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  1. LOL, I know, I am too serious about certain things sometimes, sorry. Actually, Lemurland was there in the previous version. The latest I had uploaded has it removed.
  2. No. If you want, you can make a campaign for it. The terrain I provide has got a lot more airfields and target areas, and the scenario is more historically plausible (French Islands vs. Soviet aligned African countries). Madagascar is Red Side together with Mozambique.
  3. Thanks to your great efforts, @nuni, my space terrains will see the light of day (will be released someday). Keep up the good work!
  4. Why bother with the old AE? People seem to forget my complete terrain remakes. I remade the Madagascar terrain from scratch, complete with high-res heightmap, smaller islands and working water bitmap for naval ops: https://combatace.com/files/file/16631-madagascar-southeast-africa-1977-2018/ This one looks miles better, and there are no such heightmap bugs which Wrench mentions about the original AE terrain.
  5. No news. I see TW is still much active for their mobile games, though.
  6. It is NOT! You cannot create such cloud layer in SF2. Cloud layers are bidimensional, flat textures in SF2. Moreover, terrain is invisible when over the layer, it does not appear through the layer, which is a game-breaking bug for terrains with high altitudes.
  7. Sure, I'm here to help. Actually, when you told you were modernizing the Hawaii terrain, I was thinking about remaking the heightmap in high resolution and in a way that the islands would be in full scale. I am busy with other projects though, so I'll think about this in the future.
  8. Nice! I've done the Hawaii ANG Raptors already. Hopefully the new Raptor will be soon released, still a few details remain to be worked on.
  9. For real. As soon as I saw the title, I had the same reaction. So many incidents recently. Thankfully this one was not fatal.
  10. RCAF Snowbird plane crashed in Kamloops, BC

    My condolences to her loved ones. S!
  11. Yes, I've heard lots of good things about it. Maybe I'll try it someday. I still have some good games ready to be used with DOSBox.
  12. Man, I must thank you for making me discover this amazing OST. It really hooked me up. I'm in love with the "We Can Fly" song. It made my day, and May 13th's Top Gun day! I found that Tornado is still being played and modded due to an open source code. Moreover, the current "developer" has obtained permission to release higher quality MP3s from the original author of the OST: http://dogsofwarvu.com/forum/index.php/topic,7738.msg38676.html#msg38676 I wish I could find a copy of the Tornado Music CD with uncompressed, highest sound fidelity.
  13. Gepard understood what I was saying. Aircraft carriers which have been exported IRL require their own folder, instead of making use of userlist.ini and Exported=TRUE statements. If you use the userlist.ini, the secondary nation's carrier is never used by the game in automaticallly generated fleets, and thus no AI flights from them as well. I made it so that the Clemenceau had a Brazilian skin for the Sao Paulo, and with Brazil added to the userlist.ini. The game disregards it completely. KJakker made a copy of the folder and created a Brazil-only Clemenceau with the Sao Paulo skin. Now the game uses it with Brazilian Navy aircraft.
  14. The only solution is to make a separate folder for it. We (KJakker and me) had same issues for the Brazilian São Paulo, which is an exported Clemenceau-class carrier. By making it stand-alone, problem solved.
  15. The sky is a beautiful place, and who says otherwise is wrong...

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