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    Version 1.0.0


    Mirage F-1EQ4 v1.0 This mod is dedicated to BPAO, nothing would have been possible without him. During the late 1970s, Iraq placed an order for a variant of the Mirage F1, designated as the Mirage F1EQ, which were specially modified for extended range to perform strike missions. The EQ4 has the same capabilities like the EQ2 with the addition of In-Flight Refueling, buddy-pod tanker, large RPL201 2.200 L external fuel tank and the Harold reconnaissance pod. The cockpit is the EQ2 one, it doesn't have the correct EQ4 radar display. Covered unit : 91st Squadron Installation : - Copy and paste the Objects folder in your mod folder. Crédits : - Aircraft : Flying Toaster, BPAO and Centurion-1. - Cockpit : Brain32, Centurion-1 and Crusader. - Skins : Ludo.m54. - Decals : Ludo.m54. - Templates : Brain32, ACE888, Coupi and Ludo.m54. - Avionics and data tweaks : Crusader. - FM : Baffmeister. - Interception light : Coupi - Weapons : Ravenclaw_007 and Denissoliveira - Hangars et loading screens : Coupi. A big thank to all on Combatace and C6 forums that helped us solving issues we encountered. Any omission in credits is totally unwanted, if I forgot somebody, let me know, I will correct this. This addon is and will in all cases remain freeware. Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms. Enjoy The Mirage F.1 Team
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    Version 1.0.0


    Aeritalia G.91Y Yankee REDUXE This is the reworked version of ErikGen´s great G.91Y Yankee 1st of all I want to thank ErikGen for this great model 2nd read the f***ing readme!!!! WHAT´S IN: 1 aircraft with 5 brand new skins CREDITS: - ErikGen - 3D modeler of the plane & cockpit & paint basic temp - Soulfreak - paintwork, ini dance, screens etc. _ kreelin - FM - Spillone104 - Sounds Special thanks to: Richard J. Caruana who helped me with the fonts for the decals TO INSTALL: - remove old G91Y folder from the Aircraft folder - extract G.91Y REDUXE.7z into your mod folder Schapen, Nov. 14th 2019 Carlo "Soulfreak" Vecchi THIS MODEL IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED AS FREEWARE AND IN NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL IT BE USED, EVEN IN PART OF ANYTHING THAT IS PAYWARE. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE COMBAT ACE MODDERS AGREEMENT
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    Version 1.0.0


    AV-8B Plus Harrier Marina Militare This is the AV-8B Plus Harrier in service with the Italian navy. Basic modding skills are required to run this mod. (copy/paste, mod folder structure etc.) A fake pilot is needed to run this mod. It is designed for and works only in SF2 series. Skin is in 4096x4096 format. So you can easily resize down. If you have problems running this in game. Resize skins to lower resolutions All serials are correct for the Italian version of Harrier II. Animations: 1= canopy open - close 4= refueling probe - beware of a speed limit 3= night vision mode - not really helping but it is there - inside and outside animation. ************************************************************************************ You can exlplore ini files for some additional features like in cockpit "FLIR" feed on HUD . AAQ-28 can be loaded only on station number 5 and centerline AIM-120 can be loaded only on stations 2 and 6. ECM also activates RWR on digital display indicator - even if ECM pod is not loaded. If you have yakarov79´s AV-8B Harrier already - some files are same so simply overwrite. for proper sound work you should add these lines into soundlist.ini SoundFileXXX=USMComm_1 SoundFileXXX=Equalizer [Equalizer] Priority=NORMAL Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=2 3DSound=TRUE DopplerEffect=FALSE MaxDist=1000.000000 MinDist=100.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 ConeOutsideVolume=100 SoundFileXXX=USMComm_1 [USMComm_1] Priority=NORMAL 3DSound=FALSE NumBuffers=1 Looped=TRUE FrequencyControl=FALSE ************************************************************************************ Credits. Me - Skin, Decals & ini dance yakarov79 - whole sort of strange things - model-re-model, new cockpit, templates, ini files etc. Ravenclaw - BRU-42 ITER models. ALQ-164 model, weapons. AAQ-28 Pod- I don't remember who made this model - all credits to him and thank you. 331Killerbee - ideas, good words, work on ini files, loadouts, effects etc. Crusaders - who helped yakarov79 with avionics ini. Sounds taken from sources offering free sound samples. bobrock- the original first version of the standard model Schapen, Nov. 24th 2019 Carlo "Soulfreak" Vecchi THIS MODE IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED AS FREEWARE AND IN NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL IT BE USED, EVEN IN PART OF ANYTHING THAT IS PAYWARE. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE COMBAT ACE MODDERS AGREEMENT
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    Version 1.0.1


    This aircraft mod represents Mikoyan-Gurevich's Ye-8 experimental fighter and its fictional updated "M" variant. There are slight variations compared to the actual prototype and the pits are pure fictional as there are no pictures that show how that looked in its original form, so its a mix of various systems used or developed in that time frame that the aircraft was developed. This package comes with 3 skin set for each variant, with decals for Soviet aircraft, since birds for LSK and Czechoslovakia use stock decals. This model is meant for SF2 games only, and SF2 Europe is required as some of the skins use stock decal numbers. Install is the regular dropping the contents in their respective places. Please note: The model might gets heavy on FPS in large formations on weaker machines, so if required, either resize skin files or use lower lod "_nd" as lod1. New weapons are provided - some type specific - beside these the model uses the general Soviet weapons. Be aware - In the 1970's and later when AA-8 can be selected, manually double loadout of these can happen. Make sure to read the manual included with the package. -------------------------------------------------------- Creators of these Aircraft mods as members of CombatAce site: Aircraft 3d work: Logan4 Cockpit 3d work: Logan4 Aircraft FM: Gepard, Cliff7600, Logan4 Aircraft avionics: Cliff7600, Logan4 Skin files and decals: Gepard, Logan4 Cockpit files: Logan4, Cliff7600 There are certain texture sections that were borrowed from the Su-17 project which were originally created by Stary Thanks for 76.IAP-Blackbird for the original KS-3 seat, a modified version of it used in the cockpit file. Big thanks to members of CombatAce for helping and answering our questions and in sorting out some of the issues we got while creating this mod. Modding and distribution of files are allowed and limited according to the CombatAce Freeware Licensing agreement.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Skin for excellent oefD3_ba253 by Jan Tuma. I tried to add some "photorealistic" textures for more impressive image of this aircraft. Add to oefD3_ba253.ini : [TextureSetXXX] Name=GreenPhR Nation=AUSTRIA Squadron= Specular=0.400000 Glossiness=0.400000 Reflection=0.400000 Eugene
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    Version 1.0


