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  1. Planes on a Stick July 2021 edition

    it does, thats why they were last in the post. with luck, i'll be here long enough to see the first of the 916ths new Pegasus come in. but it gives me flashbacks to Bagram (not the bad kind) hearing the Eagles runnin their engines. dogs are used to it by now, tho wife and kids are still a little annoyed
  2. Planes on a Stick July 2021 edition

    winner, 10000 points on the internet
  3. Planes on a Stick July 2021 edition

    ummmmmmmm no
  4. Planes on a Stick July 2021 edition

    just after first haricut in a year and some grocery shopping (a clue on where i was) and if you havent figured out where yet
  5. Curbing the Taliban push?

    depends on what you mean by help. delivering disaster aid after a natural catastrophe is not only the decent thing to do (as a person or nation) but the best way to promote American ideals, especially if you dont use the efforts to promote American ideals fuckin up a functioning country, sitting there a few years without actually fixing the infrastructure, then hoppin on the next bird out isnt going to convince folks that are used to very opposite ways of life that apple pie is great. afghanistan is kinda worse, it really hasnt been a functioning country since the 1970s. might have had a chance in the early 2000s if corruption hadnt been allowed to flourish, but Haliburton couldnt let that pass now could they?
  6. dont forget putting anything from a British/American factory in Argentine colors.....
  7. Curbing the Taliban push?

    anything we can do? no, other than help the ones that helped us get out if they want to ninety percent of hte ANA doesnt give a shit about anyone other than themselves. the ten percent that are actually good soldiers just isnt enough to do much. hopefully a different group altogether pops up, knocks the taliban on their ass and sets up a loose confederation amongst the tribes. still a pipe dream, but more realistic than the current Afghan government being effective or possible existant a year from now. i always found it funny that we had better justification for the start of afghanistan, but iraq was more successful (ish) because that government and army could almost stand on its own.
  8. Strike Fighters 2 vs War Thunder jets?

    hmm like the Brit Officer that posted classified documents to prove a point about hte Challenger i mean when Gaijin steps in to say "this is illegal and were taking it off our site"..... at the prompting of the MoD
  9. WKCU now concludes our broadcast day

    well, its 99.9999% official, i will be moving to Goldsboro NC next weekend. most of the processes are started already; utility deposits made, household packing out. And internet cutting off tomorrow. Suddenlink wont allow 5 days of service and im not paying $89 for those 5 days only. not totally going away, still have my phone and internet in the new place is one of the provided commodities. meanwhile, im signing off for now. fast forward to 1:25 for mid 80s USAF aircraft porn, complete with poor VHS squiggly video
  10. educated guess says it's not but if they kept it, im sure it got shipped back to florida and is on display. i just cant find anything saying what happened to the car after that photo
  11. welcome to sim lite the beauty of SF2 is not in its uber realism but rather in the wide variety of aircraft and other things available, and the abilty to add your own if you take the time to learn how (or play nice with others) DCS is awesome in its own way. but if i wanted to go through the checklist to fly a Huey i'd have gone flight Warrant*. and its nice to run intercepts on airliners in F-106s one flight, F-15s another and Mirage 3s another besides, IRL the pilot would pass out anything over 10G sustained tops (8 more likely) and release controls, thereby reducing the G force that could rip off parts. *ok i did try while i was in. evidently have a physical problem with my eyes, even though eyesight is 20/20. too much pressure, bolo'd teh physical
  12. cool info, under the learn something new category again, fraid its not helpful to GKABS, but the generation of armor i've been around (and at least one preceding) had higher speed fire control computers instead of using that method. i have never heard any armor troops talking about it and i went to basic at Knox in 96 when it was still the home of Armor
  13. thats what the coaxial is. never heard of a ranging MG in the pic, to me it looks like it got taken out for wsome reason, maintenence or cleaning. but i dont know british armor that well vs the M60s and M1s
  14. thank you everyone for the assistance scientific wild ass guess, but this is how it will release (best judgement from provided pics and my own google fu). damn near completely scratch made (ok plane silhouettes are from patch, and i didnt draw Europe ) but i will be doing the 1986 Skyblazer Reunion Team .....
  15. i think thats the same image i used to make the one displayed in lod viewer above!

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