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  1. Hey @Menrva you consider an aggressor F-22? Rather like this Su-35 Super Flanker & Su-57 Felon emulating scheme I saw on Instagram.
  2. Hey I made these changes on my Block II build and don't have Air-to-Ground radar. Going to attach one of my avionics.ini files for you to go over. FA-18F_AVIONICS.INI That said, been porting over some of your SF1 liveries over to SF2 and loving it. Especially love imitating some of the missions in the book Jet Girl...
  3. Very nice @Stratos complete with Su-35. Be awesome to rage around there in everything from F-15Es to F-16s to F/A-18Es to F-35s...
  4. Very nice skin pack, including a Japanese one. I do wish Japan and Aussies would be allowed to buy upgraded F-22s... so the USAF could also. But Cong-ress and their mad fixation on the F-35 lacking thrust vectoring and some agility. #SIGH
  5. This time, I read the rules.... then went down to my last Sidewinder...
  6. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    Me too. Trump is not a good man. I right now am helping a Real World municipal campaign and then need to finish off a SF2 mission set that is set in the backdrop of Trump Year Four betraying a bedrock modern post-WWII American ally. At least unlike the Kurds, the Japanese have a very good air force...
  7. Clearly the F-14D Super Tomcat is missed by some around here...
  8. Now we just need a Super Hornet + Growler module...
  9. A Su-25 Frogfoot off the Kurils trying to hold off a F-15J...
  10. Hey admin/admins; I would like a clear notification somehow when a file is updated in SF2. Especially since I had to get lucky to find the Super Hornet package was updated. Many thanks!
  11. For those of us with too many RL or Real Life problems to manage, can you guys please boil this down to an executive summary to get to the proper 44100 Hz sounds for all jets? Thank you all for your hard work, especially @Menrva on this.
  12. Su-25 Paran Air Force

    A logical livery addition to the SF2 universe. Thank you.
  13. Would love to see terrain covering Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver, Washington State and Portland Oregon :-). PLEASE! Would cover a RCAF base for forward deployed fighters & Aurora patrol planes (Comox), F-15s and formerly F-16s & F-4s out of Portland, McChord AFB C-17s and history going back to Century Series, EA-18Gs + EA-6Bs + A-6s + A-3s + WWII of NAS Whidbey History. Also some good bombin' in Central Whid-beeeeeeyyy of noise whiner agitators.
  14. OK my turn... night fighting Fencers in a Tomcat a while ago, saving up the screenies for the forum) (I know not real-life as the Libyans didn't like flying at night...)

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