    Here's my fictional mod of the export version of the PZL-230 belonging to the Ukrainian Air force. The original aircraft and templates were made by @Leopardo. It uses mostly weapons available in the RSSW pack by @Snailman. Five skins are included: green camo based on a historical Su-25 livery grey camo based on the original skin available with the PZL-230F green splinter camo based on a modern Ukrainian Su-25 livery blue splinter camo based on a Ukrainian MiG-29 camo by @EricJ grey pixel camo based on the 299BRTA Su-25 livery To install, copy the contents of the 'to mod folder' into your mod folder. Overwrite when asked - I modified some of the weapons to make them work with this aircraft. Read the Knowledge Base for more information about installing mods. The contents of this pack are subject to the Combatace Freeware License and cannot be distributes as payware.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Russian (Soviet) Air Force skin for Monty's L-39C Albatros Installation: Drop Objects folder into your mod folder What's in: Hi-Res skin. Credits goes to MontyCZ for his templates and great Albatros mod. TO INSTALL: - extract into your mod/objects folder Schapen, Nov. 15th 2019 Carlo "Soulfreak" Vecchi THIS MODE IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED AS FREEWARE AND IN NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL IT BE USED, EVEN IN PART OF ANYTHING THAT IS PAYWARE. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE COMBAT ACE MODDERS AGREEMENT
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    Version 1.0.0


    Força Aérea Portuguesa (FAP) operated 125 Republic F-84G from January 1953 until July 1974 Overseas War: In 1961, the Portuguese Air Force sent 25 of their remaining F-84G to Angola. There they formed the Esquadra 93 (93rd Squadron), based at Luanda Air Base. From then on, the F-84s were engaged in the Angolan Theater of the Portuguese Overseas War, being mainly employed in air strike missions against the separatist guerrillas. The last F-84 were kept operational in Angola until 1974. What's In: - 3 new Skins - Historical decals Credits: - RussoUk F-84G model - Geary Hi Res templates - Mue Lodviewer (this mod'ld be not possible without it) - paulopanz skins & decals Notes: This for our friend Cocas, and maybe for an early Angolan scenario ... Enjoy @paulopanz
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    Version 1.0.0


    Armée de l'air had about 240 F-84G and 46 F-84E Thunderjets. F-84G served with 1-3-9-11 EC (Escadre Chasse) and 33 ETR (escadre de surveillance, de reconnaissance et d'attaque). F-84E served with 3 EC. What's In: - 23 + 3 new Skins - Historical decals Credits: - RussoUk F-84G model - Geary Hi Res templates - Mue Lodviewer (this mod'ld be not possible without it) - paulopanz skins & decals - References http://www.aeroprofils.com/article-1--nc-701-702-martinet.html Notes: A real wing tanks painting festival! I wish someone will build an early '50 Nato campaign using these (and other) brand new toys ... Enjoy @paulopanz
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    Version 1.0.0


    Three additional skins that didn't fit in the CF-100 MK-4B NORAD upload. INSTALLATION: Add the skin folders to the CF-100_Mk4B[NORAD] aircraft folder. CREDITS: 1977Frenchie This package is subject to the CombatAce Modders Licensing Agreement
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello and thank you for downloading my work. https://gkabs.net What's included: Airport flood-lights All my files should include the Strike Fighters 2 Series game file (.old) and the texture required. Installation: Copy the files to Objects folder and the falowing to _TYPES.ini file [TargetTypeXXX] Name=GK-CA-Lights FullName=GK-CA-Lights ModelName=GK-CA-Lights.LOD TargetType=MISC ActiveYear=0 TargetValue=50 UseGroundObject=FALSE GroundObjectType= DamagePoint=140.0 ArmorValue=24516080.0 ArmorType=2 RepairRate=0.150 StartDetectChance=20 StartIdentifiedChance=0 IncreaseDetectChanceKey=0 MaxVisibleDist=8000.0 CollisionMesh=GK-CA-Lights.LOD DamagedModel= DestroyedEffect=SmallFire DestroyedModel= SecondaryEffect=SmallExplosionEffect SecondaryChance=35 If you need any further help please read the Knowledge Base at: https://combatace.com/forums/forum/268-thirdwire-strike-fighters-2-series-knowledge-base/ LICENSE: You are allowed to use this model and everything included with it for personal non-profit use for Strike fighters 1 and 2. For use outside of this scope, you need to contact me for permission. gkabs@gkabs.net Credit goes to the following: GKABS model and textures Google for some photos and information. And finally not to forget the wonderful site of https://combatace.com and all the nice members and their dedicated support for this game. Software used: 3d Max 2009 UVLayout v2 Pro Substance Painter Adobe Photoshop If you need any assistance please contact me at gkabs@gkabs.net
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    Version 1.0.0


    A take on the VFC-12 scheme, this represents that livery to the best possible based on available pictures, but is close enough to work. Simply drop in the FA-18C_03 folder and go fly. It can be found under VFC-12 Black-White Splinter in the drop down menu. Questions? Comments? Go here for the support topic:
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a skin depicting one of the various CAG schemes for VAQ-139. Simply drop in your EA-18G folder and go fly, and can be found under VAQ-139 CAG
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    Version 1.0.0


    A simple skin, this one depicting the CAG jet in 2009. Simply drop in your FA-18E_BlkII folder and go fly. It can be found under VFA-115 CAG 2009 Questions? Comments? Go here for any help:
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    Version 1.0.0


    Italian Air Force operated 256 Republic F-84G from March 1952 until May 1957 They served with 3, 5, 6, 51 aerobrigate (wings). What's In: - 7 new Skins - Historical decals Credits: - RussoUk F-84G model - Geary Hi Res templates - Steve S. original SF.1 5/&^ AB skins - Mue Lodviewer (this mod'ld be not possible without it) - paulopanz skins & decals Notes: W l'Italia (lo diciamo sempre troppo di rado ...) Enjoy @paulopanz
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    Version 1.0.0


    The La-5FN is the last of the La-5 modifications before improved La-7 and was one of the best prop planes. Designed to be contemporary to the universally feared German Bf-109, it maintains excellent energy retention, adequate speed, brutal acceleration, and an amazing turn rate. Consider this pit as is, therefore consider it as beta. As issued, the cockpit position in the cockpit ini is for the Dev-A Team's La-5. If used on any other, the position will require some positioning adjustments.
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    Version 2.0.0


