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    By Polovski,
    Happy New Year 2022 to all!

    Today to celebrate the New Year we have released an update for Wings Over Flanders Fields Between Heaven & Hell II  to bring it to V1.19.   This update has quite a few good new improvements and fixes, so well worth checking out.

    Please see the WOFF  BH&H II Download Page  on our website to download.

    WOFF BH&H II CHANGE LOG: Version 1.19  4 January 2022 1)    Changed weather cloud system to reduce frequency of dark and light clouds being mixed.
    2)    Aircraft stats page is now a window - not full-screen.
    3)    Revised City Surrounds and City Center alpha masks.
    4)    Revised Vehicle lighting.
    5)    Revised Saturated clouds and cloud lighting.
    6)    Revised Sea Bias and fixed an issue in Facility Lighting.
    7)    German fighters will no longer engage, and will break off a fight if too far over enemy territory in campaign mode Note: AC will always defend themselves if attacked!
    8)    Allied fighters will no longer engage, and will break off a fight if too far over enemy territory in campaign mode Note: AC will always defend themselves if attacked!
    9)    AI fighters will no longer attack landing AC for fear of ground guns nor will they pursue enemies deep into enemy territory if they are running.
    10)     Improved 'go home descend' altitude validity checks.
    11)    Improved AI Ground avoidance in hilly terrain.
    12)    Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause damaged AC to circle 'endlessly' in GA mode.
    13)    Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause GA mode to affect ground strafing and or balloon attack.
    14)    Fixed an issue at certain airfields that caused AI to collide with trees in proximity to the landing area.
    15)    Progressive AC system damage is now a function of AC speed where applicable.
    16)   Improved thunderstorm sounds (thanks to Creaghorn).   This patch of course also includes all previous updates.  

    Il2 Update 4.702 released "P-51B"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Update 4.702
    Dear Friends,
    We're glad to report that the work on 4.702 update is finished and it is released. It doesn't contain as many changes as the previous one, but it does bring the long-awaited P-51B-5 fighter for the Battle of Normandy! It took a very long time, but there were some reasons for this - namely the long list of its modifications. It has three different gunsights(!), two canopies - standard and Malcolm Hood where the moving part of the canopy is a single spherical shaped piece of plexiglass. This aircraft is also the first to have flexible bomb loadouts depending on the country (please note that for this feature to work you should select the aircraft skin of a country you want before generating a quick mission and not after that on the hangar screen). Of course, it also uses the new DVD damage visualization system and dynamic tactical codes.

    Along with P-51B, we have a late Christmas gift for the owners of Flying Circus Vol.I - two new free campaigns Gallant Green featuring the British S.E.5a and Red Knights featuring the German Albatros D.V. There are also 10 new single-player missions showcasing all the birds of Vol.I. They were created by our friend Jaegermeister. A big THANK YOU to him for creating them. Enjoy!


    Jaegermeister has created 28 custom skins that can be used with the Campaigns. You can download them HERE.

    As usual, there are many other improvements and additions aimed at increasing the sim quality you can see in the list below. IL-2 Sturmovik team wishes you a Happy New Year, all the best and for your dreams to be fulfilled!

