftMainGear SystemName[006]=LeftFeedFuelCell SystemName[007]=SparrowStation1 <-- new station added (you have to add/write down this line yourself (pay attention the number order to be the one that follows, you can't put 008 after 006. When you are in a hurry/tired you could miss that or even delete a character) [RightWing] ............................................................... SystemName[001]=AIM9StationR SystemName[002]=AIM9StationLowerR SystemName[003]=AIM7StationR SystemName[004]=AIM54StationR SystemName[005]=RightMainGear SystemName[006]=RightFeedFuelCell SystemName[007]=SparrowStation2 <-- new station added (you have to add/write down this line yourself) If you add new weapon but you are not sure you know how to do it, look first to the name of the NODE of the wing you want to add weapons to. That node name will tell you in which section of wings/fuselage/etc you have to add the new lines for them. Keep that in mind.
  5. For the loadout - check the syntax, maybe something is missing (even a missing letter could bring disaster) - check in plane's data.ini (some of the last sections) the weapons section and see on each hardpoint if there is the weapon class you wish to see for your plane - check there , too if is the correct date for it (you may take a look into weapon editor to check data for a weapon also) - make sure in data.ini that the plane's country is correct (Ex if you have a plane which fly for Soviets, it can't harbor USA/NATO weapons) - make sure that the weapon you want to see on your plane's wing, in case that is a foreign one, it is validated by the export parameter (it must be ON) for that weapon (weapons editor will show you that) - even if the export parameter is ON, check if for the country you fly for the plane is checked (You may have a USA weapon , exported for UK let's say, but you have on your wing just NATO. In this case you check in weapons editor NATO, too)
  6. I tell you why. When I first tried to modd something , 16 years or so for SF1, one of the first was the interface. When I tried to put just a simple image over the default one, there was something wrong with it, the mouse cursor was running wild and had million of shades etc. Then I asked here on this very website why is that. And someone told me that I need to have an alpha channel made for the bitmap. And when i did that , that anomaly disappeared and i could see my custom hangar screen I made working. And it was not just for the hangar screen. Almost all the SF1 screens (in WOI at least) needed that, otherwise the interfaces were all a mess. If you don't believe me, install WOI SF1 and try to put a simple image over the hangar interface and tell me if you can read what is writes there. In a way I am suprised that YOU ask such a question. I thought you knew that. Here's the proof: https://files.fm/u/3cp9bwfp PS - At that time I was using WIn XP, not Win 7, which made things worse, the mouse cursor had shades all over the page, when it was without alpha channel.
  7. alright then. I'll take that into consideration. Thank you.
  8. nice plane! Congratulations! I can't wait to try it. Got a question: what map is that from the movie with the winter ?
  9. After thinking a bit, I might take into consideration a proper cockpit, but after this project is done, not ...before. But if you do really want that (a new cockpit), please help me and indicate me a person who knows and WANTS to do this kind of project. If you have someone in mind and if the price is right, I might, as I said, consider this and i will pay for it. I also encourage the whole community, if you know someone who can do a cockpit, have experience in doing it and wants to do itt, just say his name and i'll take care of details later.
  10. If you refer to the Veltro2k project, Wrench said that he thinks it was almost finished by now, but no one , except the author knows it for sure. If you refer to the other one, which didn't started yet (I gather data for it), it will be commenced after 10th of february 2019 when is the deadline for gathering info. My project will have two versions, one which fly in SF1 and one for SF2, taking advantage of all features of the new SF2 graphic engine.
  11. I didn't delete any posts here and I didn't delete any posts in the other one , with the hangar sounds. You just posted in the wrong thread, that's all. You posted in the worng thread and you thought that all other posts about the subject disappeared! Please look to every post I did, there is nothing deleted in this thread and in the thread with the hangar sounds... The only thing I edited in these two threads (hangar sound and hangar JPG) was the typos, because I am not an English speaker and I discover mistakes in my grammar/tense etc , that is all. I corrected them to be easier for who reads to understand. PS - However if you refer to the post with decals, yes, I edited one of my post in which I was upset of what that collegue said and I considered I didn't deserve what he said. I edited because I realized that I won't go anywhere if I will show that his words upset me.
  12. Yakarov's solution worked: changed the custom hangar name and then modified accordingly the line in its ini file. The reason it didn't work was this: the custom hangar jpg is overwritten by the stock one , IF the name is the same. Thank you once again for your help and ideas!
  13. yes , it worked! So that it was...If the hangar custom name concides with the stock one, the stock one overwrites the custom one. It's good to know. Thank you very much for your insight and help. I couldn't have done it without your help. It ddn't cross my mind to change the name.

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