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    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 326 "Normandie Map"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Dear Pilots and Tankers!

    Today’s DD gives you a glimpse of the gorgeous scenes that are possible with the new Normandy map which is rapidly nearing completion and we give you a sneak peak at the progress on the Churchill Mk.IV exterior and interior.

    Below are some recent screens I’ve taken with each of the aircraft built specifically for Battle of Normandy including the AI piloted B-26. Of course, all of these planes can be flown alongside your own or against in any title in the series. This really is our most detailed and complex map we’ve ever made and pushes our current map technology to its limit. It will provide countless hours of great missions and historical re-enactments of this pivotal battle and theater of the war. We think you’ll like it.


    Below are some very WIP images of the Churchill Mk.IV tank coming to Great Battles. As you can see the interior is NOT textured completely, but you can tell that our friends at DigitalForms have once again done an amazing modeling job!


    It’s another very busy summer for us. Stay tuned!


    Il2 Update 4.707 released "Me-410"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Update 4.707

    Dear Pilots and Tankers!

    The IL-2 Sturmovik team is nearing the finish line of our Battle of Normandy development cycle. However, after some deliberation, we decided not to make you wait any longer than necessary for the next update and to prepare an interim release for you containing what is already ready. So, today we bring you the final aircraft in the BON hangar – the Me 410 A-1 ‘Hornisse’ and our new Custom Input Profile feature!

    Our Me 410 was built from scratch and became a very challenging model for us to build. Its cockpit and rear facing gunner station is very unique and it took several modelers to finish it. There were many engineering challenges and complex equipment to model. It can appear to the user as an example of clever WWII German engineering or unnecessarily complex WWII German engineering long after the war had shifted against the Luftwaffe. Whatever way it strikes you, our 410 is the most highly detailed model of its kind in any combat flight simulator to date. Our very special team has built a very special bird. It comes loaded with many armament options to create several different sub-variants that you can try in virtual combat. Enjoy!

    In addition to the new aircraft, we have prepared for you a feature that you have been asking us to make for a long time – Custom Input Profiles and Pitch Response Profiles that can be assigned to individual aircraft. We created a video about this new feature for you earlier, but we recommend that you review it again so you can understand how it works. It’s quite simple, but powerful. Like all other features of Il-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles, this new feature will be available to owners of all titles in the series – Normandy, Stalingrad, Moscow, Kuban, Bodenplatte, Flying Circus I/II and Tank Crew.
      The final Normandy release event will take place in the coming weeks as we put the finishing touches on the Normandy map and gameplay modes such as the Pilot Career, QMB and AQMG. We also need to finish our prep work for the V-1 “Buzz Bomb”. At that point we will release it here in the IL-2 Official Webstore and on Steam and remember that shortly thereafter the price will increase to its normal full price. If you haven’t already jumped in, now is a super great time to do so!!! As always, in addition to the main changes, we have made a number of improvements and fixes aimed at improving the quality of your simulation experience. We hope you enjoy. Main Features
    1. The German Me 410 twin-engine two-seat fighter-bomber is now available for all players who have pre-ordered Battle of Normandy;
    2. You can now create various Input Profiles and assign them to different planes and tanks;
    3. You can now create pitch axis response profiles and assign them to different aircraft;
    4. New gunners model (as well as navigator in the A-20 and radio operator in the C-47) for American A-20, B-25, and C-47 aircraft crews added;
    5. New bridge destruction visual effects added; Armament Changes
    6. Machine guns and automatic cannons on aircraft and player controllable tanks can now misfire when overheated (including the turret guns);
    7. If a loader is killed in a player controllable tank, the player has to press the reloading key after each shot to reload the gun;
    8. The bug that caused too frequent misfires of WWI aircraft weapons has been fixed;
    9. MG81 gun barrel overheat value has been corrected (it overheated too fast);
    10. Restored the techno-chat message about machine gun overheating in aircraft and tank turrets;
    11. The issue where an AP shell could be stopped by one 100mm plate but couldn't be stopped by 50mm+50mm double plates was fixed. Spaced armor plates with total thickness similar to one thick plate now stop AP rounds better than one plate;
    12. An explosion of an APHE projectile inside a detailed tank would correctly damage nearby equipment or crew members (previously it could result in no damage in some cases);
    13. The issue of large bombs damaging only a small part of a dense scene (many objects) has been minimized; Arado 234 Changes
    14. The destructive overload value listed in the Ar 234 aircraft datasheet has been corrected;
    15. The effect of Ar 234 flight stability loss at overcritical Mach numbers has been reduced;
    16. Ar 234 cockpit reflections became more pronounced; AI changes
    17. AI controlled planes which rotated on the ground because of damaged landing gear are now removed from the simulation after some time (previously such planes could rotate infinitely during takeoff or landing and thus occupy the runway);
    18. AI terrain recognition algorithm has been improved when flying in groups (previously its shortcomings could cause them to crash when flying over a terrain with big altitude differences, like over mountains on the Kuban map);
    19. AI aircraft turret gunners now lean to the machine gun and prepare to fire on the target in advance, before it enters the fire zone;
    20. AI pilots differentiate by altitude while landing on a same airfield;
    21. Due to a bug in the target selection the AI tank gunners operating the guns with a limited fire sector did not fire when they were assigned targets outside their fire sector - this shouldn’t happen again; Mission Editor Changes
    22. It is possible to edit countries and coalitions for multiple locations of the same type;
    23. The ability to place outgoing target links from MCU:Complex Trigger has been removed (the necessary links were and still are set only through Events in the Advanced Properties of the Trigger itself, the outgoing target link did not work);
    24. Object links for Land and Take Off commands can be set only for aircraft;
    25. The performance when copying/pasting objects in large missions has been improved;
    26. New Ungroup Recursive command was added for a group of objects, allowing to ungroup all subgroups in it;
    27. The durability of Building, Block, Bridge, and Airfield object types can be reset to default values using the Reset Durability button. There is also a new command in the Tools menu with the self-explanatory name Reset All Durability; Multiplayer Changes
    28. When connecting to a Dogfight server, airfields in the lobby appear faster;
    29. Mission script commands in Cooperative game mode work for groups of objects with players; Other Changes
    30. Oyster_KAI has improved cockpit detail of P-51B, Mosquito, Bf-110E2/G, Ju-88A4/C6 and He-111H6/H16;
    31. The (fictional) photographers' names appear under photos in newspapers in Career mode;
    32. Landscape parts shouldn’t disappear from view on wide-angle VR HMDs anymore;
    33. Pause button during recorded track playback works correctly;
    34. Me 410 has been added to the Rhineland pilot career mode to II./KG 51 (joinable by player).

