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Strike Fighters 2 Screenshots Thread

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18 hours ago, Nightshade/PR said:

COIN mission


Can I ask which terrain is that?

Mandatory screen, buzzing the airfield.


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and then he realized that there was two variations on the Strategic scheme, with one a little more reddish brown esp. on the top.......




On 9/20/2018 at 7:56 PM, Nightshade/PR said:



btw Ron, MAC is pissed, talked to SAC. guess where the Buffs are headin :lol:


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Gotta ask yourself,  "What were those SAAB Maritime Patrol Aircraft guys thinking?"


WIP from a potential peacekeeping campaign around the SAAB... Gripen!




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Here are some screenies from the testing of some new loadouts for at least the Silent Eagle and go to the below for the update.  Please READ the directions carefully: 


With that, enjoy:






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