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    Looks like she loves you too
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    Before my hardware crash, there was a "personal" upgrade project ongoing, cause i didnt liked the canopy shape, to many edges, edited some parts here and there, the whole intake, rounded up some edges and added cockpit details.
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    Like 'em low and slow, 1.6 can accommodate you too: German B354 - Czech BH33 - Italian Cr32 - French D510 ( I know, not a bi-plane, what ev ) British Demon - British Fury - British Gauntlet - British Gladiator - German He45 - German He51 - Japanese An4 - Japanese AXH Type H British Swordfish - Italian Cr20 - Japanese Ki-10
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    Yesss! I love she! Sad I haven't decals to build a 1/72 model...
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    I converted from SF2 to DCS years ago. I faithfully played SF2 for many years, even when I had Lock On and IL-2 installed (Both in my opinion better games due to being higher fidelity). I know the pure size of the SF2's scenarios and aircraft list is unprecedented, but it's simply just a fun arcade game that isn't personally rewarding to me. DCS has reached a level of realism with stunning visuals that have never been seen before. Heatblurs work on the F-14 is remarkable, I encourage everyone to try DCS. The study-level sim bug will bite you hard and isn't as daunting as one might think. It's very rewarding to fly and fight in a DCS module.
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    Now a short revisit to one of the seminal Mods for the Strike Fighters series. Strike Fighters 2: ODS Redux is a very impressive modification of the basic game series and included new aircraft / ground objects over the original. As the title suggests the mod will have you flying over the Middle East battleground where Operation Desert Storm was actually set, so mostly Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait of course: New aircraft for Redux included the amazing Buccaneer by Ravenclaw: Install As ever the mod works best at the game version it was tested and built for, and if you install onto a later version or one merged with North Atlantic there will be a bit more work to do. However if you can copy & paste files and edit word documents you shouldn’t have any problems. The instructions are pretty good – however you must insure you follow the first and second rules of modding: 1. Make sure you stick the files in the correct place! 2. Make sure you stick the files in the correct place! If you get stuck there is a few years worth of information and a knowledge base on here to help. Gameplay The variety of aircraft you can choose along with the different squadrons is vast as you can imagine, and should be historically accurate. For this I am going to be in VFA-81, - that’s right I can literally walk into any Navy squadron I am that good! The campaign starts with a bit of background about the situation and the strategic error Saddam Hussain perhaps may have made: For day one I can rejoice in the fact that mod campaigns include targets other than the beeping Comms building! Default loadout looks good enough so no changes for me: And flying with my good buddy Ens Mike Erwin, who is not the highest in flying skill but is good with the ladies!: Into the sky we go, the Hornet is a third party mod but includes a very good pit complete enough for us to get by with navigation etc: Flying over Kuwait Mike seems to think keeping his lights on is more challenging! Plenty of Bandits are being called out, like this MiG-23: They are being kept busy by F-14s on the way in though luckily: We find and hit the scud rather easily, although Mike doesn’t think it is fun without flying low and getting shot at by every gun in theatre: Coming off target, a MiG is within 10 miles at 9 o’clock, so I turn and lock it up. Not being certain who or what it is I close to visual just to see a cheeky F-14 blast it out of the sky with guns (that's the guy locked in the circle). Typical, I am off to the tanker, or Alt + N as it is more commonly known here: Success is ours…in your face Saddam! And of course, hats off to the many that contributed to make SF2:ODS possible!


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