    SF2 Canadair CL-30 (CT-133) Silver Star Skinpack V2.0 You need the original CT-133 pack as this update contains skins ONLY. This pack can be found here : https://combatace.com/files/file/16354-sf2-t-33a-canadair-ct-133-silver-star/ *** For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Recommended/Preferred) *** This package contains re-worked skins I made for the CT_133 aircraft pack for SF2. Just copy/paste and overwrite when prompted. Re-worked skins are: 1955 1956 (navy) 1956 (silver/orange) 1957 1958 1960 (camo) 1960 (silver/orange) 1965 1968 1970 1975 1978 1982 1988 (camo) 1988 1991 2002 Snowbirds support aircraft NEW : - Red Knight 1958-1967 - Red Knight 1967-1969 - Mako Shark Special tanks to: Wrench – Base templates for all the new markings Myself – Skins update and new one’s From V1.0 Readme : All skins are in DDS format. Decal randomization is set to TRUE for all skins. The serial numbers are 100% accurate, as these really flew in the RCAF. The RCAF skins/markings were a real mess up to the 80’s, so these are the common one’s encountered and how they should have look like. In real life, that was not the case every time as there was mix up between skins… Special tanks to: ErikGen – Base aircraft where the T-33A can be found : http://combatace.com/files/file/13411-sf2-lockheed-f-80crf-80ct-33a-shooting-stars-pak-by-erikgen/ bobrock – F9F-2 pak (where I took engine sound and data to simulate the nene engine as these were also known as the J48 which is the engine of the F9F http://combatace.com/files/file/13412-sf2-korean-war-era-f9f-2-panther-pak-by-bobrock/ Wrench – Base skin of the T-33A from where I build my template Baffmeister - For solving the wingtip fuel tank problem And to the people who show some interests in the first skin I made! Happy flights! Mario C. LODViewer.lnk
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is for the movie Topgun: Maverick, in which this represents Tom Cruise's Super Hornet. Simply drop in the FA-18F_BlkII folder and go fly. Alternatively this can also be used in the FA-18E_BlkII folder as the mapping is similar so there should be subtle differences but nothing too bad. It can be found under Topgun Maverick in the drop down menu of the aircraft.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the current VFA-14 skin for the squadron centennial in 2019. Simply drop in the FA-18E_BlkII folder and go fly. It can be found under VFA-14 Line 2019
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    F-22A Blk 20 Global Strike Raptor by the Raptor Team Team members: Dels – Model maker extraordinaire Jimmybib - Skins Jat – AIM-9X kei nagase - Skins Moonjumper - INI work Starfighter – FM work Fast Cargo - Weps Assist CA_Stary - AB Effects USAFMTL – Decal work and project manager. Wpnssgt and Fubar for their start on this project. Installation: Aircraft goes into your aircraft folder Effects go into the effects folder Sounds go into the sounds folder AIM-9X bitmap goes into the weapon folder. (You must have the Jul 06 weps pack installed) Add the drop tanks as explained in the CA Knowledge Base. Also included are the Small Diameter Bombs and the JSOW by Fast Cargo. To get the default loadouts you must installed these. We are not responsible for any problems you have by not doing so. Adding weps link at CA http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=9323 Limitations. The doors don't open automatically. Use Ctrl - O Would of loved to of had TVC. But it doesn't exist in game. There is no opening gun door. We ran out of animation slots. This is freeware and may not be sold. This may not be distributed to any other s sites but Column5.us and Check-six. Anything I forgot to mention is purely unintentional. USAFMTL www.combatace.com
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    Version 1.0.0


    SF2 OV-1A Bronco, Remod Pack 7/27/2019 -For SF2, Any and All (Full Merged Reccomended) This is an remod of the North American OV-10A Bronco FAC and light attack aircraft, previously available. While there are still several issues (documented in "Notes"), it is in as good a shape as possible for SF2 without having someone build an entirely new LOD. If you have ANY previous versions, you are STRONGLY advised to back them up or delete them from you Mods folder(s). This includes the aircraft, decals, etc. There are 9 skin and decal sets in this package. Skins remain in their original bmp format. Many decals have been refreshed to remove any "ghosting" around their edges. The SF2 "date switch" =IS= active on several skins. Included are the pilot figures, the drop tank and sounds. All weapons used on the aircraft are STOCK 3W items. The skins included are: USAF: 20th TASS Overall Gray (1969<) 19th TASS (USAF Camo1) 19th TASS Euro 1 (3-tone Gray/Greens) USN: VAL-4 "Black Ponies" (1969-72 SEA) USMC: HMLA-267 (1968-71) VMO-2 (1968-1979) VMO-2 (Desert Camo)(1990<) VMO-6 (1968-77) USMC Camo1 (3-tone Gray) As is always reccommended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. Please read the notes section for more information and the change log. USAFMTL's original 2009 readme is included, in the main aircraft folder, for historical purposes. Good Hunting! Wrench Kevin Stein
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    Version 1.0.0


    SF2 RB-57E Canberra "Patricia Lynn" (Remod) 7/25/2019 = For SF2:V ( or Any & All SF2s, Full-5 Merged Prefered) = *note: this mod was started for a CA member in July, 2018. I just recently found it in my archives. Figured I might as well release it!* This is a complete rebuild of Anjundair's B-57E, and an update to Migbuster's RB-57E "Patricia Lynn" package for SF2:V. The aircraft has 3 full skin and decal sets; all serial number decals are 100% historically correct. These skins depict the 460th TRW, Det 1 at various times in their deployments to Southeast Asia: Natual Metal (1963) Night 1 (1966) Night 2 (1970) The skins use the SF2 'date switch', and marking change as needed as per the year in use. Skins remain in their bitmap format. The FM has been rebuild using the stock 3W B-57 as a base. The avionics have been upgraded, and you'll now have a full time LLTV set up. As there is no accurate B-57 cockpit, the F-4B is used as a stand in, due to it having scope to display the radar, TFR and LLTV (yes, we know there actually wasn't one in the front cockpit). This (gaming) aircraft remains fully combat capable, unlike the Real Life (tm) versions. See Notes for more information. When in game, you'll see RB-57E Canberra (AJ) on the aircraft selection dropdown window.The "AJ" credits Ajundair, even though there are no other RB-57s available. As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them! If you have any earlier versions of this aircraft mod, it is =HIGHLY= suggested you delete the aircraft and decals folders, as THIS mod replaces everything. End users (tm) might also find the Notes section enlightning and informative. Good Hunting! Wrench Kevin Stein ***Note: Found in the Archives!!! This was done and should have been uploaded in early 2018!! But I guess never got around to doing so for whatever reasons. As I don't use my SF2:V mods folder much, there may be other birds that have been hiding in the hangars. I'll be more careful in checking from now on!! ***
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    Version 0.6.3


    This is the newest version of the LODViewer. New features: -decal support -display of collision and pivot points -added transparency and wireframe display mode -user definable background color -view manipulation via keyboard -64 bit application -uses the OpenSceneGraph library and Qt 5.9.5 Install instructions: Extract the content of the zip package to a convenient location. The LODViewer depends on the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 C++ libraries. If not already installed on the computer (e.g. by other applications) it has to be installed by running vcredist_x64.exe (you can find it in the redist subfolder of this package). Have fun! And report bugs Mue
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    Version 1.0.0


