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    Update 3.007 RELEASED!!!
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Update 3.007   Dear friends,
    We just published another IL-2 Sturmovik update - 3.007. In this update we release 4 new aircraft: P-47D-28 and Bf 109 K-4 for Bodenplatte and Sopwith Camel and Pfalz D.IIIa for Flying Circus. But of course, these planes aren't the only addition - the two months weren't spent in vain and we have added numerous improvements to the sim.
    First, as announced before, we're adding new mission types to the Career mode. Second, there are many fixes that should make the multiplayer experience smoother. Third, important changes in the game stats adjust the kill registering logic. Fourth, the damage modeling of simple AI controlled vehicles is much more detailed now. Fifth, FM now takes into account the compress-ability of the air at high speeds - this complex modeling was required for late war aircraft, but it works for any plane in our sim. Sixth, pilot AI has been improved. There are other numerous changes in graphics, user interface, physics and aircraft systems, etc.   Some words on the new aerodynamics feature presented in this new update:   Our physics engine now includes the aerodynamic effect of air compress-ability at high Mach numbers. Our lead engineer has done the hard work of adding this phenomenon to the simulation so we take another step forward in our physics engine.  As it is well known, when an aircraft’s speed approaches the speed of sound, many aerodynamic characteristics change; the drag increases a lot, the lift changes in a complicated way, the center of pressure and the aerodynamic center moves backwards. All of these factors affect the maneuverability, the stability and control-ability of the aircraft. When this happens the available G-load factor goes down, the turn rate decreases while the radius of trajectory does up and when pulling hard the airplane enters a stall earlier. Some airplanes have a tendency to become unrecoverable while in a dive at extremely high speed. As we plan to have high-speed piston and jet airplanes in Bodenplatte we could not ignore this aerodynamic effect. However, all airplanes in the Great Battles series now has this feature. So, dog-fighting at high altitude and high speed is getting another step closer to reality   You can read the whole list of 100+ improvements that come with 3.007 below:
    Main features:
    1. P-47D-28 "Jug" available to all Bodenplatte owners;
    2. Bf 109 K-4 "Kurfürst" available to all Bodenplatte owners;
    3. Sopwith Camel available to all Flying Circus Vol. 1 owners;
    4. Pfalz D.IIIa available to all Flying Circus Vol. 1 owners;
    5. New mission type for Career mode: Cargo paradrop for Ju-52/3mg4e;
    6. New mission type for Career mode: Special squad paradrop for Ju-52/3mg4e;
    7. New mission type for Career mode: Free Hunt for fighter planes;
    8. Major FM change: air compressibility at high speeds now modeled;
    9. New late war Luftwaffe pilot models added to Bf 109 G-14 and Fw 190 A-8;
    10. Multiplayer: a kill will be awarded immediately only if an enemy pilot was killed, bailed out or his aircraft crumbled;
    11. Multiplayer: a kill won't be awarded if a pilot manages to return and land at a friendly airfield (with the exception of point 12, see below);
    12. In mission statistics, an aircraft will be scrapped only if its fuselage or a wing at its base has been ruptured;
    13. New, more detailed damage modeling is used for simple (AI controlled) vehicles - it is now possible to damage their engines, wheels or tracks, crew and ammo rack;
    Multiplayer changes:
    14. Engine sounds of other players planes won't randomly disappear;
    15. Gunfire sounds of other players planes won't randomly disappear;
    16. Net traffic generated by multiplayer clients has been optimized, which should improve the performance of multiplayer servers;
    17. Other players position prediction routine has been optimized, resulting in a smoother multiplayer experience;
    18. The delay between a player pushing the fire button and other players actually seeing his aircraft fire has been minimized to the best possible extent;
    19. Other players gun convergence displayed correctly;
    20. APHE and HEAT rounds fired by other players won't generate a double sound effect;
    21. Server ping values appear correctly in the server list;
    22. The coalition flag in the game world switches correctly;
    23. Binary mission logs are now saved correctly (needed for mission stats debugging);
    24. An exploit linked to navigation markers on the fullscreen map has been fixed;
    25. Right Ju-52 engine animation fixed;
    26. AA searchlights function correctly in multiplayer;
    Visual changes:
    27. FPS in forest areas with lots of trees visible has been improved a lot thanks to the tree rendering optimization;
