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    Shortly Now in a download section near you!
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    All planes datas are checked and corrected to remove unbalance cause of pods weight. Avionics update for all models. All soon ... end of September I think, common with MFG IDS .
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    Who wants to be a Millionaire? No. 601 (County of London) Squadron (RAuxAF) , the "Millionaires" 1956.
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    Beautiful! Well done Pappychksix. Forgot to mention Daddyairplnes A-37 package here @ CA. This skin is a work in progress, I've been tinkering with it for quite a while. Trying to represent the 604th commando SQDN, early on in the first part of the war. Job well done and thanks for your work on the 'HEAVIES'.....................Much appreciated! Also installed is the T-33_seat from ErikGen's T-33 package. And Soulfreek, & Wrench who tweeked it to what it is today...............Outstanding - thanks much! Hope I didn't miss anyone
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    I have some planes started for the Spanish Civil War. They're all to the point where the fun part is done, finishing them will just be tedious. I'll finish them if anyone is interested, but it will take some time.
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    April 2020: VFA-14 Tophatters: Based on the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) navigating Gulf of Dhimar in multinational "Operation Dragonbreath". Our mission is to help Dhimar counter the increassing terrorist attacks, neighbouring Paran is in deep turmoil and there have been repeated attacks against border cities, some of them even including APC and targetting our troops in the ground. During early morning we got a call from USMC troops, codename Ravagers, while on foot patrol they got ambushed by enemy APC's and infantry squads in the market of the town.As QRA aircraft we are sent to deal with the threat and help the marines in the close quarters of the city. The bad guys... At the carrier deck We were launched with a heavy load, so we need to refuel on the way to the coast. After the refuel, we head to the coast, apporaching Moshak Marines are heavy pressed, and we start picking our targets in the streets of the city JDAM away. The USAF boys are heavy at work as well. Rifle: Shack! Our job is paying in gold, but we're getting fired as well. But now the enemy is in full retreat, the marines were able to disengage, and the help is on the way... Is now time to get back to the carrier. Circling... busy deck. And parked, time for some late breakfast. The mission was a total succes, killed 3 BTR60 and 2 BTR 152, the USAF killed some guys on the ground, so I got this... The mission was really fun, had to spend sometime designing it to have everything in place, but it was both fun and entertaining, and above all I felt like a real pilot in a close quarter situation. I aligned each shot to avoid hitting buildings in the ground, and tried to follow all the procedures I read on real operations books. SF2 still has some great potential! During the flight I palyed a real firefight between US troops and talibans, so it was more realistic trying to save those guys on the ground. Sorry for so much pics, hope you enjoyed.
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    Other shots of the Moon terrain. The environment system has been tweaked to allow for stars to appear even during daylight hours. Unfortunately, the stars are the same as seen from Earth, and a day lasts 24 hours as if it was Planet Earth. At least the gravity is correct. And "here" we have blue-ish sunsets... orange skies... hmm...
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    Forgot to tweak the FM for this beauty, for the Cold War Prop FM pack...will upload it soon with a ver. 1.2 of the package. Have also increased sensitivity of the rudder on the P-47M and N types, with slightly snappier aileron response on the type N too, and desensitized aileron response on the type M, as well as on the earlier D "Razorback" sprint upgrade included with the pack. The 47N is a bit slower than the M variant but still very impressive. Top speed around the 750s kph at about 9800 m alt...one of the best high-alt. prop aircraft in the package now. Does great in dogfights against the Lavochkin 11 if you maintain energy...the LA-9 is a bit more challenging but still workable if you fly the Jug smoothly. Happy flying, Von S
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    Tornado Outbreak........ Alert Pad Residents Wingman Follows... THIS is how you kill a runway And since I hate to bring high explosives home, let's create a serious FOD Hazard
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    Agree to disagree. First of all, those 3d models are bad, they do not match SF2 quality standards in any way, have no cockpits, are low poly and do not have transparent canopy glass as it should be in reality. I do not understand all the people asking TK for more content, at the funding page. Either they do not understand what the funding is all about or I don't know what, really. We have so many high quality mods here that cover so many world scenarios. Some of you may remember that there was an Expansion No. 3 planned by TK, about the Mirage F1. It didn't materialize, yet in turn we got amazingly detailed Mirage F1 models by the community here, for free. As yakarov79 said, we modders can handle the content part; we may almost feel offended if so many ask TK for more content; I mean, what have we been doing all these years here at CA? Many of us here have continuously provided new stuff, the lifeblood and backbone of SF2. On my part I think I have released some decent quality terrains and miscellaneous mods and I have others on the way, all for free.
