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    Idaho ANG F-4G with single piece windscreen my first flight since a long time , and i had a lot of fun with it
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    Some "new" E's I'm working on...... Rebuilt/remapped model, new SUU-23/A gunpod also, not up to Ravenclaw standards but better than stock......for me anyway. No decals on any of these birds.....just because I cant be bothered to make em
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    Been ill and not been around hence the inaction.... ok now but busy elsewhere,though I will go through stuff ive got near done and try get some out...where poss...if not I will offer up stuff for peeps to modify for you all..( by that I mean model thats done but may need ini`s etc) I wont be on every day but will try pop in more and more when able.. cheers guys and keep safe Russ
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    Version 0.1.1


    After nearly 6 years since my proof of concept experiments with the TOD files I'm ready to release a first version of the TODEditor (could almost be a nominee for the Duke Nukem Forever Award ). Main Features: Easy editing of TOD files: cut/copy/paste, moving and rotating of objects Import of object models files: *.lod, *.obj or *.3ds Warning: Use at your own risk. The TODEditor is currently in an early beta stage and can contain serious bugs. So, please backup your terrain files before you work with the TODEditor. I have warned you! The program is free for whatever use (commercial or personal). Installation: Extract the content of the zip package to a convenient location. The TODEditor depends on the Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 C++ libraries. If not already installed on the computer (e.g. by other applications) they have to be installed by running vcredist_x64.exe (you can find it in the redist subfolder of this package). Start the program by double click the todeditor.exe. For further information see TODEditor_readme.txt. Mue
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    Happy New Year, you're a bunch of old farts! CombatACE turns 20 years old this year. Thank you for being a part of who we are for the past two decades.
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    First of all, this is not another topic focused on one aircraft...this is simply my topic about recent works on old good SLUF. As recently I was absolutely occupied on work with the ODS30 team I neglected my Vietnam era mod. Then when ODS 30 cam out...I figured out I need to re-work my own Vietnam mod. So just tweak here and there...ended up with the whole Navy A-7 Corsair deployment in Vietnam War. Some squadrons had tendencies to slightly change paint markings, some squadrons remain pattern for each tour of duty. Nevertheless, very colorful considering it was combat deployment. But things were different back then. This is still WIP..but more or less it is nearly finished. 1967. A-7A VA-147, CVW-2 USS Ranger 4.11.1967 - 25.5.1968 1968 A-7A VA-82, CVW-6 USS America 10.4.1968 - 16.12-1968 A-7A VA-86, CVW-6 USS America 10.4.1968 - 16.12-1968 A-7A VA-27, CVW-14 USS Constellation 28.5.1968 - 31.1.1969 A-7A VA-97, CVW-14 USS Constellation 28.5.1968 - 31.1.1969 A-7A VA-147, CVW-2 USS Ranger 26.10.1968 - 17.5.1969 A-7A VA-37, CVW-11 USS Kitty Hawk 30.12.1968 - 4.9.1969 A-7A VA-105, CVW-11 USS Kitty Hawk 30.12.1968 - 4.9.1969
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    I finally continued my long term project - Skins for all A-4 Skyhawk squadrons/deployments in Vietnam. New skins aswell as a rework of my older (lower resolution) skins will be included. Have fun! Some progress: VA-15 Valions, 4/1966 - 11/1966, USS Intrepid, A-4B CAG: Line: VA-95 Green Lizards, 4/1966 - 11/1966, USS Intrepid, A-4B VA-153 Det. R Blue Tail Flies, 6/1964 - 12/1964, USS Kearsarge, A-4B VA-12 Flying Ubangis, 3/1970 - 12/1970, USS Shangri-La, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, 3/1965 - 11/1965, USS Midway, A-4C VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, 6/1966 - 2/1967, USS Coral Sea, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, 11/1967 - 5/1968, USS Ranger, A-4C VA-76 