    28. Aerobatics smoke effect has been improved;
    29. Wrong 'black debris' effect issue while hitting enemy planes has been addressed;
    30. Distant forests won't appear too white in morning or evening fog;
    31. Water drops now appear on the pilot goggles in VR;
    32. Water drops on windshield have been removed during winter (unrealistic);
    33. Oil drops from the damaged engine will appear on the pilot goggles only if he peeks out around the windshield;
    34. Engine start effect has been improved;
    35. Flying Circus aircraft now has the new fire and leak effects like the rest;
    36. Mission designers can place colored smoke signals in custom missions;
    37. Too subtle sun glare effect has been improved on the Moscow winter map;
    GUI changes:
    38. Tank Crew commands now have their own input settings section;
    39. Starting altitude shouldn't reset in QMB;
    40. Wrong aircraft type issue in QMB has been fixed;
    41. Air turbulence and wind direction randomness work correctly in QMB;
    42. Wind direction randomness near the ground works correctly in QMB;
    43. Precipitations during bad weather work correctly in QMB once again;
    44. Mission track records will be named correctly;
    45. Mouse pointer won't disappear after opening Settings menu while replaying a track record;
    46. GUI shouldn't flash after alt-tabbing anymore;
    47. With Imperial units selected in settings, the atmospheric pressure is indicated in mm Hg in Career missions forecast;
    48. Speed tooltip appears correctly while hovering the mouse cursor over a waypoint;
    49. Career interface won't glitch after exiting a Career briefing using the top navigation buttons;
    50. Chat messages delay in singleplayer has been corrected;
    51. A possible crash bug tied to changing settings during a mission has been fixed;
    52. Technochat has been optimized, making the game smoother in many situations;
    53. Technochat tips have been moved to the main chat area;
    FM and instruments changes:
    54. Engine oil in case of a leak or engine failure won't be splattered on the windshield or pilot goggles for P-39;
    55. Aircraft fuel tanks may detonate (the probability depends on the amount of fuel left);
    56. Fuel tank explosion correctly nullifies the fuel reserve;
    57. You need a greater sideslip motion to put off the fire on Flying Circus aircraft;
    58. Collimator reticles look better;
    59. Revi 16B sight reticle made more authentic (Bf 109 G-14 and Fw 190 A-8;
    60. In addition to critical aircraft damage or loss of controls on one axis (lateral or longitudinal) the tip suggesting to bail out will appear in the following additional cases:
    - no fuel left,
    - engine damage makes a horizontal flight impossible,
    - fire on board;
    61. Artificial engine assistant now uses different mixture control lever positions:
    - He-111 H6/H16: decreased from 10 to 5 positions,
    - Hs-129 B2: increased from 4 to 5 positions,
    - Spitfire Mk.VB: decreased from 3 to 2 positions,
    - Spitfire Mk.IXe: decreased from 4 to 2 positions;
    62. Artificial engine assistant now uses less different cowl flaps positions on Fw-190 A5 and А8 (3 instead of 5, like on other aircraft);
    63. Radio direction finders corrected for all aircraft (inverted);
    64. An error in aerodynamic momentum calculations while pushing the Bf-109 G14 rudder to the left has been corrected;
    65. Spitfire Mk.VB and Mk.IXe coolant boiling temperature increased from 115°С to 140°С (MSL) and for MiG-3 increased from 115°С to 120°С (MSL);
    66. Different mixture error that appeared while controlling Bf-110 G2 left and right engine throttles separately and that caused the power difference between them has been fixed;
    67. Bailing out tip added for Fokker Dr.1;
    68. Indication errors corrected in Fokker Dr.I fuel and speed gauges;
    69. Fokker Dr.I and SPAD 13.C1 descriptions corrected;
    70. Bomb lever delay fixed on SPAD 13.C1;
    71. The default amount of fuel in GUI corrected for different aircraft;
    72. All FLying Circus airplanes ground collision made more detailed;
    73. Fokker Dr.I and SPAD 13.C1 visual damage appearance corrected;
    74. SPAD 13.C1: erroneous speed, water temperature and fuel tank pressure readings corrected;
    75. SPAD 13.C1: upper wing fuel tank leak and fire effects added;
    76. SPAD 13.C1: bombs can be dropped only one after another;
    77. Oil leak effect added to all Flying Circus planes;
    AI changes:
    78. AI fighters, AA guns, etc. will continue to engage a target even if is criticaly damaged;
    79. AI planes pursuing a target evade the ground better;
    80. AI wingmen following the leader evade the ground better;
    81. AI pilots check their speed and altitude before attempting Split-S and downward spiral maneuvers;
