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    This was mentioned...so Checked whats to do... finish animations for Canopy Refuel probe(Half made)....nozzles, Missile bay doors....and few bits...hope to have done in few weeks...hopefully before new year. hope to have new pilot too....click to expand pics.
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    primera piel muy temprana y con pocos detalles
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    Short status update of the 104S rework project: F-104S CB - done F-104S ASA CB - done F-104S CI - done F-104S ASA CI - to be done F-104A ASA M - to be done
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    A Hind exits the battlefield, leaving death and destruction in it's wake..
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    XW986 and XW988 From RAF Lyneham en route to Boscombe Down, radar calibrations test on route...
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    Began rebuilding VietnamSEA for late 40-50s French Indochina action. Gonna be months of work... sample image below is the 'new' Hanoi. retileing an retargeting, especially trying to figure out what areas are Viet Minh controled, will be oh so much fun (not!)
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    Nice sunny day for dropping some bombs In the words of George Kostanza...the "sky was angry that day my friends"
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    Ding Hao...Col James Howard
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    Started to rework Spillone104´s F-104S pack. F-104S ASA CB already done. Changed inis (to use stock tanks) adjusted loadout, repainted fake pilot parts, and did a complete new AMI template for the stock F-104G, new specular maps. Would be nice to have the source files for the fake pilot parts, there is a shadow (tractor beam) issue with the current parts
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    Ojcar recommended this late-war German fighter/ground attack plane. It has a 160hp water cooled 6 cylinder engine capable of speeds up to 165 kph. It carries a synchronized Spandau in the fuselage and has a Parabellum on a ring mount for the observer. There is a rack of 10 stick grenades on the port side - the grenades will drop one by one. This is about half done, I'm hoping to be finished by Christmas. The real world is keeping me busy, but I'm hoping...
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    In summer 1940 the Battle of France was fought. British, belgian, dutch and french troops were defeated by the "Sichelschnitt", a surprising move invented by General von Manstein. In his book "Verlorene Siege" wrote v.Manstein, that his Divison got the order as part of the 9th Armee to take part in the invasion of England in an area between Bexhill and Eastbourn, Beachy Head. Close to Hastings, the last battlefield where a invasion of the islands was succesfully. Manstein wrote, that the german leadership had, after the surprisingly fast victory over France, had no plan how to continuing the war. So it came to a delay till the decision was made to try the "Operation Seelöwe" and as preludium the Air Battle of Britain. Manstein said, that if the decison to engage England would have made one or two weeks after the victory over France, german landing forces would have landed on Englands beaches around August 15th 1940. Mansteins idea to fight England was a surprise attack with no previous Air Battle. All should end in a major Battle, The Luftwaffe, Heer and Kriegsmarine should attack at the same time. For Manstein the british ground forces were the minor problem. They lost nearly all heavy weapons in Dunekirk, so that the Royal Army would have been no real danger. Dangerous could become the Air Force and the Royal Navy. But Manstein wrote, that the Royal Navy would come to late to prevent the landing of the first german wave. The Royal Navy would try to stop the second and all other landing waves. At this time it would be the job of the Luftwaffe to sink the british ships and the job of the Royal Air Force to protect the british ships. In the last weeks i have started to rework the tileset of my very old Battle of Britain terrain and soon i will start to rebuild the target areas, so that we have the chance to fight a "Operation Seelöwe" style battle in SF2. Here some screenshots while WIP. New farmtiles, but still old airfield tile. New airfield tile. A mixture between old and new coast tiles. View from high altitutes. Test of a London tile. Buckingam palace is not yet on correct place.
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    Oh sh*t moment #23: When you think you're Roy Scheider flying Blue Thunder and decide to take on a MiG 29..
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    Finally this cat is out of the bag....
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    My PC is low-end so I rarely use Unlimited graphics options, unless I am testing a mod I am going to release. As you guys may know, specular maps are used in all their detail only when Effects are set to Unlimited. Some of you Raptor lovers may know that the paint of the F-22A Raptor is very particular; it helps with stealth properties and, together with the radar-absorbent material, it produces a metallic sheen effect, to the point that the coating may appear translucent under certain light conditions. This is rather difficult to portray on old, limited game engines. With the great opportunity for specular maps in the SF2 engine, I was able to reproduce this effect to an extent. Here below a few images showing it. This is a test and it will be improved. Notice how the dark grey camo "disappears" under direct sunlight.
