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    I Have To Say as an Iraq Native Arabic Speaker the Mod Arabic Voices Are Pretty Accurate Even The Military Terms Are Accurate For The Time Period Great Job Keep Up The Good Work Hell even My Ex Saddam military Relatives That I Showed The Mod To Sayed Wow Its Scary How accurate This Is شكرا جزيلا على هذا المود Thank You For This Mod Cheers
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    My thanks to you for this post! Our intention has always been to provide as much accuracy as possible into the order of battle of both Coalition and Iraqi forces. In my view it would have been disrespectful to represent only one side of the conflict; I like to think that also the Iraqi people can remember the history of their pilots and soldiers with this mod. The Arabic speech pack is the work of fellow @GKABS; some voice files are still missing for airports and ground units. I hope we can get some recordings in the future in order to complete it fully. Cheers!
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    There are two skins I like to use when I am flying F-16s: The Thunderbirds and this YF-16A prototype scheme. I can't decide which one I like better. But the first time I ever saw an F-16 was an advertisement for a Monogram model of the prototype in comic books. So, I am partial to the prototype paint scheme. Great job adding it to the SF F-16. In the same way, I like to fly F-15s in either the Streak Eagle scheme or air superiority blue, as those were the two schemes all of the models on store shelves originally had. The day I got my first F-4E model, my brother got an F-15A model in air superiority blue, so that is why I am partial to that scheme.
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    Awesome !!!!
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    EDIT Intake cones fix moved to main support thread
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    Pointless. The DAT site is..."aristocratic club", inaccessible for us, lowly peasants.
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    ok. I had patience. I created an account, but registration for the A-team is absolutely impossible at all to me known browser. who has downloaded the fu***** cockpit and is willing to send me the necessary email?!?!?!? Thanks for any answers!!!


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