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    the only things that will automatically populate terrains without intervention are the Trucks, SAM, AA guns, and Tanks. Things like the artillery and rocket launchers need to be manually edited in the Terrain inis to show up.
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    Try this video, hope it helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvetfvIEFmU&t=5s
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    Hello, Very good job Thanks
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    as clim995 said. You can also rename some objects to 'overwrite' standard. But this is just for a few ground objects. like fuel tankers, commands, and trucks. The rest of course will appear randomly on some mission as ground object (armed_recon for example - but this is actually an unfortunate event - as you do not want to see a convoy of deployed hospitals or command posts). As it is stated in the readme - this mod is mostly for terrain builders, modders, and experienced users. and there is also a hope that someone will put those objects in some future terrain mod.
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    It's an amazing work! Due to my awful modding skills, is there a way to pick only the "plug and play object" to put in the game, just for eye candy and to populate terrains?
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    Excellent and outstanding work as always Ludo. You are a great artist when it comes to creating Mirage F-1 mods. Of course, I do love the Mirage F-1, even do my favorite has always been the bare metal Mirage IIIC from the '60s I just call her the Brigitte Bardot of the Mirage family... Photo shows Mordechai Hod – Israeli General, himself also being a Pilot seen here leaving the cockpit of a Mirage IIIC in the Sinai during 1968 Credits: Moshe Marlin Levin /Meitar Collection / National Library of Israel / The Pritzker Family National Photography Collection / Israel State Archives / CC BY 4.0
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    If modern means mid 90's then some of them yes. If something beyond that - I suppose - not really. I m focusing on old and older stuff.
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    I have a very good desktop PC, but i can t manage to run this, i did everything i could but when i open the exe of the mod i see the main loading screen of the game and i instantly CTD. I don t even get to the main menu. I can t understand why? Is it because of my RTX graphics card?
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    Ummm, it's obvious that the mod is beautiful in every way, but for some reason when I click on the shortcut or run it as an administrator, I can't play the game. The splash screen comes up and after 10 seconds it throws me into windows. I checked everything, but I didn't feel anything wrong. Can I get help on this issue?
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    I install the game and then the game doesnt start.Somebody can help me?
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    Hey there. The mod crashes on the first loading screen after I start it from the shortcut. My game is installed on HDD and the mod folder is on the system drive (SSD) if that's important. Can't find any logs to troubleshoot this so maybe someone here will help me.


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