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    Version 0.6.3


    This is the newest version of the LODViewer. New features: -decal support -display of collision and pivot points -added transparency and wireframe display mode -user definable background color -view manipulation via keyboard -64 bit application -uses the OpenSceneGraph library and Qt 5.9.5 Install instructions: Extract the content of the zip package to a convenient location. The LODViewer depends on the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 C++ libraries. If not already installed on the computer (e.g. by other applications) it has to be installed by running vcredist_x64.exe (you can find it in the redist subfolder of this package). Have fun! And report bugs Mue
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    For the last 3 months, I was out of town working quite far from home so was not able to work on my main projects. But i had my crappy laptop with me...and evenings were quite productive. As you may know (or may not) i was working on a few ground objects.. and even the first batch (S-125 SAM) system was uploaded. I am currently working on new S-75 and S-200 SAMs . And of course many others. (generally trying to cover all east cold war SAMs). Also, some other big projects came up..and I am in the middle of something. So those ground objects will find a way to be on the virtual frontline one day. But back to the topic. I have made a few (and few more to come) replacements for stock TW objects from the red side. The list is not long so far. Idea was....and still is in my mind to create objects and edit targets.ini and types.ini so airfields for example in East Germany or Czechoslovakia will have specific national background objects etc. But I am generally lazy to do ini work (which is bloody important - but I am prioritizing models for now. Also, I think we disused this already ( but i can not find that thread) I am interested in making 'era' ground objects appearance. So for example old Zil-157 wil not appear as fuel truck let say in 1995 anymore. And in 1954 it place will be taken by some older soviet truck etc, etc. Someone said it is possible to edit this...but i do not remember how..or I am doing something wrong. Anyway, my priority is models..hope someone will solve this ini issue for me. So far i've made the following objects: ATZ-4-131 and ATZ-157 - or simply Soviet Fuel truck. Also, have pre-1958 ATZ-3-151 - but ZIS-151 is not painted yet....so. not for showing yet. Standard trucks for different era and situations (also some more specific eyecandish for few countries ) GAZ-66, Zil-157, Ural 375D, IFA W50L, (Praga and Star - wips) Some command truck replacements...these are actually radios but It gives nice touch now. R-140M on Zil-131 and Zil-157 and few other models that are in wip stage still (R-160 on Zil-131, R-142 on GAZ-66) And there are also other ground objects, mean fighting machines. BTR-60PB (plus maybe 2-3 variants in future) BRDM-2 and few variants based on that chassis. 9P122 Malyutka-M and 9P133 Malyutka-P and new 9M14 Malyutka to add to the weapon folder and Strela-1 9K31 with new 9M31 Strela-1 venerable ZU-23-2 also mounted on some trucks and APCs BMP-1 BMP-2 BTR-50PK and its Czechoslovakian copy OT-62 TOPAS with few variants and some middle eastern mods for use with specific terrains. and Czechoslovakian- Polish OT-64 SKOT also, new PT-76 found its way here... More to come. I have more than 20 wips in this project. some East Germany and Czechoslovakian builds too. More soviet tanks (54,55,62,72,) APCs, some heavy haulers and FROGs. Of course, this still needs a lot of work. lIke double-checking data, adjusting hitboxes, userlist, and generally ini-ini mambo jumbo. So one day hope it will be ready. Definitely not two weeks. Regards. J.
