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  2. Not aware MLAs as built had any off the production line, although some may have gone to Iraq and I do know that Iraqi MiG-23MLs were modified with overwing expendables and ECM pods in the late 1980s (photos) but would literally need the serial numbers because they were all called MLs locally it seems.
  3. yes i noticed this error but i have no time to investigate the reason ,do you have a recommendation to me in this regard?
  4. One thing to be aware off with the chaff and flares set up as a weapon that you can load and unload is the AI wingman/ enemy will not use them. It is a game bug. The work around is to have two versions of the plane, one without them and another with them from a certain date. Like Third Wire does with its stock aircraft e.g. 'F-4E' and 'F-4E (75)
  5. What if East Germany will rise again:
  6. Weaponspack 3

    based on the AGM-129 launch video you got it right , the cover moves up and the wing swing in to forward position then the cover is closing again looks realy great
  7. The MiG-23 had had no automated swing wings. The pilot had to move the wings by "hand".
  8. on some cobra and stallion i have chaff/flares as part of 3d airframe and i have : [WeaponData001] TypeName=ALE-39_C1F2 FullName=AN/ALE-39 Chaff-10/Flare-20 ModelName= empty here Mass=10.000000 Diameter=0.350000 Length=0.350000 SubsonicDragCoeff=0.200000 SupersonicDragCoeff=0.770000 AttachmentType=USAF,USN SpecificStationCode=ALE39 NationName=USA StartYear=1979 EndYear=2050 Availability=2 BaseQuantity=20 Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=1979 ExportEndYear=2050 ExportAvailability=2 WeaponDataType=4 StoreType=2 NumChaff=20 NumFlare=10 EjectPosition=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000 EjectVelocity=0.000000,-25.000000,-2.000000 and in weaponstation of aircraft dataini... : [L-CMDS] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=18 StationGroupID=6 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=-1.378,-0.276,0.145 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 LoadLimit=45 AllowedWeaponClass=EP SpecificStationCode=ALE39 AttachmentType=USN,USA ModelNodeName=ANALE39-L calls to 3d model part PylonMass= LaunchRailNodeName= MinExtentPosition= MaxExtentPosition=
  9. F-5a

    we do have a RF nose but the dimensions of it are wrong , i´m currently working on a shorter more correct nose this is the old nose we have , the new one will look much better ( i hope )
  10. you have our support. Keep going!
  11. would you believe its almost the original J57 exhaust? simply modified by upping the particle life time to 120 seconds and visible distance to 17000 meters. sounds like alot, but the old pics and vids show them things to be smoky mandatory screenie
  12. I tried using modelNodeName as well, but I still can't get the chaff/flares to show up as options (weapon stations in the loudout screen in the game
  13. Yakarov 79, thanks for your time :) Here are the data entries for the dispensers.. [WeaponData001] TypeName=F5a_Chaff FullName=F5a_Chaff ModelName=F5a_Chaff ModelNodeName=Dispenser_R Mass=25.000000 Diameter=0.300000 Length=0.500000 SubsonicDragCoeff=0.200000 SupersonicDragCoeff=0.770000 AttachmentType=NATO SpecificStationCode=Chaff NationName=NETHERLANDS StartYear=1970 EndYear=2020 Availability=3 BaseQuantity=2 Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=1970 ExportEndYear=2020 ExportAvailability=3 WeaponDataType=4 StoreType=2 NumChaff=30 NumFlare=0 EjectPosition=0.000000,-0.800000,0.000000 EjectVelocity=0.000000,-10.000000,0.000000 and for the Flares .. [WeaponData001] TypeName=F5a_Flare FullName=F5a_Flare ModelName=F5a_Flare ModelNodeName=Dispenser_L Mass=25.000000 Diameter=0.300000 Length=0.500000 SubsonicDragCoeff=0.200000 SupersonicDragCoeff=0.770000 AttachmentType=NATO SpecificStationCode=Flare NationName=NETHERLANDS StartYear=1970 EndYear=2020 Availability=3 BaseQuantity=2 Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=1970 ExportEndYear=2020 ExportAvailability=3 WeaponDataType=4 StoreType=2 NumChaff=0 NumFlare=15 EjectPosition=0.000000,-0.800000,0.000000 EjectVelocity=0.000000,-10.000000,0.000000 And here are the dispensers on the model ..
  14. New Aircraft

