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  1. Thank you for sharing I think I got it 100%
  2. I resize the pilot. if you see the pilot from far they look small but when you get closer they look perfect I think.
  3. Big thank you to yakarov79 for helping with the A-6A. this is the A-6A Early improved by yakarov79.
  4. sorry for the upload I have to take it down is I made a mistake in not contacting the correct one and getting his permission to upload. and not giving the correct credit.
  5. A-6A Late Intruder 

    The difference between the early intruder and late are sensors and other minor things.
  6. Take your time. did the intruder use a gun pod? if so do we have one if not I will make one.
  7. Looking great, good to see you working.
  8. Next will be the A-6B, A6C and A-6E if anyone can please send me any photos of the things that need to be added to make the A6-B that would be great I know about the once sencers. Thanks

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