    82. AI maneuver more efficiently after passing each other in a dogfight;
    83. AI wingmen keep formation a bit better;
    84. AI pilots take off correctly from Nizhny Balikley airfield in Stalingrad Career;
    85. Turrets aiming at enemy planes corrected;
    86. AIs controlling detailed (Tank Crew) tanks takes into account the different ballistics of various ammo types;
    87. AIs aim the tank guns better;
    Other changes:
    88. Pilots bailing out from Flying Circus planes are animated better;
    89. IL-2 mod. 1943 gunner bails out correctly;
    90. Sound volume balance between engine and wind sound has been adjusted;
    91. The issue when the first login attempt resulted in failure message has been addressed;
    92. Burning fuel tanks sound added;
    93. Mouse control pointer (in mouse control mode) won't disappear if aircraft suffers heavy damage;
    94. MG fire heard from inside of a tank has been made different and more realistic;
    95. Blazing Steppe campaign: secondary task labels removed, scenarios #3, 7 and 12 containing Ju 87 groups have been corrected;
    96. Steam locomotive explosion power has been reduced;
    97. Destroyed Pz 38t and Marder III H burn correctly;
    98. Iron sights textures won't blink on IL-2 mod. 1943;
    99. Water drops correctly appear on all He 111 H-6 windows;
    100. Ju 52/3mg4e gauge dials made clearer;
    101. Rogue (enemy) Pe-2 won't appear while playing for USSR after January 16th in Stalingrad Career.     Please discuss the update in this thread.

    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 210
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Hello everybody,
    The last month of Autumn has begun and we're preparing the next update for our three projects. We plan to release it in two weeks (doh!) or so and today we'll tell you about the upcoming additions. Of course, the stars of the show are FOUR new aircraft, two for Bodenplatte and two for Flying Circus.
    USAF P-47D-28 Thunderbolt is one of the biggest, powerful and menacing single-engine fighters of WWII. Its radial 18-cylinder engine with turbocharger, intercooler and water injection boost system enables this monster to reach 700 km/h at 7000 m altitude. Eight 12.7 mm M2.50 Browning machine guns with 3400 rounds total give a new meaning to the phrase 'spray and pray'. In addition, for strike missions, this fighter can be equipped with six unguided rockets and up to three 500 and 1000 pound bombs (225 and 455 kg). Being a late war aircraft, it has many interesting design peculiarities you'll be able to experience in the near future.  
    Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 "Kurfürst" is a glaring example of the inconsistency of the late war aircraft production in the Third Reich. This plane combines the newest weapon and engine technologies with maximum possible simplification and cost-cutting of the secondary systems. Its engines are a pinnacle of DB-605 line - standard DB-605 DB with water-methanol injection system and DB-605 DC with higher boost and power - and both of them will be available in our sim. Armed with 30 mm MK-108 gun and 13 mm MG-131 machine guns, it could also carry 250 or 500 kg bombs for strike missions (this is the first Bf 109 modification in our project that can carry a 500 kg bomb). It is interesting to note that this modification could retract its tailwheel to reach higher speeds - up to 715 km/h at 6200 m.  
    Royal Air Force Sopwith Camel was one of the mainstay fighters of World War I. It was a contradictory machine, but in the right hands, it could face any foe. Carrying 168 liters of fuel (a very big reserve for its time), it could go on long patrols. This amount of fuel hampered its performance and made it hard to control and inert in a dogfight while full, but with about a half of fuel spent, the aircraft got a second breath and its horizontal and vertical maneuverability became on par with the best fighters of that time. Its two 7.69 Vickers Mk.I machine guns (late modification with the rate of fire increased to 750 instead of 500 and 745 m/s muzzle speed) were linked belt fed instead of fabric ones, reducing the misfire chance. It could also carry four 20 lb Cooper bombs.  
    The Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte Pfalz D.IIIa was a second line fighter mainly used for escorting bombers and attacking the enemy balloons. It had very simple cockpit instruments because of the cost-cutting. Its one-and-a-half plane airframe (a design previously adopted by the French) was sturdy enough to sustain higher loads during sharp turns and dives. Its armament is standard for a late WWI German aircraft - two 7.92 mm Luftgekühltes Maschinengewehr LMG 08/15 (based on the original design of Hiram Maxim) with 650 RPM rate of fire and muzzle speed of 825 m/s, fabric belt fed. This fighter had an advantage of an excellent field of view, especially in the upper hemisphere.  