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    Hello there After some quite obscure times here due to the selfishness and arrogance of some I decided to put a little bit of light on the road again......... As I said in the title this is my last effort , this will be my last serious modding effort I'm going to do in and for this community. It consists on a refreshed version of the original Europe Terrain project that I started back in 2014. It started originally as a way to add French bases to the original NATO fighters mod taking as reference the original Europe terrain for EAW wich finally evolved into the creation of a whole new terrain. The terrain I'm going to show you contains many features that already existed on the original terrain however it has the following differences: 1) A new an fresh .HFD file with a 250m heigh file made by me from scratch , featuring some really nice geographical features as I'm going to show you. 2) A new strongly built targes.ini wich right now consits of about +40.000 targets and 500 target areas and growing. 3) The terrain has totally been retiled using Stary's tiles. And now some pics. Norwegian Fjords , a great addition with the new .hfd file. Rivers, mountains, cities..... And superb details: Fessenheim nuclear plant (France), Rhin river , French-German border crossing Fessenheim and Bremgarten air base (Germany). Hohenzollern castle: As I said before all my interest in modding efforts will only focus in this project. This post is intended to be used as an information point for the community about it.
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    I liked Marcs Flanker...thought it deserved a make over...Redone all new canopy system...new seat,total new cockpit,hud ,etc etc... new lights,working on new pylons,better detail gears(next) been totally remapped except tails,wings were askew on old mapping.. then redo all panels etc...hmmmmm lol getting there.. im particularly pleased with the new burners...
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    Version 1.4


    realSKY Environment January 13th, 2019 (1st Release) by Menrva >For Strike Fighters 2 games This is my sky enhancement mod. It also combines the work of many other modders, in order to provide a realistic, better looking sky. Here below a quick summary of the changes: -Tweaked sky colours, something in between Cellinsky's widesky and the stock SF2 colours. -More realistic Night colours, sky and ambient are much darker. -More atmospheric, reddish transition from Twilight to Night. -New "dark blue" High Altitude colours (fly near space with a NF-104). -Moon produces a yellowish light instead of the default purple. -Sky is "wider" much like Cellinsky's widesky mod (background horizon clouds are bigger and more noticeable). -Added beautiful cloud graphics made by ShrikeHawk, different for each weather type. -Added a low number of stray clouds to Clear weather. -Added noticeable clouds to Overcast weather and Inclement weather, "fixing" a known SF2 "bug". -Combined various mods to produce a more interesting Rain Effect under Inclement weather. -Added Stary's lens flare effects from the SARCASM 2 mod, in place of Cellinsky's widesky effects. -Added Cloud Layer graphics by Stary, Fubar512 and Brain32. -Reworked secondary atmospheric effects, such as contrails and wingtip vortexes. In addition, the package includes alternative environment configuration files; they enable different effects for the Inclement weather. You can choose between thunderstorm (default, adapt for most terrains), snowstorm (for cold, icy terrains) and sandstorm (for hot, desert terrains). For those who wish not to change the effect globally, I highly suggest to try the included terrain-specific environment files, provided for both stock terrains and custom ones I released; the default global effect is thunderstorm, while terrains with their own environment file either use sandstorm or snowstorm as appropriate. Use this as a basis to customize other terrains. It's recommeded to set the game's Effects to High in the Options menu. By setting the Effects to Unlimited, the game uses a pointless DirectX 10 post processing effect; the stock game's post processing shader generates a horrible bloom effect which excessively blinds the player during Twilight transitions. I have included an alternative post processing shader (TWPOSTPROCESS.FX) in order to disable the faulty bloom effect; it provides a minor bloom effect when looking directly at the sun, so it's miles better than what the stock game offers. However, if you want to gain more FPS, it's better not to play the game with Effects set to Unlimited. >Credits (in no particular order): -Cellinsky, for his fantastic widesky mod from which I borrowed some tweaks. -Stary, for his Thunderstorm