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    _I intend to do it in the future!
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    No JJ-5 two seater ever made, as far I know. Next step in my pipeline upgraded J-6 pack and so on ... Some time needed
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    J-2, J-4, J-5. You missed J-3 . Or they missed? Seriously, thank you very much for all the efforts with this old game.
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    Nice job. Well done. Some historical remarks: The red tail skin and the skin with the red and white stripes on rudder are not chinese but soviet skins. In 1950 a soviet aviation group was sent to China to protect Shanghai against nationalist chinese air raids. During this time the soviet MiG's had chinese insignias. The red markings on the MiG's were fast ID markings. The green, light green striped skin was not used in battle and it was not chinese. It was made for a czechoslovakian Cold War movie.
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    _Thanks for the comments and reactions. Thank you guys!!!
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    Thanks for the great art work. I was waiting for some one to do this on this model. I will also change the name as well to a DZ model, thanks josefk for the correction.
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    Invincible??? JAJAJA, not for the argentines exocet misiles!!!


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