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    Can't have an "A" without a "B"...
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    Dusk on the Delta..... 400+ tiles on this terrain & I haven't even started the Mangrove swamps yet.
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    I did some bombing practice too.
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    Fighters defending strike mission ....
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    Some trivia... All river tiles are displayed in red, all road tiles are displayed in yellow. Thanks to @gerwin's latest TFDtool, I was able to calculate some stats. Since 2017, I placed manually one by one: more than 8600 rivers tiles, more than 1100 road tiles, more than 2000 city related tiles! This is just the tip of the iceberg, not counting other thousands of tiles that have been placed manually on the tilemap to better reproduce coastlines, islands and lakes. Adding roads to Eastern Europe is out of question at this stage, thankfully all farm tiles feature some kind of dirt roads so those will do fine. The terrain won't be completed anytime soon due to RL and time constraints, so I may consider releasing it as a beta sometime later. As it is now, it features "only" more than 140 airports, more than 100 SAM sites and more than 70 EW-GCI sites. City target areas exist but have no targets at this time.
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    Adolf Galland aircraft....early and late
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    A tiny Update - sorry for lacking these days. This time its VMA-121 Green Knights - another squadron finished. VMA-121 Green Knights, 12/1966 - 6/1967, Chu Lai AB, A-4E VMA-121 Green Knights, 9/1967 - 2/1969, Chu Lai AB, A-4E
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    Looking how she looks with her clothes on. Still (nearly) a million rivets to be done & lots of stencils.
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    Mirage F1EQ-4 V3.0 waits for approval. There is a lot of improvements inside The usual preview
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    Before the Storm After the Storm A-7E skin by @yakarov79, F-16C Block 25 skin by yours truly.
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    Just added 2 ammo crates to the model and started the testing.
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    When I was a kid in L.A., around 2 am in the morning the channels would go off the air. This is what you would see before you got a test pattern: HIGH FLIGHT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4iRf-dZYrc
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    Meanwhile, over at the Persian Gulf coast....
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    thanks. these guys are done yall. just 35 units more to go
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    and i have this AN/M66A1 and AN/M66A2 with conical fin assembly , just in case you like to use them in Vietnam this are still Beta versions , so if you find some errors with them let me know AN-M66A1_CF.zip AN-M66A2_CF.zip AN/M66A1 on centerline station and 2 AN/M64A1 on the wings AN/M66A2 on centerlin station and 2 AN/M64A1 on the wings
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    Starting to painting my fav of all times. Torno did a great "Wurger". so I got the Focke-wulf "fever". My work is in the early stages, Just finished the most of the small parts. There is a long way to run.
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    time has passed and i do have now some AN-M66 bombs as well as many more AN-Mxx bombs , all bombs are Beta if you find any problem with them let me know it AN-Mxx Bombs.zip included are AN-M30 AN-M30A1 AN-M47A2 AN-M47A4 AN-M57A1 AN-M59 AN-M64A1 AN-M65 AN-M65A1 AN-M66A1 AN-M66A2
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    RCAF taking delivery of their first two CF-355A
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    ok, so i'll quit clogging up the overall screenie thread with F-16s. over 4600 built. 43 years of service. over major 25 operators. there should be some variety here i'll start this show off mile high...
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    ok, wicked. see some of them taking off walking the dog, then come back in to see them in game... anywho.... i reject the previous skin and substitute my own
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    Completed the first model with the UB-16 with three textures (12 HR work lol with texture) and more to come. I will be making the DSHK, Type-63 Rocket Launchers and ZU-23-2 PS. for the UB-16 texture I have used lindr2 texture.
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    I used Swambasts Mossul Dam parts and the stock generatorbuilding to create the Dnepr High Dam of Saporoschje.
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    And Saporoschje is finished now. So it looks in editor tool: And so in game:
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    SitRep: I'm working on the fck big airbase Saporoschje. Its giant. I have finished the southern part so far. The screenshot shows how big this base is in contrast to what i have already done. Funny fact to Saporoschje. There was a big automotive factory there. In the 1970th the soviets bought the licence to built FIAT cars, which were manufactured under the designation LADA. To avoid further licence fees the Saporoschje car development team got the task to redesign a FIAT into a own soviet car. The FIATs had had frontal engine and rear drive. In Saporoschje they made the decision to built in the engine in the rear too. But there was not enough space in the rear. Gearbox and engine did not fit. What do? An inginous designer had the idea. "Lets revers the gearbox!" And so they did and it fits perfectly. One flaw was, that the gears at the gear lever were now revers too. The first gear was not left front as in a normal car, but right rear! Okay. You can do it so, but its rubbish! For the soviet citizens and the eastern block car drivers it was good enough. For the rest of the world it was nonsens. The car, called "Sapo" had had a very interesting handling because it was very tail heavy, or with other words it was dangerous for the driver, especially when the streets were wet. I know from what I'm talking about. My parents had had one of this "Sapos". Spinning while driving through a curve was not seldom and for me as Kid very exciting. To solve the problem, we found out, it was helpfull to load sandbags in the trunk, which was located in the front of the car. So the tail heaviness was tempered and the handling of the car was extremly improved. And so it looked: Link to the picture source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAS-966#/media/Datei:ZAZ-966_front_view.jpg
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    MiG-28s somewhere over the Indian Ocean, 1986
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    Work with the Geezer's pilots finished. Now I'm starting to gather everything into packages. Soon as possible I will posted all here. Most of Entente pilots are using the Geezer's German pilot no. 5, so I must to create different names for each them with appropriated folders, to avoid any problem. This will allow you to drop all in your "Pilots" folder without any comflict with those used by Central Powers side. Here some screenshots of the pilots


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