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  1. yeap that was it. I changed for the Kiev and now they all appear. THANK YOU for help and stimulating me to find the mistake!
  2. Oh I think I know what is wrong...The YAK-38 is SOVIETNAVY, not just SOVIET. I'll check and come back with the result.
  3. I have exactly the same values, but it won't work. I'm puzzled. But the helos if I put TRUE in its file, appear! I really feel frustration.
  4. I have the same settings in Kiev carrier data.ini file and I don't get your results, unfortunately. You forgot to let me know what value do you have in YAK-38 aircraft data.ini (CarrierParkSpan= ?) . That is the most interesting. Anyway, it won't work, I had these values you showed me already as default. Carrier plane's values make the differeces is my guess or there is another value/parameter which count there that matters. where is the unfolded span value ?
  5. UPDATE I did this: I let again TRUE for the helo and let ParkingChance=100 on the Kiev. The parked helos appear everytime!!! I loaded and reloaded the game 25 times and I confirm that game loads the hellos on deck everytime. The helo had CarrierParkSpan=5.55 value. I did another thing after that: I switch to FALSE for helo and replace YAK_38 and YAK-38M CarrierParkSpan values with it helo's values. It doesn't work, the deck is empty everytime. How the heck for helo works and for aircraft won't ?? What does have the helo and the aircraft not I wonder...A helo has a shorter widespan...How can I put this into the equation ? Any ideas or suggestions ?
  6. So those nice pictures with carrier parked aircraft were a mirage...That's a shame, I liked them and decided to add them to my new SF2 database I got.
  7. You mean there is just 1% chance to appear as parked aircraft on a carrier deck ? On airfields parked aircraft appear everytime but I guess there is no connection between them. I looked into one airfield.ini and parking chance was 80 and 15 for large aircraft. Still, parked aircraft appear everytime. How does this random engine go I wonder...
  8. It's CarrierParkSpan=5.55. I tried to fudge , but no luck. Maybe someone who has those planes sees this thread and is letting me know his values. By the way the values put there in plane's data files (CarrierParkSpan=4.55 etc) weren't first tested ? Were they put there just randomly ? I doubt...Or maybe they worked in SF1... In that parameter the values are in meters or ? I try to figure the issue out that's why I ask.
  9. I have 2 third party Soviet aircraft brought to SF2. YAK-38 and YAK-38M. They all have in datafile.ini : CarrierBased=TRUE YAk-38 and YAL-38M have also : CarrierParkSpan=4.55 I matched the same value for Kiev carrier line: ParkingMaxSpan=4.55 And I modified ParkingChance=80 to ParkingChance=100 I loaded the game and still I don't get any parked planes. However, I had a Mi-8T helo which is carrier based and , when I set ParkingMaxSpan=12.0 in carrier setting, it appeared. Why the other planes won't appear ? What am I doing wrong ?
  10. I see, but Kiev and those two americans are stock, right?. On Kiev there are no such planes, but I'll check those settings you mentioned , maybe there is something wrong there. Thanks.
  11. I saw some pics in some threads which looks beautiful. How do I add static jetfighters, or other planes on the carrier's deck ? I looked into KB, no referrence of the matter. Thank you. PS - ships, from ground Objects Folder, noted WARSHIP will appear in (randomly) single missions or just in campaigns ? I saw in Wrench's map Israel2 some warships noted as Warehouse and some oil tankers noted oil field or something. Will that do to make them appear anywhere ?
  12. Yes, and I said in my last post that: " In the long run you , in fact, think exactly like me here, you just need time to realize/admit it and I have an argument to support what I am saying: In the last two posts you already told me where to look. See ? It wasn't that hard to help me , the way I said I would like to receive help, wasn't it? Thank you, I appreciate and I will start looking there for my goal. " So I will start looking where you said, after I'll be home, I am away for this weekend. Thank you once again.
  13. It was all in the hypothesys that YOU KNOW or you HAVE, of course. That was the meaning. It's absurd to ask something from a man who hasn't it. I know that much. You say it's a hobby as if I would be a parasite and all other persons in the world, except me, have jobs and they are busy. I have a personal life and a business to run , too as anyone else, well maybe not like anyone else, some are just employees.I even had the most horrible year ,spending it on a hospital bed, cllinging between life and death in my fight with cancer, being not able to have the loved ones near me etc. I never asked impossible on this forum, I just took the easiest way because one can gain TIME, esentially exactly like in your argument that everyone else have a life , jobs etc. So to some extend YOU, indirectly, agree with me and you admit that I have a point choosing the easiest way. All the weapon I had, I repeat, I have no pylons, but the search is not over. My hopes that someone has it or know exactly where it is didn't die, too. PS- I am not native English speaker either but I was not referring to misspelling in that case. I said you misunderstood the fact that I choose an easy way, opposed with the one that I am lazy and I don't want to spend time finding something. That was the meaning when I said you missunderstood. Let me ask you something: if you have an easy way to get what you want and a hard way which takes time and continous effort to achieve it, what would you choose , eh ? The hard way ? I doubt you will, you will choose the easiest way like anyone else, so I can't understand when you blame me for doing exactly that. In the long run you , in fact, think exactly like me here, you just need time to realize/admit it and I have an argument to support what I am saying: In the last two posts you already told me where to look. See ? It wasn't that hard to help me , the way I said I would like to receive help, wasn't it? Thank you, I appreciate it and I will start looking there for my goal.
  14. If you would have told me WHERE to find a weapon pack who has a pylon in it, it would 've been called HELP, and not that you were solving problems for me. If you would have had a pylon and gave it to me, also it would've been called HELP and not solving problems for me. That is the way I see it. You, obviously don't see things that way so I guess it's a matter of interpretation after all. I can live with that. You are not the first person who disagrees with me in such matters and I am not the first you met, who disagrees with you , I am sure of that.

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