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    An imitation: Original picture: screenshot:
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    Hello there After some quite obscure times here due to the selfishness and arrogance of some I decided to put a little bit of light on the road again......... As I said in the title this is my last effort , this will be my last serious modding effort I'm going to do in and for this community. It consists on a refreshed version of the original Europe Terrain project that I started back in 2014. It started originally as a way to add French bases to the original NATO fighters mod taking as reference the original Europe terrain for EAW wich finally evolved into the creation of a whole new terrain. The terrain I'm going to show you contains many features that already existed on the original terrain however it has the following differences: 1) A new an fresh .HFD file with a 250m heigh file made by me from scratch , featuring some really nice geographical features as I'm going to show you. 2) A new strongly built targes.ini wich right now consits of about +40.000 targets and 500 target areas and growing. 3) The terrain has totally been retiled using Stary's tiles. And now some pics. Norwegian Fjords , a great addition with the new .hfd file. Rivers, mountains, cities..... And superb details: Fessenheim nuclear plant (France), Rhin river , French-German border crossing Fessenheim and Bremgarten air base (Germany). Hohenzollern castle: As I said before all my interest in modding efforts will only focus in this project. This post is intended to be used as an information point for the community about it.
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    F-100D with CBU-2B/A (SUU-7A) dispenser and CBU-52B/B
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    F-4G Wild Weasel with an early F-4G cockpit , aircraft is finish but still a lot of work to finish this cockpit i added the original A/G gun sight but unfortunatley i can not get the range bar working in a A/G mode the Threat panel is an other problem the quadrant indicators are not working like they should , game limitations , dont know what i´m going to do with them medium and late cockpits not yet done
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    Happy New Year. ...and coming in 2018..
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    Hello I would like to share with you some off my work that I have been working on for the bast 2 weeks, and I hope you will like them. They are the Kuwaiti tower Height: 187 m Al Hamra tower Height: 413 m Water towers Hospital Refinery As soon as I have them finished I will be more than happy to share them with you all.
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    Now, where have I seen something like this before ????
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    Sindelfingen , and Daimler werke sindelfingen , I think that the soviets are willing to destroy some E-class....... RAF High Wycombe Air bases, created with assests from Sundowner, Gepard, Rends, Florian, Piecemeal and others. RAF Bruggen (Germany) RAF Coltishall (England) Bitburg Air Base (Germany) Peenemünde Air Base (DDR) Brandis Air Base (DDR): Holzdorf Air Base (DDR)
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    Model about 80% rebuilt & remapped...... Pit........I hate working on pits, but its getting there, it'll never be 100% accurate though.
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    anybody in need of a Budweiser
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    F-100C with tripple Mk.4 FFAR launcher and AN-M64 bombs
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    DC-130A with babies, AQM-34L, AQM-34Q, AQM-34G.
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    made some changes on Luftwaffe LAU-51A and LAU-32B/A rocket pods , the LAU-32B/A is a new model
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    BDU-33 and BDU-48 practice bombs on a MK.25 bomb-rack
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    Paris and London under WIP Highway strip
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    some more testing , USN Mk-83 Snakeye I and Mk-82 Snakeye I with thermal protection coating
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    G'Day all, It's been a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working! This is my latest: the RAAF's new all through pilot training aircraft. 2FTS paint scheme: Bump and specular mapping: ARDU (aircraft Research and Development Unit) paint scheme: 1FTS and CFS (Roulettes) paint scheme: Finally, 4 SQN (FAC): I'm just doing some final touches on the flight model but I'm planning on releasing the aircraft with my AT-6 pit as a place holder while I work on a pit for it. Dels
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    Hello all!! Thanks for your concern and interest. Like Ravenclaw stated earlier, he got into contact with me, and God bless him, he has graciously offered to help; so we are going to make a concerted effort to get a couple of versions out there for you as soon as possible. Thanks again for your support!
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    Low-altitude parachute-extraction system credits: C-130: Dels, M551 skin: The Trooper,
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    VA-153 ‘Blue Tail Flies’
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    Well, best get posting then....... Heading down the Mu Gia pass....... Joy ride.....
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    New toys on HMAS Melbourne 1965 circa
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    A-4E with Mk.77 mod 2 bombs , they are not 100% correct but i did the best i could based on the few pictures i have
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    Walleye I ER Mk.3 Mod 0 , with finished skin and all details added
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    F-100D with CBU-2/A (Frag) and CBU-12/A (Smoke) , laying a smoke curtain
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    Another Su-17, now the early M series, failed flight, no joy on target :/
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    Not far from Sand Island, a flight of Harriers takes to the skies to provide CAP over Kure Atoll...
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    Sorry guys, I wasn't planning on posting any new screenies until it was ready for release (which is relatively imminent at last!), but I couldn't help myself after yet another round of tinkering with the bump and specular maps ..
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    Since Stary kindly remembered me in the "tree planting" thread of my promised TOD Editor, I want to apologize for the (very) long delay. Shortly after I made the proof of concept of custom shaped tod objects another (Real Life) project took over: planning and building our house. Therefore in the last one and a half year I didn't have that much time and energy for modding/programming activities. Now we finally live in our new house and I recently resumed my modding/programming activities. This is my roadmap for 2018: 1) LOD Exporter for blender: Currently I'm working on a LOD Exporter for blender. It's in an early stage. Mesh export seems to work but only uses color information yet, no textures, no bump maps, no animation, ... . 2) Updating LOD Viewer and Target Area Editor Besides implementing new features I plan to switch to the OpenSceneGraph library for 3D visualizing instead of pure OpenGL. It will reduce the programming effort in the future and also brings other benefits. 3) TOD Editor Maybe I will implement it as an extension of the Target Area Editor, I'm not sure yet. The use of the OpenSceneGraph library should give me the capability to import several 3D file formats that OpenSceneGraph supports (instead of writing the file importer myself) and let me convert them to TODs.
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    Quick update. 511 tiles..At max limit of game engine. Targets are 35,000+. Thanks Gerwin for the adjusted tool. Have reworked some tiles. Trying to get this out on the streets soon. Working to package it all. First release will be a BETA as I need the smart folks to pull this thing apart. No campaign(s) built. I need to build some custom missions for the project. Wrench's Island after the new landscapers showed up.


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