and Heavy Snowfall weather mods, and his SARCASM 2 beta mod from which I borrowed some effects. -PanamaRed, for tweaks in regards to Clouds (especially the Broken weather ones). -Fubar512 and Brain32, for their Cloud Layer Top bitmaps, which I have smoothed for a better looking effect. -ShrikeHawk, for his CloudSkins mods, from which I took the spectacular cloud graphics. -BearGryllis, for his Thunderstorm Pack With Enhanced Lightnings 2.0b package. -Orsin, for his Improved Rain Effect and Heavy Rain 0.8 mods. -luk1978, for his interesting WeatherEffect package. -ArmedLightning, for his Special FX v2.2 mod for the GTR 2 game, from which I borrowed a lens flare effect. -baffmeister, for the idea of recreating sandstorm weather effects. -tiopilotos, for suggesting improvements on other subjects. -Eagle114th, for his Improved Wingtip Vortex mod which I have reworked. -JosefK, guuruu and Coupi, for their interest and support. I included the original readme files from the mentioned mods, where available, to the end of giving proper credit to everyone involved directly or not. >Disclaimer: This is a freeware; yet it can be redistributed ONLY in other CombatACE mods/mod packages. This mod may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. >My Terrain Packages: Hawaii, Central Pacific (1959-2028) Timor, North Oceania (1950-2018) Ecuador, Northwest South America (1981-1998) Texas, American South Central (1968-2018) Sweden, Baltic Rim (2004-2018) Sweden, Baltic Rim (1952-1994) Libya, Central Mediterranean (1980-2011) Madagascar, Southeast Africa (1977-2018) Iraq, Western Asia (2003-2018) Alaska, Bering Strait (1955-2018) Iraq, Western Asia (1980-2003) >My Miscellaneous Packages: Ace Combat Nations Nations & Medals Expansion Speech Enhancement Wings Over World Menu Screens realSKY Environment
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    An imitation: Original picture: screenshot:
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    It's released now. Written in german language about the combat airplanes of the East German Air Force, by a man, who served out his time there.
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    Yeah know one in game but I think this ones better... lots to do....as im dabbling again,its one im finishing now.....but hold on to your hats,its being done as and when. Lots to do... Already done. Animated gears ,bomb doors....took an age as they were down in original 3ds model,and as anyone who uses 3ds max knows most 3ds models have a lot of errors,most of the meshes had seperate polygons...took ages to weld., added spec mapping,sorted out jpegs of painted on numbers etc, to do....here we go lol redo tail fins ...slightly too thick at base and need proper mechanism... tail chute and housing new wings as these are just damaged versions,or rather are split like them.. refuel probe weapon stations might try redo a template intakes need looking at,...dirt ingress-louvre doors to make engine fans need replacing canards are way too thick and clunky-remake then reposition all the pivot points for the control surfaces.. so you see quite a list..... would say two weeks but thats being very conservative lol... it will be when its done...ok thanks cheers Russ BTW this one will be hi def\res unlike the other one :)
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    F-100D with CBU-2B/A (SUU-7A) dispenser and CBU-52B/B
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    testing a new 3d modell for the BL755 cluster bomb , not finshed yet still need some more detail to it
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    Gentlemen, and any Ladies, the Staff of Combat Ace is proud to announce the elevation of the following members to Modder Status: Guuruu, Strahi, Menrva, Gkabs For outstanding work and contributions to the 3rd Wire Community. You now have access to the Modders Secret Roundtable, and later I'll go over the Secret Handshake (tm) via video due to Social Distancing (tm) Welcome to the Next Level!! First round is on YOU all!!
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    F-4G from the 561st TFS on final check before take off i know the tailnubers are still missing but so are many other small details yet
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    F-4G Wild Weasel with an early F-4G cockpit , aircraft is finish but still a lot of work to finish this cockpit i added the original A/G gun sight but unfortunatley i can not get the range bar working in a A/G mode the Threat panel is an other problem the quadrant indicators are not working like they should , game limitations , dont know what i´m going to do with them medium and late cockpits not yet done
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    Happy New Year. ...and coming in 2018..
