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    Just check how realistic are the afterburner emitters. Guruu is a master modder.
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    Thanks Paulo, I love your work!
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    Este es un modelo pirateado, y está prohibido incondicionalmente aquí de acuerdo con la política del sitio.
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    My Father flew as a "check" pilot, on BRIXMIT, he always told me he was just flying as a check pilot, for trainees undergoing blind flying instruction, however, Dad was a Flight Engineer, , although he was training as a pilot himself around that time, however when they made it obligatory for all RAF pilots to be commissioned, he told 'em to shove it, and reverted back to Flight Engineer. So the idea of him flying as a check pilot was a little odd also his flying logs for the time are a little......sparse on information, however, flying, in Germany, in Chippies, around this time....Well add 2 and 2 , and Bob is yer Mum's Brother.
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    The SF2 version of this plane pack is already released for more than a year and can be found among the SF2 downloads. This pack is SF1 specific, but will still work in SF2.
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    simply beautiful. Many thanks.
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    Glad you're enjoying the pack. As to a different cockpit, you could probably drop a different one in, but I have no idea about how to port a cockpit to work in ThirdWire games from a different format/game.
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    I have tried repeatedly to get this aircraft to work without success. There is a second pilot in my lap!
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    F-4 generic cockpit the only ones that will have a own cockpit are the F-4E_AUP F-4E_2020 F-4EJ_Kai / RF-4EJ_Kai i´m still working on those
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    me rompí el bocho pero era muy fasil ..... 1 bajan el avion F/A-18F link.... http://combatace.com...le/7043-fa-18f/ 2 intalan el avion. 3 crean una copia del avion 4 bajar SAIA90 Mirlo (Public Preview) 5 adentro de la copia del F/A-18F le pegan todo el contenido de la carpeta "ACA90_BETA2" 6cambian el conmbre de la carpeta "F/A-18F" a "ACA90_BETA" 7 ACA90_BETA tiene que estar en la carpeta aicraft listo. me parece muy feo subir algo que no funcione o que no se explique bien que hacer. mucha gente esta pidiendo ayuda y nadie dice o hace nada. hace 3 años que se esta pidiendo ayuda. a los que ayude agradezcan chee....


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