    WOFF BH&H II V1.33 UPDATE for 'Recon Wars' is now available!
    By Polovski,
    Hello WOFF Pilots,

    A new exciting FREE update to V1.33, is out now for Wings Over Flanders Fields  Between Heaven and Hell II with new features!

    Version 1.33   2 August 2022

    1)    Implemented graded maneuver ratings for all WW1 Aircraft as they improved over time. Lower Maneuver ratings means the A.I. carry out less complex maneuvers.

    2)    2 Seaters that were used as 'fighters' will now behave more historically correct.

    3)    Pilot Skill Morale and Health now directly affects the A.I. aircraft maneuver capabilities dynamically in runtime- a wounded/injured pilot will start to carry out less complex maneuvers.

    4)    Fixed an issue that prevented the Sopwith Pup skins from changing correctly.

    5)   Aircraft model fix for the DH5 - converted it from pedal power (feet sticking through the floor), into a full adult version using an engine instead, and some other very minor tweaks to blurred engine, and wing tips. Some other misc fixes for other aircraft models.  

    DCS Mirage F1: Early Access
    By MigBuster,
    We are delighted to inform you that the DCS: Mirage F1 from Aerges Engineering is now available in Early Access. The Mirage F1 was incredibly successful and widely exported for its air defense capabilities. Together with Aerges Engineering, we are proud to bring you this fantastic Cold War warrior to our DCS aircraft line-up. The DCS: Mirage F1 will benefit from an Early Access 20% discount that is now available on the DCS e-Shop and Steam Edition. Thank you for your passion and support. Yours sincerely, Eagle Dynamics   DCS: Mirage F1 Early Access     After more than three years of active development, the DCS: Mirage F1 is now available in Early Access. Aerges Engineering is very excited to bring you this new module and we are sure that it will provide you endless entertainment.         The Mirage F1 is an iconic French fighter from the Cold War era. The module offers the unique experience of flying this powerful 1970s Western aircraft in DCS. Although this aircraft is equipped with piloting aids it requires a skilful hand to fly accurately and maximise its capabilities. As an all-weather interceptor, the Mirage F1 is equipped with the Cyrano IV-M radar, multiple air and ground modes, and a variety of heat-seeking and radar-guided air-to-air missiles including the AIM-9J, MATRA R550, and MATRA R530. The Mirage F1 is also a capable air-to-ground platform that can be equipped with a large variety of unguided bombs and rockets. Early Access Features: The early access Mirage F1 CE will be available in an almost complete state. As development continues, the other Mirage F1 versions planned include the EE, BE, and M. Some of the most interesting features available at the release date are: Professional Flight Model (PFM) based on performance and engineering data of the real aircraft. Situations of high angle of attack and outside the flight envelope behaviour such as stalls and spins which are accurately represented. Extensive and detailed simulation of all flight systems: Flight control system, both in its normal electro-hydraulic mode and in degraded modes. SNECMA Atar 9K-50 engine including full envelope, damage, compressor stalls, flameouts and emergency modes. Cyrano IV-M radar, a unique Cold War era radar in DCS. Full Electric system. Detailed Hydraulic system. Fuel system. Navigation suite: Navigation Indicator (IDN), TACAN, VOR and ILS. Autopilot. Radios: TRAP 136 and TRAP 137B. Electromechanical 1970s era Thomson optical sight, a predecessor of present-day HUDs. ALE-40 countermeasure suite. Internal and external lighting. Armament system. RWR. Extremely high-quality 3D model, based on blueprints and laser scanning of a real Mirage F1. Includes animations, lights and a damage model. Very accurate 6-DOF (Degrees of Freedom) cockpit with realistic and detailed instruments and controls. Variety of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, some of them not