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  1. Go into a bar and ..?
  2. And of course this won't answer anybodies questions. But hey. This what I do. CL
  3. Good Snivel. Another challenge tho is I believe the RN Sea Kings flying the Royal Marines about did not have the sponsons. CL
  4. Pictures of Green Sea Kings during the Falklands are rare. Lots of pics of RN birds in South West Asia with their big sand filters. Oh here is another one from my collection. CL
  5. Off topic but on this side of the pond.
  6. I'll Just Post This Silliness Here.

    On a more serious note. CL
  7. Any plans For SEAC roundels on SEA skin ? CL
  8. Humpday Heavies

    In what time zone is it Saturday allready ? CL
  9. Humpday Heavies

    That looks extremely spot on. CL
  10. That F9F post gets my nomination for post of the month on this thread. CL
  11. Returning to the boat for more self propelled rifleman, M-14, Green, One each. CL
  12. Not the best screenie but I was pretty busy at the time.
  13. I have only a few MIG Screenshots. If I dig around I might have some more. CL

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