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    Welcome To Duty Built with the extraordinary expertise and dedication of modders from CombatACE.com, Operation Desert Storm – 30th Anniversary Edition promises to be the most complete total conversion ever made for Strike Fighters 2 by ThirdWire. Fly with more than 50 aircraft ranging from Cold War relics to the most advanced platforms. Gain air superiority in the mighty F-15C Eagle or challenge the Coalition with the agile Fulcrum. Support troops with the A-10A Thunderbolt II, bomb strategic targets with the stealthy F-117A Nighthawk, lead airfield denial operations in the iconic Tornado. Enjoy a beautifully rendered scenario on a scaled and accurate terrain. Fly over the lakes and rivers of Mesopotamia, the oil-rich fields of Kuwait, the mountains of Iran and Turkey. Take-off from aircraft carriers stationed in the Persian Gulf to watch over Kuwaiti oil rigs. Perform landings and patrols in more than 90 airports and air bases in the Middle East. Take part in different campaigns including the Iraqi blitzkrieg on Kuwait and the US-led liberation of the Kuwaiti Emirate. Discover how the Iraqi Army was one of the biggest in the world, through the eyes of American, British, Canadian, French, Italian and Arab pilots. Test your skills and abilities flying for the Iraqi Air Force during all stages of the conflict. Thirty years after, Operation Desert Storm still remains the largest air operation of modern warfare to date. Modders and flight sim enthusiasts at CombatACE teamed up to bring you a unique product in the lite flight sim world. Exquisitely detailed aircraft and paint schemes are delivered in a well-researched and thorough order of battle. The ODS 30th AE Development team would like to thank CombatACE.com, its admins, moderators and contributors. We are sure you will enjoy and appreciate this high-quality freeware product. From the aviation enthusiasts, to the aviation enthusiasts... and for the pilots of tomorrow. Minimum Requirements Required products from ThirdWire: Strike Fighters 2 Strike Fighters 2: Israel Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic Full support for: Mission Editor DLC Campaign Customizer DLC System specs: OS: Windows 7 x86 Processor: Dual Core 2.7 GHz Memory: 4.0 GB RAM Hard Drive: 17.0 GB Free Space Video Card: 512 MB DirectX 10 Sneak Peek A Note from Menrva I started this project back in May of 2020. When I invited some of the most renowned modders to contribute to it, I would have never expected such an amazing support from many of them. After roughly 8 months of development, we have produced a high-quality total conversion for Strike Fighters 2, all for free. Driven by passion and teamwork, we managed to achieve new heights and set new standards; this modification is most likely the most complete ever anthology of the Gulf War in any flight sim to date. 2020 has been a difficult year for so many all over the world due to an unprecedented pandemic. It has been a very difficult year for me as well, unrelated to the pandemic. I am extremely proud of what I started, but without the support of the team I managed to form, I would have never accomplished this amazing modding project with success. I want to dedicate this to my beloved girlfriend, Alessandra. With her love and support, I have come to realize my potential and value as a human being. Così adesso lo sai... Download Rights In accordance with the owner and admins of CombatACE.com, the ODS 30th AE Development Team decided to offer the mod in Early Access to all contributors of the site (modders and subscribers alike). Revenue generated by the release in the form of download subscriptions will be used toward the regular monthly operating costs of CombatACE. Modders individually will not be profiting from their work released here. This is our thank you to the community who has supported us throughout the years and to the site for which we are greatly appreciative. A minimum of a 1 month subscription plan is required for download access. Available January 17th, 2021. The mod will be available to everyone at a later date.
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    just checking my new Orpheus reconnaissance pod , it was used on the Dutch F-104G and the F-16A
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    Few tweaks and ready to go high...