    Progress shot of the Breguet XIV with camo skins.
  15. ModelNodeName= did you try this ? F5a_Chaff / Dispenser_R F5a_Flare / Dispenser_L how these two are related in 3 d model? how do you want it to be shown.. because that part I don't understand... If its just pack with chaffs/flares why not use model node name....same as with any other pod... unless I don't understand how chaffs flares work on tiger
  16. I like smoke trails on your steam jet... @namedders - looks like you have two pilots in that harrier....
  17. You should post the ini of the actual "weapon" too, maybe the problem is there.
  18. Thanks for the reply, from what I can see, the Phimat chaff dispenser on the Mirage is a separate model. I'd be looking for data entries for one that is incorporated into the aircraft model .. sigh! It's these little things that cause so much trouble!!!
  19. These were F-5c transferred to the VNAF right? Sure!
  20. Thank you, Caesar. Mille Grazie. This works a treat. The FlightControl entry in the Data File shows MaxG=7.5 for the AI, so I put in 7.5 and 7.4. I did push the envelope a bit in my test and got a MaxG of 10.5 showing. But I was pulling back wildly and trying to force it. I believe that if I just tried to fly normally, I wouldn't reach that figure. Before, the slightest accidental pull too hard and I was at 23G. But yes, plenty to play with. So thank you, it will now be a pleasure putting this aircraft through its paces. And if Fubar came up with this originally, thanks to him too.
  21. AV-8B Harrier II - SF2. ver.2018

    For some reason, I'm having a time getting this aircraft working. I'm thinking I'm putting everything in their proper places..but I'm not having any success. Did anyone else run into any problems with manually installing to folders?
  22. how about VNAF F-5A? do you have any plan about it ?
  23. I believe it was Fubar who figured this one out - someone correct me if I'm wrong so I credit correctly, but yes, you can add a g-limiter to your plane. Add this to the [Fuselage] section of the aircraft data.ini: SystemName[XXX]=CAT1_G_Limiter (NOTE: Add the next number iteration from the Fuselage section. For example, if the last entry was SystemName[028]=RightStab, you'd name the limiter SystemName[029]=CAT1_G_Limiter) Then, somewhere below that (I usually keep it in the section which defines the wings, vert tails, stabs, etc.): [CAT1_G_Limiter] SystemType=HIGHLIFT_DEVICE DeploymentMethod=AUTOMATIC_G_loading CLiftdc=-2.7500 CDdc=0.0 Cmdc=-0.350 AreaRatio=2.000 SmoothDeployment=TRUE Setting[1].Angle=45.0 Setting[1].DeployValue=7.33 Setting[1].RetractValue=7.25 MaxDeflection=20.0 MinDeflection=0.0 ControlRate=5.0 ModelNodeName=Internal For this example, the g-limit is set to 7.33g. I think the retract value can be closer to the deploy value, but I don't think they can be the same, and retract should be slightly below deploy. So, if you want your F/A-18 to follow its nominal symmetric g-limit of 7.5, or even a slight overshoot to 8.0, you can set the DeployValue= to, say 7.55 or 8.0 or something thereabouts. The retract value should be something like 7.45 or 7.95, respectively. Play with it a bit to see what works best.
  24. Hello Check what was done with the F1CT, crusader did something siimilar
  25. Guys I'm stuck, I'm trying to figure out the data entries for the chaff/flare dispensers on the NF-5a. The physical dispensers are built into the model (as are the fuel tanks - no problems with those thank God!!) and I've set up them up in their own little weapon folders; the problem is finding the correct entries for them in the weapon stations part of the data file. Here's what i've got - which is not working .. [Dispenser pod 1] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=8 StationGroupID=5 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=0.56,-4.4,0.58 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,-40.0 LoadLimit=100 AllowedWeaponClass=EP AttachmentType=NATO SpecificStationCode=Flare ModelName= ModelNodeName= PylonMass= PylonDragArea= ExternalPodName=F5a_Flare ExternalPodNodeName=Dispenser_L [Dispenser pod 2] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=9 StationGroupID=6 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=-0.75,-4.4,0.35 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,220.0 LoadLimit=100 AllowedWeaponClass=EP AttachmentType=NATO SpecificStationCode=Chaff ModelName= ModelNodeName= PylonMass= PylonDragArea= ExternalPodName=F5a_Chaff ExternalPodNodeName=Dispenser_R Any help would be greatly appreciated
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