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    I have an upgraded MightMouse perfectly working and with ALL the rockets in place and some revised Sabre Dogs and Limas (including RTHAF ones with 2 IRM) on my HD from many years (like F-86K ..) I'm going to merge with these new upgrades by Wrench Now we have Mue's Lodviewer ....
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    Ah! The awesome 3kg "Terror" Weapon! There was also the 14kg Practice Bomb too.
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    Just put one in the mood:
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    You can have a "CAMPAIGNCUSTOMSCREEN" jpg and wav too...what is the Titles.jpg, don't know that one? =v=
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    beautiful! paint jobs on EM is superb. Hoping for a Brazil AMX next...
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    Great aircraft, any chance to get a low res cockpit for us lower end computer users? Frame rates can get low with present cockpit.
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    Thanks! It's the little things that do it!


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