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    - All skins updated with cockpit textures and various other minor details. - KM-1 Ejection seats added. Grey on most but black for Mig-MLDe, MiG-23P and MiG-23P (82) - Grey undersides on Soviet Camouflage skins changed from grey to blue/ grey. Additional dark green added in to the Soviet camouflage of later model MiG-23's. - Skins added for Iraqi, Syria (Late), Polish camouflage, Soviet desert (in Afghanistan) and Soviet Afghanistan veterans. - Corrections to decal size and/ or positions on various skins. - Additional MiG-23MLDe variant created. This is the Syrian specific export model of the MLD which did not have the IFF or aerodynamic enhancements (vortex generators) of the Soviet MLD and had a slightly downgraded radar. Syrian made countermeasure dispensers installed on either side of the tail fin. - Additional MiG-23P (82) variant created. This is the Soviet P model that was upgraded to the same standard as the MLD but without the aerodynamic enhancements. - Made flyable with the MLD cockpit available here at CA by Stary. Cockpit modified for the M and MF aircraft to have the AOA warning light removed and an earlier style gun piper. - Leading edge flaps fixed to now automatically deploy during manoeuvring for the MLD, MLDe and P (82) - Radar data and performance is corrected from the S-23MLA radar to the S-23MLA-II radar for the MLD. - Only MLD with S-23MLA radar has an ACM mode. All other MiG-23 radars have only Search or Track modes. - KDS-23 countermeasure dispenser installed in the centreline drop tank pylon of the MLA, MLD, MLDe and P (82). This is a 12 shot chaff/ flare countermeasure dispenser that could be used once the drop tank had been jettisoned. - Primary and secondary roles expanded to reflect the evolution of the MLD version of the MiG-23 into a more multi role fighter platform. - Use of Kh-25M air-to-surface missile and datalink pod added to all versions. - Loadouts enhanced and corrected. Some Afghanistan specific ones added. - Fuselage and wing AA-8 positions corrected. - Removed ECM jammer from the MLD. - Grey, blue/ grey and camouflage centerline drop tank options. MiG-23M MiG-23MF MiG-23MLA MiG-23MLD MiG-23MLDe MiG-23P (82)
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    The answer is an absolute maybe!!!
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    Nearly done with this now.....
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    Thanks to Wrench i was now finaly able to get my hands on a F-4B/N/J tactical manual , with that manual i was able to correct some of my weapons like the AERO 7D / LAU-3A/A and LAU-3A as well as my LAU-32 series launcher and the LAU-59 series a lot of work to change everythink but im almost done witht it here are the new MK-77 fire bombs MK-77 mod2 MK-77 mod4 MK-77 mod5 AERO 7D 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher ( U.S. Navy ) LAU-3A/A 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher ( U.S. Navy ) LAU-3A 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher ( U.S. Air Force ) LAU-32A/A 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher LAU-32B/A 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher LAU-59/A 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher Guided Weapon Walleye I different Mk versions Guided Weapon Walleye II different Mk versions AN/ALQ-164 U.S. Navy and Italian Navy version MK-83 AIR with Thermal Protection Coating
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    Paris and London under WIP Highway strip
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    Now, where have I seen something like this before ????
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    Microsoft Set To Purchase CombatACE It's no secret Microsoft is looking to expand its services and enhance overall user experience by purchasing companies such as Discord. While such moves may seem obvious to most, one move Microsoft is making has many in the tech industry wondering about the things Microsoft is planning next. To the members here at CombatACE are familiar with developers such as ThirdWire and Eagle Dynamics. Earlier this month Microsoft attempted to purchase Eagle Dynamics and take over the DCS World many have to come to love. However Eagle Dynamics told Microsoft to step off and tinker with their little flight simulator. Microsoft angrily shook their fist at Eagle Dynamics and then pointed to a lone developer somewhere in Texas and announced they would purchase his humble company called ThirdWire. When it comes to big companies like Microsoft purchasing companies like ThirdWire a lot of footwork is done. While doing their research Microsoft learned about other sites they can buy to enhance their user experience. CombatACE is the top of their list and Microsoft is pleased to see a humble community filled with amazing people, programmers, and mod developers. "It's like all these things we wanted rolled into one little package" said William J Tinsdale Vlll "CombatACE will make a fine addition to our collection." But what will this mean for the users at CombatACE? To answer that question we reached out to the man himself. @Erik "Well at first I was against it" Erik stated "We built a thriving community for ourselves and not some corporate giant just to come in and take over and do whatever they want with it." So, okay, so why is Microsoft buying CombatACE if that's the case? "When someone offers you a free slightly used $200 million private jet with a full crew, free fuel, and millions of dollars for the pocket. You just gotta ask where to sign you know. Besides do you know how hard it is to run a website as large as CombatACE on a daily basis? It's rewarding work but it's hard work and if Microsoft want's to take over I'm cool with that. This jet is awesome and I have a surprise for all of the long time members here. They can get 1 free trip." Looking nice there man! An inside look the dining area "Regardless of the direction Microsoft chooses to take" Erik explains "they've assured me they'll continue to maintain the aspects that make CombatACE a great website. It is my hopes the community will continue to thrive and that people will get a kick out of this obvious April Fool's article entirely made up by Skyviper" Seriously @Erik, @MK2 , Mod Developers, CombatACE Staff and Members, thank you for making this site the awesome place it is.
