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    Gret model but decal ini's are incorrect here are some replacements EAGLE.rar & TIGRE.rar . Also,skins are too glossy for me , but a great effort overall .
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    Thanks Jarek. The previous package was just perfect. I experienced a real pleasure clearing land of this moving mud! Well, SAM added thrills. I haven't tried this pack yet, but judging by the previous two, it will be eyecandy. That's why I'm giving it 5 stars! Thanks for sharing
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    Amazing is all I can say. These will be such a great upgrade to the game. Thank you
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    Thank you for the Iraqi 'Suzanne'. I have adjusted the weapon stations, because the right could not carry the Exocet, and adjusted height relative to pylons. see below. [LeftWingStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=1 StationGroupID=1 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=-2.87,0.0,-0.490 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 LoadLimit=1600 AllowedWeaponClass=ASM,EP,RP,NP,RCN AttachmentType=NATO,FRANCE,ITALY ModelNodeName=RL PylonMass=108.9 PylonDragArea=0.06 ;;LaunchRailNodeName= ;;LaunchRailHeight=0.10 ;;LaunchRailMass=22.22 [RightWingStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=2 StationGroupID=2 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=2.87,0.0,-0.490 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 ;;LoadLimit=453.6 LoadLimit=1600 AllowedWeaponClass=ASM,EP,RP,NP,RCN AttachmentType=NATO,FRANCE,ITALY ModelNodeName=RR PylonMass=108.9 PylonDragArea=0.06 ;;LaunchRailNodeName= ;;LaunchRailHeight=0.10 ;;LaunchRailMass=22.22
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    Hi everyone; Well I've tried everything I could think off to get this version to run on my Windows 10 system with no success. Suggestions for CTD issues, followed to the letter! It's not a Win 10 issue because I'm running all the old ThirdWire flight games on this i5 system. Game will work through all the setup screens, but crashes after loading screen to cockpit to fly! Any one out there that has any ideas on solving this problem I'd be glad to hear from you. From what I can see so far this version of Desert Storm is amazing!!! THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Eric...
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    Superb. The wing planform is even more elegant than the Spitfire!
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