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    Had to make a crash landing on Plei Me camp after being hit in my RAAF Canberra.
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    Maybe this has been posted before, but I could find the answer using the search option. If you want to start from the ramp in a single mission. edit this line in the MSN File. Change Waypoint[01].Command=TAKEOFF in to Waypoint[01].Command=TAXI [AircraftMission001] Name=SHOWTIME AircraftType=MiG-21bisN Size=1 Alignment=ENEMY RandomChance=100 MissionType=RECON TargetArea=Bad Hersfeld ObjectiveID=5 RatingForSuccess=50 StartOnGround=TRUE CarrierBased=FALSE Position=569000.000000,557000.000000,500.000000 Heading=239.487961 Speed=207.887314 StartTime=0.000000 BaseArea=Köthen Airbase LandArea=Köthen Airbase Waypoint[01].Command=TAXI //Waypoint[01].Command=TAKEOFF Waypoint[01].Position=568081.500000,557000.000040,0.000000 Waypoint[01].Size=100.000000 Waypoint[01].Speed=202.929993 Waypoint[02].Command=DEPART Waypoint[02].Position=559147.825109,554563.392422,3048.000000 Waypoint[02].Size=1500.000000 Waypoint[02].Speed=202.929993 Notice the different "Tower" command (Tower taxi to runway 27 etc)
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    Maybe not too wise ... but cool photo ;-) BTW, A(problematic)Is are always looking for crash ;-)
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    Red Knight High speed pass circa 1968
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    here are the B61 bombs , includet are B61-1 , USAF , 10 kt and 340 kt B61-2 , USN , 10 kt and 150 kt B61-3 , USAF / NATO , 0,3 kt , 1,5 kt , 60 kt and 170 kt B61-4 , USAF / NATO , 0,3 kt , 1,5 kt , 10 kt and 45 kt B61-5 , USAF , 10 kt and 150 kt B61-7 , USAF , 10 kt , 170 kt and 340 kt B61-10 , USAF , 0,3 kt , 5 kt , 10 kt and 80 kt B61-11 , USAF , 0,3 kt , 340 kt and 400 kt ( Earth Penetrading Weapon ) B61 Nuclear Bombs.7z all bombs are Retarded exept for B61-1 , B61-2 and B61-11, before you install this weapons please delete any other B61 bomb from your mod folder the B61-12 is still in work but it will take some time to finish it because my 3ds max computer is not working
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    Ups, there was something wrong with the decal! I think this is better. Tblisi and Riga got Soviet creast on stern, while Kuz and Varjag have no crest.
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    View File Mirage F-1EQ4 Mirage F-1EQ4 v1.0 This mod is dedicated to BPAO, nothing would have been possible without him. During the late 1970s, Iraq placed an order for a variant of the Mirage F1, designated as the Mirage F1EQ, which were specially modified for extended range to perform strike missions. The EQ4 has the same capabilities like the EQ2 with the addition of In-Flight Refueling, buddy-pod tanker, large RPL201 2.200 L external fuel tank and the Harold reconnaissance pod. The cockpit is the EQ2 one, it doesn't have the correct EQ4 radar display. Covered unit : 91st Squadron Installation : - Copy and paste the Objects folder in your mod folder. Crédits : - Aircraft : Flying Toaster, BPAO and Centurion-1. - Cockpit : Brain32, Centurion-1 and Crusader. - Skins : Ludo.m54. - Decals : Ludo.m54. - Templates : Brain32, ACE888, Coupi and Ludo.m54. - Avionics and data tweaks : Crusader. - FM : Baffmeister. - Interception light : Coupi - Weapons : Ravenclaw_007 and Denissoliveira - Hangars et loading screens : Coupi. A big thank to all on Combatace and C6 forums that helped us solving issues we encountered. Any omission in credits is totally unwanted, if I forgot somebody, let me know, I will correct this. This addon is and will in all cases remain freeware. Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms. Enjoy The Mirage F.1 Team Submitter ludo.m54 Submitted 11/17/2019 Category Mirage F1  
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    Canadair CT-133 eager to bite something :) (yes skin is coming soon)
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