    SF2 Northrup F-89 Scorpion Remod Pack (V.3) 5/25/2019 *For SF2, Any & All (Full 5 Merged Prefered)* This is a repackaging, and MAJOR update of the F-89 Scorpion series of 1950s USAF All-Weather Interceptors. There have been many changes to the various inis, skins/decals, weapons, and whatnots. This is to be considered to be "Version 3", and hopefully the final time the F-89 gets a revamp (unless new models magically appear). This package builds on and improves from the v2 pack dated 3/3/2016. It also replaces that mod completely. This package contains ALL the various marks of the Scorpion, including those later variants built from/modded of Monty's original C & D model LODs. There are several new skins, marked with the star (*) You have herein: F-89C: 57th FIS, (Keflavik, Iceland) 74th FIS, 23rd FIW (Thule AFB, Greenland) F-89D: 75th FIS (Presque Isle AFB, Maine 1955) 84th FIS (Hamilton AFB 1955-59) 64th FIS (Alaska Air Command) 321st FIS, (Paine AFB, WA 1954)* F-89H: 321st FIS, (Paine AFB, WA 1956)* 75th FIS (Presque Isle AFB, Maine 1957) F-89J (Early): 321st FIS, (Paine AFB, WA 1958)* 449th FIS (Ladd AFB, Alaska) F-89J (Late) 59th FIS, Goose Bay Labrador (1958-60)* 178th FIS "Happy Hooligans" ND ANG (1958-66) 124th FIS, Iowa ANG (1962-69)* Several versions also have a "Generic USAF Silver" skin, complete with decals. You may notice several squadrons used the Scorpion in several of it's various incarnations. This is historically correct. Due to mesh/node mapping reasons, some marking remain painted on. A large number however, are decals. Serial numbers are 100% correct for the models depicted, but should be considered 'generic' as they don't represent actual aircraft with a given unit. Decal randomization is TRUE for all skins. Squadron's listed in the stock game's SquadronList.ini have their names activated via my 'fake' SqTail decal. Those will display their proper names on the Loadout Screen's Squadron Selection Window. When possible, the SF2 'date switch' has been used to turn on Air National Guard units as they became equipped with F-89s. On such aircraft that have operating canopies (those that use the F-89D lod), the canopy works via the Standard Manual Animation Keystroke (tm), shift/0. Included also are "Scorpion" specifc weapons (using the "StationSpecifieCode=" statements. Nuke explosion effects are included for the AIR-2 Genie rocket. As is always reccomended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. See "Notes" section for full change log and other important statements. The various other readmes, from all previous versions remain wherever they were originally residing. Good Hunting! Wrench Kevin Stein
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a Yugoslavia an Serbia MiG-21 skin pack in all variants one seater.
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    Version 1.0.0


    F-21A Lion US Marines loaned version of Kfir Canard used as adversary aircraft by VMFT-401. This files are designed for standard Kfir C1_77. So no need for DLC F-21A. Basic modding skills are required to run this mod. (copy/paste, mod folder structure etc.) It is designed for and works only in SF2 series. To run this mod you need also access to TW lod files from SF2:I (basic model lods for aircraft and cockpit also fuel tanks) I've edited ini files mostly in weapon stations to separate bomb stations from IRM, FT etc. Also removed some lines of unrealistic loadouts (like inboard IRM,lgb on belly station etc.) Loadout file is generally empty. Only fuel tanks are assigned. Have it your way in your adversary install. All skins are done by me in 2048x2048 format based on templates by ludo.m54 => http://combatace.com...ge-5-templates/ New Bump maps. All decals are made by me. You will find 13 sets of decals (for 13 aircraft) so if you will choose to play with 14 or more aircraft that above 13...will be just blank... I am aware that this is not 100% accurate. But this is my way to represent those 13 colourfull aircrafts. Pilot is from F-111 pack. I belive its from Florian. Copy files to proper folders. report bugs. Hope you will like it. Enjoy Jarek Hereda Personally, I am using another nation in my install USMC-agr - hope none of inis in this download contains such ini lines...if so...please change it to standard nations =USMC.
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    Version 1.0.0


    J7 pg J7 B and j7pg Reds Chinese display team planes....some of the loadouts need checking as I was half way through doing them based on one.....B model has integral tanks in the aircraft lod.....the Pg and Reds has ordinary tanks (weapons folders supplied.) all have drag chutes etc... there are some issues as i said with loadouts as I abandoned it half way through....so its up to users to sort ,sorry...any 3d problems let me know...should be fine though... you are lucky to get them at all lol...j/k contact me if any serious 3d issues...anything else is your problem...lol...j/k...im sure theres enough knowledge here to fix and small probs... Cheers Russ
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    Version 1.0.0


    = For SF2, Any/All (Full 5 Merged RECCOMENDED!) = This is the release of Marcfighters Atlas Impala Mk.2, single seat COIN/Attack jet as used by the South African Air Force. This aircraft has/had languished for a considerable amount of time in that "hangar of forgotten & unfinished mods". I hope that this will correct that. This mod represents the Atlas Impala MK2, single seat attack jets. The mod uses all stock 3W weapons (which may need further research/adjustments). 25 all new historically correct SAAF serial number decals are included, and Randomization is TRUE These decals are used for both included skins. This is the SAAF -ONLY-, non exported version. No user list was created; the aircraft is single nation only. There are 2 skins, and "Early" and "Late"; the late uses the SF2-date switch and starts in 1982 When in-game, you'll see Atlas Impala MK.II (MB-326K SAAF) on the aircraft drop down selection panel. As is always reccomended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. The Uploader takes NO credit for the aircraft itself, only for those edits and adjustment to get it more in compliance with the SF2 Environment (tm). See "Notes" section for full change log and other VERy important statements. = Please Note: is models is released "AS IS". Anything that cannot be corrected/adjusted via ini edits will remain so for all time = Happy Landings! Wrench Kevin Stein ** Important Note: if you install this to the Angola Mod, be advised that there exists an aircraft named Impala Mk.II. This should NOT conflict with it, but you may have some editing to do, as theirs is labeled "Stand In". It is not advised to just drop this one into that mod without further editing. ** UPDATED: 3/7/2019 "Early" skin has been repainted to remove national markings. All have now been replaced with decals. sf2_atlas_impala-mk2_v2_pack.7z
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    Version 1.0.0


    The only foreign buyer of the Panther was the Argentine Naval Aviation, which bought 28 ex-USN F9F-2B aircraft in 1957; the first 10 arrived in 1958. Only 24 aircraft were put in service, the rest were used as spares. The first flight of an Argentine Panther was in December 1958, and the last aircraft was put in service in January 1961. The catapults on the then only Argentine carrier, ARA Independencia, were considered not powerful enough to launch the F9F, so the aircraft were land-based. However, in July 1963 a Panther (serial 0453/3-A-119) landed on Independencia as part of trials; becoming the first jet to land on an Argentine aircraft carrier. Argentine Navy F9F-2 Panthers saw combat in the 1963 Argentine Navy Revolt, bombing and strafing a column of the Army 8th Tank Regiment which was advancing on the rebelling Punta Indio Naval Air Base. The attack destroyed several M4 Sherman tanks, at the cost of one F9F Panther shot down. The Argentine Panthers were involved in the general mobilization during the 1965 border clash between Argentina and Chile but no combat occurred. They were taken out of service in 1969 due to the lack of spare parts and replaced with Douglas A-4Q Skyhawks. The Argentine Navy also operated the F-9 Cougar. WHAT'S IN: - a new, dedicated Armada plane [needed to be used from carriers]; 3 Skins - decals, screens CREDITS: - BobRock: Panther - Paulopanz: ARA mod INSTALL: - put all in your mod folder NOTE: To land the Panthers from carriers (even if I made Independencia to use with): [MissionData] NationName=ArgentineNavy ServiceStartYear=1958 ..... MinBaseSize=SMALL Carrierbased=FALSE <------ CarrierParkSpan=8.35 CarrierParkAnimationID=5 or simply use the skis editing data and userlist inis USN Panther mod Enjoy @paulopanz
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    This is the F-23A Black Widow II as if it had won the ATF competition. This is Version 3.0 which has significant upgrades over Ver 2.0. Including new 3d model and skin, new flight model and updated cockpit. Read the readme.txt
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    Version 4.2