    For Tank Crew - Battle of Prokhorovka project we plan to release 4 new player controllable tanks and the map of the southern part of the Kursk salient, but it will happen early next year. However, you'll see the new functionality being developed for this project earlier - it should be noted it will benefit not only the tankers but pilots as well. For instance, in the coming update, you'll experience the higher fidelity damage modeling for AI controllable ground objects such as trucks and tanks. Before, there was no difference where you hit a truck, but in the new system, each 'simple' vehicle has many types of simulated parts - wheels or trucks, engine, ammo rack, fuel tanks, driver, turret, main gun. By hitting a simple AI vehicle at these parts you can immobilize it or render it inoperable by damaging a turret or main gun if any. Statistics system will consider it destroyed if its ammo, explosive cargo or fuel tanks detonated or its crew was killed or its engine was destroyed or its suspension has been rendered inoperable (at least two wheels or tracks damaged). All this not only makes the tank missions more interesting but also increases the simulation accuracy of the ground attack missions for pilots. We also develop two scenario campaigns (USSR and Germany) for Tank Crew, each one containing 10 missions set in the second week of July 1943 near Prokhorovka.  
    Another important change in the upcoming update is the adjusted logic used for scoring a kill. Previously, an aircraft was considered destroyed and a kill was awarded for it if it was damaged enough to prevent it from continuing the mission (for example, heavy damage of the controls, no fuel left, engine damage). Now, the 'aircraft lost' and 'kill awarded' events will be separated and their logic will be adjusted. An aircraft will be considered lost if its fuselage or wing at the base is broken, its pilot is killed or ejected. The victory, on the other hand, will be awarded if the scored hits were followed by the mission exit or disconnect in multiplayer, 'aircraft lost' event or the landing far from an allied airfield. Thus we motivate multiplayer players to try to reach a friendly airfield even if their aircraft is heavily damaged - even a hard landing there (as long as you don't break a wing at its base or fuselage) won't count your aircraft as lost and your enemy won't get the kill.  
    We'll have other multiplayer improvements in the coming update as well: we have managed to find a way to synchronize weapon fire events on different multiplayer clients better, minimizing the total time of the delay to the total client-server-client ping and optimize the net delay compensation routines for transmitting aircraft positions and orientations. Server ping calculations will be also corrected - this is required for further improvements in the multiplayer lobby. Of course, we never forget about the singleplayer experience too - in the same update, we'll add 2-3 new mission types for Career mode, including Cargo airdrop and Free hunt.     You can discuss the news in this thread

    DCS Weekend News 26 Oct 2018
    By MigBuster,
         DCS World Open Beta Update This week’s update to the DCS World Open Beta includes such highlights as: Improvements to the new MiG-29 flight model, engine performance, new pylons, and corrected M1.6 engine stall Corrected FAB-250 pylon position on Su-33 F-4E and C-130 added to Iran Numerous AJS-37 Viggen improvements DCS: MiG-21bis and DCS: C-101 improvements You can read the complete change log here While new Hornet features and fixes like the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), FPAS page, laser Maverick, and corrected air-to-air radar B-sweep are still on track to be ready next week, we need to adhere to our Open Beta release schedule and have time for proper internal-testing of these complex items. As such, these will be released in the next, scheduled Open Beta release on 7 November 2018. DCS: Spitfire LF Mk.IX – The Big Show Campaign Download now from DCS e-shop     Put on Pierre Clostermann’s Irvin jacket, climb into his Spitfire Mk.IX and experience the massive air battles in the skies of Western Europe described in his similarly titled book. This campaign follows Clostermann’s career from April 1943 to July 1944 through 12 missions that recreate his memoirs down to the smallest details such as time, weather, squadrons and even radio transmissions. Find out what it feels like to fly with the Biggin Hill Wing in a huge formation of Spitfires, to follow Commandant Mouchotte into gigantic melees against 30+ Focke-Wulfs, to take part in Rodeos, Circuses, and attacks on V-1 launch sites, or to support the ground troops after the D-day landings. All clear? Switches on! Key Features: 12 historical missions following Pierre Clostermann during his time with 341 and 602 Squadron Detailed briefings, maps and briefing images, including separate PDF mission files with historical backgrounds Unique kneeboard graphics and checklists for each mission Historically accurate custom skins Hundreds of specially recorded voice-over messages A wide array of missions including fighter sweep, bomber escort, armed reconnaissance and ground attack This campaign requires ownership