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  1. YES!!! *ahem* ...I mean sure, if you're offering it, SD.
  2. JMSDF Izumo - F-35B

    Love it! Can't wait to see F-35Bs in Japanese colours jumping off the deck in the relatively near future.
  3. Out of curiosity, can the DDR's end date be edited in the nations.ini? I've also been playing around with the idea of using them in a post-1990 campaign...
  4. Really? Can you have a word with my machine then? I've tried being reasonable, I've tried threats, but nada...
  5. Does the weapons editor still work for the SF2 series? ...because if so, wouldn't it just be a matter of creating a copy of the weapon, then firing up the editor and editing these two entries to operate from a bomb bay? Lets assume the weapons bay is long enough and wide enough to house the missile, all you'd have to is: -ensure the aircraft's weapon station can load the ARM. -give the ARM a release delay of a couple of seconds so after launch, it'll clear the bay before the rocket motor kicks in. -Make sure the 'use missile rail' checkbox is left unchecked. Please correct me if I'm wrong about anything, but I'm pretty sure this is what I did to be able to launch ARMs from internal Vulcan and Victor bomb bays (pretty sure I did the same to a B-47 to fire mavericks as part of a massive CAS test), back in the day, again assuming the editor still functions.
  6. Human made climate change for dummies

    Our grandparents/great grandparents generation had unregulated pollution and wastage at the start of the 20th century. Their children changed that by demanding that pollution be regulated to levels that reduced the harm to peoples' health (ie, with things such as Clean Air Act 1956 in the UK). Their children, the baby boomers, were the driving force behind environmentalism and recycling in the 60s onwards, getting the most out of consumables and ensuring there was less of an impact by industry on health and homes through chemical sprays and the like (hence no more DDT, harmful fly sprays nor lead based paints, etc). Gen-Xers continued this trend by pushing to eliminate CFCs, single use polystyrene and the introduction of biodegradables. Gen-Y and Gen-Z have pushed for the end of single use plastics, and the eventual move away from non-renewable power to renewable sources, and so on, etc. And all the while there has been resistance to these efforts, but they've always been proven wrong and their resistance has come to nought. Who's championing the unregulated dumping of nuclear waste today? Who's dismissing the 'overblown' claims and evidence that lead poisoning negatively affects prenatal development? Where are the councils dismissing the overwhelming medical evidence that cigarette smoking is directly linked to lung cancer? Evolutionary dead-ends die out, the only thing that's been malleable is the time frame it took for these recalcitrants to capitulate and die off. This has been the case since time immemorial. So do we honestly think we will change the way we are treating this world? F*ckin' oath, because our behaviour has been changing with each generation.
  7. Looks like this one might even be stealthy. Gonna be interesting to see when this is operational, considering the Su-57 has been around for over a decade and is still languishing in testing...
  8. Strike Fighters 2 vs War Thunder jets?

    You know you've gone too far when the someone from the home of the Spanish Inquisition is telling you "Dude, that's a bit over the top. Throttle it back a bit".
  9. Human made climate change for dummies

    I get what this says, but as an Australian, I was a little thrown at first; Particularly why everything is green and nothing's on fire... like, not even a little bit. *shrugs*
  10. Strike Fighters 2 vs War Thunder jets?

    You can play SF2, Ace Combat, Project Wingman, Vector Thrust, et al with gorgeous looking Phantoms with various degrees of complexity now, *OR* You could spend the next month grinding 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, battling ping, lag, rubberbanding and dodgy players who never run out of ordinance and never seem to die to see what WT has on offer on either side of their paywall. Entirely up to you dude, we're not going to judge either way. Personally, I'd like to give WT a crack, but our flash new whizz-bang (and strategically knobbled) $60 billion dollar broadband service here in Oz has only just reached 1992-era levels of latency, so it'll continue to be a what-if for most of us here for the foreseeable future.
  11. Unveiling a new fighter, or a new PR campaign directed at the West? Where Russia falls short on technical acumen (the fantastic Su-27/30/34/35 series notwithstanding), they more than make up for it with flashy media releases that overstate their technical prowess and military strength. It's interesting this is happening now, after a tumultuous year of widespread civil unrest...
  12. *Glares in disgruntled former librarian at all these disordered R,S,T,S,Q,T,S,S entries*
  13. The KC-30A, easily the finest Kulti-Kole Kanker/Kransport flying anywhere in the world. (Apologies for another link nicked, but I can't figure out which HD I've hidden my personal screenies on this new rig).
  14. C is for cookie, that's good enough for me...
  15. It was possible, it required very specific editing and was super finicky to get to work, but it could be done in the long, long ago times. Around a decade ago (maybe longer), from what I can remember, it was possible to set a positive fuel state with a specific throttle setting by editing the fuel consumption setting for the engines in an aircraft's ini file. There are others more adept than myself who could explain how it worked, but it's a moot point because TK patched it out around 2011/12ish, possibly earlier. I can't remember if it was something that was carried over to the SF2 series, but I know for it was possible in the first generation series because there were some Yankee Air Pirates missions that included it... ...I think. I mean, it was a long-ass time ago and I can barely remember sh*t I did yesterday. Either way, if IFR is something you're looking for, you'll have to look somewhere other than the SF series.

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