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    Here's a Thanksgiving Present (for those old enuf to remember such things) I worked on the SU-33 Data file and got it to work better. I only tested it with a full weapon & fuel load doing basic moves/ not tried to dogfight it yet. I assume it would turn better mostly empty. It turns better and roll is more controllable. The Su-33 ought to be the or one of the top large frame AirToAir combat aircraft (non-stealth) worldwide. Easy to beat AIs in SF2. One thing, The ailerons were set (in my file anyway) to move on the Z axis, which looked funny in camera mode. Set that to X axis and most is right again. Oh, the "Su-27SM2" download (think I found it in one of the Campaigns previously mentioned) maneuvers excellently right out of the box. I tried some of its values in the SU33 datafile. I think I might make a SU33Data file using an entire Su-27SM2 datafile. Changing it's internal 'system names' and so forth. The canards in the SU33Data file could still be a part of problem and maybe the drag factor in the wings or fuselage are wrong. I will work on it til i can black you out with the su33 !! As any real fighter plane should. Bye SU-33_DATA.7z
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    Outstanding work, Thanks for the new toy. looking forwarded to see the Kuwaiti F-1 Mirage to fly too.
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    I would be really grateful for every opinion. This plane will be base for Luftwaffe IDS, so I want it as good as possible before I start IDS.
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    The model is very good. Only a shadow rope on the fuel probe and some decal mirroring/bleeding on the nose (see the Turk camo skin). If you still have the max files You could fix and send fixed model to Yap to send to their costumers .... It'ld be very apreciated .... Anyway, thank you!
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    This plane automaticly rolls left after take off, as if the left wing is heavier than the right wing. Anyone noticed this?


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