Spirits, 1/1967 - 8/1967, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-172 Blue Bolts, 6/1966 - 2/1967, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-172 Blue Bolts, 3/1970 - 12/1970, USS Shangri-La, A-4C CAG: Line: VA-195 Dambusters, 1/1964 - 11/1964, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-195 Dambusters, 4/1965 - 1/1966, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-195 Dambusters, 11/1966 - 5/1967, USS Ticonderoga, A-4C VA-195 Dambusters, 12/1967 - 8/1968, USS Ticonderoga, A-4C H&MS-15 Det. N Angels, 8/1965 - 3/1966, USS Hornet, A-4C "Fanny Hill" "Ko Sisters" VA-113 Stingers, 1/1968 - 7/1968, USS Enterprise, A-4F VA-93 Blue Blazers, 1/1968 - 10/1968, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4F CAG: Line: VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers, 10/1965 - 7/1966, Chu Lai AB, A-4E VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 1/1968 - 10/1968, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4F VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 8/1969 - 4/1970, USS Hancock, A-4F VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 10/1970 - 6/1971, USS Hancock, A-4F VA-212 Rampant Raiders, 1/1972 - 10/1972, USS Hancock, A-4F VA-192 (Worlds Famous) Golden Dragons, 1/1964 - 11/1964, USS Bon Homme Richard, A-4C VA-106 Gladiators, 6/1968 - 2/1969, USS Intrepid, A-4E to be continiued...
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    Vietnam '67...River Rats Patrol.... GKABS-Swambast partnership project: credit GKABS for almost all modeling; myself for new texturing and misc details.
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    Gentlemen, the NF-5A Volume is nearing completion. The cockpit has received a complete overhaul- this time all consoles, and not just the main instrument panel, reflect the NF-5A as in use by the RNLAF. Ravenclaw007, Crusader, and Baffmeister have all workd hard to bring this aircraft to its current state; and Soulfreak has contributed some outstanding f-16 Camo schemes (who knows there may be more..) Last but not least, Cliff7600 and Logan4 have also contributed their skills to the aircraft's avionics. Two weeks to release.. maybe a little less
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    All hail Mue, for his target editor. I cannot imagine, in a million years, doing this by hand.
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    1974-1975 A-7E VA-22, CVW-15 USS Coral Sea 5.12.1974 - 2.7.1975 A-7E VA-94, CVW-15 USS Coral Sea 5.12.1974 - 2.7.1975 A-7E VA-27, CVW-14 USS Enterprise 17.9.1974 - 20.5.1975 A-7E VA-97, CVW-14 USS Enterprise 17.9.1974 - 20.5.1975 A-7E VA-146, CVW-9 USS Constellation 21.6.1974 - 23.12.1974 A-7E VA-147, CVW-9 USS Constellation 21.6.1974 - 23.12.1974 and then few more years of colorful Corsair in the Atlantic and Pacific fleet before everything turned gray. WIP.
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    Dusk on the Delta..... 400+ tiles on this terrain & I haven't even started the Mangrove swamps yet.
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    Can't have an "A" without a "B"...
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    Progressing very slowly, until I fully regain my health...
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    Following initial trials in the early 1960's the US Army purchased 10 Fiat G-91R1's for evaluation in Vietnam, much to the annoyance of the USAF ...After completion of the trials the US Army requested delivery of a new planned G-91YS variant in the planning stages at that time. The USAF strongly objected fearing a rival to the F-5A and intrusion on their own missions sets. This was further exacerbated when the small, powerful, nimble, gun and missile-armed jets achieved some air-to-air kills. South Vietnam also trialed the aircraft but took the F-5 instead after pressure from the USAF and US politicians. The remaining airframes were shipped back to the states for disposal.
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    Trying to create a somewhat reasonable stand-in cockpit here...we'll see, if it works.
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    Lots of improvements to the model...........again..