    THIS IS NOT UNDER THE COMBATACE FREEWARE LICENSE ACCORD YOU MAY - Have fun with this mod - Use it as you see fit once you download it, even modify it as you see fit - Create your own textures as you see fit and upload them under your name IF you wish to send me any modified core files (I don't need to review skins as that doesn't affect any core files) please PM me the modified files and I will check them out. There is no exception to this policy given my attitude towards staying out of jail. I will check them out and yay or nay the decision, but if I can edit any files in order to not go to jail, I will inform you and that will be it. I understand you may have information of a sensitive nature that you may have access to and frankly it does not belong in any files of this download. If that bothers you then please don't send me sensitive information, I think I've made it clear that I'm not going to jail in order to appease to players. http://combatace.com...24-my-projects/ Newer skin PSD with Block I ECS (no stacks) now available for skinning needs: http://combatace.com...-skin-template/ - Fixed some glaring errors in the INI files.
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    Version 1.2


    realSKY Environment January 13th, 2019 (1st Release) by Menrva >For Strike Fighters 2 games This is my sky enhancement mod. It also combines the work of many other modders, in order to provide a realistic, better looking sky. Here below a quick summary of the changes: -Tweaked sky colours, something in between Cellinsky's widesky and the stock SF2 colours. -More realistic Night colours, sky and ambient are much darker. -Reddish transition from Twilight to Night. -New "dark blue" High Altitude colours (fly near space with a NF-104). -Moon produces a yellowish light instead of the default purple. -Sky is "wider" as in Cellinsky's widesky mod (background horizon clouds are bigger and more noticeable). -Added beautiful cloud graphics made by ShrikeHawk. -Added stray clouds to Clear weather. -Added noticeable clouds to Overcast weather and Inclement weather, "fixing" a known SF2 "bug". -Combined various mods to produce a more interesting Rain Effect under Inclement weather. -Added Stary's Lens Flare effects from the SARCASM 2 mod, in place of Cellinsky's widesky effects. -Added Cloud Layer graphics by Stary, Fubar512 and Brain32. -Other small tweaks of no importance for the end user. It's recommeded to set the game's Effects to High in the Options menu. By setting the Effects to Unlimited, the game uses a pointless DirectX 10 post processing effect; the stock game's post processing shader generates a horrible bloom effect which excessively blinds the player during Twilight transitions. I have included an alternative post processing shader (TWPOSTPROCESS.FX) in order to disable the faulty bloom effect; it provides a minor bloom effect when looking directly at the sun, so it's miles better than what the stock game offers. However, if you want to gain more FPS, it's better not to play the game with Effects set to Unlimited. >Credits (in no particular order): -Cellinsky, for his fantastic widesky mod from which I borrowed some colours and tweaks. -Stary, for his Thunderstorm weather mod and his SARCASM 2 beta mod from which I borrowed some graphical effects and tweaks. -PanamaRed, for tweaks in regards to Clouds (especially the Broken weather ones). -Fubar512 and Brain32, for their Cloud Layer Top bitmaps, which I have smoothed for a better looking effect. -ShrikeHawk, for his Cloudscape v3 mod, from which I took the spectacular cloud graphics. -BearGryllis, for his Thunderstorm Pack With Enhanced Lightnings 2.0b package. -Orsin, for his Improved Rain Effect and Heavy Rain 0.8 mods. -luk1978, for his interesting WeatherEffect mod. -ArmedLightning, for his Special FX v2.2 mod for the GTR 2 game, from which I borrowed a lens flare effect. -76.IAP-Blackbird, for his interest and bug reporting. I included the original readme files from the mentioned mods, where available, to the end of giving proper credit to everyone involved directly or not. >Disclaimer: This is a freeware; yet it can be redistributed ONLY in other CombatACE mods/mod packages. This mod may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. >My Terrain Packages: Timor, North Oceania (1950-2018) Ecuador, Northwest South America (1981-1998) Texas, American South Central (1968-2018) Sweden, Baltic Rim (2004-2018) Sweden, Baltic Rim (1952-1994) Libya, Central Mediterranean (1980-2011) Madagascar, Southeast Africa (1977-2018) Iraq, Western Asia (2003-2018) Alaska, Bering Strait (1955-2018) Iraq, Western Asia (1980-2003) >My Miscellaneous Packages: Nations & Medals Expansion Speech Enhancement Strike Fighters: Wings Over World Menu Screens
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a rework of all F-14A_82 skins withing the TMF F-14 v1.3. - Required TMF F-14 Pack v1.3
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    Version 2.1


    B-1B Lancer aka "The Bone" by Dels and the Bone Team SF2 Version for Dec 2009 Patch and beyond Nov 2010 Model by Dels Skins by ST0RM, Syrinx Jat81500 and my boy Jimmy B!!!! Decals, units and testing, etc by Dave (USAFMTL) and ST0RM Sounds by Spillone Updated FM by Fubar512 and FastCargo Weapon Station arrangements by FastCargo Destroyed LOD by Klavs81, Dels and FastCargo B-1B Pit by Dels (Its a bloody masterpiece) ACES 2 Seats by Julhelm Mod USAF pilot by Diego Technical Adviser/Loadouts ans new weapons models by FastCargo Package contains: B-1B 86 Turkey Feathers and pure nuke B-1B 92 Blk A - Nuke and Conventional role B-1B 96 Blk C - CBU capability, B-1B 98 Blk D - JDAM and ALE-50 added B-1B 03 Blk E - JSOW, CMUP PIT, JASSM To install: Sounds go into your main mod folder. Example: C:\Users\username\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Sounds Effects go into your main mod folder. Example: C:\Users\username\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Effects Planes go into your Objects/Aircraft folder. Example: C:\Users\username\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Objects\Aircraft Decals go into your Objects/Decals folder. Example: C:\Users\username\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Objects\Decals Pilots go into your Objects/Pilots folder Example: C:\Users\username\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Objects\Pilots Weapons go into your Objects/Weapons folder Example: C:\Users\username\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Objects\Weapons If do not have any of these folders, then by installing this into your main install, it will make them for you. Example: C:\Users\username\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Additional Notes by FastCargo: Each model of B-1B has the ability to carry the specific weapons it was authorized for during that time frame. Most of these weapons are included in this package...the preset loadouts represent typical arrangements. The weapon stations have been setup so that you can only load the type and number of weapons for each bay in the loadout screen, reflecting real life limitations. Also, the maximum gross weight for takeoff at sea level is 470000 pounds...you can easily exceed this just with the default loadouts at full internal fuel weight. It is HIGHLY recommended to lower your internal fuel to 75% to get under the gross weight. At full gross weight, the AI and you will require the whole runway to takeoff...you will probably not 'unstick' until close to 200 knots. At minimum weight, it should only take about half the runway and about 160 knots unstick. Also, do not rotate above 9 degrees pitch on takeoff before you leave the runway...or you will scrape the tail and may crash. The FM has been through some major rework to get around the limitation that the sim has with large swing wings. The current FM setup is a compromise to allow docile handling with realistic performance. There are some weaknesses with it, mainly during mid altitude cruise flight tends to take more power than the real aircraft needs. You will find that the FM mimics the real thing in most limitations...lower altitude ceiling at full gross weight, faster roll rates with wings swept back, etc. Also, 'at the limit' handling has been much improved...much more difficult to stall at high speed. Handling is fairly carefree, simulating the real aircraft's fly by wire helping you keep the aircraft within limits. It is still possible to overG or stall...with bad consequences for both. For mission planning and the AI, the sim uses the 'CruiseSpeed' parameter to determine attack speed, and the LevelBombAI, ReleaseAlt to determine how high it's attack run is. Because of this, you may find the parameters for both to be different for each model. Here is the current list for each one: B-1B_86 - Speed-540 knots / Alt 1500 feet B-1B_92 - Speed-540 knots / Alt 1500 feet B-1B_96 - Speed-540 knots / Alt 600 feet B-1B_98 and 03 - Speed-320 knots / Alt 15000 feet The 2 later models are high and slow because they mostly do standoff and PGMs, which usually require altitude. The 2 earliest models are low alt, high speed for the nuke mission to get away from the blast (btw, you will NEED .9 mach and 1300 AGL to drop a gravity nuke...or you won't make it out of the blast radius). The middle model is same speed, but lower altitude because they didn't carry nukes anymore. We did our best. Enjoy.
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    This terrain now uses the 250 meter resolution as described here.... http://combatace.com/topic/89389-kamchatka-250m-version-with-adjusted-tileset-etc/ Thanks Stary. Please be aware that due to the terrain resolution, number of objects etc this terrain may take a while to load or not even run at all...Reading the README's is vitally important..!! What's new ? We now have seasons but the winter version dose'nt have snow as I cant seem to get it right. Quite a few new tiles and tod's for the new airfield layouts by myself. Lots of new objects including several complete RAF style airbase layouts made by myself. I have included a few ground object files, some downloaded from here [ships] and some made by myself [RAF trucks and radar etc] but to make sure everything shows I would get just about every UK ground object you can from the CA downloads section.....there are just too many for me to add to the file and keep its size fairly small. FINALLY a big "THANK YOU" to EVERY body that has made any mods for the SF2 series..........there's a good chance some of you work is used here ....Thanks again.
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    Version vers.1.0


