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    On base....... Sooo many new buildings, vehicles etc, I use hardly any stock objects anymore. At least by building my own you can get everything at the correct scale....some of the stock buildings are way off.
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    Latest testing. screenshots by Coupi
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    Couldn´t resist and started something new. Defender of the alps
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    Still works in progress but getting there...
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    Colombian IAI Lavi's Made by angelp and Stratos, I'm currently making some skins for them (And having fun )
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    USAFCAMO3, already in progress coming to a stock model near you
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    The F-4E2 "Pret" is a F-4E Phantom variant used by the Indian Air Force. After buying 20 Phantoms in 1982, the Indian Air Force updated them to the "Pret" standard in 1995, allowing the Phantoms to carry AIM-120s and more modern ordinance. These planes stayed in service until 2020, when they were replaced by a batch of 24 Su-30MKIs.
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    Tacos are great, even when its cold outside day or night and best when they have a variety of toppings
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    Douglas Skyhawk S.1 - 801 Naval Air Squadron, Royal Navy, 1966 Template Credit: Nyghtfall
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    A small island in the Gulf for a friend...
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    What am I doing on a Saturday night? Getting more traps in with the Intruder
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    hey i was out that way. but you mightve been lookin the wrong direction.... wakey wakey, snoozin Navy
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    Lightning take off, Hunters in the shelters.
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    Trying new forms to make good skins
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    Fw190D-13 - II Gruppe of JG 26
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    here are the ACMI Pods i have ACMI Pods.rar and this are all the CATM missiles i have , CATM-9L , CATM-9M , CATM-9M with no rear wings CATM.7z
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    again, findin things while lookin for other things. this was the best pic i could get of this tail it dont look too bad given the p*** poor ref pics i had to work with. just a little tweaking maybe, but not bad for mostly scratch made ignore the numbers, i just plugged into an empty ODS slot to do the artwork
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    Wielding the Big Stick... to little old Paran
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    SU-27K (SU-33) uploaded waiting for approval, hope you enjoy it
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    i know TK made some tgas for Colorado. frankly mine look better he didnt make any for Michigan tho....
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    A VAQ-209 jet coming in for a trap
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    That once in a blue moon times that I fly an F/A-18E
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    you say to yourself, "its fine, i've got everything that was there" then you read some other article looking for something completely different more Desert Storm tail arts
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    The Spanish version of the Mirage F1EDA is uploaded and will be available soon. The usual preview by Coupi :
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    Light Gray Measure 32 Design 22D ( o something similar) I think I will release her in gray.. the disruptive camo pattern does not look good


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