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    testing a new 3d modell for the BL755 cluster bomb , not finshed yet still need some more detail to it
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    Royal Netherlands Airforce NF-5a is coming along nicely .. dedicated cockpit too! (PS serials are place holders atm)
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    i love this NF-5A , what a beautiful aircraft and so many details , excellent work by Sophocles
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    AI naval tests. take off and landings on autopilot.
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    early F-104G with CBU-2C/A dispenser
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    making progress!!
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    3rd. First, I mapped Nimrod Mr.2. It is part of ODS 30 AE. But will be available separately in the download section as soon as I have a little more time. The second is VC-10 currently in mapping madness, painting lines, and making templates.
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    Gentlemen, the Royal Netherlands Air Force NF-5a version is on track for release later this summer. I'm so happy to get the team back to bring this project to completion. As always, Ravenclaw_007 is the God Father of the project providing his beautiful new weapons, absolutely insanely detailed dedicated drop tanks, and a multitude of improvements to the external model over the years. Baffmeister, the flight model gurru is back to deliver his take on the flight model, Crusader is back to do the avionics for the RGS2 computer leading gunsight, and Soulfreak has joined the team to do some extra skins and refine some of the existing textures .. and last but not least Guuruu's fabulous effects and sounds will return.. I couldn't be more thankful for the talents these gentlemen have contributed to the project!
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    Why do you always attach only one screen to your posts? You can add more then 1 screen to a post. unarmed & unafraid:
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    You all know Fat Albert, right?? Well, here's his older sister, "Skinny Connie"
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    I'll be needing a new paintjob...
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    CAS, then spring cleaning of the area. 48 Helfires is lot of demolition .
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    A new update for realSKY is in the works; fixed night ambient colour being too dark, slightly tweaked cloud textures from Cellinsky's Widesky mod, brand new sun flare, different space sun flare, smoother rainbow ring flare and newly recoloured Stary's original lens flare drops. Last but not least, a new experimental shader providing a minor bloom at daytime with Effects set to Unlimited, in place of the original blinding effect at dawn/dusk by TW. New horizon glow, fog and ambient colours, with reworked bloom shader. New sun and reworked lens flares, bloom effect being visible only with exterior views (thank your cockpit glass for not blinding you). Extra shots at high altitude, with new space sun flare textures.
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    Some more Vikings:
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    In the last weeks, during the test flights i found a lot of minor mistakes what i had to correct. I hope that i have found all bugs. I think i'm ready with the campaign testing. I included 3 different campaign for the terrain. Two fictionary ones: One Operation Seelöwe, the german invasion in 1940. Two Operation Seelöwe, the german invasion in 1956, and one none fiction the british Nonstop-offensive from 1941, when the RAF made their Rodeo attacks over the English Canal. Screenshot Operation Seelöwe 1956 with a fictionary Republic of Germany as red side: I still have to make the readme file and i hope that i can release the terrain end of the week.
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    New update for the M577 with command tent.
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    HAF F-16s launching for a patrol over the Aegean on a beautiful day for flying..
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    U.S. Air Force Wild Weasels From Vietnam to the Desert Storm
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    With a touch of sadness, I locked my old Battle of Britain terrain into a back up folder, but only a touch, because the new Battle of Britain terrain is absolutely gorgeous. Can you believe the way this looks?
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    Intercepted a RAF Rodeo 1941, norther France.


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