    1. The P-51B-5 fighter is now available for all Early Access customers of Battle of Normandy;
    2. The new free campaign "Gallant Green" (S.E.5a) was added for all Flying Circus Vol.I owners;
    3. The new free campaign "Red Knights" (Albatros DVa) was added for all Flying Circus Vol.I. owners;
    4. 10 single missions showcasing Flying Circus Vol.I aircraft were added;
    5. Visual pixelization and shimmering of medium and low-density clouds at medium and far distances was minimized. Note: Radeon users may experience some minor artifacts or visual anomalies due to this change. We are working to fix this, but the solution may take until next update as we need to discuss with AMD.
    6. Radio compasses of all German planes except Ju 52 were retouched (Oyster_KAI);
    7. Seats and throttle controls of all Messerschmitts were redrawn (Oyster_KAI);
    8. P-51D panel lettering improved (Oyster_KAI);
    9. Detail of the sight cap on all Spitfires improved (Oyster_KAI);
    10. All Fw 190 A8 paint schemes, including the default, were redrawn (Martin =ICDP= Catney)
    11. All Bf 109 G6 Late paint-schemes, including the default, were redrawn (Martin =ICDP= Catney);
    12. All Bf 109 G14 paint-schemes, including the default, were redrawn (Martin =ICDP= Catney);
    13. All Bf 109 K4 paint schemes, including the default, were redrawn (Martin =ICDP= Catney);
    14. All Me 262 paint schemes, including the default, were redrawn (Martin =ICDP= Catney);
    15. All P-47D-22 paint schemes, including the default, were redrawn (Martin =ICDP= Catney);
    16. All P-47D-28 paint -schemes, including the default, were redrawn (Martin =ICDP= Catney);
    17. Fixed number of rounds for KV-1 tank when there are two ammo types with one prevailing type;
    18. Tracers and navigation lights are not visible through clouds;
    19. New effects of fires of aircraft engines and fuel tanks created;
    20. Fixed misalignment of machine gun and automatic gun bursts on detailed ground vehicles;
    21. Fixed an issue that caused large planes at a distance of more than 10km to be invisible in binoculars;
    22. Morning/evening fog is now visible at different haze settings, not only the maximum one;
    23. Low visibility z-fighting of the morning fog has been eliminated;
    24. Reduced "blockiness" of cloud shadows on the surface;
    25. The influence of launch tubes, transport containers and paratroopers on total aircraft mass was restored;
    26. The old issue where the propeller was visible through the light halo of the cockpit light bulb is gone thanks to improved technology;
    27. Fixed an issue where the formation lights toggle switches on American fighters were not animated when the engine was turned off;
    28. Added parameter for VR: render_eye = 0 [-1, 0, 1] to startup.cfg. If set to -1, only the left eye camera will be shown on the monitor in VR mode, and only the right eye view if set to 1. If set to 0 it shows both eyes.
    29. HUD appears faster on mission start;
    30. Fixed problem with the direction of MLRS rockets in a multiplayer game;
    31. Restored functionality of fixed cameras (LAlt+2) in multiplayer (both Cooperative and Dogfight modes) when starting the server from within the game with spectators allowed (difficulty option Allow Spectators).

    Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition - Christmas Release
    By Menrva,
    Fans of ThirdWire's Strike Fighters, I'm glad to announce the Christmas release of Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition. This huge and quality total conversion has seen two Early Access releases this year, one back in January 16th and the other on August 2nd. Once available to site subscribers only, now we offer an updated version of the package to all CombatACE users as our Christmas gift, regardless of a subscription. There have been usual bug fixes and important improvements since the last release. Make sure to read the change log and all the details in the mod's download page once it's approved. You are not required to own a subscription, but keep in mind that the mod is distributed in a hefty, yet highly compressed 3GB installer which contains 15GB of contents. You will need a stable internet connection in order to download it. The mod cannot and will not be offered in a different form. A subscription grants you unlimited number of downloads for its duration and will support the site's hosting costs. The Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition modification does NOT comply with CombatACE's Freeware Licensing. Various contents of this modification are exclusive, as such you are NOT allowed to share, redistribute and/or make use of the mod and/or its contents for other purposes, without the consent of the mod's developers. Contents of the modification are the copyright of their respective authors. My personal thanks to the ODS 30AE Development Team, you guys keep inspiring me with your great works and continuous support! And special thanks to @Erik and to all admins and moderators of this great place that is CombatACE. Happy Holidays, pilots of the virtual skies! 

    DCS World: Winter sale 2021
    By MigBuster,
    Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends, We are pleased to inform you that Open Beta 2.7.9 is coming in hot and we expect to have it for you next week. This important update will include substantial work to DCS: AJS-37 Viggen and additions to DCS: F-14A/B Tomcat. As planned, we will include a large number of new features for DCS: F-16C Viper as well as an important batch of open WWII enhancements. DCS: Voice Chat is a comprehensive approach to radio communication in DCS World and should be available in the upcoming OB. This capability has been in the works for more than two years and will bring voice compatibility across the platform. We continue to test it thoroughly whilst encouraging our 3rd party developers to configure their modules accordingly. We are confident that this component will add a simple and powerful communication layer to DCS and we very much look forward to your feedback. The festive season is here and without further ado we bring you the Winter Sale 2021, which offers up to 50% discount on our most popular modules and campaigns. The Eshop sale will run until the 10th of January 2022 at 15:00 GMT. Watch the video. We kindly remind you that the Final stage of Shadow's Trophy Tournament will take place on Saturday the 18th December at 12:00 GMT. Thank you for your passion and support.   Yours sincerely, Eagle Dynamics Team   DCS World Winter Sale 2021   The DCS Winter Sale 2021 is here, and it will run until the 10th of January at 15:00 GMT. Please take this opportunity to upgrade your DCS World with new aircraft, maps and asset packs! Checkout the eShop and find up to 50% discounts across our most popular modules. DCS World Winter Sale 2021 Video.   Mi-24P Hind Development Progress We are eager to share progress on the new pilot model for DCS: Mi-24P Hind. Please enjoy the In Development Screenshots of the textured gloves and Poljot Chronograph 3133 manual winding, shock protected watch.   Voice Chat Development Progress In the next Open Beta release, we will deliver a major update to integrated radio communications. Voice Chat operates natively within DCS and no additional software or instals are required. Please bear in mind that enhancements will be ongoing and we appreciate your patience and bug reporting as we continue developing this complex communication stack. We will also be adding radio communication to the Combined Arms roles, ground units, ATC, and AWACS. Further development will contain encrypted communication noises, clicks, distortions and voice synthesising in real time and more. To ensure correct usage of this new and improved feature, we have prepared a document on How to Use DCS Voice Chat.   Open Beta 2.7.9 Development Progress As the end of the year approaches, the upcoming Open Beta will mark an important update to DCS World. We are currently resolving some of the outstanding WWII issues and completing several new features for DCS: F-16C Viper. If you have not already, please check out the new videos in the Viper tutorial series by Matt Wagner: DCS: F-16C Viper | Air-to-Ground Helmet and DCS: F-16C Viper | ECM. Enjoy! Thank you again for your passion and support,   Yours sincerely, Eagle Dynamics Team

