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  1. i believe in Harvey Dent................. (hey, it gets things placed!)
  2. took a look at the Ju-87B data ini, given it was the first one i could think of that SHOULD have an actual person in the position (not a set of windows like most tail gun positions seem to be) [Pilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=WW2LuftBmrPilot SetCockpitPosition=TRUE Position=0.0,-0.55,0.85 SeatModelName=seat_single SeatPosition=-0.0,-0.583,0.452 MinExtentPosition=-0.32,-0.05,0.15 MaxExtentPosition= 0.32,-1.05,1.65 CanopyNodeName=FrontCanopyFrame HasArmor=TRUE ArmorMaterial=STEEL Armor[FRONT].Thickness=75 Armor[REAR].Thickness=5 [RearGunner] SystemType=GUNNER_STATION SeatID=2 GunnerID=1 SetCockpitPosition=FALSE MinExtentPosition=-0.32,-1.0,0.15 MaxExtentPosition= 0.32,-2.0,1.65 PitchModelNodeName=MG15 YawModelNodeName=MG15Yaw GunRange=1500 PitchAngleRate=45 MaxPitch=70 MinPitch=-10 DefaultPitchAngle=25 YawLimited=TRUE YawAngleRate=45 MaxYaw=210 MinYaw=150 DefaultYawAngle=180 [GunCrew] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=WW2GunnerCB SeatID=3 SetCockpitPosition=FALSE Position=0.0,-1.55,0.86 MinExtentPosition=-0.32,-1.0,0.15 MaxExtentPosition= 0.32,-2.0,1.65 CanopyNodeName=RearCanopyFrame HasArmor=TRUE ArmorMaterial=STEEL Armor[FRONT].Thickness=75 hope it helps
  3. Calling Stratos

    no worries. just sending a newly painted toy to check out
  4. trying to send you a pm but the site says i cant message you
  5. The RAAF implemented a policy of either historical nose arts on its B-1 fleet or of native wildlife, with a preference to birds. oddly, until 2011 A55-058 never recieved a nose art. that was until the Chitose Airshow of 2011. while on a stop at Kadena, the crew chiefs took the oppurtunity to add artwork from a popular Canadian cartoon , with a twist. The PM of Japan loved it soo much that he gushed over it during a televised meeting with the Australian PM. while the noseart violated official guidance on the bomber artwork, this high level approval meant it was mostly left alone. the title was removed in hopes of not angering the Hasbro executives. but that was how the blank bomber became Rainbow Dash
  6. Redhawks in the 1960s

    A good read for this day when most are stuck inside anyhow https://theaviationgeekclub.com/cf-121-redhawk-program-the-true-story-behind-canadas-purchase-of-30-soviet-built-mig-21-fishbed-fighters/?fbclid=IwAR2FZc7eEPTr10YKAbV41Xy09ts1cqbsSjZbKwao3wgbr83GiH3IJmkYbJc this should be one for teh skinners this month me thinks. oh and april fools every one!
  7. hell, unless you were doing a seperate desert skin i can knock out the israelis too. should just be a matter of "painting over " the Aussie markings an most numbers and leaving the last 3 of the serial on the tail. by paint over i would put a grey patch UNDER the new marking in the tga. no need to adjust anything other than a folder directory but i also had a thought of doing a flying gerbil, like the orange kangaroo but on the nose while the IDFAF is borrowing them. just gotta know how many they borrow (all arent realistic in any fashion) took one serial off for 2012, adding 4 that IRL went to AMARG in the early 2000s. finally B-1K is more British (F-4K, english version of the Aardvark was to be F-111K). I was thinking B-1C like the F-111 became in RAAF service. but can rename it all to K if you like (currently the folders are B-1B_RAAF)
  8. going a bit fanciful with this project. presenting the B-1Cs of No 460 Squadron RAAF
  9. interestingly an actual 460th Lancaster, thought with some modernization by me (letters not the girl) more in the What if Screenshot thread, got 460 Sqn 1998 roughly where i want it. just need some marking input on the rest
  10. Razbam and YAP models

    i've come acros a few YAP mods over the years while working other projects. not too impressed, esp with the skins. the saving grace for them is the items available that no one else has (ie F-100F, several helos) i've toyed with getting some of the unavailable models. for about 6-7 years running now. as was said RAZBAM is no longer sold. damn shame as it was top of the line, dont ever recall a complaint on them
  11. wow more detailed than i was going on back story, i was just going into what unit got them and how they got them in the 90s (accelerating the "retirement" of the fleet a couple of years). to paraphrase Jules Winfield, that story is some serious gourmet Spinners style shit back to skin and serials.... i've worked 8 airframes for the 90s transfer, figure another 4 for 2000s although one is an attrition replacement in my head (training crash in 2000 timeframe). just gotta do door numbers too and 98 is done. would like your opinions on going back to the old SAC scheme in early 2010s, use of retro WW2 nose arts (some modern touch up) on the birds, and a little more detail on operational use by the Israelis (thats one Dale Brown book i havent heard of) so that one can get done up. there will also be a cartoon nose art thats part of the package (to be shown later today or tomorrow) as said above, ini work i'll leave to you, will send the skins to you when complete. the afterburner bit i mentioned is done, just adjusted the effects (also included when sent
  12. ok toned down a bit as i'm getting a bit burned out on Bones (say that three times fast) but heres what i got...... in order to both bolster a request from Austrailia as well as reduce the inventory of B-1 bombers a total of 8 were approved for lease to the RAAF in November 1996. Crew training and refurbishing meant that the first bombers didnt actually arrive until February of 1998. All 8 airframes came from lots II and III of the production run (FY83 and FY84) and were assigned ADF serials starting with A55 and ending in the last three of their USAF serial. No 460 Squadron was reformed to operate the bombers in a primary long range maritime patrol mission with a secondary long range strike capability retained. The first aircraft featured nose art named Leader with a kangaroo playing bagpipes in honour of the squadrons role over Europe in WW2. Squadron marking include a toned down squadron badge below the DSO window, and a silohuette of a kangaroo riding a bomerang in orange serial as indicated, with the A55 number and the original USAF serial in the number.lst, looking up a few more nose arts and figuring out a couple serials from 2003 for a second batch. also thinking they may go back to the Strategic scheme in the 2000s for the local overland role. any suggestions? hope to have the skin portion to you withing the week depending on RL
  13. Super Sunday

    just another Sunday in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik scooting in low as i like to do now, i did destroy a hardened shelter. just not the one i was supposed to.....
  14. guardians of the Chattahoochie how are you feeling ............ rattlin. Haha very funny......... this one seems to be popular on most American bombing platforms and for those that know their geography i know the Chattahoochie is no where near Warner Robbins. but its more recognizeable than Ocmulgee, and is in the same state.

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