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  1. nah, see that "find the real pic" and raise it "lets redo the panel lines and stencils again" old new the slime light aint bugging me as much any more. now just gotta fix the panel on account of the pitot tube......
  2. now that i've made a SWAG on how these looked, i shall find 1000 close ups from the exact timeframe. as it is, 3rd Wing used really small unit decals in the 90s so its hard to see all around.... 19th FS Gamecocks 54th FS Leopards
  3. (cough cough) many nose arts already available for VA ANG deep in the DL section. think i know the guy that did it.... Mandatory screenie
  4. Mountain Home: check. Lakenheath: check now lets go for something cooler......
  5. i read somewhere about a method of treating the statics like ships, allowing you to add individual markings to the static aircraft. while the person that did it was doing units (C-17 tails iirc) it might allow you to use the 707s with my tga skins (scaled down of course) and have a big variety with minimal effort. matter of fact would work on damn near every flyable airliner on site, as i skinned all most of the CA released ones except for the 747..... if interested i'll ask the guy how he did it
  6. Pilots : Bacon tastes good. Pork Chops taste good. Crew Chiefs: It could taste like pumpkin pie, i wouldnt know cause i wont eat the filthy motherf......
  7. ok, i figured that would be the case but its always a hard no if one doesnt ask
  8. does the Sino-Vietnam map extend into Thailand (Korat and U Tapao)? ive been wondering about a scenario similar to the one in the Clancy book Fighter Wing. Tankers, Bones and the light grays are ready to go.....
  9. ya know, i dont only mess with the big girls case in point
  10. just another deny flight sortie...
  11. pretty much everyone doin a Thud in eiher Gen did it for Vietnam and later, when the internal bay tank was nearly a permanent fixture. not too much thought was given to the Thuds original one way ticket role.......
  12. the important stuff is always simple. the simple stuff is alway hard - some NCO from many moons ago not to mention very few people went to hit the books hard in the past when it came to serials, not to mention the books didnt have as much info tens years ago as they do now. some topics, theyre still kinda sketchy. but ya know i feel that pain
  13. Wild Boars on the loose smile for the camera....

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