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  1. You've got a higher chance of seeing a Half Life 3 or Freespace 3 first dude.
  2. Hence why I said 'civilised' dude. Also Kurd, if a defoliant style dispenser is what you're after like in the photo you posted, I pretty positive someone made smoke generators in one of the weapons pack. Again, it'll allow you to simulate it, but will have zero tactical value in-game.
  3. Is that a He-219 with hi-bypass turbofans???????????? Because nice!
  4. I tried messing around with something like this about a decade ago. You can't simulate the AoE damage that a chemical/biological agent would have, so you're limited to the kind of kinetic effects of a bomb or missile (direct attack, small area of effect), BUT you can alter the crater and smoke effects. I was able to change the colour of the smoke and make it a little more persistent, but that was about the best I could manage. So technically, it's possible to produce a weapon that has similar visual effects with some tinkering, but without any real tactical value-- anything you hit will still explode as per usual, the only difference being the munition's crater looking like a chemical 'smoke' plume. ...and for the people banging on about the legality of chemical weapons, we still have cluster munitions in this game, and they're currently outlawed in all the civilised parts of the world.
  5. Man... if your service is pressing a dud like the Airacomet into combat duty, then things on your side of the conflict reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally can't be going well!
  6. It looks so much better with this radome!
  7. Holy! Shit! Spinners! There's outdoing yourself, and then there's OUTDOING yourself! Calling this fantastic doesn't do it justice!
  8. Trying to ID a plane from a TV Show

    Yep, looks like a T-37. Just for future reference, there used to be a page called the Internet Movie Aircraft DataBase (IMADB) akin to the Firearms Database (IMFDB) where you could punch in the show/film's title and it would list the aircraft that made appearances in said title. Not sure if it's still around, but there's a fandom one around that also might help. My folks hit me up for an ID of a plane that showed up in NCIS (my parents are pretty old. 😉 ) recently, and I found it in there. Turned out to be a fictional stealth plane, you know, because NCIS. :p
  9. Which maps are you trying to use, Fred?
  10. This is a work of art, Veltro!
  11. Always been curious to see how exactly the F-4X would have fared at Mach 3. That airframe is going to heat up exponentially, and it didn't exactly seem like it was treated for temperatures of 800C+ (not sure what that is on the archaic temperature scale) that the Mig-25s/Mig-31s would often reach when trying to intercept SR-71s.
  12. What, 11000 aircraft produced over a quarter of a century and being the bane of Western air forces isn't 'real' enough for you, Paulo?
  13. Short answer, no. The AI behaviour needed for gunships to act like gunships isn't coded into the game.
  14. Now this is a Ceiling Fan

    Limited time two for one offer: free air support with every fan purchase. Could do with one of these myself now that Summer's about to slam into us here and the flies are out in force.
  15. Suchoi Intercept Rafal refueling over Syria

    Well, if one asks disingenuous questions, then maybe one shouldn't expect a supportive response...

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