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    Version 1.0.0


    July 2020 =============== Hellenic Air Force F-5A Freedom Fighter Volume I VERSION 1.0 ------------------------------------------------------------ F-5A variants included in the Package: HAF F-5A standard version (1965 - 1974) HAF F-5A with Martin Baker IRQ-7a ejection seat (1975 - 1999) HAF Rf-5A reconnaissance variant with 4 K-92a cameras We are proud to present the F-5A HAF Volume I, the first of many to come, focusing on one of the most enduring American military aircraft designs ever produced during the Cold War period. This first Volume depicts the following Hellenic Air Force variants; the HAF F-5A standard, the HAF F-5A with the Martin Baker IRQ-7a ejection seat, and the HAF RF-5A reconnaissance variant. It has been our goal to provide to the simmer a highly detailed model and texture base which preserve the beautiful lines of this aircraft; and to engineer flight files and a cockpit/gauge file-set that are authentic and add to the immersion of the flying experience within the Strike Fighters 2 series. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: -------------------------- 1. Copy the contents of the "To Mods Folder(S)" to your SF2 Mod directory. Allow directory merging and overwrites, provided the overwrites pertain to "fake pilot" entries, as well as weapons made by ravenclaw_007, which are included in this and many other releases. 2. Add the entries of "ADD_TO_SOUNDLIST.txt" to your SOUNDLIST.INI (located in the "user\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Flight" folder).If one does not exist, then you will need to extract it using the 3rdWire CAT extract utility. You are simply required to substitute the "XXX"s with the next sequential number in the sound file section of the file. NOTE 1: ------------ Both Regular and Higher resolution cockpit textures are included in their own distinct folders in the package. The user may alternate between the two by "commenting out" the relevant line in the F-5A_STANDARD_COCKPIT.ini [CockpitData] //Directory=cockpit Directory=cockpit_Lo-Fi <---This is the default In order to "activate" the higher resolution textures you would decomment the previous line and comment out the next line, thus: [CockpitData] Directory=cockpit <---This is now Hi-Res //Directory=cockpit_Lo-Fi NOTE 2: ------------ Another frame-rate friendly option for those with older hardware is to use the Next level of Detail Model as the primary external model. This simply involves changing the first line in the F-5A_HAF.ini from this.. [LOD001] Filename=F-5A_STANDARD.LOD to this.. [LOD001] Filename=F-5A_STANDARD_002.LOD Much effort was made to provide those with lower end systems an alternative lower poly-model to be able to enjoy the F-5a, so please take advantage of this _002.LOD model should you experience frame-rate issues. While not as "rounded" as the Higher poly version, it is nonetheless just as detailed and extensive. NOTE 3: ------------ For those who may find loading times excessive, the .jpg files in the texture folders can be reduced to 50% of their size without sacrificing too much surface detail. Keys: ------- SHIFT+0 -> canopy open CREDITS: sophocles - 3D Model, Cockpit, textures ravenclaw_007 - 3D Modeling, Animations, Weapons,textures baffmeister - Flight model, testing crusader - Avionics and data tweaks, Beta testing Guuruu - Sounds and Afterburner effects, Beta testing Guest contributors: Alfa2 - Loadouts and a wealth of info on the HAF variants. gkabs - pilot figure Special Thanks to the staff and members of Combatace.com whose passion and efforts have enabled this game to endure, and to provide so much fun and excitement! Additionally, many thanks to the following Combat-Ace Modders, who either actively contributed to the project over the years, or who invested their time either