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  1. From Key.Aero: Full story: https://www.key.aero/article/boeing-partner-mhi-japanese-f-15j-upgrades?fbclid=IwAR2WYXBznWogLAxlxZihPYOr0PoZZNRePqTg2KTQVcr4CjTTlZiu4GIrV5w
  2. Yup, MiG-31s still using 'em on the Russian Far Eastern Front...
  3. This is a rad thread, thanks for sharing the code deep inside SF2!
  4. Some third-party good news: DC Designs - creator of the F-15 & F/A-18 for P3D - has committed to port over to FS2020 plus create a F-14D for FS2020 IndiaFoxtrotEcho - creator of some great jets - has made some commitments to add to FS2020 So hopefully we'll see some military aircraft in FS2020 sooner rather than later. The scenery I am seeing is outstanding. Just wish there were some high performance airplanes to go with it...
  5. F/A-18D vs. Su-30MKM

    Oh this is gonna be a classic....
  6. Files, what files? Where? I'm taking off in search of 'em:
  7. My thoughts 1) Listen folks have a lot on their plate even or especially being locked down. I wish I coulda launched a mission pak a lot sooner than mid-July now but... I also understand the SF2 developer has other games he's working on. 2) If I could add only one feature it would be for AI to be able to drop GPS-bombs easily. No seriously. Leave the terrains to others. Planes and ships are nice but that can wait.
  8. If someone told me painting weird shapes on a Su-35 was how I was going to spend this weekend, I'd giggle pre-pandemic.

    It's slow work since there's no paint kit and a wild bitmap with this 3D model but I don't want a Su-35 without this particular paint scheme.


  9. Trying to apply to @frtn's Su-35 the famous winter splinter paint scheme. Slow, tedious work but I rather like the paint scheme.
  10. Was up really late last night and found this database on the world's Su-27 and variants Flankers: http://www.sukhoi.mariwoj.pl/ Definitely worth a browse and more if one is working anything Flanker from the -27 to the -30, -33, -34, & -35. There's even a Su-57 (PAK-FA) page: http://su57.mariwoj.pl/, An Il-76/A-50 page: http://www.sukhoi.mariwoj.pl/a-50.htm, and finally a PDF for Ilyushin Il-18, Il-20, Il-22, Il-38. CC: @frtn, @russouk2004, @Dariam and @FLOGGER23for starters
  11. Well @baffmeister I am simply copy-pasting what is in @UllyB's Tu-160_DATA.ini with no edits: Hope this helps.
  12. StrikeFighters2 Replacement Hi-Res Spash Screens

    Very nice screens that actually work. I just replaced the annoying InitScreen in Program Files (x86)\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters 2\Menu with the USAF Aggressor screen. Me like a lot.
  13. Well now I get a black screen for the init screen, so there's that. Current ini: StrikeFighters2 Nihon Hitori 2020.ini I have a suspicion after the above years ago, the code got changed to hard-wire to the standard SF2 boot-up screen. With that, unless any better ideas come forward, going to move along to address bigger issues than what the initscreen is!

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