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    Tupolev Tu-98A 'Backfin' - Soviet Air Force, 1979
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    Nocturnal "Redbird"...B-57G of the 13th Bomber Squadron, 8th TFW out of Ubon RTAFB, December 1970. (Hard to see I know, but it's supposed to be that way.)
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    RB-57E Canberra...before they were known as Patricia Lynn aircraft, June 1963
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    Lot of flights to update flight model ;-)
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    Martin B-57C Canberra dual control operational trainer of the 3510th Combat Crew Training Squadron.... And from the 765th Bomber Squadron, 461st Bomber Group...B-57B Canberra
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    The prototype "G" model Wild Weasel testing its newly installed equipment over Nellis...
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    In principle I like the idea of crowdfunding. But in this case I wonder... 1.)...why TW started a "Keep It All" campaign instead of a "All or Nothing" campaign, since the goal of $25K was already stated? 2.)...why the Windows 10 update is so expensive? I thought the games (unsupported) run already on Windows 10. Is the update to DirectX 12 really necessary? I think Windows 10 supports DirectX10 quite well. 3.)...why the campaign is only two weeks long? I really doubt, that the $25K can be reached in this time.
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    Went sight-seeing today!
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    Mhhhhm lots of things have disapeared or were never finished.....let me go through my files..
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    After something close to four years, I'm in a position to play SF2 again! Finally off of laptops and on to a desktop. Nothing fancy, but it plays the games I want it to, so no complaints there! Grabbed the SF2 Complete Edition and no issues running on W10 here. After a quick intercept mission in an F-4F, man, this series is like riding a bike, you never forget how. Looking forward to catching up on the many mods I've been missing out on flying or blowing up. Years of looking at everyone's screenshots telling myself, "One day you'll pick this up again." As always, thanks to the modders for their continued efforts and to the CombatAce staff.
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    For the Spanish Civil War - The NiD 52 was a French designed plane built under license in Spain in the early 30's. It was used by both sides (mostly by the Republican forces) during the Civil War. I am making a version for each side. The model, decals, and skins are finished. The cockpit is built but I've only just started the skins for it. And I still have a lot of work to do with the FM, damage, etc.
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    VVS Mig-23M found a target flying at high altitude and fired a single AA-7A Apex missile. The enemy F-4E tries to evade the missile but at high altitude its maneuverability is limited... AA-7A hit and destroyed the target
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    Contrary to popular beliefs I am still around, but nah, never worked on Su-25 one, Su-22 I had in hiatus for 3+ years so can't say if and when given my current modding break/leave.
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    A-4C from VA-12 Flying Ubangis in 1970. The last A-4C in Vietnam (together with the ones from VA-172 on the same Carrier).
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    Some days ago a Kusnetsov carrier was uploaded. The guy, who made it wrote, that he had some problems with the data.inis. In the last days i tried to modify the inis, so that the carrier would be usefull. As i'm not a skilled object maker, it is a little bit difficult for me. But i want to show you the results which i have reached so far. Tactical number added on bow, catapults reduced to 2, instead 4, skin moved to a seperate folder, names list added Corrected position of bow effect corrected position of wake effect, changed shipsmoke to dark and placed on correct position Problem to solve: the planes are always coming in to high and will not land on deck. Kuznetsov ini files WIP.7z Has someone any ideas, how to bring the planes to land? Still to do: the whole weapon system.
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    For what end? Why downgrade object quality ? As i said before many times. We do not need new objects. This can be managed by modders here.
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    US Wings over the... Faroe Islands ! Thanks a lot !!!
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    now with service out of Washington state... on a related note, after the recent break I'm looking at working on the final years of SAC to get back into modding. BUFFs, Switchblades, early Bones. If anyone wants to assist with the antennea farms via fakepilot Looking Glass and Nightwatch should be in the works too.
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    I never finished it. the level of detail in the cities set a standard...


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