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    Being a gentleman of a certain age I really appreciate this bit of nostalgia from the 21st Century
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    PERFECT MOD! correctly foldered, quickly installed, works great.
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    Very smart indeed. A lovely skin - thank you. BTW I nailed my first carrier landing.
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    A very, very good installement to further complement the Israel scenario with more campaigns and new flyable aircraft. I just started playing the Attrition War with the Super Mystére and loving it so far. Tried some of the Migs (19,21,23) on single missions and really loved the overall work and feel of these airplanes and cockpit design. It sure is a great addition to this sim, ThirdWire could have done this from the start but hey, no complaining now, with an awesome community like this it is no longer a problem. Thank you so much, I was wishing to fly some Migs and was wondering how I was going to make those aiplanes flyable, with this mod I no longer have to workaround (and ask around for the “how to”) that. Can’t wait to fly a campaign with these and find out if the campaign balance is right. I think it will be fine. Thank you once again!


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