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    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 334 "IAR-80/81"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Dear Friends,

    Today we'll tell you about one of the Collector Planes in development - IAR-80/81. Both kinds of this Romanian aircraft will be available in our sim: the 'short' model with short fuselage and wings and the 'long' one (that's right - with long fuselage and wings). At the moment, the work on the first model has progressed well and the second one will be developed relatively fast after finishing the first. This fighter/bomber was designed under the lead of Ion Grosu and took off for the first time in 1939. In 1940 the aircraft went into mass production and later was updated many times, resulting in many modifications. Most of them will be available in Great Battles:

    "Short version"
    I.A.R.80-A serie 106-150 : fighter armed with six 7.92mm FN Browning MGs firing German rounds (base model).
    I.A.R.80-B series 181-200 : fighter armed with four 7.92mm and two 13.2mm FN Browning MGs firing 13.2mm Hotchkiss rounds.
    I.A.R.80-M : fighter armed with two 7.92mm FN Browning MGs and two 20mm MG-151/20 German guns.
    I.A.R.81 series 151-175 : fighter/bomber armed with six 7.92mm FN Browning MGs and capable to deliver up to three bombs with up to 400 kg total weight. The underbelly bomb mount had a special parallelogram mechanism for dive bombing that prevented a released bomb from hitting the propeller. In addition, the flaps on this dive bomber modification had larger angle range, serving as ad-hoc air brakes.

    "Long version"
    I.A.R.80-B series 212-230 : fighter armed with four 7.92mm and two 13.2mm FN Browning MGs firing 13.2mm Hotchkiss rounds (base model).
    I.A.R.80-C series 251-290 : fighter armed with four 7.92mm FN Browning MGs and two 20mm MG-FF Ikaria guns.
    I.A.R.81-C series 301-450 : fighter/bomber armed two 7.92mm FN Browning MGs and two 20mm MG-151/20 German guns and capable to deliver up to three bombs.

    All the IAR-80 modifications that will be modeled in our sim were powered by twin-row radial 14-cylinder air cooled engine I.A.R.-14K, which was the licensed version of the French Gnome-Rhone 14K. In takeoff mode it could reach 1000 HP. The similar, albeit less uprated engines were installed on the German ground attack aircraft Hs-129B-2 most Great Battles players are familar with already.

    This first Romanian mass-produced fighter was all metal except the stabilizer and flaps skin. The flaps and landing gear had hydraulic actuators. All in all, it possessed flight characteristics similar to Soviet Yak-1, but late IAR modifications had much more powerful weapons and bombs.

    The visual 3D model of IAR-80/81 is being developed by two famous enthusiasts - Ivan Shirshov (3D model) and Martin =ICDP= Catney (exterior textures). We hope they'll finish their part of the work in the coming months and we'll be able to start the work on its FM and systems. We'd like to repeat once again - if you're interested in creating new content for our series, we're always open for collaboration. Just contact us.

    WINGS OVER THE REICH UPDATE V1.25 - 5 Dec 2022
    By Polovski,
    We are pleased to announce a new update is available for WOTR bringing it to V1.25

    Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.25

    1)    Addressed an issue that affected Screen Res Modes on Nvidia 4090 GPUs
    2)    Addressed an issue that affected users with the latest VKBsim Gladiator EVO and NXT Joysticks (WOTRKeys now V2.2)

    We also hope to publish more development news of the forthcoming Battle of France Expansion soon!
      Please see the WOTR Website to download.

    WOFF BH&H II V1.35 UPDATE now available!
    By Polovski,
    V1.35 includes fixes and new features.


    Version 1.35    5 December 2022 1)    Addressed an issue that affected Screen Res Modes on Nvidia 4090 GPUs.
    2)    Clouds Draw Range implemented - increases cloud render range as well as adding in ability for player to adjust the draw distance in workshops.
    3)    Addressed an issue that affected users with the latest VKBsim Gladiator EVO and NXT Joysticks (WOFFKeys now V2.2).
    4)    Model fix to Halberstadt D.III - added missing extra cockpit padding to external view.
    Of course, this also includes all previous updates such as the "RECON WARS" FREE expansion - an incredible feature-rich FREE update to V1.21 for WOFF BH&H II users!
    And V1.33 which introduced new 2-seater behaviours.
    Please see the WOFF BH&H II download page on our website for more information, or to download.

