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By Damian Teo




Join the 354th Bulldogs on a difficult mission over North Vietnam portrayed in this comic strip adventure! 


















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    • By DamianTeo
      I was quite heartened by the positive comments received about my previous Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam comic strip, title A Long Day, posted by MigBuster on the news forum. It made me want to finish another comic strip that I had left on the back burner due to lack of time. Well, I've finally finished it, and I guess it'll be nice to post in on here as my very first topic on the CombatAce site.
      Some information on what I used to make this comic strip, and my previous one as well, is that I used the Comic Life 3 comic builder program, which is payware. For both comics, I flew the mission and took screenshots using Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam with full merged installs of all the SF2 titles, excluding the TW expansion packs. The mod I'm using is SF2V Air Ground War Expansion Pack, before the 2014 update for the first comic, and for this comic, the last two pages uses the updated 2014 Air Ground War Expansion Pack.
      The Huey's are from Yankee Air Pirate, and the LRRP's, and the ground combat portion basically in this comic, are from ARMA II, an awesome sandbox military simulator. The mod I am using for ARMA II is the UNSUNG Vietnam War mod version 1.5, the second last version of the awesome mod.
      I also took the liberty to attach the CombatAce logo, along with a cheesy tagline, to make my comic strips a sort of CombatAce only comics. I hope it does not infringe into any copyright or anything. I am not making money from these comics. The idea of doing this was inspired by the Commando comics series. I just thought it might be cool.
      It's time to join the Wild Boars of the 390th TFS as they fly to the help of a LRRP team in trouble in South Vietnam.
      Hope you guys enjoy this comic adventure!



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