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  1. Out of curiosity, given that Turkish troops and aircraft have targeted US troops multiple times in Northern Syria and blocked off ground routes out of their AO, how exactly can the US, specifically, the US military, respond to this? Are they even able to respond, or do they just have to take this on the chin and GTFO of Dodge asap...?
  2. Faroe Islands terrain

    The screencap with the TGPD Apache... I saw what you did there.
  3. SEA Buccaneer - textures only

    Just a heads up, but if you switch the positions of the fin flash and the lightning bolt, then lower the fin flash to either directly below, or below and to the rear of the bolt, that would make it more in line with the other RAAF strikers. Other than that, this is perfect!! I've been looking for an excuse to build a RAAF/RNZAF Bucc for a while now, so thank you!!
  4. Have a look through the knowledge Base first (https://combatace.com/forums/forum/99-thirdwire-strike-fighters-knowledge-base/) that'll get you acquainted with the nuances of editing the game. It can seem a little intimidating at first, but once you understand how the game operates, the file structure, where to place assets, etc, you'll find it's quite easy to alter. If landing on a carrier in a campaign is what you're aiming for (can't do it in a skirmish as far as I'm aware, sorry), then there's a specific section for that (https://combatace.com/forums/forum/190-adding-carriers-to-campaigns/) but again, it'll be fairly useless to go straight there if you don't know how to mod campaigns. But that is covered in the link to the knowledge Base. If you want to fight modern day fighters instead of early gen Red air, there's a relatively simple way to do that: install the aircraft as instructed in their readme files or as described in the Knowledge base, then go into the game's main folder (where the game's .exe is located). There should be a file called 'options.ini'. Make sure it's not set to 'read only'. Open it, then scroll down until you get to a subsection called [SingleMission]. It should look like this: [SingleMission] AircraftType=RAN FB-117A MissionMap=BOWL MissionType=STRIKE MissionTime=DAWN MissionWeather=SCATTERED AirActivity=LIGHT AirDefenseActivity=NORMAL LoadMission=FALSE LoadMissionFilename= MissionYear=1998 StartYear=1934 EndYear=2025 <<------------------------------------ Edit the year. Yours will likely be the default 'EndYear' which I think is in the 70s. Service=Australia You're going to want to edit the 'EndYear=' part. I usually change it to 2060 or higher. Now save the file. When you start the game, you should be able to select the year in the Single Mission menu to any time up to the year you changed it to. Any fighters that are available in the year you choose should be both available to fly with, or against. Whether or not enemy aircraft will be armed with any external loads will depend on if you have a weapons pack mod installed, or if the aircraft's loadout files use the default weapons names (ie AA-8, AA-9, AA-10, etc), or weapons pack designations (R-27, R-73, R-77, etc)***. My guess is that they probably won't have any weapons other than their guns, possibly not even those. Again, this will make sense if you read through the Knowledge Base section on adding weapons, or editing aircraft loadouts. Give the KB a read and have a play with it, and you'll figure out how the sim works pretty quickly. (***I should stress that, given this game is set in the 1950s to late 1970s period, you won't see modern missiles or basically anything made after 1970s without installing a weapons pack.)
  5. Don't for a second think that we don't appreciate your efforts in wrangling the beast in order to produce your quality wares, Veltro!
  6. If Stary can't get something working properly, then it can't be done.
  7. 'Night Hustler'...? Isn't that basically a pimp?
  8. so quiet in here....

    In the South, it's a f**king cold winter. EDIT: So I literally just posted that it it began to massively hail seconds later...
  9. You've got a higher chance of seeing a Half Life 3 or Freespace 3 first dude.
  10. Hence why I said 'civilised' dude. Also Kurd, if a defoliant style dispenser is what you're after like in the photo you posted, I pretty positive someone made smoke generators in one of the weapons pack. Again, it'll allow you to simulate it, but will have zero tactical value in-game.
  11. Is that a He-219 with hi-bypass turbofans???????????? Because nice!
  12. I tried messing around with something like this about a decade ago. You can't simulate the AoE damage that a chemical/biological agent would have, so you're limited to the kind of kinetic effects of a bomb or missile (direct attack, small area of effect), BUT you can alter the crater and smoke effects. I was able to change the colour of the smoke and make it a little more persistent, but that was about the best I could manage. So technically, it's possible to produce a weapon that has similar visual effects with some tinkering, but without any real tactical value-- anything you hit will still explode as per usual, the only difference being the munition's crater looking like a chemical 'smoke' plume. ...and for the people banging on about the legality of chemical weapons, we still have cluster munitions in this game, and they're currently outlawed in all the civilised parts of the world.
  13. Man... if your service is pressing a dud like the Airacomet into combat duty, then things on your side of the conflict reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally can't be going well!
  14. It looks so much better with this radome!
  15. Holy! Shit! Spinners! There's outdoing yourself, and then there's OUTDOING yourself! Calling this fantastic doesn't do it justice!

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