    (The download is large so please be patient with downloads!).
    If you still see an older download there, refresh the page using Ctrl F5 keys on your keyboard together.

    You can also download the complete Recon Wars Notes and how to play here : Recon Wars Notes here

    Il2 1CGS pics "Fw-190D Cockpit"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Some additional Hi-Res shots of existing planes.
    Unless otherwise specified, these are HI-RES images of aircraft and vehicles in the SIM and are NOT an in-game engine render.

    This is just showing off the artwork and detail. 


    OpenFA alpha 0.1 Release
    By Menrva,
    I forgot I was a follower of Terrence Cole's YouTube channel containing just a single video about this OpenFA project of his. Well, just one hour ago, he posted a video about the release of an alpha version of his work. More links in the video's description. Apparently it's an open source recreation of Jane's Fighters Anthology engine. It does look good! Strike Fighters 2 WinX Edition is not going to happen, TK has been off the radar for so long. So I'm very curious about OpenFA. For the release to work, it seems it is required to at least install Jane's FA or one of its previous expansions/releases.

    Il2 Update 5.003 released "C-47, StuG III Ausf. G"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Update 5.003

    Dear Friends,

    Our team has finished the development of the new update 5.003, and it is released. This time we will launch three new pieces of new content at once.

    The first object is the C-47 "Skytrain" we have talked about in Dev Blog #331. This big guy has been developed together with Yugra Media company which created the 3D model of the cockpit and updated the external model of this aircraft. It wasn't easy, but this plane is interesting to become familiar with. This most popular military transport plane of WWII is now available in Pilot's Career mode during the  Normandy and Rhineland timeframes. You'll be assigned missions like Cargo Delivery, Special Forces Paradrop and Cargo Paradrop (the second and third mission types can occur both during daytime and nighttime in Normandy career). We're hoping you'll enjoy flying it.

    The second one is the Western Front 1918 map created for Flying Circus Vol. 2. At this time the flyable zone corresponds to the Rise of Flight map while the buildings and objects are placed in the two most important zones as it was planned for FC Vol.2: Amiens - Lille - Saint Quentin (North-West) and Thionville - Saint Dizier - Nancy (South-East). Both WWI maps, Arras and the new Western Front one are available to owners of either Flying Circus Vol.1 and Vol.2 as we have promised during the project announcement. We hope to continue WWI development in the future and complete the scene along the frontline. For now, the map is WIP even for FC Vol.2 and the development of Career and Advanced Quick Mission modes for it are ongoing. The Quick Mission mode for it is already available, while Yugra-Media continues improving the map itself.

    The third new arrival is StuG III Ausf.G - we have talked about this steel German beast in Dev Blog #333. The modeled assault gun was created by MIAG factory using the Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M chassis produced by MAN factory. This combat vehicle is the  popular Ausführung G version. The most mass produced modification, numbered around 7800 units. They were armed with the 75mm StuK 40 L/48 gun with artillery periscope and equipped with Schurzen side armor sheets, smoke grenade launchers and an infantry MG34 stowed in the fighting compartment which was operated by an unlucky loader who had to expose himself to fire it.

    The completion of StuG III allows us to present new Tank Crew editions: Premium and Deluxe. Tank Crew Premium Edition offers the complete Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka experience by adding 4 Collector Vehicles to the already impressive list of 10 legendary combat vehicles. A detailed Prokhorovka map and two campaigns of the original Tank Crew. This Premium Edition is available on our website. The Deluxe Edition is available on Steam and includes Battle of Stalingrad in addition to all this. Either edition offers huge savings compared to purchasing its contents independently.

    Of course, this is not all. For instance, Steel Birds campaign has been updated to accommodate the new tactical numbers system and is now available on Steam. There are dozens of other additions and fixes and the work on improving Great Battles continues. The full changelist follows:

    Main Features
    1. The "Western Front, Spring 1918" map is available in Early Access to all customers who pre-ordered Flying Circus Vol. 2 and to all owners of Flying Circus Vol. 1 as we promised at the time of the announcement. Quick Mission mode works already, the work on finalizing the map and implementing the Pilot's Career and Advanced Quick Mission modes for it continues;
    2. The C-47 "Skytrain" transport plane is now available to all who have pre-ordered it. In addition to QMB and AQMG modes, this aircraft can be selected in Normandy and Rhineland Career mode timeframes;
    3. The German StuG III Ausf.G assault gun is now available to all who have pre-ordered it;
    4. AI-controlled tank Pz.Kpfw. V Ausf.G Panther added;
    5. AI-controlled Morris C9B self-propelled anti-aircraft gun with Bofors 40/L60 cannon added;
    6. AI-controlled Universal Carrier Mk.II added;
    7. The variety and historical consistency of aircraft and tank tactical numbers in Quick Mission, Advanced Quick Mission, and Pilot's Career modes increased;
    8. Added the ability to remove external fuel tanks on player-controllable T-34 and SU-122;
    9. Smoke grenade launcher functionality added on player-controllable Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M, Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.D, and Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.H1;
    10. Improved structure damage modeling of WWI airframes under load (their G-limit drop from rifle caliber bullet hits is not as drastic as before).

    Other Changes
    11. The target distribution in AI aircraft groups has been adjusted. Priority targets like anti-aircraft guns are engaged by one to four planes in the group depending on the leader's AI level, other wingmen will choose other targets;
    12. Steel Birds historical campaign has been updated. All flights are assigned tactical numbers according to the time period and specific unit, many other fixes and improvements were made;.
    13. The animation of guns in turrets when switching positions has been corrected.
    14. Turrets return to default positions when the crew leaves the plane.
    15. The cocking animation when reloading the magazine has been restored.
    16. Dynamic damage hit marks correctly appear on auxiliary armor panels on Fw 190 A-8, Fw 190 A-6, B-26B55 and others.
    17. IL-2 mod. 1943: formation lights won't visually double at a distance.
    18. USS Gleaves: torpedo launcher effects are aligned with its position.
    19. USS Gleaves: torpedoes in the water are visible at a distance correctly.
    20. Custom paint schemes won't have tactical numbers automatically assigned.
    21. Normandy videos now have subtitles in Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish and French.;
    22. Career ground attack aircraft escort missions won't be randomly generated in a corner of the map.
    23. AI-controlled Ordnance QF 17-pounder gun now aims correctly.
    24. Churchill IV gunfire sound replaced by a more suitable one.
    25. PzKpfw IV Ausf.H is correctly visible at a distance.
    26. PzKpfw IV Ausf.H model updated in many ways.
    27. The PTK commander's panorama on SU-152 works correctly again.
    28. Churchill speed indicators corrected.
    29. Ferdinand gunner station now has a mirror for the bubble level indicator.
    30. Ferdinand station notes (in-game help) updated.
    31. Previews for T-34 mod. 1943 skins restored.
    32. Fixed an error in submarines' torpedo launching algorithm, which sometimes caused the torpedoes to explode prematurely.
    33. Radiator leakage effect excessive brightness has been reduced.
    34. AI pilots won't sometimes taxi after landing in the wrong order.
    35. AI pilots whose aircraft are unable to land will now be put at the end of the landing queue.
    36. Tank fuel tanks can catch fire even if the engine is knocked out (previously this was blocked to prevent effects doubling).
    37. In a case of MG misfire in a player controlled tank the cocking sound can be heard.
    38. The disappearance of techno chat messages in Dogfight that could occur in a next flight after bailing out has been fixed.
    39. Parachutes appear in multiplayer correctly when there is a wind.
    40. The death animation of the A-20 top gunner has been corrected.
    41. Yak-9 and Yak-9T: corrected the appearance of extended landing gear warning lights.
    42. The rear landing gear of  Flying Circus airplanes leaves a correct sized trail on the ground.
    43. GUI: the operation of the armament panel in the HUD when there are multiple switchable positions has been corrected.
    44. GUI: fixed HUD elements "blinking" at commander's seat.
    45. Airco DH4 wreckage appearance has been corrected.
    46. Damaged Gotha G.V. airplanes look correct at a distance;
    47. Mission Editor: Entente and Central Powers units are displayed in blue and red respectively. 
    48. Mission Editor: Entente and Central Powers countries are correctly displayed in the Order/Opposition lists in the object properties of the Location type.
    49. Mission Editor: the Move Camera to Object command for objects in the mission tree now has a keyboard shortcut Shift+RClick. The right mouse button click with Shift on an object in the mission tree will move the camera to this object.
    50. Mission Editor: the Set on Ground command now works recursively for objects in groups and for groups within other groups.
    51. U-2VS: a missing rocket on the left wing was added to ammo variants #20 and #29.
    52. Tactical number colors were corrected in scenario campaigns.
    53. Bomb and rocket aiming helpers won't jitter when enabled.


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