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  1. What, 11000 aircraft produced over a quarter of a century and being the bane of Western air forces isn't 'real' enough for you, Paulo?
  2. Short answer, no. The AI behaviour needed for gunships to act like gunships isn't coded into the game.
  3. Now this is a Ceiling Fan

    Limited time two for one offer: free air support with every fan purchase. Could do with one of these myself now that Summer's about to slam into us here and the flies are out in force.
  4. Suchoi Intercept Rafal refueling over Syria

    Well, if one asks disingenuous questions, then maybe one shouldn't expect a supportive response...
  5. Suchoi Intercept Rafal refueling over Syria

    Yeah, how's that working out over in the Ukraine... 🙄
  6. So what shows are you hooked on?

    You guys singing the praises of B5 have excellent taste!!
  7. Are they still charging USD $65/hour to problem solve and make aircraft edits??
  8. CF-151 (Rafale) * What-If

    Damn this looks great! 👍
  9. CP-140 Aurora

  10. Mig-29K Pak

  11. Boeing 767 Skin Pack


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