providing much needed hints and help, or researching various aspects of the model. Brain-32 - Modeling advice, initial cockpit.cfg + more NeverEnough - Initial work on the Flight model Russouk2004 - Always answering questions when I needed help..Cheers!! Dag - RoNAF textures and research (to be included in a dedicated future RoNAF F-5a module) Derk - Many, many references!!! Blade - Excellent mini-tutorial on damage textures Finally, thanks to TK and Thirdwire for creating such a fantastic game. **************************************************************** FEATURES: * Three model set including the HAF F-5A standard version (1965 - 1974), the HAF F-5A with Martin Baker IRQ-7a ejection seat (1975 - 1999), and the HAF RF-5A reconnaissance variant with 4 K-92a cameras; each with their own custom loadouts. * Three, highly detailed external 3d models, including the RF-5A, whose nose was graciously modeled by ravenclaw_007. * Specular color and Normal (bump) maps on all models * Seven Level of Detail models (LODs) for each model, providing an almost seamless transition from distance to distance; and perhaps more importantly, ensuring that the frame-rate "impact" of the aircraft is as low as possible. * Two sets of highly detailed external Fuel Tanks by ravenclaw_007; both the Factory variety and the Sargent Fletcher variants. * Fine-tuned flight parameters in three distinct aircraft data configuration files for all 3-D models, emphasizing the F-5A's agile and highly maneuverable characteristics - courtesy of Baffmeister. * 8 high resolution texture sets; thoroughly researched historic depictions of the Aircraft fielded by many HAF Wings and Squadrons. * Quality sound-set included. Base sounds, by Guuruu, were sourced from existing recordings of various aircraft at air-shows and were modified to match the prominent characteristics of the F-5A General Electric turbojets, the "buzz" of the M39 Pontiac 20mm machinegun, and the flap/Air-brake, undercarriage deployment and retraction sequences of the Freedom Fighter. * Super detailed 'Virtual Cockpit' with animated throttle control, rudder pedals, control stick, landing gear lever, canopy, canopy lever, drag-chute lever, weapons selectors and weapon station arming flick switches. *Accurate and functional representation of the Norair F-5A gun sight, with animated Mils selector and accompanying animated combining glass. (Mechanics by Crusader) * A full complement of highly (or should I say "insanely" detailed HAF weapons carried by the HAF F-5A, all by ravenclaw_007. * Complex animation of canopy opening mechanism, and animated Turbine blades; both thanks to ravenclaw_007 * GKAB's superb highly detailed crew figure with authentically modeled oxygen mask and flight helmet. * All new afterburner, emitter, and engine smoke effects by Guuruu. ****************************************************** PILOT NOTES ----------- F-5A Limit and Reference Speeds. [Indicated Airspeeds] FLAPS: 300kts for both leading and trailing edge. NOTE: The F-5A uses full flaps for take off but due to a game bug you must manually select full flaps for take off when player flown. The AI will use full flaps although you can hear the flap sound cycling between flap 1 and flap 2. LANDING GEAR: 240kts DRAG CHUTE: 165kts CANOPY: 50kts NOSE WHEEL STEERING: 65kts MAXIMUM INDICATED AIRSPEED: 710kts [redline] MAXIMUM MACH: 1.72 Mach design limit but thrust/drag limited to about mach 1.50 in a 60deg dive from 50,000ft. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAKE OFF ROTATION SPEEDS 13500lbs: 155kts [full internal fuel and two sidewinders] 20500lbs: 195kts [about the maximum weight possible with included stores] NOTE: Use full flaps for take off! Adding 6kts for every 1000lbs above 13500lbs should give good aft stick/rotation speeds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLIMB SPEEDS Military Power 13500lbs: 375kts with a transition to mach 0.89 20500lbs: 310kts with a transition to mach 0.74 Maximum Power 13500lbs: 595kts with a transition to mach 0.93 20500lbs: 480kts with a transition to mach 0.85 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL APPROACH SPEEDS With 500lbs fuel remaining and some empty racks use 160kts. Add 5kts for every additional 500lbs of fuel. NOTE: Target touch down speed is 20kts less than final approach speed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************* THIS AIRCRAFT MOD OR ANY PART OF IT ARE TO BE EXCLUSIVELY HOSTED BY COMBATACE.COM AND MUST NOT BE HOSTED OR POSTED FOR DOWNLOAD ON ANY OTHER WEB SITE. THIS PACKAGE AND ANY PARTS HEREIN MAY NOT BE UPLOADED AS PART OF ANOTHER MOD NOR MUST THEY BE SOLD OR OFFERED FOR SALE EITHER IN PART OR AS A WHOLE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION. ************************************************************* Sophocles July 2020
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    testing my new Nord Aviation AS.20 missile
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    Pits for the early Fitters "17" made by Logan
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    More "H" model Sabres from the 474th FBG. The C/O of the 474th in the colorful markings of 53-1313, 426th FBS blue markings in 53-2174, 429th FBS in yellow markings in 52-5750 and from the 430th FBS in red markings flying 52-5730.
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    Sindelfingen , and Daimler werke sindelfingen , I think that the soviets are willing to destroy some E-class....... RAF High Wycombe Air bases, created with assests from Sundowner, Gepard, Rends, Florian, Piecemeal and others. RAF Bruggen (Germany) RAF Coltishall (England) Bitburg Air Base (Germany) Peenemünde Air Base (DDR) Brandis Air Base (DDR): Holzdorf Air Base (DDR)
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    Hello I would like to share with you some off my work that I have been working on for the bast 2 weeks, and I hope you will like them. They are the Kuwaiti tower Height: 187 m Al Hamra tower Height: 413 m Water towers Hospital Refinery As soon as I have them finished I will be more than happy to share them with you all.
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    In 1983 the USMC barracks in Beirut were suicide bombed causing 241 american deads, 58 french and 6 civilians, the USN reacted bombing Syrian and Hezbollah targets, we join a USN A-7E Corsair squadron on one of those raids in September 1983... Recent talks about Akrotiri AB and the Escort jammed prompted me to design and fly this one, It will be a semi historical mission, created on the fly in the editor, I know the Hornet was not on the carriers back in 1983, but I really like the Saratoga, also I don't used the proper squadrons or skins, but it was historical enough for me, as I tried to use proper planes and weapons, and was damn fun, so wanted to share with you guys, enjoy! Launching The American fleet Our escort Jammers Lebanon coast on my radar Our escort turning to engage FOX 3! The enemies Their happy end Spamming Phoenixes And R-23, unfortunately for him, he had to dodge the Tomcat wingman Sparrow coming his way so the R23 lost guidance. Getting ready to bomb Bombing from several directions at same time, confused the AAA Target destroyed Syrian reacted too late and missile never was a real threat (apart from the Sa-3, got a launch from a nearby Sa-6 too that properly tracked my wingman, as the jammer already departed, but we got out of range) Back to the boat for some late breakfast or early lunch! Was a fun mission, SF2 can still provide fun in a historical way!
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    DC-130A with babies, AQM-34L, AQM-34Q, AQM-34G.


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