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  1. The Drop Tank Dilemma

    Awesome research! Thank you! So, the best SOP is to drop’em when in visual contact with the enemy.
  2. SF2I Extension Pack (1 of 4)

    Found a snag: at the Golan Stalemate campaign if I choose the KfirC2, when the first (and subsequent missions) start we are not at an airbase but on a terrain, there is no runway, no base. Also, the same as someone else already refered with the Vautour skins being totally black. Other than that, excellent mod! Thank you!
  3. SF2I Extension Pack (1 of 4)

    A very, very good installement to further complement the Israel scenario with more campaigns and new flyable aircraft. I just started playing the Attrition War with the Super Mystére and loving it so far. Tried some of the Migs (19,21,23) on single missions and really loved the overall work and feel of these airplanes and cockpit design. It sure is a great addition to this sim, ThirdWire could have done this from the start but hey, no complaining now, with an awesome community like this it is no longer a problem. Thank you so much, I was wishing to fly some Migs and was wondering how I was going to make those aiplanes flyable, with this mod I no longer have to workaround (and ask around for the “how to”) that. Can’t wait to fly a campaign with these and find out if the campaign balance is right. I think it will be fine. Thank you once again!
  4. Wings over Korea (1 of 3)

    Just started playing but quite simply, one of the best mods I’ve found so far. Just a few things to polish like sometimes not being able to skip with Alt + N, it gives the mission “Approaching mission objective” but we’re far out, still over the departure point (over the home base). I have a question, have you speeded up the simulation speed? I don’t know why but that was the immediate first impression I had, that I had the thing still with time speed on...
  5. Green Hell 3.5

    Absolutely outstanding job! I’ve restarted playing Vietnam campaigns after installing this terrain mod, it gives such an immersive experience!
  6. SARCASM v 1.5

    This made the sky frame even better, good job!
  7. Desert Terrain V.4

    One of the best terrain mods around!
  8. Green Hell 3.5 Enhancement Package

    Made one of the best terrain mods even better!
    One of the best terrain mods around!
  9. SF2:I IsraelME Terrain Remod

    Job well done!
    Some speech lines missing, for example: “We’re vectoring fighters to your area.” and “We’re sending you help, hold on.” is missing in this upgrade, one moment we’re hearing a male voice calling our callsign and then a female voice (the stock female voice file) seems to grab the guy’s mic and say the speech lines previously mentioned. Also, after installing this mod I’ve stopped hearing the female controller (Red Crown), except for the case I’ve mentioned. Other than that this is a job well done!
  10. Strike Fighters 2: Sounds (+)

    Good job on this one! The only thing I would have to say is that being used to that deep (stock) afterburner sound this new one makes it sometimes difficult to know if you have afterburners engaged, all in the midst of the others sounds, comms and stuff.
  11. Approach and Departure voicepack

    Job well done!
  12. Ok guys, problem solved! Funny how things can turn out, after reading from all the previous similar situations I´ve understood that the "VietnamSEA" mod folder had to go my "C:\Users\Holy Ghost Rider\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Vietnam\Terrain" folder, but that didn´t work with my installation. In fact, no other map mod would work that way! So as a last ditch effort I´ve moved those terrain mod folders to my "C:\Users\Holy Ghost Rider\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Terrains" folder. In other words, ALL the terrain mods ONLY work FROM the "Terrains" folder of the "StrikeFighters2" main folder, well at least for me... I guess this happens because I have all the scenarios and expansions from ThirdWire? Once again, thank you so much for the help! Man, did Strike Fighters 2 got a new lease of life with these mods, playing it all over again with better sounds, more immersive raddio chatter and maps!
  13. Thank you so much for this Wrench, I knew I was doing something wrong! I didn’t create this folder and structured like you did, what I did was copying the mod files from inside the downloaded mod folder directly to the “StrikeFighters2 Vietnam” folder! So I need create a folder “Terrains” inside the “StrikeFighters2 Vietnam” folder AND copy the whole VietnamSEA into it. Ok, I’m going to try this now! Thank you once again!

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