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    When Thunder Rolled and Winds of Change - September 2021 It is with great excitement today we announce some updates and increasing momentum of the When Thunder Rolled Project. Perhaps the most significant news is a Leadership change. All founding members have approved the nomination and acceptance of a new Project Leader that has demonstrated the proficiency, commitment and quality demanded in this critical role. Leveraging his solid understanding of the Thirdwire sims, and recent leadership roles with other initiative including Operation Desert Storm, will set us up for greater success. With this change, we are expecting a surge in activity and progress which has us energized and excited. On a tactical level, our top focus/priority now continues to be on finalizing terrain work - creating incredibly accurate depictions of the Vietnam topography, cities/towns, airbases, enhanced terrain tiles (e.g., honoring requests for more rice paddies), etc. This terrain of course will serve as the foundation for everything else. We continue to excel in enhancing immersion and realism – leveraging outsourced professionals to help with creating dense jungle environments, realistic sky environments and more. These efforts are a cycle of ongoing experiments balancing how much we can push this old game engine and still maintain acceptable frame rates. We have also been making progress in many other areas such as creating realistically detailed target areas. For example, when you strike an enemy military storage area in WTR, we promise it won’t be a generic “Warehouse1” – see proof below! Next up on the target area list is creating a cluttered rail yard supporting Ed’s June 20, 1966 attack on the Railyard NorthEast of Kep Airfield. New models will include a marshalling yard with new train cars, rail yard support buildings, service equipment and more. Also noteworthy perhaps: while not formally adopted on the development roadmap but under consideration – we have received requests over the past few years regarding Yankee Air Pirate (YAP) compatibility. A majority of former YAP team members have already been involved with the WTR Project so this continues to be assessed and a greater possibility. Please enjoy the screenshots below; note these are lower res/compressed versions and representative of unedited actual gameplay. As always, we welcome and encourage community support. If you are interested in contributing, please send me a Private Message (PM). Finally, very special thanks to Erik for all his support and hosting our exclusive forum. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments in this forum, thank you. An F-105 drops its payload over North Vietnam amidst heavy cloudy skies. Our brand new scratch F-100F; its dazzling bare metal skin catching the morning sun on an enemy air defense suppression (Wild Weasel) mission. Vivid Morning Skies over a small Vietnam Village lose their tranquility as enemy AAA chase after the contrails of an F-105 strike package (top right). Another brand new scratch model, this time showcasing the Mig-17 featuring an insane level of detail and perfect for you rivet counters. Rough inner coastal waters demonstrated by new water effects roll in to disrupt a peaceful beach. An NVA solider driving the SA-2 missile transporter takes a quick break along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Yet another new scratch model, the AH-1 Skyraider! Employing a low bomb pass this skillful pilot scores a direct hit on an enemy truck convoy just clearing a ridge along the Ho Chi Minh trail. The sheer beauty of Vietnam, rolling hills, lush jungles and colorful fields serve as a momentary distraction from the war. May 3, 1966. Ed Rasimus’ first recorded combat mission successfully strikes a Dong Hoi military storage area in Route Pack 1. Bonus Screenie: re-creation of YAP “JumpMyers” downed pilot rescue mission integrated with the WTR Project leveraging brand new Jolly Green helo model, rescue pilot, special effects, etc from:
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    Who ya gonna call....??? "GUNFIGHTERS"..
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    Lets have a ride around the ramp......
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    A Moment of Introspection 'I was born in a cross-fire hurricane And I howled at my ma in the driving rain But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas But it's all right. I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash It's a gas! Gas! Gas' Cats on the Roof Tops... And we're off! 'The empty world, from which the last cry Flapped hugely, hopelessly away Into the blindness and dumbness and deafness of the gulf' Wench, thy name is Exhilaration! Slipping the surly bonds of earth Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale of the moonlight? Go Cat! Go!
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    Just out for a nice day in the countryside.......
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    Here is the reason, why my new terrain projects have such a slow progress: Release date End of April 2022
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    As if the job was'nt hard enough......
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    Had a few hours of free time and looked back at some airshow photos and had the will to do this : RCAF 2017 DEMO TEAM skin
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    8K rework in progress.
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