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    made some changes on Luftwaffe LAU-51A and LAU-32B/A rocket pods , the LAU-32B/A is a new model
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    Funny thing...I was there today also. Again. Over Onekotan-to.
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    Sand Island, Midway Atoll Green Island, Kure Atoll Pearl & Hermes Atoll
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    @Soulfreak – that looks outstanding. Look at that attention to detail; side stenciling, placards, texture gradient/weathering, just love it! I know not everyone appreciates these kinds of details but it looks terrific. I guess I owe a picture since I responded here in the screenshot thread, so here's something similar in detail as we work to at long last to finalize the Thud after many years... but just to be clear the push buttons are inop (LOL).
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    Thanks to Baffmiester..........she flies.
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    F-4S of VF-161......Phantoms RULE!!!!!!!
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    Hi Everyone - this baby should now definitely be ready for Xmas. Sadly no campaign, maybe later next year..who knows More pictures:
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    I've asked a friend, Logan aka "Laszlo" , to help me in a case, where i know, there are guys out there, who are far better than me. He said yes, and he suffered under my constant, questions, chats, and messages. but the result and work he put into this, is great! The attention to detail is high! This is still WIP but it is far better than i ever could produce. Im happy to show you those first pics. Our plan is to provide pits up the the M series WIP Su-17 Fitter B
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    @Pepelev Yes, there are some news, some good news, let me install one final thing on my comp, so i can post a few pics. It is the last part in this puzzle, and im really proud to present it here. Stay tuned
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    Getting there........ HEAVILY reworked Alphasim model by me. Model is in game, basic panel lines & rivets 80% done, all animations sorted, flies like a pig.....I need an FM guy if anyone is feeling brave.... Still to do; rocket pods, tidy up some joins in max, skins etc,etc. I might attempt a pit.......then again I might not, bear in mind I'm not a proper 3ds max guy. Anybody with access to good colour unit marks etc please pm me.
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    Guuruu's Tonka in a winter dress
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    In late 1990, aircrews were dispatched to Tabuk, Saudi Arabia to perform practice missions with the use of ALARMs Real I use a Sim to simulate the Real aircrews who simulated real attack missions.. My salute to the aircrews for their service! (btw, I like this ALARM initial operational config. because it looks like some swords were carried by the Tornados!)
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    This is my first work for this wonderful community, and it's nothing compared to what you all have done. So far this is just my first step toward more models to come as time permits me. The model is simply a blast shield for the airport hope you like.
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    Phantoms over the Kuril Islands
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    ALARM for the Iraqis.. time to get up Mandatory screenie: Anola Kay with Check Six, from Tabuk with love
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    Big birds for daddyairplanes(Last time I was too busy couldn't post a screenie)
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    USAF C-130A Hercules, Vietnam 1966. (TW's old SF1 C-130A with new lines, rivets, etc...)
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    West of the Suez Canal on July 1970 EW Radars detected low altitude intruders. Fire control radar started tracking... In range... PUCK! V-601P 5V27 follows the engagement path... Missile gets closer and closer... Missile on channel 1 exploded and the aircraft was just hit. After that the intruder turned back and left the area.
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    The JASDF somewhere over the Kuriles, looking for interlopers.
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    And other things navalized..........
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    Last pics.. AI cheating... left side no flap, no airbrake... landed OK...
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    After checking my downloads and cross-referencing to the always excellent gonavy.jp site I realized that we have all of the skins for CVW-5's fixed wing aircraft, so let's take them for a cruise in the idyllic South China Sea..... VFA-102 Diamondback (FA-18F - Modex 1xx) VFA-27 Royal Maces (FA-18E - Modex 2xx) VFA-115 Eagles (FA-18E - Modex 3xx) VFA-195 Dambusters (FA-18E - Modex 4xx) VAQ-136 Gauntlets (EA-6B - Modex 5xx) VAW-115 Liberty Bells (E-2C - Modex 6xx) The launch and recovery cycles continue constantly... To be continued...
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    Speaking of testing/experimental schemes.. I have some weird feelings(in favor of them) towards them. Maybe I'll make some flight test skins for my favourite aircrafts after I've learnt how to make one. In the meantime, mandatory: Marine Attack Training Squadron 203, stationed in Cherry Point but exercise in the south west.. My imagination of Marines doing SEAD, loadouts could be unrealistic..
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    Desert Storm strike. LGB, Mk-13 and ALARM path cleaners ...
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    A-4 sight repaint... not fully accurate yet..
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    LOFT delivery. Strike team ... targeting ... .. drop ...
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    About two weeks ago, Wilches recommended a post-war, Polish version of the Anatra DS. That resurrected my interest in the Russian Civil Wars, and since the changes seemed minor, I decided to do it. It took a little longer than I expected, but it's finished and I uploaded it today. The Polish version has a different cowling, different radiator, and a slightly different rudder. As a result, it uses different skins from the Russian plane. I included the new skinning templates with the download, along with decals. The plane is armed the same as the Russian version, with two guns and a small bomb loadout. Ojcar made a new FM for this plane (my thanks to him) with improved handling and smoother take-offs. I will be revising the Russian and Austrian versions of the Anatra DS in the near future.
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    French Navy Caribbean Ops, 1st pic near Western Cuba, the others with the Jamaican coast ahead. (Cuba 2011 terrain)
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