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Scooters! Vol.3 Skinpack for Thirdwire A-4 Skyhawks by Nyghtfall v1.0


*** SF2, SF2V required. Tested in full 5-merged installation ***
*** DLC 019 A-4L for 1 Skin ***


For this pack I used a somewhat different approach. While playing campaigns, your plane gets upgraded from time to time or the plane changes to a new variant. So I did skins for the upgradepath of some squadrons, that flew in Rolling Thunder Campaign in addition to the ones I already did for the following: VA-153 Blue Tail Flies (2 more in Redux), VA-155 Silver Foxes (completly new) and VA-192 Golden Dragons (2 more in Redux). VA-56 Champions is completely new and included upon special request. And last but not least I did 2 special skins for VMA-142 just for fun and these are included too.


This pack contains new skins
- VA-56 Champions, USS Ticonderoga, 9/1965 to 5/1966 for A-4E_65
- VA-56 Champions, USS Enterprise, 11/1966 to 7/1967 for A-4C_65
- VA-56 Champions, USS Enterprise, 1/1968 to 6/1968 for A-4E_65
- VA-153 Blue Tail Flies, USS Coral Sea, 7/1967 to 4/1968 for A-4E_65
- VA-155 Silver Foxes, USS Coral Sea, 12/1964 to 11/1965 for A-4E and A-4E_65
- VA-155 Silver Foxes, USS Constellation, 10/1966 to 12/1966 for A-4E_65
- VA-155 Silver Foxes, USS Constellation, 5/1966 for 9/1966 for A-4E_65 (experimental camouflage)
- VA-155 Silver Foxes, USS Coral Sea, 7/1967 to 4/1968 for A-4E_65
- VA-192 Golden Dragons, USS Bon Homme Richard, 4/1965 to 1/1966 for A-4C and A-4C_65
- VA-192 Golden Dragons, US Ticonderoga, 12/1967 to 8/1968 for A-4F


and just for fun:
- VMA-142 Flying Gators, NAS Jacksonville, Florida in their '76 Bicentennial Aniversary scheme for A-4F_74 and A-4L


Hangarscreens are included in 1920x1080 resolution as default and 1024x768 as optional.


As always, feel free to read the readme and have fun with the skins!


- Scooter! The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Story, Crécy 2011
- US Navy and Marine Corpse A-4 Units Of Vietnam War - Osprey Combat Aircraft Vol. 69
- A-4 Skyhawk Association, http://a4skyhawk.org/
- GoNavy.jp
- Airliners.net
- Google in general


1. unzip to a temporary folder
2. open "Put_Content_In_Your_Mod folder" and do as you were told, if asked to overwrite, say 'yes' :P
3. enjoy!


If VMA-142 Squadron is missing in the loadout screen, you should add the following lines in the squadronlist.ini ("<mod>\pilotdata"-folder) with XXX changed to the next free number:


DisplayName=VMA-142 'Flying Gators'


- Thirdwire and TK for a great game, models and the cockpit-parts I used.
- Old Diego - usnpilot02 from his Diego's Pilot Pack
- Alejandro - escapac seat
- ???? - J52-Engine-Sound
- me - all skins, decals, loadingscreens, ini-work, higher resolution skin for rockeye-cbu


Please PM me, if I forgot someone!


- mue for his great LODViewer, which was a big help while creating the camos and placing stuff!
- all modders at CombatAce for their work and inspiration!


If you have any problems with this skin or have suggestions and hints, feel free to PM me.



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