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Hunting HMS Edinburgh

Yesterday, 03:10:28 PM

Posted by 33LIMA in Mission Reports
Another Atlantic Fleet battle in Arctic waters!  I have always been something of a fan of the big German destroyers of World War 2, ever since assembling tiny 1/1200 plastic kits of some of them in the early 1960s. These were made by Eagle, part a themed series representing the ships involved in the First and Second Battles of Narvik in April and June 1940. Like this one, of a Leberecht...

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Arctic Convoy Action

25 July 2016

Posted by 33LIMA in Mission Reports
Re-fighting the battle for Convoy PQ13 in Atlantic Fleet  Of all the many dramatic photographs taken of the war at sea, some of the most haunting are of the last moments of what maybe minutes before was a fine warship in fighting trim. Pictures like this well-known shot of a Japanese escort sunk by skip-bombing. The crew cling to the capsizing vessel as what appears to be another bomb, dro...

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'The Baltimore Whore...

22 July 2016

Posted by 33LIMA in Mission Reports
Back to CFS3...in the Martin B-26 Marauder   I was - and suppose I still am - a fan of Microsoft's last fling in the Combat Flight Simulator series, CFS3. I didn't especially like the air-to-air combat - AI planes flying at empty weight meant that even heavier, more sluggish enemies could often prove frustrating foes. And there was the unfortunate fact that CFS3 ignored the strategic...

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