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  1. Believe me the game need more work, I mean it's good game but need more so no hurry you're not missing a lot.
  2. A-4K KAHU RNZAF Skyhawk Aircraft 1989 upgrade
  3. That is really good news for owners of the complete edition and for those how donated.
  4. VR will be getting cheaper soon with time, but it will take some time for the old games to be available in VR. I have the HTC Vive and it's really great and it was a birthday gift from my children for my 51 BD.
  5. Wings Over Vietnam - The Missions - Hugging the Deck
  6. did you run windows compatibility? if you did please run Compatibility Troubleshooter and select the falling and for windows select earlier versions windows 7 service pack 2.
  7. I will send it to you as soon as get home from work
  8. Love the photos/videos, I think the money spent on Vorpx is really worth it. How good is IL-2 Sturmovik compared to SP2?
  9. Just tested your setting you are on the dime, excellent job. Except I set the head tracking sensitivity to 1.50 as its more to my liking.
  10. Excellent job beachav8r, I will be getting my PC by this weekend from the repair shop and I will try these setting and give you my feedback.

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