of DCS: Spitfire LF Mk.IX and DCS: Normandy 1944 Map. MiG-29 for DCS World on Steam Download from Steam now Release Trailer Video The MiG-29 "Fulcrum" is a Russian-designed, twin-engine, supersonic fighter. First operational in the early 1980s, the Fulcrum is a "light weight" fighter, comparable to the American F/A-18 Hornet and F-16. Designed to work in conjunction with the larger Su-27 Flanker, the MiG-29 is armed with an internal 30mm cannon and both infrared and radar guided air-to-air missiles. For air-to-ground tasks, the MiG-29 can be armed with a large array of unguided bombs and rockets. In addition to a sophisticated pulse doppler radar, the MiG-29 is also equipped with a passive Infrared Search and Track (IRST) sensor that allows the Fulcrum to detect and target enemy aircraft just based on target infrared emissions. This allows the MiG-29 to make stealthy attacks with no warning! The Fulcrum is a highly-maneuverable fighter in a dogfight, and when paired with the helmet mounted sight and the AA-11 "Archer" air-to-air missile, it is a very lethal adversary. The MiG-29 has also been widely exported and has served in many countries that include Germany, Iran, Ukraine, and Poland. For test, training and research purposes some aircraft were bought by the United States and Israel. A professional level flight model provides unmatched flight physics that allow you to truly feel what it's like to fly this amazing aircraft. Designed and tested by a former MiG-29 pilot! A true model of the MiG-29 flight control system that allows you to perform "out of the envelope" maneuvers Highly detailed, six-degrees-of-freedom (6 DOF) cockpit Accurate MiG-29 Fulcrum model, squadron markings, and weapons Includes instant action, single missions, and a campaign Battle the Hornet in head-to-head combat Sincerely,
    The Eagle Dynamics Team

    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 209 "P-47D-28"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Dear Pilots,   I am wrapping up another trip to our Moscow studio where we discussed the current successes and future challenges that face our team and IL-2 Great Battles series. As always, we have a strong team and the will to keep powering on pushing the limits of ourselves and our products. Battle of Bodenplatte is coming along nicely along with the PO-2 which we will officially rename the U-2 to be more historically correct. This cool little bi-plane is finally nearing the final stage. Matter of fact, we had a real pilot who has experience flying an actual U-2 test our FM. He really liked it and gave us some small pointers that we will incorporate into the FM.    Additionally, Flying Circus work continues as does Tank Crew work including tank platoon commands and the more complex damageable buildings for the Prokhorovka map.   Before I catch my flight back to the U.S. here are some pics of the skins that will ship with the P-47 D-28 “Jug” and the updated faces of our American USAAF pilot and our WWI Entente pilots. Per your feedback we have made them look younger. Quite a rugged, good looking fellow custom fit for the part.   See you soon when I’m back in America.   Jason

    P.S. Some of the textures on the ordinance is not finished yet so don't panic.                You can discuss the news in this thread.

    Il2 Autumn Sale
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
      Dear Pilots, Today we are launching our Autumn Sale on Steam and our IL-2 and ROF websites! The sale will run from Monday Oct. 22nd (10:00 PST) through Oct 29th (10:00 PST). https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-stalingrad/ The Discounts are as follows: -66% OFF IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad (Premium and Standard)
    -66% OFF IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow (Premium and Standard)
    -25% OFF IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban (Premium and Standard)
    -30% OFF Collector Planes (Bf 109 G-6, Hs 129 B-2, La-5FN (Series 2), Spitfire Mk.VB)
    -40% OFF Collector Planes (Ju-52 and Yak-1B)
    -50% OFF Collector Planes (FW-190 A-3, La-5 (Series 8), MC.202 Series VIII, P-40E-1)
    -50% OFF Scripted Campaigns (10 Days of Autumn and Blazing Steppe)
    -66% OFF all ROF content https://riseofflight.com/store/  

    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 208
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Hello Everybody, This week our Executive Producer, Jason Williams, paid a visit to our Moscow studio. Of course, we have many discussions about potential ways of improving the project in the near future and more distant plans. We can't disclose what we're discussing yet, but when we'll be able to tell you we're sure you'll be surprised and amused by the new prospects.     Meanwhile, we continue our current work and can show you some new WIP screenshots. First, the new late WWII German pilot for Bodenplatte:     Second, here are the first in-game Pfalz D.IIIa cockpit shots:     And third, here is a sneak peek from our partners, Digital Forms - these images show the 3D models of the PzKpfw IV Ausf.G and M4A2 "Sherman" powertrains:     You can discuss the news in this thread

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