seen before in DCS: Short range IR missiles: MATRA R550 Magic I, AIM-9 J, AIM-9 JULI, AIM-9 B and AIM-9P. Medium range missiles: MATRA R530 IR and EM. Rocket launchers: MATRA F1 and F4. Antirunway Durandal and cluster Belouga bombs. SAMP family of bombs (both free fall and parachute equipped) Laser guided GBU-10, GBU-12 and GBU-16. Other American and Spanish made bombs. Sound modeling based on recordings from the real aircraft. Extremely realistic flyable simulation of the Mirage F1 CE, EE, BE, and M models. The EE, BE, and M will be released after the initial release of the CE. AI models for most other variants of the Mirage F1: C, CT, CR, EQ, EDA… A vast variety of liveries for the different countries that operated the aircraft. Interactive training and practice missions that will help you gain proficiency in the F1. PDF user manual that will give you pilot level understanding of all the systems in the aircraft.   The Mirage F1 is now available in Early Access. Do not forget to take advantage of the 20% Early Access discount. Purchase now and experience this 1970s aircraft! We await your feedback. Thank you again for your passion and support, Yours sincerely, Eagle Dynamics

    Falcon BMS 4.36 U1 released
    By MigBuster,
        "The latest iteration of the Tommo Inc Falcon 4.0 total conversion modification - Benchmark Sims 4.36 U1 - is available for you to enjoy RIGHT NOW! BMS 4.36 U1 requires a legit installation of a Falcon 4.0 (all older and newer versions are accepted alike, i.e. Microprose, Hasbro, GOG, Steam, Retroism). The check is performed both at setup time and every time you start BMS. If no valid installation is found, BMS will exit with a corresponding error message. U1 is an incremental update on top of 4.36 base, so you need to have the BMS 4.36 Full Installer package available on your PC. You can both update your existing 4.36 base installation as well as perform a fresh 4.36 base + U1 installation from scratch, as you like. See the installation instructions below for details. This mod may not be used for any commercial purposes. Any such use may constitute a violation of the intellectual property of Tommo Inc and the non-commercial Terms and Conditions under which Benchmark Sims make this mod available to you. Installation instructions (they will be shown as well once you run the U1 installer): DESTINATION FOLDER: Update 1 must be targeted at the original Falcon BMS 4.36 Setup folder, NOT at your Falcon BMS installation location! After the update installer has been finished, it will run the Falcon BMS Setup program to either apply the update to an existing BMS 4.36 base installation (choose ‘Manage product updates’), or perform a fresh 4.36 base + U1 installation from scratch. Please refer to: WIKI Installation page to see how to proceed with BMS update. After the update, when starting BMS, the version string in the BMS UI will now read:
    Falcon BMS 4.36.1 (x64) Build 26443 VERY IMPORTANT:
    If you apply the update to an existing BMS 4.36 base installation (instead of performing a fresh 4.36 base + U1 installation from scratch) then be sure to only use the following lines on your “falcon BMS.cfg” (User/config folder): set g_sCompatibleChanges "all"
    set g_sNonCompatibleChanges "all-DURANDAL"
    4.36 U1 CHANGELOG A big THANK YOU to everyone in the BMS development team and to the gents from TOMMO INC who made this release possible! Now download and enjoy!" https://forum.falcon-bms.com/topic/23014/falcon-bms-4-36-u1-incremental-installer   Changelog: https://www.falcon-bms.com/changelogs/falcon-bms-4-36-update-1/    

    By Polovski,
    Hello all, Today we also released a new update for Wings Over The Reich to bring it to V1.24 Changes;

    Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.24  4 July 2022.

    1)    Addressed an issue in Keyboard and Joystick Bindings that incorrectly mapped Button 1 function to POV 1 under certain circumstances: WOTRKeys Upgraded to V2.1
            image by Adger - thanks!

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