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  2. Have now tested with the static/slow/fast/etc propnodenames commented out and the pump prop still spins well. I don't have the rotationaxis value in place so it should be fine to comment that out too....theoretically, I would say that dynamic streamers are possible, as Wrench outlined, although I am no streamer specialist - hopefully someone will figure out how that works. Von S
  3. F-2 Banshee Updated data pack

    No, in this release there are only ini files. Thanks, I HAD TO do this, F-2 was an excellent design, the one that established McDonell as a major US manufacturer. Very modern in its systems for its day, pleasant to fly, also very fast for a straight wing plane. I 'll correct the credits if you feel that it's necessary.
  4. Mue, I greatly appreciate this tool. Swambast / KJakker - Very raw preliminary work on an mortarpit. The pit I made (like I said, very raw) while the mortar was pulled from a 3D online site.
  5. A few questions about the F-5s

    Usually down to money and customer need / requirements...for example an F-15C with Thrust vectoring PW-232s could have been but in reality there was no unlimited budget for such things. So the F-20 cockpit was 44% larger...could a retrofit have been done cheaply?........the fact nobody did it is more likely down to nobody needing it or was willing to pay for those changes..they may have had to pay for flight testing etc. You can put some nice avionics in an F-5E...........look at Chiles upgraded F-5E Tiger III. The avionics in the F-20 were cutting edge for their time (Mid 1980s)....but the fact that it didn't become a standard was probably again down to lack of requirement from customers or e.g. those that had the money procured more advanced fighters instead.
  6. This bird took forever to get airborne with this little lot on board.....
  7. GTs First Eagles

    WIP, Screenshots taken during missions, etc.
  8. Thanks Kevin. I'll try not to leave it so long between visits.
    You'll need to add SystemName[001]=LeftWingStreamer to the relevant sections (like TopWingMidLeft, etc.) ..change the number to the next one if needed. rgds gt
  9. A few questions about the F-5s

    CL pylon is removable. USN/USMC Aggressors usually didnt use them. The flat shark nose and extended LERX are late-production F-5E features, I used to have details/dates on that when I researched F-5's some years ago. Nice website where you can look around for the modifications... http://www.the-northrop-f-5-enthusiast-page.info/index.html
  10. F-2 Banshee Updated data pack

    I highly doubt being the author of the destroyed model, if you used the one in the RF-84 pack WIP, the author of the model is, probably, Florian (but I'll have to check, it should be in the readme anyway). IF you used any of my work, it might be because I built a new rudimentary template for the Banshees, which I think was included in the Colourful Korea pack I released at some point. Anyway, congrats on the release, the 50's era really can do with some more love.
  11. Streamer with shadow, now Bruno Stachel is finally squadron leader
  12. Yanks Air Museum's backyard

    some of the derelicts at Yanks Air Museum in Chino, CA
  13. Well, the N-156 family of aircraft make up the entirety of my top 5 favourite aircraft list. And I have a few questions about them, and although I could probably just spend some 15 minutes and google them I'd like to have the answers directly from you who most likely have worked with these sexy jets. So, going through images of the Swiss Air Force F-5E/Fs, I noticed that the centerline pylon is always present. It's as if it was fixed, like the wingtip pylons. The same goes for USN aggressor F-5Ns and actually every single image I can remember of pretty much every variant except the T-38, F-20 and X-29. In fact, I've only seen one image of Freedom Fighters/Tiger IIs where there was no centerline pylon present, it was a civilian F-5A. Is it actually fixed or semi-fixed, thus making it a waste of time to remove it, or is it something else...? I personally really dislike empty underside pylons, so it's disappointing to see that there's no image available of a truly clean F-5E. Also, does anyone know how is it that the Swiss Air Force F-5s have the F-20 LERX, and the nosecone of one of the F-20 prototypes (the one with the completely glass canopy)? I haven't been able to get information about this and I'm really curious. And the final one, how come only these two modifications from the F-20, the LERX and the nosecone made it to other F-5s? The modified canopy comes to mind as something useful (in Ace Combat 5/Zero, where you can "check six" from the cockpit, the F-20 has better rear visibility than the F-5E, so I assume the same would apply IRL), and also the avionics and glass cockpit, they should be compatible with at least F-5Es, right? Was it because they came too late? Or too early? Thanks for your time!
  14. Is that Alfie I see returning to us!! welcome back man!!
  15. Uhm, you're somehow comparing free mods to money, which is a contradiction by itself. If they are commercial, then certainly, which they're not. I've made plenty of free mods and I'm only happy when more ppl get to use it. Doesn't make a difference if they get it via the site I posted it from or from a say shady file sharing site, I think that only says my stuff is popular. Or perhaps you are somehow thinking that those ppl should rather come to CA to download and there's a chance that there'll be some subscription fee income, but I'm saying it won't happen and all you'll see is increased bandwith load, ala you'll only be worse off. As I've said those that can be here is already here. Ok you're talking to the wrong guy, far as the the Chinese government is concerned I'm an activist against the authorities. Check my only thread in the political arena. Far as I'm concerned the authoritarian gradually becoming dictatorial chinese government that is made by the ruling class for the ruling class, that is certainly offering "the Chinese solution" to a lot of places, can go to hell. However, the SF mod users are common folks. This has nothing to do with China as a nation. They're only hampered by the nation.
  16. A lot of that is left over from the early 2000s, when we first started building WW2 stuff. IIRC, it's the weight in pounds (obviously!), but the weight in the data ini should be the correct kgs. Those tagged "UK" are the stock 3W, post war (probably post 1955 or later) series; that's why there's no lod. They get referenced from weaponsdata.ini Here's a pdf you might find helpful. I've a full set (i think!) of these, covering German, Japanes, Italian, French Russian and other various explosive stuff OP 1665 British Explosive Ordnance 1946,1970 update.7z
  17. This screen is normally in navigation mode and is swiching to bombing when selected weapon is BOMB or NUC .
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