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    New User Signup Working
    By MadJeff,
    Seems we had a broken forum signup after the move that was keeping new users from signing up on the forum. That has now been fixed, and I urge all of you that had problems to retry it now.   Sorry for the inconvienence. All part of the moving pains I guess...

    Biohaz Is Changing!
    By MadJeff,
    Well, it's been pretty quiet around here the last 2 months and I'm sure a lot of you have been wondering if Biohaz was drying up and blowing away. I want to assure everyone that this is not the case, in fact far from it! Deep in the Biohaz mountain fortress, a few of us have been working on a new project, and now that it's almost ready for prime-time I can reveal it at last. B)   Starting next week, we will be moving the site to a new host (PowWeb) as well as unveiling a completely new site redesign and layout. We've had too many problems and limitations with our existing site software and webhost, and so we are moving to new software as well as a better provider. All in all, there are going to be a lot of changes, but hopefully all for the better. Some of the new changes will include: More Bandwidth (5Gb/Day)
    Better, easy to navigate site layout
    New Look and Feel
    Stability with our webhost
    What won't change is our content. We will still be focusing on Combat Sim news and views, but now that the technical hurdles we've had the past 6 months are over, we can focus on more news, more articles, more reviews/previews, and more files. We want Biohaz to grow, and this project is the foundation we need to become THE place to come for sim news and content. We've got some big plans, so stay tuned and spread the word.   Once the new site is in place over the weekend and everything is ready, I will point DNS to the new servers, so the first of next week we might have some weirdness as DNS propogates the new address. But stay tuned, as I'll be posting more on the new changes and additions in the coming weekend.   We the staff are excited about the new changes, and I hope you will be as well.

    Mrmudd Steps Down As Flight Sim Editor
    By MadJeff,
    I just wanted to take a moment to announce that MrMudd has decided to step down from his Flight Sim Editor role here at Biohaz as of March 5 to pursue other projects.   While we didn't always see eye to eye on things, I want to personally thank him for his contributions here at Biohaz these past 8 months, and the staff and I wish him the best on his future endeavors. His writing and unique perspective was well received and always looked forward to by both staff and members.   I'm sure you will see him around the web. ;)

    Biohaz File Download Update
    By Fates,
    The Following files were added to the Download area....sorry for the wait.   How to create your Own Missions how_to_create_your_own_missionsrev3.zip IMCRefuel.zip imcrefuel.zip Environment Mod. envsys.zip F-2H4 Banshee USN Dark Blue paint usndkblue.zip F-2H4 Banshee Marine Dark BLue Paint usmcdkblue.zip A Friend in Need a_friend_in_need.zip zzz_lockon_sound_effects_ogg.zip MEXCAMO mexcamo.zip F-15C Hangar Screen Pack f15changarscreen.zip A-7B CorsairII Hangar Screen Pack a7bhangarscreen.zip Mig 29-S (Alx) mig_29s_alx.zip

    File Area Is Back Online
    By MadJeff,
    Just wanted everyone to know the file area is back online and you can resume your downloading. It was the LoMan 1.52 file that did us in last month, over 50% of our total bandwidth.   I'm currently looking at some ways to help this from happening again this week, including a change to Powweb, who has a great package that has 5Gb transfers per day (Thanks for the tip Dueces) to limiting downloads to site members only.

    Welcome New Lomac/strike Fighters Mods/editors!
    By MadJeff,
    In the first of a series of new additions to the staff, I want to take a moment to announce that we have added some new LOMAC and Strike Fighters Moderators/News Editors to the staff to help keep up with all the news and mods from around the web.   LOMAC Moderators We are adding a couple of new moderators for LOMAC, the first being Mark "SlickWili" Wiliszewski from Ontario, Canada. Next up is BBQ, an old hat around here who has helped me unofficially in the past with LOMAC news, but we're going to make it official now. ;)   I am adding at least one more person but have not had a chance to email them yet, so I'll announce the rest tonight.   These guys will be keeping everyone up-to-date with all things LOMAC-related, posting the latest news as well as handling the moderating chores in the LOMAC forums. They will be a good addition to the staff, which will allow our existing great staff of TBone and MrMudd to focus on more in-depth articles and features.   Strike Fighters Moderators We are adding a couple of new moderators for Strike Fighters as well. Biohaz used to be the place to come for Project-1 news, and while we've slipped in that regard a little, it's time to rectify that. There is so much happening in the mod front that we need more than one person to cover it all. Luckily, we have 2 new people to help out here.   Falcon Six Two and Philipp "BlackLion" Weber have joined the team to get us back on track in the Strike Fighters front.   These guys will be keeping everyone up-to-date with all things SF-related, posting the latest news as well as handling the moderating chores in the SF forums.   I'll have more info and Bio's from all these guys in the next week after the holiday week is over, but for now I want to extend a warm welcome to all the new (and existing) staff and want to say thank you for giving of your time and talents to help the sim community stay up to date. It's the first step in a series of goals I have for Biohaz over the coming year.   Be sure to give them all a warm Biohaz welcome! :D

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