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    Yup. You are right. Sry ;-) I used to have bad day .
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    It is increible, this olane is wonderfull!!!!
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    Man I lost months and years in USNF and ATF. Wrench was doing mods for it 20 years ago and that is how we met.
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    I am happy you liked it! It is great to see people who also have flown old Jane's sim here.
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    Your work is very good and very much appreciated. Thank you!!
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    Nice skin pattern, subtle nice colors, nice contrast. I've added it to my collection. ;)
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    Nice going bro! We need HQ helos.
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    Excellent job I tested 3 and they are great and easy to fly and with no problem, I will test the rest and report back
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    @guuruu The Mi-8 is a well known 3d model by Marcfighters. Fix the credits when possible.
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    Si perdón es mi primera vez publicado y creo que lo puse en el lugar incorrecto. Les pido disculpas, es una mascara de un modelo ya publicado antes. Les pido mil disculpas una vez mas
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    I did not understand something. The zip contain a mess of files, and no .inis, apart the texture.ini. This is just a skin for a model previous released? If yes, its not suppose to be in the skins section?
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    Very good job M. !
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    Great addition M. !
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    a very good addition.
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    Why sell a pig in a poke? Why not write in more detail what exactly is in the package?
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    Thank you, I'm going to try. I think there is a MiG-29K model around the site in the MiG-29C Hyper Fulcrum What If. Making the tailhook dissapear it would make a pretty accurate model for the MiG-35. For now, I'm going to stick to what you say, maybe some day I will have guts and start 3D modeling myself...
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    Uploaded - Fixes for issues reported by MGGUY. Thanks! ------------------------------------------ * Version 1.2 - 2021\05\25 - ~ Full v1.2 Mod has the patch (below) plus some other minor cosmetic changes. ~ If you want to just patch the previous v1.1, you just need the patch for v1.1. =v=
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    Thanks once more Ludo for presenting us with such great Mirages Mods in general. It's very much appreciated I've been and still am a Mirage III lover since the early 70th's. Of course, i also love the Mirage F-1 The Mirage IIIC is one of those jets that looks like it’s going Mach 2 even when it’s parked. The picture shows Elie Buge in a Mirage III CZ Elie Buge decided to join the French Air Force. In the spring of 1941, he set off for Châteauroux, which was then in the Free Zone, where he stayed for several months before embarking on a series of experiences abroad. He spent time in French-speaking North Africa (Morocco and Algeria) and then in the USA in 1943, where he obtained his fighter pilot’s license. From there, Elie Buge went to England, where he was assigned to the 145th Wing of the Royal Air Force. At the end of World War II, he transferred from his squadron based in Germany to the second fighter squadron in Dijon.
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    Thank you so much for Skin fix! Viper63a :3
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    The Mudhen Team thanks you! I verified the issue and will attach a patch for the mod.
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    Cool! Waiting for the Airmacch M-346
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    Thank you so much!!!
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    There should a "Thumbs Up" Emoticon... :)
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    Man I lost months and years in USNF and ATF. Wrench was doing mods for it 20 years ago and that is how we met. Don't forget about USAF! LOL. I was doing mods for that until I couldn't run it anymore...was that in XP or 7? But, I did manage to make a menu screen for SF2 with the bits of images I still had in my archives... Good times... :)
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    The old USNF format! I love it! :)
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    The size of the mod is irrelevant. Quality matters. Not size. It is always the best when the modder delivers the highest quality to the table. End-user can make it smaller and resize skins to their own desires. You can not have high quality on 512x512 skin.
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    another great addition, many thanks.
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    Nice going M. ! Keep them coming.:)
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    It's very good, you would have to make more planes like that
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    This mod is incredible! Now I can literally fly true Strike Fighters! Thank you so much! By the way, there is a minor Skin bug on a South Korean version of F-15SE (RoKAF 11th FW, 122nd FS "Jaguars" Skin) Any ways, nice mod!
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    amazing mod !!!! love the paran livery !!!!
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    Thanks so much for this Strike Eagle pack, love it!
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    One thing I noticed that a man sits near the under of the plane on a missile (I don't Know what is the missile but I used the default loadout). I think it is a bug can you fix it.
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    Can you building a new F-15C?I like Air to Air?we all know the LOFC3 have a good F-15C?if we have a mod the same as that?it's a good thing and Thanks for you mod?it's a good one
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    This pack contains the F-15E and up from FastCargo's F-15 Super Pack and more. Nearly every part of the original pack has been upgraded. All new jpeg skins, decals, screens, flight model, loadout, pilots, (some) weapons, and cockpit...etc...etc...etc. Because all these differences, there are special instructions to install this mod over the original F-15 Super Pack. But it will be well worth it. Different emitters for all 3 types of engines used PW-F100-220/229 and GE-F110-129, different pilots for each country represented, different repurposed sound files! Tens of loadouts to choose from (read the *LOADOUT.INI file, there are instructions there to set\change your default loadout for a mission profile), multi-tude of decals - you can choose different planes in the same squadron and the decals can be different. There are nearly 20 authentically serialized jets for each squadron. So, you can fly up to 8 different planes within one squadron and they can all be unique! Including Squadron, Wing and AF commander planes! Illuminated cockpit...I can go on and on and on! Spudknocker, Fanatic Modder and I (with some help from new friends - Raven and JAT - THANKS!) loaded up this mod with everything we could think of and was in our skill sets to implement....Enjoy!
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    I'm really liking all of these Dhimari and Parani planes and skins. I may be one of the relatvely few people who has actually sought out this stuff, but I like it all. Thank you. :)
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    What changed in the last update from hours ago?


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