    F-4F pack Includet: - F-4F - F-4F_80 - F-4F_ICE Animation / Function - Canopy - Hook - Air Refuel - Wing fold ______________ only on hard wing F-4E´s - Gun Vent ______________ automatic when gun is fired or as soon as the landing gear is deployed - Brake Chute____________ works with the Air Brake below 150kts NOTE: this mod replaces existing TW and TMF aircrafts , please remove the existing folders befor installing this mod , the existing skins / textures will no longer fit !!!! NOTE: if you use the weapons from the Weaponds pack-2 please replace them with the new one includet here Hangar and Loading screens are in 1920 x 1080 Installation: - Drop all files into your mod folder the way they are setup in this pack and overwrite if ask to - If you are unsure about the way how mods are installed, check the knowledge base at CombatAce! Credit - original model by TW , BPAO , Crab_02 - cockpits from TW - Testpilots , Fanatic Modder , Soulfreak , Crusader - new updated model , textures and weapons by ravenclaw_007 i hope i did not forget anybody the new Templates are available on request , i may upload them some other time
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    NATO Fighters III ------------------------- IMPORTANT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS You MUST follow these steps to properly install NATO Fighters. I suggest creating a clean WOE install for NATO Fighters. Refer to the readmes that are included with the files for more information. If this is a new setup, install software in the following order: Wings Over Europe October 2008 Patch NF1 NF2 NF3 NF4 BACKUP your existing NF installation before continuing -- now that you have been warned, any lost files or pilot data are completely your fault! Install the October 2008 patch for WOE, then install NF3. Run the executable included in the archive you downloaded. ***When prompted, ensure that the installation path is pointing towards your NF installation. When the path is correct, continue the installation.*** That's it! Everything is installed automatically and no modding is required. Description ---------------- This is a group download of all files for NATO Fighters. For specific information on file inclusions, updates, contributors, and bug fixes please refer to the README.TXT file in each download. Thanks for downloading NATO Fighters! This is a four part series of expansion packs for Wings Over Europe designed to incorporate many of the best mods for the Strike Fighters series produced over the past several years.
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    Korea Terrain (V3) for SF2 == For SF2, Full 5 Merged, @ July 2012 Patch Level, -ONLY- == * Note: while this terrain references the GermanyCE.cat for terrain objects, it =MUST= be used in the SF2NA (or Full-5 Merged) environment. Use in any other type of install is at the End Users risk, as carrier operations have some 'oddities withou the necessary SF2NA coding. No support is/will be available for those End Users withOUT SF2NA. It it also supremly reccomended (read: required!) that you have SF2I's Expansion Pak 1, as several of the aircraft (soon to be) supplied WILL be needed for historik 1950s usage. SF2V is also required for it's Skyraider. If you do NOT meet these requirements, you download this at your own risk. It is also probable, that without heavy editing, this terrain MAY NOT WORK in 1stGen SF/Wo* game installs. * This is a higly detailed terrain, with many new custom tiles and TODs. Due to the large number of terrain and ground objects used, you may experience exceptionaly long loading times. It has been fully tested in a Full-5 merged SF2 install, at the July, 2012 patch level (meaning: both a stand-alone KAW-centric game install, and with the terrain in SF2NA). This is the terrain you've all been waiting for -- This is the KAW "Korea" terrain. It replaces any and ALL other versions of this part of the world you may have; this is likely the most accurate terrain EVER released for the Third Wire series. While designed with the Korean War in particular mind, like all my other terrain mods, it has a full 100 Year Operations Span ™, allowing for use well into Modern Times. This is a Full 4-Season terrain, with all the various tiles and terrain objects requred. However, it IS HIGHLY suggested you create a seperate KAW mods folder built from the SF2NA exe, as this terrain makes use of NA specific coding for carrier operations via the water bmp. There are 2 "CV Zones" on the map, in their semi-historic locations; Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan. This terrain also makes use of the LimitedNations=TRUE statement, locking in regional participants. And yes, as expected, there ARE Easter Eggs. When building you KAW Mods Folder, you are advised to leave all the stock items intact, due to the Year Spread, and when the other 1950s KAW Parts are released, simply add them. It is vitally important to use ONLY the era-specific ground objects I'll be supplying!! Of course, adding SAMs the NK's have and their associated radars, and HAWK units is also important! So, feel free to add those AD or Ground units that fit this particular region. GroundObjects included in this pak are very limited; in fact, some you may have already. The full KAW GO, Weapons, Pilots and other items will be released as soon as possible. With the exception of some aircraft; they'll be along as soon as they're done. In the meantime, there ARE plenty era-specific aircraft downloads at CA to keep you happy for a short while Geophysical Disclaimer: some rivers and other water features may not follow their Real Life ™ courses, be placed in their Real Life ™ locations, or exist at all. Several cities and other physical features, including target areas, will also fall into that classification. Some target areas (cities, etc) exist only as named places, with no strategic or tactical values. Just someplace to fly over. Also, the targeting in Japan is exceptionally minimal -- this was done purposfully to reduce the chance of Enemy Aircraft ™ showing up far beyond their operational ranges over the Home Islands. If necessary for 'later year' useage, this can be expanded as needed (what with all those superdetailed F-104J and F-4EJs available, to say nothing of JASDF Sabres in the download section). As always, unzip this to a temp folder or your desktop, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions. It's reccomended (ie: REQUIRED!!!) you read the document through after unzipping, but BEFORE installing. As always, the Notes and Other Nonesense section may make for entertaining reading. It's also VERY IMPORTANT to read the Legal Statement at the bottom, as it reflects changes in policy to ALL my terrain works. Happy Landings, and Good Hunting! wrench kevin stein -for the KAW Team
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    Update on the J-31 (Bandidos) for SF1 Update: - Skins - Damage textures No J31 cockpit for SF1 so I've retextured the SF1 F-22 pit Thanks to Bandidos and ThridWire Loading & Hangar Screens by LeL
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    F-22A Raptor Version 2.01 for Strike Fighters 2 Series 18 Jun 2009 The Raptor Team: Dels – Model maker extraordinaire USAFMTL – Decal work and project manager Jimmybib - Skins (Updated 17 Jun 09) Jat - Avionics Work (Updated 17 Jun 09) Moonjumper - INI work Starfighter – FM work Fast Cargo - Weps Assist CA_Stary - AB Effects Klavs81 - For pilot legs in the cockpit Wpnssgt and Fubar for their start on this project. Installation: Just drop into your: Vista User Name/Saved Games/ThirdWire/StrikeFighters2 folder and let the folders overwrite themselves. Limitations. Would of loved to of had TVC. But it doesn't exist in game. This is freeware and may not be sold. This may not be distributed to any other sites but Column5.us and Check-six. Anything I forgot to mention is purely unintentional. Dave USAFMTL www.combatace.com THE place for Third Wire Mods, forums and the sim discussion. Anyplace else....is just playing catch up. 19 Jun 09 Update Fixed RCS modifier BaseRCSModifier=-0.000001 Feb 2010 Updates By Jat Nov 2010 Avionics updates my SND
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    Version 2.0


