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    Still heavy travel days for me and appreciate Gepard’s incredible patience; happy to share I’m putting the final touches on the redux McDonalds model for him. Now we get to go from a “stand in” model to something more compelling. It was pretty fun working on this, acquired an excellent base model and then spent a lot of time detailing out with mesh enhancements and certainly texture work. Also, want to fully acknowledge up front all credit for the base figures goes to Geezer (I am grateful to be trusted with his source models, these I rigged up in new poses and textures). As-is often my problem, spent too much time dinkering around with adding in details...LOL. Anyway, should finish off soon, thanks Gep for your patience and allowing me to create this for you. I know I still owe you and several others updates on other requests and they are all still in-progress. From this: To this:
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    Coming soon updated A-6A Screenshot by @Coupi
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    Couldn't leave out the Army....CH-54 Tarhe
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    MCAS El Toro,1975. Only VA with A-6 in 1965 was 75 and 85. at that time VA-65 was transferring from COMNAVAIRLANT to Pacific Fleet. VA-65 first deployment within COMNAVAIRPAC was from May 12, 1966, to December 3, 1966, as part of CVW-15 on Constellation. sorry, I have a serial/date/nose art fetish...
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    Written by me. Released by Motorbuchverlag Stuttgart in german language "MiG-23". ISBN 978-3-613-04632-0 Hope you enjoy it.
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    I'm back to the Polish-Russian war. Finally started working on some new planes - Ansaldo Ballila for the Kosciuszko squadron.
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    Soon I will upload the A-6A Late. screenshot by Coupi
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    What a crap day !!!! Encountered a SAM, Got a hung bomb, Refuel probe wont retract, 2 miles out lost electrics.....RAT deployed, Then the tower tell me half the runway is closed & I've only got 4000 Ft use-able. This runway is like glass when its wet....... Oh, did I mention it's raining aswell ???
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    after all this years i´m finally made the AAM-N-2 / AIM-7A Sparrow I and that is how it looks like the 2 flares / tracer on the rear are made as self illumination , i have to try if that works in game , it is the first time i do it this way based on a special request i made the AAM-N-3 Sparrow II , there are 2 versions the USN one and the one from the RCAF and based on the RCAF version i made a what if AIM-7B production version from the top USN , RCAF and the what if AIM-7B and i made the last and final version the AIM-7 the AIM-7R , the missile had a IR-seeker in the radome and an updated avionics , the missile program was stoped due to budget cuts and the high cost of the program but there a some rumors that some of this AIM-7R where used in the Gulf War but no deffint prove of it though
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    So sorry, I just couldn't resist...some quick low res screenies right from the viewport... Seriously though Wrench, PM or email me some high-res photo references on what you really want (front, rear, side, top views, etc.) and I'd be happy to make one for you.
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    There is not much data, but I liked the final futuristic model of the P-51 inverted arrow wings, so now almost finished I present it to you for the moment with the fictional skin of the Korean War I named it P-51V because of the shape of the wings.
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    Hey there! I just wanted to take a moment to give a big shout-out to our amazing friend, @Coupi , for achieving the well-deserved title of MODDER! You rock! Also, I wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to our friends Erik and Wrench for their help. Cheers!
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    When Canada used to be a nation led by sane leaders...CT-144
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    The Mirage F1EE Early version is uploaded and waits for approval. The preview
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    The Frag Order said to bomb a Kimchi Shack. I'm SURE it was a front for a cabbage-based Nuclear Weapons Facility, so I took the mission. Besides, it was a slow day on the water............ About to splatter fermented secret sauce over the Korean countryside. Now lets go find a use for these Walleyes......
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    Esk 726, Aalborg, 1959. No A-6 Intruder of VA-165 in the country until 1967. In 65 they still got their propellers on board Coral Sea as part of CVW-15.
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    I prefer the "Cadillac" of intruders....I have company when I'm scared witless......
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    (shoot! missed Humpday Heavies)
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    Suez '56 - EC 1/2 Mystere IVA & No. 34 Sqn Hunter Mk. 5
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    ♫ I was a creature before i could stand ♫
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    Uploaded the A-6A Late Intruder and one LOD without ALR-15 just waiting for the approval. enjoy.
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    Victor Alert, Europe 1952 A one-way ticket to armageddon... "You're leaving my air space." Toss bomb... then run like hell! https://www.airandspaceforces.com/PDF/MagazineArchive/Documents/2011/March 2011/0311victor.pdf
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    Hi All, Have been doing a bit of tinkering lately with my FlightGear install (see this thread for more info.) - and results are pleasing enough in what is a free, open-source flight sim. Managed eventually to get accurate photo-scenery working in FG, which is a noticeable improvement over the stock (dated) scenery that has been available in that sim for years on end (see pic. below for photo-scenery at work in FG, in this case in the Mesopotamian/s. Iraqi area; the Alb. D.I is a re-skin and FM-overhaul of a model done by Lester Boffo). On a hunch, I then converted a bunch of the photo-tiles from FG (stock format is DDS) to BMP format - so that they become visible in the FE2 terrains folder - and it does indeed work - but would require careful, aesthetic choices regarding what tiles to replace in the terrains folder, such as farms, cities, deserts, etc. - for best cohesion and not too many jarring disconnects between tiles. Nice to see that stock trees and buildings are populating over the satellite/ortho-terrains too, in FE2. Photo-scenery is simply an improved "satellite" carpet that covers the stock scenery and terrain framework in FlightGear - and by extension works the same way in the ThirdWire sims but requires manual conversion to BMP format and manual placement in the terrains folder (perhaps the DDS format would work too, but I didn't bother tinkering with the various settings/text files this time around in the terrains folder). The other good thing about FlightGear is that it is fully under the GNU GPL (General Public License; i.e., "copy-left" license) - so there are no copyright problems that I know of if one borrows such ortho-scenery for FE2 too (haven't bothered to test with SF2). And if working on such a terrain swap as a personal project - that is of course even simpler. A few representative pics. below with just a few ortho-scenery tiles placed over Stephen1918's upgrade of the Mesopotamian theater for FE2. Results look pretty good, particularly when flying higher up, and I haven't noticed any FPS drop with the photo-scenery tiles loaded. Some old tiles are still in place in the pics., for comparative purposes. Any empty areas are where I didn't bother to load tiles. Anyway - I hope you find this post interesting - it's perhaps the "cheapest" way of upgrading tiles across the various theaters available for FE2. If I find enough free time I might tinker further with this side-project; will post comments if the results prove particularly successful. Cheers & good flying,
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    "A A-6A Intruder from VA-165 dodging a SAM during Operation Rolling Thunder, over Vietnam,1965 The pilot managed to evade the missile, but during the returning to the carrier, the Intruder crew demanded new underwear as soon as possible after the landing".
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    The captured F-5E Tiger during soviet flight evaluation. And for the guys who dont believe, that the Soviets had one:
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    Small discussion between Rebels and imperial Forces.
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    Sark island is now populated with TOD objects.
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    Apparently, I need to get closer......... Like so...........
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    "Will this be a stand up fight or another bug hunt"
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    Attack tanks first with rockets, then with Napalm.
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