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    It's a tribute to the original Top Gear . ;-)
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    The screencap with the TGPD Apache... I saw what you did there.
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    Got it working. It's a beautiful skin; thanks for uploading!
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    I really enjoy this tonka. Thanks for a great mod. Wingman still better than me.
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    Only the APG-71 had synthetic aperture radar for air-to-ground; the AWG-9 equipped Tomcat had basic software, CCIP and rudimentary air-to-ground support, which is represented. However, even with the APG-71, the game's avionics file that allows for the air-to-air modes used by the F-14 (AvionicsF14A.dll) does not allow for air-to-ground modes to be used. Avionics70 does, but does not allow for true track-while-scan/multi-target engagement, so we used AvionicsF14A. The problem is not the mod, it's how the game handles avionics. If it ever gets updated (which I strongly doubt it will), and it allowed both the air-to-air and air-to-ground modes of the APG-71, you can bet we'd update the mod to add it. As it stands, it cannot.
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    Hi great model have the same problem with the stores showing up into the aircraft or on top of the racks. I do love this bird though we need more of them
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    I like this sounds like it was hard work.I do notice that in game the drop tank and missiles are slightly too high and clip into the fuselage.Is this some sort of glitch that you could not work out or a glitch on my end?Also you use a different name for the plane file with me it is called MiG-23MF not MiG-23MF Flogger.I simply pasted your file into my list so perhaps by changing the name to MiG-23MF and overwriting it might make a difference.Nice work though.


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