    ________________________________________________________________________________________________ From now on , this new update: http://combatace.com/files/file/15169-operation-odyssey-dawn-update/ It is mandatory to be applied over this MOD. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Opération Harmattan---------Operation Ellamy---------Operation Odyssey Dawn--------Operation Freedom Falcon----------Operación Amanecer de la Odisea---------Operation Mobile Version 2.0 HD This is the definitive version of the original Operation Odyssey Dawn MOD. It includes a highly reworked version of the original Operation Odyssey Dawn MOD also avaible here at CA. As it is a big package and those are usually difficult to handle by some users I'm going to explain with the higher ammount of details how to install it and how to work with it , so please guys READ this README. 1) Requirements * A very powefull computer at LEAST with an intel core i5 and 6Gb of RAM, if not loading times will be crazy and gaming horrible as the CPU won't afford the MOD 2) Installation * Use a CLEAN , and when I say clean it is a CLEAN MOD folder * Path the game up to july 2013 if you don't do this the MOD won't work , so you are warned * Drop everything you have in the 3 .rar files and when it asks you to overwrite say: YES TO ALL * Rar files are at .rar5 format so please be sure that you use the lastest winrar version You can also use this program if you have problems unzipping the MOD: http://www.bandisoft.com/bandizip/ * Then everything should work 3) If you do the above things , you think that you fullfill the requirements and the MOD does not work properly, What to do? * Any PM sent to me regarding this question WON'T BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT , because I don't want to have 12 PM's asking me the same thing in 3 different languages. * So to solve the above point I've created a "problem template" , that you must fill and post at the file announce post of this MOD "problem Template" Installation you have: Path: Type of problem: Campaign working (YES/NO): Air unit of the campaign: Plane used by the air unit 4) Weapons They are included and based in RavenClaw's MOD so , if you miss some of them because I may have forgotten to add them just download this: http://combatace.com/files/file/13929-weapons-pack-2/ 5) Campaign There are more assest than in the original MOD however a lower number of them will be flyable. The reason is the use of many off-map bases. 6) Credits: "I approve of the mod" dmtdragon The Mirage Factory Cocas Dels eburger68 ianh755 Dave Sundowner JSF_Anggie Aleks1 JAT81500 Feedee Bobrock JeanBa Stratos Ice Man Logan4 Wrench Bongodriver Foxmonter DenissOliveira Ludo.m54 Centurion-1 Coupi Paulopanz Marcelo ace888 Brain32 wpnssgt Veltro2k Blackfish Sordo EricJ Eole2 RavenClaw_007 FastCargo Baddmeister YEYEYE Crusader Sillone104 WhiteBoySamurai frnt Kesselbrut I've I forgotten to mention someone , just tell me. Have fun. FRPignon
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    Aero L-39C/ZA/ZO Albatros for Strike Fighters 2 series (Europe, Israel) Installation: Under Win7 or Vista unzip content into User\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2(...)\Objects Under WinXP is the destination in MyDocuments\ThirdWire... History (from wiki): The Aero L-39 Albatros is a high-performance jet trainer aircraft developed in Czechoslovakia to meet requirements for a "C-39" (C for cvi?ný – trainer) during the 1960s to replace the L-29 Delfín. It was the first of the second-generation jet trainers, and the first turbofan-powered trainer produced, and was later updated as the L-59 Super Albatros and as the L-139 (prototype L-39 with engine Garrett TFE731). The design is still produced in an evolved state as the L-159 ALCA, while more than 2,800 L-39s still serve with over 30 air forces around the world. The Albatros – the most widely used jet trainer in the world – is versatile, seeing duty in light-attack missions as well as in basic and advanced pilot training. Role Military trainer aircraft Light ground-attack aircraft Manufacturer Aero Vodochody First flight 4 November 1968 Introduced 1971 Status 2,800 still in use in various air forces Primary users Soviet Air Force Czechoslovak Air Force Libyan Air Force Royal Thai Air Force Produced 1970s-1999 3D model: Monty CZ Textures: Monty CZ, Soulfreak Cockpit: Monty CZ Flight model: Monty CZ Hangar and Loading textures: Soulfreak Thanks to: Miroslav Han?ar, author of the www.l-39.cz page Barry Hancock, from www.worldwidewarbirds.com (check his articles about flying the Albatros there) all people from www.flightsim.cz who helped me Soulfreak, Kulbit80, 76.IAP-Blackbird, EricJ, NeverEnough and others. For comments visit www.combatace.com Monty CZ
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    SF2 WW2 ETO B-17G Flying Fortress Pak 9/1/2013 -- Something for the WW2 ETO players -- = For SF2 ONLY, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) = **Note: Having any SF2 series game is HIGHLY reccomended, as this mod references the stock destroyed An-12. Also, due to modifications to various inis, and LOD exportation coding (Unicode) this mod will -NOT- work in1stGen games installs at ANY patch level.** This is the release of Veltro2K's B-17G Flying Fortress Heavy Bomber. This mod ONLY represents Forts used in the ETO. To eliminate any confusion with any other B-17Gs you may (or may not) have, your in-game displayed name will read "B-17G Flying Fortress (V2K)" There are 2 skins/decal sets in this pak. These represent 2 squadrons fron the 91st Bomb Group (of the 4), based in England... 322nd BS - in standard OD over Grey (folder is called "OD43") 323rd BS - in overall natural metal (folder is called "NM44") The skins make use of the "Start Date" statement, and will change accordingly in June, 44 from OD to NM. Although, historically, OD aircraft were seen up until VE-Day. All skins are in jpg format. All new Squadron Codes, plane-in-group and serial number decals were created. One may consider the serials as 'generic' in nature, but ARE correct for the model depicted, AND are actual serials for 17G's as used by both squadrons. It was impossible, however, to match serials to plane-in-group letters. All markings are decals, making in easier for skinners to recrate other ETO units (and by inference, MTO units). All lighting is historically correct. There are =NO= nose arts. Those with the desire (and talent) are encouraged to do the necessary legwork on research, running down the correct match between nose art, plane-in-group letter and serial number. The Skin templates ARE included. Look for the seperate folder "B17G templates -v2k", inside this zip. It should be noted, do =NOT= use this mod in a PTO-centric mods folder; these aircraft were NEVER used in the Pacific. Those wishing to recreate 15th AF (MTO) units are encouraged to do so. Engine sounds, pilot figures, BRAND new Hangar and Loading screens (in SF2 jpg format) are included. Bombs and guns are not included; you should have them already. Operational service dates are rounded to 'whole months'. As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!!! PLEASE read the "Notes" section for other EXCEEDINGLY!!!! important notations. The last round of patching (May/June/July 2013) seems to have induced some "issues" with Player Flown Heavies ™ Happy Landings!! Wrench Kevin Stein
