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YAK-130 Mitten by UllyB 1.0.0

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YAK-130 (NATO code name MITTEN) by UllyB

May 1st    2021/ver 1.0    



The Yak-130 combat trainer was selected as the winner of the trainer competition of the Voyenno Vozdushnyye Sily, Russian Federation Air Force, in April 2002. The aircraft is also actively marketed for export by Yakovlev, the Irkut company, and by Rosoboronexport.

The Yak-130 combat trainer was selected as the winner of the trainer competition of the Voyenno Vozdushnyye Sily, Russian Federation Air Force, in April 2002. The aircraft is also actively marketed for export by Yakovlev, the Irkut company, and by Rosoboronexport.

The Russian Air Force has a future requirement for 300 Yak-130 aircraft that can be deployed as a light strike aircraft or as a trainer for a range of fourth or fifth-generation fighters. An order was placed for the first 12 aircraft to replace ageing Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros in 2002.

The aircraft entered service in the Russian Federation Air Force at the military pilot training academy in Krasnodar in July 2009 and was showcased in the MAKS 2009 air show.The production line for the aircraft at the Aviation Plant Sokol in Nizhny Novgorod, known as NAZ Sokol, is fully operational and the roll out of the first production series aircraft took place in May 2003. A series of flight tests of the serial production aircraft was started in April 2004.

The Russian Air Force ordered official testing in May 2005. The full trials of the advanced combat trainer, including spin and combat tactics trials, were completed in December 2009 prior to delivery of the first two production aircraft to the Russian Air Force.

The first Yak-130 ordered by the Russian Air Force completed its flight acceptance test at Sokol in August 2009. The Russian Air Force received the first four of 12 Yak-130s between February 2010 and April 2010. Another five aircraft were delivered in April 2011.

In December 2011, the Russian Ministry of Defence placed an order with Irkut for the delivery of 55 Yak-130 combat trainers by 2015. The first batch of six aircraft was delivered to the Russian Air Force in October 2012. The second batch of three Yak-130s was delivered in November 2012. The aircraft deliveries were completed in early 2015.

The Russian Air Force commenced pilot training operations of the new Yak-130 combat aircraft in April 2013, however a Yak-130 plane crashed near Akhtubinsk in the Astrakhan region in April 2014.

The aircraft performed a flight with advanced digital avionics suite developed by KRET in June 2014.



Finally the bird is here! I confess that I did all that I could and depended on me for that aircraft to be a winner. I couldn't have done that without the help of my chosen team and some other good guys from CombatAce who helped also to the big push.

I also included a custom setting version of the plane as I let you all know from the aircraft thread.Essentially the same plane with some custom decals, custom adjusted paintjobs,  DDS/DXT3 aircraft holes textures, aircraft texture tweak (engine exhauster fake mesh) and an Insky Team cockpit (edited to have characters in Russian rather than Chinese).I also included a set of some stock white Arab serial numbers for the Syrian paintjob.


Aircraft general features:

- canopy animation    (SHIFT+0)
- aircraft workable slimmers (CTR+L)
- two different fueltanks models (see aircraft texture folders) depending on the chosen aircraft skin.
- custom fueltank to match the default aircraft texture colors/paintjob.
- YAK-130 gundpod model special crafted for this edition
- bump maps (normal maps)
- Custom modified entries on aircraft wing to match ECM symetrical pods models (TALISMAN).
- some modified textures for the cockpit to match Russians language.
- regular aircraft night lights.
- a suitable weapons collection hand picked by me for this very plane.
- constructor logo special decals
- special Russian Airforce decals
- original paintjobs, including the factory prototype one.
- superb/realistic pilot models
- engine smoke/vapors realistic effect
- custom made engine intake decals
- special/bonus BELARUS paintjob custom made for the launching aircraft event.

- Data.ini (engine section) /optional entries for an afterburner version.

- Two cockpit models available, one for the custom edition, one for the 1.0 regular version. Take your pick :)



Install instructions:

- Copy DECALS, WEAPONS  folders into StrikeFighter2XXX\Objects folder
- Copy YAK-130 folder into aircraft folder
- Copy SOUNDS folder in the StrikeFighters2XXX\Sounds folder
- Copy Effects folder into StrikeFighters2XXX\Effects folder


For Custom edition go to Yak-130_custom_edition folder and

- drop the aircraft folder into  X:\StrikeFighters2X\Objects\Aircraft\ folder

- drop the decals folder into X:\StrikeFighters2X\Objects\ folder




- Project sponsor, project manager, cockpit textures editing, aircraft texture tweak (engine exhauster fake mesh - for the custom version), paintjob & avionics tweaks, hangar & loading screens, damage Holes DDS texture files, additional decals, additional weapon textures & editing, data.ini tweaks (UllyB)

- Design, 3D modelling, decals, aircraft textures, bump maps (normal maps), slimmers & aircraft animations (AngelP)

- SU-27 cockpit (YEYEYE)

- (modified) Cockpit for the custom edition.(Insky Team)

- Pilots model  (GKABS)

- special custom made BELARUS skin for the aircraft launching event made by Bazillius.

- K-36D Seat model - All credits go to its author.

- Effects (CleanExhaustEmitter special effect) (Guuruu)

- afterburner base TGA texture used in custom edition (HiHoSilver)

- Weapons (Snailman)

- Sounds - The sounds I included along with the plane I hand picked them in all those years from different modes so all the credits for them goes to their authors.

- Testers (Bazillius, Logan4, Baffmeister)

- Project FM supervisor    (Baffmeister)

- Project technical special advisor (Logan4)

- Special thanks to Stratos who had a big contribution for this project to exist.

- Special thanks to Bazillius for his superb bonus BELARUS skin. He worked around the clock to have it done for the event opening and for that he deserves all our praise, respect and consideration.

- Special thanks to Logan4 for his exquisite 3D model expertise, keen observations and ideas.

- Special thanks to the COMBATACE community, a wonderful bunch.

- Also special thanks to TK & Thirdwire, who made this wonderful military flight sim we all today enjoy.




THIS MODEL IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED AS FREEWARE . You can use this product or parts of it in your future projects only with my consent if more than 30% of the original release is affected by your work . Also you must give proper credits to the ones who contributed in making it, in case I will allow it to be used by third parties as such. This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware addition. Under no circumstances may these files be sold or uploaded to a payware site or any kind of illegal warez site.


Final log entry

Whoever wants to make skins, from scratch, for YAK-130, I can give them access to the texture templates. Just PM me.


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Nice aircraft, i like it. Beautiful little bird

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I learned about this plane (it's too modern for my interests I guess) from you, so it was a big surprise.

A very, very good job my friend!

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A very good package and a good-looking aircraft too. Well done UllyB and Team!

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TNX alot for came true our little!:heart: beautiful dream!!:ty:

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A work of impeccable quality, thank you :good:

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