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  2. That's what I mean! Can you lead me 'bout the mod?I don't know how to move in this field... In the meantime I've bought the YAPSet3 and installed the F-100F,the only addition required was the fuel tanks,but I simply copied the bmp image from one stock F-100 folder and added to into the textures folders but the tanks lack the upper,green color of the camo...
  3. TFDtool v1.01 is now available. Based on the constructive comments from Menrva and Krfrge it got these improvements: - New planning map airfield icons (and a slightly different icon inside the TFDtool view). Also changed color settings, so targets which are not 'ENEMY' will show in blue instead of red. - More planning map options. Comes with a dialog inside TFDtool (the settings there are not saved back to the ini.). - Hopefully fixed a bug where the keyboard input would no longer be read, and only the mouse would work. - Mouse scrollwheel zoom in / zoom out can now access all magnification levels, like keyboard zoom.
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  5. The campaign and terrain is focused on the fighter bomber types so no bomber types planned although there were quite a few RAF B-25's and US B-26's in country. Likewise, German bombers were active at night but I'm not going there. Spitfire IX's were under consideration for air to air and air to ground work but with only 3 RAF airfields and one squadron at each I like the current plan with the Spit14's doing top cover. Will look into the other FW-190 and BF-109 types. The Me-262 is definitely under consideration but not sure how active they were over the Ardennes region during the Battle of the Bulge. Any idea? Wrench, I will be doing some FM's for this project and the plan is to use only aircraft available at CombatAce, at least to start. I might transfer some FM's to "other" models at some point but it's low priority. Will probably use the CAF P-47's, maybe one squadron with bubble canopies and one razorback. Sounds like Wolf's P-38 is the only option for now. Also, no Bf-110 at this point.
  6. Never played it, but I have to say that your sets are very impressive. Very nice miniatures work.
  7. the problem would be the "missing" 110s for those that can't access "that other place". It's a pity we don't have a nicer P-38; Wolf's is a bit long in the teeth. But, still workable Same for the 190s. Don't know when Torno and his people will be finishing and releasing the new (and beautiful!!) 190 series (A, D, 152)
  8. I'm pretty sure the original pylon is in the wrong place, too!! I'm not loading fuel tanks on the "inner", so leaving the loadout as TK built it with the 1300 l tank on the outside. Like the pictures show. bombs and rocket pods seem to fit "ok" (they're close enough for gobernment work!) EDIT: so, the "new" pylon should go outboard of the stock one?? That's not a real problem -- just reposition the fake pilot's seat (the pylon) and adjust the weapons mounting position.
  9. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,57332.0.html
  10. New Aircraft

    Looks beautiful! I’ll tweak the FM eventually for the older CL.IV that’s in the downloads area and then we can easily readjust some of the coordinates to make the data ini fit your greatly improved model Geezer. Happy flying, Von S
  11. New Aircraft

    You're welcome. Test shots of the CL4 as I start to rough in markings for one of several color schemes I like.
  12. Soppy, I don't really know what the specs required to run CLoD are. I'm running a 6700K, 16GB RAM, GTX1080, dual 1Tb SSD drives and a G-Sync monitor - so most things run pretty well. CLoD certainly runs like a champ with those specs. I'm not sure how big of a performance hit a more budget friendly card would do. Sorry. :(
  13. So my other major addiction (besides Skyrim SE) is Dungeons & Dragons 5e table top gaming. I finally completed painting my somewhat expansive collection of miniatures and have started Dungeon Mastering (DMing) my own games. Everyone seems to really enjoy the immersive 3D gaming experience. Does anyone else play D&D? What edition? How often do you game?
  14. The smoke launcher in the sponson full of mk-25s. A working MAD bird on the other side. 12 or more passive sonobouys. I don't think I remember a whole lot of extra bouys. another 12 would not be hard to stow. The dipping sonar was our main sensor. It had 3 frequencies so 3 helos could work an area or target. Our Airwing had no S-3s. If we did have bouys out for a contact the smallboys, destroyers and frigates would most certainly charge thru our pattern. I don't remember how many channels the bouys had but we unlike an S-3 or P-3 could only monitor 1 at a time. CL
  15. I have been adding some new planes I installed the FARMAN F40 & VICKERS FB5 both by Stephen 1918 and both are not showing the front gunner he's there but blacked out the gun is showing and it fires, it looks like im missing a file. I see there is a bit map img of a gunner in the plane folder tried it in the PILOTS FOLDER with no luck any one got any ideas. Edit got it sorted guys the gunner go's in the Texture folders of the plane. Forward and onward to the next problem.
  16. New Aircraft

    That looks really nice, Geezer! After the Pfalz, that Halberstadt CL.IV is the one I look forward to the most! it looks awesome! And the ring sight is a very nice touch! :) Thank you for doing this!
  17. Don`t forget a great VR support ingame, we have it already in il2 and it is great!!
  18. Good old times. When I joined with the Vertical addon eheh. That's how I found CombatAce, searching for Yak-38s to fly
  19. Bf-109 G14, K4 Fw-190A8, A9 (17) took part and D9 Ju-88 Bf-110G2 Me-262 Allied aircraft: Spitfire MkIX B-25 B-26
  20. New Campaign system is WIP will be out with BOK
  21. Modding - not check Dynamic campaign - not check Passing for me. But! I'm sure lotta ppl are excited.
  22. I'm going to try and put together a campaign for this project this winter as well as finish off the terrain so was wondering about what aircraft to include. Most of the research done so far has been on the ground war but I've put together a list of aircraft for the allied side, the list of Luftwaffe aircraft is still being researched. Any ideas on aircraft/skins for either side appreciated. Considering the small size of the terrain I'm just planning 7 squadrons per side, one squadron at each airport. British aircraft: Hawker Tempest: Based at B-80 [Volkel] and tasked with mainly air to air missions plus some strike, recon and armed recon. Spitfire14: ThirdWire's model based at B-78 [Eindhoven] and tasked with air to air and some recon missions. Hawker Typhoon: Based at B-77 [Gilze/Rijen] and tasked with mainly CAS missions and some strike missions. US aircraft: P-51D: ThirdWire's model based at Y-29 [Asch]. At the start of the battle it seems the only P-51's in the area were PR versions. The 352nd Fighter Group deployed aircraft from England to Y-29 on Dec. 22 but I'm going to include them from the Dec.16 start date. They will probably be tasked with mostly air to air missions with some CAS, strike, recon and armed recon included. P-47D [2]: One squadron at A-89 [Le Culot] and one squadron at Y-32 [Ophoven]. One of the squadrons will get mainly CAS and some strike missions, the other will get a blend of different missions. P-38: The 370th fighter group was active in the area and seems to have been a dedicated ground attack unit so they will get just CAS, strike and armed recon missions based from A-92 [Sint-Truiden]. Luftwaffe Aircraft: Still needs to be researched but one squadron of Bf-109G-10's for air to air, probably an earlier G version for air to air and air to ground, FW-190A-8, and FW-190D-9. That still leaves 3 squadrons open, any ideas?
  23. MiG-21MF USN

    Not really a fan of "what if" stuff, but this is really cool Russo!
  24. Wrench, many thanks for the help! The new pylon isn't completely wrong,but pretty similar to the real,BUT will be in the other side of the wing fence,this is the real issue ( in reality the wing fence will be more close to the engine nacelle,but this is another story).
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