    Il2 Sturmovik Winter Sale
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,

    Attention All Pilots and Tankers!

    If you are dreaming about epic dogfights after you eat your Christmas ham or turkey this year, you’ll be happy to know we have launched our Annual Winter (Christmas) Sale! As usual we are offering HUGE discounts on all your favorite Sturmovik titles and content. And remember you can buy and send Sturmovik titles as Gifts to all your wingmates, friends and family! They always make the BEST Christmas gifts!

    The Sturmovik Team wishes a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL our friends and supporters around the world during this Holiday Season. As 2021 comes to a close we reflect on what a challenging year it was and how it pushed the team to its limit in ways never dreamed of. We hope the pandemic and all it’s inconveniences and distractions will finally subside in 2022 so we can make even more amazing content and features for Sturmovik with less difficulty. We hope you and your family stay healthy and safe through the holidays this year and let’s say a hardy CHEERS to an amazing 2022!!

    The Annual Winter (Christmas) Sale runs from 10:00am PST Dec. 22nd to 10:00am PST Jan. 5th in the IL-2 Official Webstore and on STEAM.


    BOS – 85% Off
    BOM – 75% Off
    BOK – 75% Off
    BOBP – 75% Off
    FC1 – 66% Off
    Tank Crew - 50% Off

    GAZ-MM 72-K - 40% Off
    Sd.Kfz. 10/5 Flak 38 - 40% Off

    Hurricane Mk.II - 66% Off
    Yak-9 – 66% Off
    Yak-9T – 66% Off
    Fw-190 D-9 – 75% Off
    P-38 J-15 – 75% Off
    U-2VS -75% Off
    Ju-52/3M – 75% Off
    Bf-109 G-6 – 75% Off
    Yak-1B – 75% Off
    Spitfire Mk. VB – 75 % Off
    LA-5FN – 75% Off
    HS-129 B-2 – 85% Off
    P-40E-1 – 85% Off
    Macchi MC.202 – 85% Off
    Fw-190 A-3 – 85% Off
    LA-5 Series 8 – 85% Off

    Steel Birds - 30% Off
    Ice Ring – 66% Off
    Blazing Steppe – 75% Off
    Fortress on the Volga – 75% Off
    Hell Hawks Over the Bulge – 66% Off (Webstore Only)
    Ten Days of Autumn – 75% Off (Webstore Only)
    Havoc Over the Kuban – 75% Off (Webstore Only)
    Achtung Spitfire! – 75% Off (Webstore Only)

    Cliffs of Dover: Blitz - 35% (Webstore Only)
    Desert Wings: Tobruk - 20% (Webstore Only)


    All ROF Content – 75% Off


    See you in the skies and on the battlefield! 

    The Sturmovik Team

    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 303 "P-51B"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Dear Pilots!

    Happy Holidays to everyone in the IL-2 Sturmovik community! May it be filled with good health, family, friends and lots of time to play your favorite virtual air combat simulation!

    Today’s Developer Diary is a showcase of the beautiful P-51B which we are working very hard to finish for you by the end of the month. Just some minor bugs are left along with still finishing the tricky Malcolm Hood.


    We also have some shots of some new combat vehicles for you to check out like the M8 Greyhound and Universal “Bren Gun” Carrier Mk. II. And we have a new good looking USAAF bomber crewman model to show you. The fur sure looks look warm!


    We’re working as hard as we can to end this challenging 2021 strong so wish us luck as we battle to get things done!


    The Sturmovik Team

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