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    This is a modification of the F22A that I have done. It is the futurist F-22 that appears in ace combat 3 electrosphere. It is faster and it can carry more fuel and ammo. I tried to make it a cockpit like in the game but i couldn't. Enjoy it I would like to thank usafmtl to allow me to use his work in this mod.
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    Nieuport 28 Patch v 1.02 1.Cockpit added 2.Fuselage modeling edited 3.Made a couple mapping editions Extract N28 folder to ../Aircrafts deirectory and overwrite Dont forget to backup your additional skins Enjoy EmlD
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    This skin represents the CAG bird until the squadron's disestablishment in 1995. For the Mirage Factory F-14A/B ONLY Updated with the TF30 skin update by Ceaser.
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    Thanks to eburger68 for the incredible work he did on getting this updated. Thank you sir. Dave (USAFMTL) ------------------------------------------- NATO Fighters IV+: Post-Dec2009 Update Pack ------------------------------------------- This package contains an update pack for the NATO Fighters IV+ (NF4+) add-on designed for "Strike Fighters 2: Europe" (SF2E) from ThirdWire. It does several things: 1) Updates the NF4+ add-on for use with the SF2E Dec2009 & later patch levels. 2) Adds several new aircraft and AAA objects. 3) Adds a number of new textures to existing aircraft. 4) Fixes or updates numerous other files in the original NF4+ mod. This update pack should be applied to SF2E/NF4+ installations that are patched to the Dec2009 or later patch level, including Feb2010, Mar2010, or May2010. If you are running SF2E at the Jun2009b patch level and do NOT intend to update to one of the later patch levels mentioned above, you should NOT apply this update pack. To get to the original NF4+ files you need to go here: http://combatace.com/files/category/407-sf2-series-add-on-missions-and-campaigns/ Changes, Fixes, & Additions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New Aircraft ------------ - Canberra B(1)8: added - F-4M_80_TMF: added - F-4M_85_TMF: added - F-4JUK: added - Su-24: added Upgraded Aircraft ----------------- - B-57B : made flyable - EF-111A: updated LODs - F-111D: updated LODs - F-111F: updated LODs; added missing SLIMER.TGA to skins - F-4D: added USAFGrey1 skin - F-4D_67: added USAFGrey1 skin - F-4D_75: subbed Sundowner's USAFCamo1 textures - F-4D_78: subbed Sundowner's USAFCamo1 textures - F-4D_78: added USAFGreen1 skin - F-4E_75: subbed Sundowner's USAFCamo1/2 textures - F-4E_78: subbed Sundowner's USAFCamo1/2 textures - F-4E_78: added USAFGreen1 & USAFGrey1 skins - F-4G_85: added 81st TFS skin - F-4M: added custom sounds - F-4M_75: added custom sounds; adjusted USERLIST.INI - F-16A Block 1: added Kreelin's Sep. 2008 fm - F-84F_MF: added ThirdWire SF2 flight model - Jaguar GR.1: added 2 RAF skin; tweaked names of others - Mirage 5BA/IIIC/IIIE: added ThirdWire SF2 flight models - Mirage IIIC: added BleuDA skin - RF-84F: added French skin (sans Suez stripes) - RF-84F: added 52c skin (per Campaign 1) - Tornado GR.1A: added 14 sqn skin - Other: added new hangar/loading screens, loadout images, UserLists, destroyed models, & damage holes to aircraft as appropriate/needed Other Updates ------------- - Campaigns 1-4: updated & corrected - Flight: added sight textures for F-117A, AV-8B, & Su-25 for adjusted years - AAA: updated ground units & guns; added tracers - AAA: added Gepard, M-167 VADS, & M-42 Duster - AAA: added ZPU-4 & ZiL-157 ZPU-1 - EnvironmentSystem: re-configured cloud layers to eliminate unsightly clipping - Terrain: added LimitedNations statement to main .INI; added Spain & USMC to Nations.INI - Other: added a number of weapons, pilots, guns, & sounds either to support new aircraft or to fill in previously missing items General SF2 post-Dec2009 Updates -------------------------------- - Hangar/Loading Screens: converted to .JPG format - Loadout Images: coverted to .TGA format - Damage Holes: changed to .DDS on default aircraft - F-4 DATA.INIs: updated to use new node names - Cockpit Positions: checked & updated as needed - HUD/DTVFilter Materials: added & updated as needed - Effects: added proper shaders to all effects - EnvironmentSystem: added proper Dec2009 shaders & new environment parameters - Menu Screens: coverted to .JPG format - Non-decal TGAs: copied to aircraft texture folders ** Please note that this update package includes all the fixes and updates from the "NF4+ Fixpack & AAA Add-on" released in Oct. 2009. ~~~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~~~ As noted above, this update pack adds a number of new items to the NF4+ add-on. These new items are from the following modders, who generously allowed their use: The Mirage Factory & Sundowner ...... F-4M_80, F-4M_85, F-4JUK Sundowner ........................... new USAF F-4 skins Ahmed Junaid Raza ................... Canberra B(1)8 Veltro2K, Lindr2, & Tunderchief ..... Su-24 Fencer FastCargo ........................... updated E/F-111 lods Suicidal/Banidos Team ............... M-167 VADS Gabilon & MiGMaster ................. Gepard Kesselbrut .......................... ZiL-157 ZPU-1 Kreelin ............................. F-16A Block 1 flight model Credit for the original NF4+ add-on goes to Column 5, Dave (USAFMTL), hgbn and the rest of the NF4+ team. For a list of all the modders whose work is used in the complete NF4+ add-on, see the original ReadMes included in \OriginalReadmes. Thanks to Crusader and Brain32 for assistance putting this update pack together. If we have neglected to credit anyone here, please let us know. We will get it fixed ASAP.
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    SF2 campaign "Operation Desert Fury" for F-22A. Installation notes: Simply extract the contents of the "Operation Desert Fury F-22A" folder into your Mods\StrikeFighters2 folder. This aircraft is required: F-22A Raptor Version 2.01 For SF2 Series
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    here is a speedy mod for ccs


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